Arthfael Carpenter
William Moseley
William Moseley as Arthfael Carpenter
name: Arthfael Carpenter
father: Unknown
mother: Madeline Carpenter (Maddy)
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 14 Years
height: 5'5" and growing
weight: 130 lbs-ish
eyes: blue
hair: sandy blond
honorific: None
house: Ashwood
position: Carpenter


Arthfael was born in the Holyholt area as the eldest son of Madeline Carpenter, herself a widow who went back to using her father's family name. She married young at the age of 15 and her husband who was a merchant, died in a cart accident in a mud slide before the year was out. A very attractive woman, she did not remarry despite her father's wishes and with a few years was rumored to have attracted the attention of a Charlton lord. Henseforth, Maddy started having children to which Arthfael was her first child. While the neighbors who know Maddy best know perfectly well which lord has come to visit her all these years, she does her best to keep things quiet for the man's sake. Her children know who their father is though as they are not openly acknowledged, they keep it to themselves. Arthfael has several younger siblings, both brothers and sisters.

As for himself, he's a growing lad, eager to please, moderately good with a bow for hunting though whether he's poached rabbits or been taken hunting by his sire, who's to tell? His father visits infrequently but has shown the lad a bit how to use the axe more than simply hewing trees. Still, Arthfael has apprenticed to a carpenter (his grandfather) and learned a few things to get him started in life. The lad also has a fondness for music, and tries his hand at making muscical instruments himself as his time allows. What Arthfael is best known for among his friends is his singing voice and love of music. Though the lad has said more than once that what he'd most love to do is become a knight! Everyone laughs at that of course because no matter who fathered him, Arthfael is himself a poor lad with no means to afford a sword, let alone anything else.

So most likely he'll remain a carpenter. There's no living to be made singing and playing unless he fell in with some real bard and his mother certainly doesn't approve of that. Likely his sire wouldn't either. There's a call for work in Highfield! Arthfael asks permission to go and is lent but there's no telling. Will he return to Holyholt when he's finished his journeyman's work, or will Lord Aleister prefer to retain him?

Oh, and there's that Stonebridge Moon song. Seems it's attributed to this lad to have composed it, using some old folk tune to put his words to. Catchy, isn't it? Well, maybe if you are a Charlton, a Haigh, or a Tordane hopeful of taking Stonebridge from the Naylands.

Physical Features

This boy, or young man for he is quickly approaching the cusp of manhood, is in his mid teen years. Blond of hair, blue of eyes, he has a broadness forming in his shoulders that promises strength as he matures, and much hard work already behind him. His face is slightly round with a hint of youth lingering that has yet to give way to mature planes and angles. He's a lad with a pleasant, easy smile and looks the boy he is more than the man he'll one day be. Calloused hands, no beard as yet, average height and regular bathing finish out his physical appearance.

Allies and Foes

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