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Ash and Oak
Summary: Back from the Twins, Lyanna begins and ends the day at the local Ash and Oak Inn mingling with local nobility. There is talk about the upcoming betrothal between Bastien and Ceinlys and some hint of a mysterious event planned for a select few.
Date: 05/02/2013
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Ash and Oak Inn, Highfield
From the courtyard before the L shaped inn, the Ash and Oak opens into a sprawling taproom designed to house both commoner and noble alike; dimly light, the atmosphere within is one of intimate privacy, with tables arrayed in such a fashion that they each seem to linger within their own shadow, while the bar itself stands out under the illumination of several brightly burning candles opposite the main door. To the right of the bar, one finds a hallway leading back into a section marked strictly for employes and to the right? The kitchens.
A large hearth sits on the wall to left, lending its warmth and glow before an assortment of benches and its heat is pushed to the rooms for the smallfolk that sit above the stables; small spaces not meant for the claustrophobic. Curling up to the very rooms themselves weaves a staircase, where only two at a time can walk if they don't mind their shoulders touching. On the right, coming off the wall itself rests a wide staircase, leading up to the more lavish rooms designed with a noble's comfort in mind.
February 5th, 290

Starting the Day

"I got my ass handed to me. Me and your betrothed did." There's a mirthless smirk, and soon two places and a large cup of juice is set down before him. He notices Aemy's look and frowns a touch, adding quietly, "I'm fine, Aemy." His orbs meet hers for a split second and a very weak smile is given before he adds, "Excuse me." Reaching to grab the two plates in one hand, and the juice in his injured one, Daryl turns and heads for the stairs quietly. Aemy is at the bar, Daryl is headed away from the stairwell, and Pariston is looking towards the common rooms, standing.

Poor Kyra all lacking in self confidence suddenly seems to fumble everything as she looks at Pariston when he finally addresses her, the basket she was holding falls off the table spilling spools of thread and needles and other sewing items onto the floor. "I'm well." She beams a bright smile to Paris but it doesn't linger as she kneels down on the floor to begin gathering all the items, embarrassed.

Aemy watches the two now, finding them to be somewhat entertaining. Kyra had been in her service quite some time, so she could mostly tell when something was off. Something was certainly off. When Daryl begins speaking with her again, she leaves the two commoners to themselves as she looks over and quietly listens. "It was still a good spar." By her standards anyway, which when it comes to fighting says little. "Yes, my lord. Have a lovely day."

Aemy is seated at a table near the bar, her guard is leaning against the wall watching the happenings, her maid is being.. emo over with Paris.

A moment and Pariston leans down to take up the things for her before nodding. "Be well." He offers, along with a small smile before heading away. Not on purpose but since he was already towards the stair it lands him about next to Daryl as they both seem to head off towards the common rooms. ,

Daryl glances aside towards Paris, stepping up the stairwell then as he carefully balances the plates so no food spills over, nor the juice in his injured hand. A small exhale of breath, a shake of his head, and the Deputy retreats up the stairs with Paris in tow.

Into the Ash and Oak another noblewoman enters, followed by a small retinue of a septa and her guard. She removes her blue cloak, revealing a dress in dark blue and dark grey, whose lighter colour siblings might be reminiscent of House Frey. Lyanna's face however seems remarkably less pale than on her last visit to this inn, and spotting Aemy she moves towards her table to greet her with genuine pleasure sparkling in her deep blue eyes. Her glance darts towards the stairs as she has seen some movement there, however, and recognizing the two familiar faces she pauses and will greet Daryl and Pariston with a nod, should they turn and meet her gaze. Then the Frey lady turns to the Erenford with a warm smile. "Lady Aemy. It is so good to see you!"

Kyra mutters a soft spoken word of thanks to Paris before she takes a seat back at the table just as tea and strawberries are delivered to Aemy who is seated at a table near the door and the bar. Rising, the Erenford offers a curtsy to Lyanna along with a warm smile, "My lady, what a pleasure to see you again." Gently taking her hand with a gentle squeeze if Lyanna allows. "I got your invitation and was just about to respond to it, it certainly sounds like a lovely idea." With a motion to the table, she offers, "Would you like to join me? I was only having a bit of breakfast." Glancing towards the stairs too, she makes a bit of an explanation. "Lord Daryl was taking a meal to his rooms, I believe." But the common rooms? Odd.

Lyanna does not withdraw her hand as the Erenford takes it, she even returns the squeeze. "I am glad you think so, Lady Aemy. I had hoped you would accept. You played so beautifully on Lady Tiaryn's harp at the funeral… An art, in which I don't have any experience nor training at all, I must confess." There is a little pause as the Frey watches the two men disappear upstairs, but then her attention is back on Aemy again, and with a light incline of her head she says: "Thank you for your kind words. I'll gladly join you for a bite or two."

Stepping in from the outside, Robben looks around for a few moments. Gaze stopping on the two ladies now, and there's a smile on his face as he spots them. He makes his way over in the direction of the bar first, speaking with the barkeeper in hushed tones for now. Still looking over at the ladies, though.

The compliment draws a light blush, "I am happy you enjoyed it, my lady. I do look forward to playing. I brought my harp with me from Heronhurst when I came." Glancing towards the stairs when Lyanna does, Aemy smiles. "It is a lovely morning out today. I was thinking about going to the market, I want to begin sewing some things soon." When Robben walks in, her whole demeanor brightens, "Good morning, my Lord. Would you like to join us?"

If Lyanna notices the Ashwood entering and sneaking past her like a thief she does not show - why, she can't have spotted him as she has lowered herself into a seat with her back to both entrance and bar. Her guard seems to have, however, his gaze darting to the Ashwood lord, but as he is certainly not an immediate threat at the moment the guard's posture relaxes slightly at his place by the wall near the table.

"How delightful." the Frey lady replies. "I can't wait to hear you play again. I will see to have some songs prepared, let us hope that I can do them justice." She chuckles at her own exaggerated humility. Her demeanour turning slightly pensive at the mention of needlework, Lyanna remarks with another chuckle: "Now that dreadful occupation I have always thought most dull - or I did lack the required patience for it. My dear Septa here can testify how horrible my attempts at sewing and embroidery have turned out." A fond glance is cast towards Mariah who seems to share a few words with Kyra at the moment. As the Ashwood's presence now is so openly acknowledged, the Frey Ambassador turns her head and rises to greet the young man. "Lord Robben. What unexpected pleasure."

Robben was just getting his order, some bread, cheese and tea, from the looks of it. Smile brightening just a touch as he hears Aemy's question, he starts on the way over, making sure not to move his right wrist too much as he carries his little meal. "Now that's an offer I could not possibly refuse, my lady," he says, with a bright smile. Offering a polite nod and a smile to Lyanna as well. "Lady Lyanna. It's good to see you again. I hope your travels went well?" Moving to place his food and drink at the table now. "I hope you are both well this fine morning?"

Aemy has her own guard and he is against the wall, Redmond is his name and he keeps watch for any sign of trouble while Kyra converses with Mariah.

Aemy smiles brightly, "I do adore playing and I look forward to the songs you have prepared." The laughter is contagious and she laughs softly with her. "I am certain they will be lovely." Though there is a look of shared pensiveness at the topic of needlework. "I admit I leave most of it to my mother and my maid, I only thought I should help since I will be making things in the colors of Ashwood now. I want everything to be perfect." When Robben approaches, she rises offering a curtsy to her betrothed, a warm smile. "My lord I am happy you would not refuse, I always enjoy your company."

"I actually enjoyed being out on the road again, Lord Robben." the Frey lady replies with a pleasant smile. "As did my horse. It seems I've neglected poor Amaranthia during those weeks before I left." After a short moment of hesitation she adds, a bit thoughtfully perhaps: "It was good to be reunited with family. And I am glad I was able to attend the wedding at Broadmoor." While her septa has moved to the bar and arranges some food and drink to be served for her lady, Lyanna leans back in her chair, her deep blue eyes lingering on the Ashwood lord. "Rumor has it that there's another wedding on the way. I have heard talk of a betrothal being in the making?" A curious glance is cast in Robben's direction. "Between Young Lord Bastien and Lady Ceinlys Erenford?"

When Aemy joins her in her laughter, Lyanna shoots her a warm glance. "They… I'll do my best. As for needlework… I admire you and in fact everyone that shows their skill in this field. Alas, tis not mine. And the colours of House Ashwood are adorable. Whoever has been responsible for choosing those has proven to have a good taste indeed."

"I'm sure it will be quite perfect no matter what, my lady," Robben offers with a bit of a smile to Aemy, before he adds, "And I always enjoy your company as well. It brightens up the days." He turns to offer a bit of a nod and a smile to Lyanna. "Ah, the horses usually feel the need to stretch their legs a bit. I bring Breeze out for a bit of a longer ride every now and then." A nod at the mention of the wedding at Broadmoor. "It was a lovely wedding, for sure. And I'm glad one of my old friends has a lovely lady by his side now." Another brief pause at the mention of Bastien and Ceinlys. "I have heard so as well, Lady Lyanna. I must admit to being a bit relieved to hear it. As you may know, my brother isn't the easiest man to get to know, but it would seem Lady Ceinlys has managed to get through to him." A brief pause at the mention of the colors. "I think it was my brother…" A brief pause, at the mention of the one brother that's no longer with them. "Although it may have been Lady Ceinlys, as she was the Steward at the moment."

"It sounds like you had a lovely time away, my lady." Aemy nibbles on a strawberry as she listens to the Frey speaking about her adventure, her family and the wedding, perking up at the last bit. "The wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom made a fun couple. The dancing was fun.. speaking of dancing," her gaze goes to Robben, "While I get to claim your attention for the first one, perhaps you could save Lady Lyanna a dance at our own wedding?" Hearing the mention of another pending marriage, Aemy laughs softly. "I have heard that same thing, and I am sure it will be even grander than the one at Broadmoor. My cousins never do anything by half measure." Her cousins, the Haighs, home of her mother.

While Lyanna listens to Robben's words about horses and weddings a serving girl approaches with the breakfast the septa has ordered for her lady. The Frey lady's gaze drops to the plate that is set down before her on the table and nods in silent approval. She takes the offered cup of watered wine to take a sip, her eyes narrowing slightly as Robben speaks of the former Steward and the current Young Lord. "She must know him very well." Lyanna remarks. "She knows the place, the people… It will not be hard for her to settle in, I am sure." At the mention of who probably had picked the colours, she gives a light chuckle. "How ironic."

Arching a brow in slight unease, Lyanna replies to Aemy: "Oh my dancing skill competes with my needlework. I am not sure Lord Robben is up for the challenge… Although I will certainly be most happy to attend your wedding. And that of Young Lord Bastien, of course."

"Bastien was her guard about the time when I first came here," Robben offers after a few moments, starting to eat some of his bread and cheese with a thoughtful expression as he thinks back to those days. "So I believe the two of them know each other quite well from back then." Nodding a bit at Aemy's words about saving a dance for Lyanna, he offers both the ladies a smile now. "It would be an honor," he offers, before the smile widens a bit at Lyanna's words about if he's up for the challenge or not. "I'm willing to take that chance, my lady."

Aemy falls silent as she listens to the others, offering a smile now and again as she sips her tea and eats her strawberries. A glance is cast towards her maid briefly, seeing she is doing well also before looking back to those at the table. "I think the match is a good one. It is true she does know this place better than any other in her position." Though the mention of the dancing raises a smile. "Perhaps we can get some practice in before the wedding. It is still months away, I believe the next one should be Young Lord Stafford and Lady Aeliana." Fairly beaming a smile when she agrees to attend their wedding. "I would be honored if you would be there."

That, Aemy had not known, about Bastien being her guard first. When Robben agrees to the dance, she smiles as she looks between them. "There, that is settled. I hope it will be a lovely wedding, though I would be happy either way as long as it makes me his wife."

"I see." Lyanna says warily. "I only hope that she'll accept that their roles are reversed now - it is she who will have to protect… no, rather advise him." The Frey picks up a slice of bread from her plate, ripping a little piece from it to eat. "Given her sense and understanding he'll have nothing to worry about." At the talk of weddings and dances an amused smile appears on Lyanna's face, that disappears almost completely when Robben's sister is mentioned. "Ah yes, Lady Aeliana. Poor thing. I wonder how she copes with Lord Aleister's death."

"To be honest, the most important thing to me about the wedding is that it will happen," Robben replies after a few moments, offering another smile to Aemy now. "But I'm sure it will be quite lovely as well." Sipping some of his tea as the talk comes to his sister, his expression turns a bit concerned. "I worry about her," he admits after a few brief moments of pause, letting out a bit of a sigh. "She was close to Aleister, so I believe she's taken it quite hard. Probably hiding away from the public, or something like that." A brief grimace as he takes another sip of the tea. "The Seven knows it was quite hard to write the letter telling her about it…"

"I agree, my lady. I am sure everything will work out for the best when it is all said and done." Aemy says softly, looking towards Robben when he speaks of their wedding. A blush steals into her cheeks but the agreement is there in her eyes. "I think so too, my lord." As she listens to Lyanna, she smiles sadly when the death of Lord Aleister is mentioned, and she looks towards Robben, gently touching his hand in comfort, concern in her vivid blue eyes, knowing he was still affected by it as well. "Probably as well as can be expected, as well as all of his siblings can. Taking it one day at a time."

Lyanna's gaze turns a bit thoughtful as he hears Robben's and Aemy's words about Aeliana and the Ashwoods in general still having to cope with the loss. Eating a bit more off her plate, she stays silent for a moment and takes a sip from the watered wine when she's finished the meal. "It will take time. And with pleasant news such as weddings - and even births of new members of the House - I am sure, those lost will not be forgotten, while grief and devastation about the loss will fade more and more to make way for a state of fond memory…" Putting the cup back onto the table Lyanna sits there for another moment before she raises her gaze to Robben and Aemy. "But, I assure you, you are not left alone in your grief…" Rising from her seat the Frey inclines her head in a friendly goodbye. "Alas, I fear I must be going. Some letters need to be written, and later I hope to please my horse and myself with riding out. I thank you for the conversation. It is good to be back." And with a hint of a curtsey Lyanna turns and leaves the Ash and Oak Inn, with her guard and her Septa in tow.

Robben smiles a little as he listens now. "Yes, we're all doing what we can to turn the grief into fond memories," he offers after a few moments of pause now. Another smile to Aemy as she touches his hand, before he looks between them. "But after all, life goes on, and so must we." Smiling a bit again as he hears Lyanna's words. "And we are most grateful for those that stand with us through the troubled times." Nodding again as the Frey takes her leave, he offers her another smile. "Be safe, and have a good day, Lady Lyanna."

"I am sure you are right, my lady. The memories will always be fondly kept and more added with them." Rising then, Aemy offers a curtsy in return. "Enjoy your day, I do hope to see you again very soon."

Ending the Day

The Ash and Oak is lively and loud at this hour, just that time of business where everyone's coming in for dinner and after work drinks. Smallfolk huddle around tables playing drinking games, wenches move back and forth to speedily deliver orders, and whores begin their early runs to see who their first catch will be. Daryl Ashwood can be spotted seated at the bar with mug in hand, a dark ale by the looks of it. Down the entire counter, commoners raise their mugs in unison, one by one emptying the mugs in a mighty chugging fashion. However, Daryl has two, and apparently he's attempting to finish them both before the rest of them can, emptying it into his gullet in hefty, steadily gulps. One down…And just as the last commoner is about to finish his mug, Daryl turns the speed up and more or less inhales his second tankard, letting it down with a mighty 'clunk!' on the counter top. Laughter erupts from the group, and the Deputy laughs joyously, pointing at the group with slightly watery eyes. "I -told- you! I TOLD you!" Another laugh, "Another round, then!"

After his morning meal was eaten in here, Robben has spent much of the day outdoors, as he rode out into the countryside on Breeze not long thereafter. He has just recently returned to the town, and gotten his horse back to the stables, before he makes his way into the Ash and Oak, looking around for a few moments. Gaze pausing on Daryl at the moment, before he makes his way over in the direction of his cousin, steps slow but steady.

Early evening at the Ash and Oak, and a visitor from this morning has already returned, as if the place were magically attracting her. Lyanna sits by a table in a corner of the room, her Septa beside her. The Guard, Master Tollard, is standing at the wall near the table, alas he seems a bit tired if not bored as a yawn escapes him just now. The Frey Ambassador to Highfield sips from a glass of watered wine, scanning the room for any familiar faces, as she sits at a much better angle this time, while Mariah is busy reading in a smallish version of the Seven Pointed Star.

Lyanna has of course noticed the Deputy and watched the drinking game with amused curiosity, she remains seated where she is for now, however, watching and observing from afar - and putting Daryl's perception to the test as he failed to notice her so far obviously. But then again, he has already been drinking when she entered half an hour ago.

Perhaps it is the shady corner she has picked. Another Ashwood enters, and he seems oblivious to her presence as well. Lyanna's deep blue eyes darken a shade, as she decides to make her presence known with a light cough.

The Ash and Oak is lively and fun, business flourishing and drinks flowing. Somehow over the din of his drinking game, Daryl catches Lyanna's cough and a small 'Ashwood smirk' rises on handsome visage, and he smoothly rises from his seat, waving a hand towards his bar buddies, "You can try to redeem your honor later, lads." Then he waits for his mug to be refilled before a confident, swaggering gait has him moving towards the Frey woman. "Lady Lyanna," he greets coolly when close enough, slinking down into the spot beside her and placing his mug down. Hm, guess he invited himself to the table. "Now please tell me -how- I managed to miss your radiant entrance? How long have you lingered without being given due attention?" He leans back casually and takes a sip, flashing a charming grin, "Can I get you something a bit more potent to grace those lips?…Spirits are high, and you shouldn't be missing out." By the nonchalant way he holds himself and the way he speaks, its easy to determine he's had a few, but he's -far- from sloppy…Yet. A look to Robben, and a toothy smile arises, "Cousin!…Come here. How's -your- wrist feel? Can hardly feel mine anymore." His attention shifts back to Lyanna.

Waiting for a few moments longer as he orders himself a mug of ale, Robben makes his way over in the direction of Lyanna and Daryl. "Lady Lyanna, Cousin," he greets them, before he shrugs a little at Daryl's question now. "It's still there. Was quite some work by Ser Erik to disarm us like that." A brief pause and a grin, before he adds, "I hope he's at least a bit sore at the knee today, though." Spoken a bit lightly as he remains standing for now, waiting to see if the lady minds him joining the table.

There is a sparkle in Lyanna's deep blue eyes as she sees Daryl approach, and the corners of her mouth twitch slightly upwards, yet her manner remains cordial if slightly cautious. A brow is raised at the Ashwood's seating himself without awaiting her invitation to do so, but a light shrug indicates that she does not take offence. "I do not know, honestly." she replies to Daryl's first question. "Alas, you might accuse me of discourtesy by not greeting you upon my entrance, as I didn't fail to notice your presence. You seemed busy though, and so I thought it best to let you finish your… game. I certainly did not mean to disturb, Lord Daryl." As for the drink, Lyanna cants her head as she ponders the Ashwood's offer, her smile broadening at the charming way it is brought forth in. "A bit of wine perhaps, not the watered kind." Her gaze flits to Robben then, with a hint more warmth. "Lord Robben. Do join us. I gather you two have been sparring?"

Tia, her maid, and her guard, come into the inn. The guard is actually carrying a big wooden case. Tia pauses, as she looks over the vicinity, seeing who is where, and whether there's any reason at all she should take a seat and maybe pull her harp out. The CamdenFlintAshwood Lady is wearing all black still, making no bones about her mourning period. Even her wild blonde locks have been covered over in black silk. After a moment, she moves out of the doorway, so as not to block it, and makes her way towards the bar.

Daryl nods his agreement with Robben, raising his tankard up for another sip as he replies, "Put us to shame, really. Though I bet he felt that first strike to the shoulder, too. We'll have to work on the combined attacks." As Lyanna responds to him, the Deputy shakes his head dismissively, not feeling the least bit slighted himself. "Think nothing of it, M'lady. If anything, I would've hoped you would join us." A small chuckle, perhaps joking that, though his gaze meets the Frey womans perhaps a second too long, gauging her reaction. At mention of strongwine, the Ashwood stops a passing wench, whispering some hushed words and then sending her off. He allows Robben to answer the sparring question, a warm smile given Lyanna before he spots his goodcousin entering into the inn. His eyes follow her approach, and he awaits that moment where maybe…Just maybe she'll look his way, though not yet wanting to interupt her intentions. Soon after, Lyanna's wine is delivered promptly, set in front of her.

Robben nods at Daryl's words about the combined attacks. "We will have to do that. It's possible we would need it, after all," he adds, before he seats himself, looking between the others. "Oh, we had a little spar yesterday, Lady Lyanna. The two of us against the Sheriff. Quite a challenge, it was." Taking a sip from his ale, he looks around again for a few moments, spotting Tiaryn as well, offering her a smile and a nod, should she look in their direction.

Oblivious to Tiaryn's presence at first, Lyanna leans forward, clasping her hands as her elbows rest on the table. Her gaze connects with Daryl's and does not let go, not even as he mentions her joining him for that drinking game. Her brows twitch upwards and a light chuckle follows. "You know these are not games deemed appropriate for a lady." Following the Deputy's glance to Tiaryn a warm smile brightens up the Frey lady's face. "Lady Tiaryn!" she exclaims with genuine delight. "Would you care to join us over here?" The wine arrives, and Lyanna raises the cup in some kind of toast. "To those that are not with us." As if Tia's attire had reminded her of the recent losses of Highfield. The Ambassador has redonned her somber colours of mourning on the day she returned, thereby showing her respect and support for House Ashwood. "Two against one?" Lyanna then inquires incredulously in Robben's direction. "You won of course."

Tia's gaze is fixed on the bar, as she arrives there and places an order. Then she looks over, and yes, she spies the trio over in that corner table. Her lips curve in a smile, her blue eyes meeting Daryl's for a moment. Then she ducks her head briefly, turning to return Robben's nod, before she raises a hand in a wave to Lyanna. A word to the bartender, who nods, and then Tia heads over to join the group. "Lady Lyanna, how very kind of you to share your table with me," she says softly. "My Lords, as always, it is good to see you both." She hasn't a drink yet, but her maid and guard do trail after her.

The Deputy raises his tankard for another steady slurp of ale, drinking a good amount but in a manner that's hardly improper, just letting it glide down the throat. A content 'ahh' and the Ashwood sets the mug back down, peering back to Lyanna with a grin that shows off his pearly whites, "Yes. I know. I wouldn't tell a soul, I swear." A teasing chuckle and Daryl's oh so confident demeanor falls a touch as the Frey is sure that the Ashwoods were the victors. "Eh…The Sheriff got a few lucky strikes you see, and uh…Well…The Jast knight came out his mother's womb strapped with armor and spear. So it'll take us a couple…More weeks of sparring to catch up. But then? I'm sure i'll be able to handle him one on one." Even with an injured wrist, his ego shines through, rivaling Erik's himself. Tiaryn's approach is noted with a bright smile, and Daryl quickly rises, grabbing his mug and pulling out his seat for the Ashwood woman. "Please, sit. Sit, take my chair. I need more ale anyway." How…Gentlemanly? What? Daryl looks between the women with a contained smile then perks a brow towards Robben as he steps towards the bar, "Need anything while i'm up?"

"Well…" Robben begins, before he shakes his head a little bit at Daryl's words, before he adds, "Well, he won. But we will beat him soon, in a spar." Another brief pause, as he sees Daryl get to his feet again now. "Another ale, perhaps? And some bread?" Offered a bit quietly, before he looks over to Tia, offering her a smile and a nod. "It's always good to see you too, my lady," he offers.

"Lady Tiaryn. Why don't you take a seat? Have you received my letter?" Lyanna replies to the Ashwood lady, a certain urgency in her gaze, although the reason must be a pleasant one, as her smile indicates. Daryl's answer however earns him a light shake of the head. "I am sorry, Lord Daryl, to disappoint you, but… I must decline." The Deputy's confession about how the sparring went has her raise a brow in sympathy. "I am sorry to hear that. But then again… he's the Sheriff and you're the Deputy, my lord. You must be happy to receive such valuable lessons as they surely help in your training." Daryl's offering of his chair to Tia does take Lyanna obviously by surprise, as her eyes widen in an incredulous stare. She chooses however not to comment on it. And hearing Robben's requesting another ale, she takes a sip from her strongwine.

Tia accepts the offered chair with a smile for her goodcousin. "Thank you, Daryl," she says simply. "The barkeep will have my drink sent over shortly." The topic has her gaze drop down momentarily and then she says, "That was a good sparring match to watch. It reminded me of watching Anders, Einar and some of the other Flint men practicing, over in Seagard." Back when things were so much simpler in a lot of ways. "I did receive your letter, Lady Lyanna. I apologize for not replying but I have been trying to work out a good time." That shouldn't be too difficult, one would think.

An acknowledging nod towards Robben, and it seems Daryl opts to go fetch his own food and drink. As Lyanna replies, the first part earns a small crooked smile, perhaps knowing she would answer such, though when she mentions the Sheriff-Deputy part, implying that Erik is in -anyway- superior to him, his ego gets drilled to hell. A small frown covers his features and he spins then, a little less swagger this time as he marches to the bar counter. "Pitcher, and some bread." He orders, killing the rest of his mug with a final swig. A quiet grumble. Soon he's returning with the pitcher and bread, setting it somewhere in the middle of the table and filling his mug again, "…Your welcome, Tiaryn." He quips belatedly, before another long sip gives him excuse to not comment further, emerald orbs locking on Lyanna.

Robben smiles a little as he looks between the ladies now, drinking some more of his ale. Looking over to Daryl for a few moments, studying the other man for a few moments now. "So, cousin. How have you been lately? It feels like I have barely seen you since I returned."

Hearing Tiaryn speak of the Flints, her relatives through her first marriage, Lyanna bites her lip and lowers her gaze to the cup of wine before her, aware that the Ashwood lady has to deal with even more losses than the others at the moment. "I understand, Lady Tiaryn. But you will attend, I hope?" the Frey counters Tia's reply. "It will be in memory of her." Her gaze flitting to Daryl at that last part. His change of mood is noted with some surprise and her eyes connect with his for a short moment as she raises her brow in a silent question. Her attention is on Robben then, and her demeanour turns a bit thoughtful as her gaze moves from one Ashwood lord to the other.

Tia smiles softly, and nods her head. "I will attend, so long as I am able, yes," she says softly. "And gladly." Her gaze flicks over all three, though she doesn't say more for a moment. One of the waitresses comes over with a tea pot, and a cup of tea, as Tia it seems is not drinking alcohol today, at least not overly so. "If you are both going to work on your sparring, I hope you will not mind if I practice my archery at the same time?"

Daryl shifts his attention towards Robben, one brow quirked upwards before he lowers his mug after that last sip. "Save for yesterday?…A lot of duties piled up back here while the Sheriff and I were away in Broadmoor…It took some time for us to equal things out, but…Got it done." Just as that somewhat sour demeanor had arisen, now it is gone, and Lyanna's questioning look earns a casual wink before another sweet sip of booze. Her conversing with Tiaryn does get his attention, and he looks between them, his ears burning to know what they are talking about. Towards Tiaryn as she agrees to go, he arches a brow pleadingly, and then as she asks her question it melts into a smirky grin, "Depends. Promise not to shoot me this time?" Another sip then and he speaks to his cousin, "Besides…You didn't arrive home as quickly as I after the wedding, did you?" Lyanna gets a fleeting glance, Daryl's dark green orbs trailing up and down her frame for a half second, soon to be blocked by the raising of his ale.

Robben nods a little bit as he hears what's being said now, offering Tia a bit of a grin. "Yes, don't shoot him… Then I'd just have to face Ser Erik, or Bastien, and that would probably make me hurt a bit more," he offers rather lightly, before he nods at Daryl. "Had some… business to attend to along the way," he offers, as he takes another sip from his ale now.

Lyanna nods to Tiaryn with a smile, obviously pleased with her reply. "We could not do this without you." The talk of archery has her brows twitch upwards. "You… practice your archery? Might I watch perchance?" That might as well include watching some sparring by the men, who knows? Daryl's wink seems to calm the Frey's worries that something in her words might have been the cause for his sudden moodswing. His obvious interest in her little conversation with Tia however is ignored for now. Lyanna takes another sip from her strongwine, and slowly it seems to have some effect on her as her cheeks start turning a shade rosier. While being apparently oblivious to Daryl's gaze upon her Robben's remark draws her attention. But instead of asking bluntly about that business's nature, she chooses to remain silent - watching, listening and drinking.

Tia inclines her head politely, taking a drink of her tea. She sets her tea cup down and gives Daryl an injured look. "I have never shot you," she proclaims. "Though I suppose if you really insist, I could?" But that's just lazily said, no intention at all. She doesn't explain what she and Lyanna are up to, nope. The boys can just wonder about that one. As for Robben's business? No clue. She goes back to her tea, enjoying the warm liquid. "And of course, you may come watch, Lady Lyanna. Or if you wish, join in."

"Dear cousin, a small child could make you hurt. You bruise easy, especially near the ribs." Daryl teases Robben in return, filling his mug some more. At mention of…Business, Daryl eyes with a bit more scrutiny, but doesn't press the topic, turning his attention to the ladies then as an elbow is nonchalantly set on the table's surface. Another quick sip, and he too seems to be affected by his alcohol intake, though his tolerance keeps him from anything beyond a buzz. Atleast for now. Tiaryn's quips have him grinning widely, "I'm jesting, i'm jesting…And truely, I wouldn't be surprised if you did." Beat. A look to Lyanna, a warning, "Though…Keep a wide berth. For your safety." A buzzed chuckle at that, only teasing.

"I seem to remember a small child hitting my ribs a while back, that's true," Robben replies with a bit of a grin at Daryl's words, before he looks to the ladies for a few moments, offering them a bit of a grin. Not speaking about his business, it would seem, before he looks over at Daryl again, sipping his ale a bit thoughtfully for now.

Tia's invitation does elicit a light chuckle from the Frey lady. "I've never tried it, Lady Tiaryn. My father wouldn't allow it." she says with a touch of regret in her voice. "I'd gladly watch first, if I may." Nodding to Daryl's advice, although a bit half-heartedly it may seem. A sudden weariness seems to claim Lyanna, as her eyes close for a short moment. But then they are wide open again.

A fact that might be less bothersome to the lady than to her septa obviously. Mariah looks up from her book and noting Lyanna's rosy face colour and the cup of wine, almost empty by now, she clears her throat. "My lady, I think it is about time we should return. Darkness is about to fall and we have only that one guard with us." The Septa shoots the two noblemen a rather doubtful look, not Tia of course. That lady gets a smile and a nod.

For one moment it seems like Lyanna is going to object. But then she shrugs and rises from her seat with a certain dignity that is only diminished by a slightly unsteady stance. "I am not in the mood this evening to start a dispute with my septa. So… I thank you for the conversation… all of you. Lady Tiaryn, it has been a pleasure - short as it was. Lord Robben. Lord Daryl." Her gaze lingering a bit longer on the Deputy, Lyanna manages a curtsey - rather gracefully given the strongwine she has had. Donning her blue cloak, the Frey turns to Robben for a last remark. "It seems we all have our little secrets, haven't we?" before she heads outside, her septa steadying her slightly. The guard follows of course. And then they are gone, the door closing behind them.

Tia smiles and inclines her head as Lyanna heads out. "Of course, Lady Lyanna. I look forward to speaking with you again." She gestures to Jacob, and he opens the wooden case, bringing out her harp, and setting it on the table for her. That frees him up to stand guard duty, more like a protective hulking northman. Tia looks over at Daryl, and smiles. "I wouldn't, you know. I don't like hurting my family and friends. Would you like a song? I can play, most likely?" She includes Robben in that last question.

An amused grin shot towards Robben, the other Ashwood quickly puts down his ale, killing the mug after seconds of persistence. His tankard is set down with a thunk, and he eyes the remaining bit left in the pitcher with distinct disdain. "The rest of it's yours, cousin." He rises from his spot, no wobble in his stance as he raises both brows towards the Septa. For some reason, no matter which Septa, they -never- liked him. "Secrets are no good," Daryl adds at that, before he catches Lyanna's look and shooting a bravado smile in return. "I think I'll see the Lady out," he decides, likely to the dismay of her Septa. "An extra escort can never hurt." He does return the curtsey with a dipping of the head, despite his intention to follow them out. "Take care Tiaryn. Robben." Informal for family after some booze in him. A look back over his shoulder, and that easy, natural grin, "Another time on the song. And truly, i'm only joking." He moves to follow out the exit then.