Damien Ashdown
Damien Ashdown
Chris Evans
Chris Evans as Damien Ashdown
name: Damien Ashdown
father: Ronil Ashdown
mother: Serena Ashdown
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 28
height: 6'6"
weight: 230 lbs
eyes: Blue
hair: Brown
house: None
position: Manual Worker?


The location? Seagard. The year? 261. This was the year in which Damien Ashdown was born. His father, Ronil Ashdown was a fisherman, working in one of the many fishing vessels that provided the Town and Castle with fresh catch every single day. His mother, Serena Ashdown, she made nets, fishing nets. Of course, these were not sold at a very expensive price so the profits were not high. All in all, the managed to get by, barely, but they did. The first five years of Damien’s life were pretty uneventful, pretty normal. However, the family situation kept getting worse, coin was lacking, food was sometimes lacking as well. Ronil started having problems to get work in any of the ship given his age and Serena became prey of a sickness that would take the best of her for over a year.

With little to no supervision, young Damien took to the streets, finding friends there, others kids to run around and play with. But it wasn’t all fun and games in Seagard, the poor were hungry and sometimes, to get the next meal, you had to take it from another. Something like this happened to Damien and he found himself fighting other kids for fruits, bread…anything that they could get their hands on. Still, at some point, it became a sport to them, a wild gang that used to run around and get into constant trouble. Criminals? Perhaps, it really depends on how things are seen. They kept fighting amongst eachother, and more than a few times they were stopped, and a couple times, they were even caught stealing. Thankfully, the Lord of Seagard showed some degree of mercy and didn’t provide a severe punishment to them.

Years went by, his mother’s strength was back, but at this point, it was a struggle to control Damien. He had grown to be a feared kid, not because of a violent nature, as a matter of fact, he was very calm. But while he did lose some of his fights, he won most of them. Until of course, him and his friends were caught again, and as a punishment this time, the guards of Banefort decided to give them the scare of their life. They took all of them, and they were dragged towards the dungeons, taken there while all of them were crying and scared. Of course, they didn’t throw them in, but it was the hope of the Lord that they would get scared enough to stop doing what they were doing. For a while, it worked, and things calmed down.

By the time he was 9 however, the situation was so bad in the money/work area, that Ronil Ashdown made the call, and had the family move to Banefort. Thanks to some contacts that Ronil had, the trip to Banefort was not paid by coin, but by labor. The entire family got on a vessel that sailed to their destination, and in the meantime, Damien Ashdown found himself cleaning the deck of the ship, learning some basics of Carpentry to help with repairs and getting ‘some’ Navigation knowledge. This last was a bonus, thanks to the Captain of the ship that took pity on the young boy. The trip however, was not without punches. Not only his family was sailing to Banefort, but others too and a few times, Damien was caught fighting other kids.

In Banefort, Ronil got work straight away and in abundance. The family situation got better, enough to be able to have semi proper meals here and there. Later on, Serena started working again, this way bringing some extra coin. As for Damien? Well, Damien got a job, or his father forced him to get a job. The young kid would sit on the docks, spend entire days cleaning fish, getting it ready for the market and earning coin for his family. His parents also sent him to a communal school, it was not much, but at least something…something that could teach young kids, non noble kids. For a while, there was no fighting, but this didn’t last, and as Damien got old, the fights started again.

Fourteen years old, a fighter? Perhaps. But in reality, it was more about just throwing punches and in an aggresive environment, knowing how to throw a punch was always handy. There was always someone trying to put you down, and Damien knew how to defend himself. It goes without saying that he lost some of those fights, and his mother would find him sporting new bruises. But just like before, he won most of them, and this at least managed to get him respect from the other teens.

But getting the respect of others was perhaps, not always the best thing to do; at least with that approach. And this time? It was the Banefort Lord that put an end to things, telling that little group that should they continue, there would be consequences. So he stopped, sort of. Or perhaps, he became better at ‘hiding’ Still, he kept working with his father, he kept cleaning fish. As he grew older however, he was allowed to go in the Ships, do some fishing as well, learn the trade. He resumed working with wood and from time to time, if the Captain was in a good mood, he would teach Damian how to navigate the ship.

He was getting good at this, honest. His father thought so at least, but his father also wanted other things for his kid, specially, he wanted to get him away from the docks, at least a couple times a week. His father was friends with a hunter, one of the few hunters that were posted in Banefort. Bow and arrow were his best friends, and soon, Damien became a companion for the hunter. With outstanding natural skill, Damien learned how to shoot arrows. He grew better and better every day, something that caught the attention of many people around him.

This Hunter made sure to give Damien the proper training, not just something that he would use to pass the time. It was the intention of this man that Damien becomes good at this trade. Because of this, Damien’s days were split between different jobs, and every day, was training day for him. This helped lower the fighting levels a little bit, but as always, you can’t keep Damien away from a good fight. At age seventeen, it was already evident that this outdoor lifestyle, plus the fighting, gave him an improved physique and what was normally a slim, but rather tall kid, became a true athlete.

One day, a few days before his eighteenth birthday, Damien was working in the docks, rolling up a group of nets, getting them ready for storage when someone tugged his pants to call for his attention. “My Lady!” immediately heard Damien, this was the voice of a man. And by the sound of his steps, he was approaching and fast. Damien turned around and looked down, and there, he found a young girl. No older than 8 years old he guessed. “Hi!” she told him with a happy voice. Damien pressed his lips together and he nodded his head “Hello” But soon, he looked up at the other man that was approaching, it was a guard “Lady Anais, you know that you can’t wander off like you just did” said the man to the girl. A Septa trailed after the Guard and gave Damien a disgusted look and directed no word to him. Instead, she took the little girl’s hand and guided her away “Come on Lady Anais, you can’t be here” As for Damien? He watched Anais turn around and wave at him. This brought an amused smile to his lips and he waved as well, but right after, he went back to work. This was the first time he saw Lady Anais, and he would not see the young lady for a few years after that.

Tragedy hit the family just a couple months before he turned nineteen. His mother Selena, she fell prey of sickness once again and this time, she was not able to shake it. His mother passed away just a few days after his birthday. Before dying, she told him how proud she was, that he was growing into his own man. Still, the loss of his mother took a heavy toll on him, and regret and a loss of self preservation. He started getting into fights as well, this time without any sense of self preservation as they were anger fueled fights. He won, he lost, but every fight would like him sporting new bruises and cuts. This called for the attention of the authorities, and Damien found himself thrown in the Dungeons of Banefort, for six months. Six long months in which he was not able to see much of the daylight. This time? It was not like when he was a kid, it wasn’t just an attempt to scare him, he was treated like a prisoner, like someone that needed to be reformed. In a way, it worked, because he calmed down, he learned his lesson…maybe?

With just a little over twenty years of age and finally out in the world once again, he found that tragedy was once again, making fun of him and laughing at his face. His father died during an accident on the job. Ronil Ashdown was crushed by a canon that fell on him when the transport ropes gave out. He was working on a warship that was docked in Banefort. This time, Damien didn’t give in to anger, he had learned his lesson. A great help was the appearance of a familiar face.

One day, he was helping with the repairs of one of the main fishing ships. He was hanging against one of the sides, taking measurements of a whole he created after punching through rotten wood. “What are you doing?” heard the young man. He turned around to see a young lady, the same he saw a couple years back. He told her what he was doing, explained with detail the why, the when, the how. It seems that this pleased Lady Anais because she kept visiting, perhaps not daily, but enough for both of them to gain familiarity and establish a bit of a friendship.

This was good, it was a good thing for him, he learned how to be patient. After all, she had many questions that needed answering. So, for the next year, they kept interacting, talking, and he kept teaching her about his work, and what he does. But he wasn’t able to keep himself away from the fights, never that. He landed himself in that group again, and started just like he did before. Yes, there was not rage, it was just a sport to him, something he was really good at, he felt alive.

Once again, he got caught, but this time, things were worse. The Lord knew that Damien had contact with his daughter…and seeing that he refused to stop the fighting, to stop doing whatever he wanted, he saw him as a threat. Lord Banefort told Damien that if he didn’t want to spend the rest of his days in the dungeon, he should leave, and never return to Banefort. And so it was, that on that very next day…Damien Ashdown was nowhere to be found.

Where did he go? Well, to his luck, a couple days before, he had met a man call Prysh, he was a recruiter, of sorts. Anyone would have said this man was probably a recruiter for the Night’s Watch, because he was with a large group of shady looking folks. No, this man was recruiting workers to head to Duskendale, Northeast from King’s Landing. So Damien joined them, and left Banefort, leaving all he knew behind him. The trip was long, and out in the open field where there were no guards around? Fighting took place again, not often, but a couple times…a few nights while camping. They finally reached Duskendale and there, everyone got a job. Damien went to the docks with Prysh, and the man said that he was headed to the Free Cities, to work there….and that if Damien was so inclined in throwing punches, he should also go there.

And far he went, to the Free Cities. His first stop? Tyrosh. This was definitely an eye opening experience for Damien and he embraced it fully. He stayed there for a few months, working with the Pear Brandy traders, collecting money, running errands. He was about twenty-two years old by this point, and soon, trouble found him. He got into a fight due to some debts that some locals had with the merchant in who’s ship he arrived to Tyrosh. What happened? He won, by far. And this was the kick-start of a business he embraced fully.

Arena fights, or better known as cage fights. One-on-one, no rules, a complete beatdown until one fighter was knocked out cold. And in some cases, there was killing during this fights, but he managed to stay away from this. He won most of his fights, establishing a new record and becoming a favorite among the locals and non-locals. This brought him coin, a lot of coin. What did he do? He saved it of course…or at least most of it. The rest was spent in drinks, pleasure houses and games. He kept working with the merchants, yes. But this started taking a bit more dominance in his life. And the good thing? Here? It was legal, there were no guards to stop him, just a constant flow of coin should he win.

He did this for a few more years, moving from city to city, making himself known. Lys came right after Tyrosh, he spent a few months here. Then Myr where he traded wines, now being able to buy some stock to resell and make extra coin. He kept fighting, there was always a crowd for violence, there was always a crowd that wanted to see blood. He wasn’t a savage, outside the fight arena he was rather normal, treating everyone well, being an overall, ‘ok’ person. But yes, he earned himself a name in the Free Cities, the word would travel from place to place and people would stop by the Arena’s to see him fight. Some of the fights, he lost, but this didn’t take the interest away from the people as they kept coming.

Pentos followed, but here the fighting slowed down, more regulations were in place and he was not able to make much coin with his fists. Instead, he kept trading wines, oil scents, things that would attract the money, no doubt. Braavos, Lorath…he worked that circuit throughout the years. However, this was not meant to last and while he now considers the Free Cities as his home, the next adventure would be Westeros again. Perhaps not Banefort, but other places, the places he has never seen…oh, he has plans, he wants to see everything. How is he going to travel? Well, that is to be seen but he at least, has the means to return to Westeros. Duskendale would be the port of arrival, perhaps a visit to King’s Landing. Who knows, the world is big and he wants to see it all…and he will most definitely stop by the Riverlands.

General Information

Ronil Ashdown: Father (Deceased)
Serena Ashdown: Mother (Deceased)

Allies and Foes