Page 202: Arrows At Dawn!
Arrows at Dawn!
Summary: Gedeon and Rafferdy compete for the heart (well, handkerchief) of a lady!
Date: 04/02/289
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Rafferdy Gedeon 
Northern Flood Fields — Stonebridge
Through small foot paths north lead to flood fields, some rolling hills but treachours areas where the rivers filter in to create small marshes. The area is hard to navigate if one has not traveled it before. A few scrub trees mark the landscape but on the higher hills stands of majestic beeches and oak offer shade and canopies for weary travelers.
04 February 289

It's early morning, the sky still orange and pink as the sun rises over Stonebridge. Sitting alone in the archery training range is Rafferdy. He's again dressed in noble gear, a burgandy leather, sleeveless outfit with black trimmings. He's sitting beneath one of the old trees, looking down-range at the targets that have been set up. Beside him on the ground is his long bow and his cross bow, along with two quivers - one with bolts, the other with arrows. He's staring off at nothing, really, clearly lost in thought.

Gedeon arrives on time and perhaps looking a little drowsy, with a long bow over one shoulder and a quiver with arrows. He's dressed simply in brown trousers and boots, a burgundy shirt, longsword at his hip. An older man and a younger fellow who might be his son follow along after. "Good morning," Gedeon calls as he steps within hearing range of the noble lounging beneath the tree.

Rafferdy jerks his head, clearly snapped from some daydream, "Huh? Oh. Um." He then smiles, "Good morning." He takes a moment to push himself up to his feet, glancing at his crossbow and then back at Gedeon. "I wasn't sure which you preferred, so I brought both my bows." He looks at the long bow on Gedeon's shoulder, and he nods, picking up the arrow quiver and tossing it over his shoulder before lifting the long bow from the grass. "You look like you've had easier nights, Ser."

"Just later mornings," Gedeon chuckles, "but I can hardly complain, being the one that chose the time. This is Aren Jannings and his son, Noren. Traders and huntsmen from Oldstones. I thought you might want a couple witnesses." The pair of men offer Rafferdy a bow and a polite, "My lord."

Rafferdy gives them an appropriate nod, "Aren. Noren." He smiles at the boy a moment, before returning his gaze to Gedeon. "I suppose then we can get started?" He nods down-range. "I took the liberty of setting up standard targets at the usual ranges. If you would like any adjustments made, or even just to inspect them, you are of course, the challenged and may do so, Ser Gedeon."

"That won't be necessary. I'm sure everything is in order," Gedeon replies as he moves towards the arranged range, Noren and Aren following politely after. "What shall we say, three arrows shot each? The one with the most closest to the mark will be declared the victor?"

Rafferdy nods, "That seems acceptable." He steps over to stand at the mark, near Gedeon. "Would you like the first shot, Ser?" He glances at the observers, "Or perhaps a coin toss?"

"A coin toss suits," Gedeon says, fishing out a copper penny and offering it out to Aren. "Make the call, my lord, and we shall get this underway."

Rafferdy sniffs, scratching his forearm as he looks to Aren. "I'll call heads, then." He waits for it to resolve.

Aren nods and flips the coin in the air, catching it in one hand and dropping it to the other. He and Noren glance at how it's landed and then the older man holds his hand out for inspection. "Heads it is, my lord." "Well, then," Gedeon replies with a nod. "Your choice as to whether you'd like the first shot or the last."

<FS3> Rafferdy rolls Marksmanship: Good Success.

Rafferdy considers a moment, then nods, "Very well. I'll fire first then." He steps to the mark, drawing an arrow from his back and knocking it. He pulls the string back, his muscular arm flexing taut, clearly built as only an archer's arm is. A moment of aim, and he releases. The arrow strikes the target, near to the center.

<FS3> Gedeon rolls Marksmanship: Good Success.

Gedeon shrugs his own bow off his shoulder and draws an arrow out as Rafferdy fires. There's a murmurs of approval of the shot stiking the target so cleanly, and Gedeon steps up to take his turn. The arrow's nocked, his arm draws back and the bowstring's released. The arrow flies true, sinking into the target beside Rafferdy's first shot. "Huh," Gedeon murmurs for that.

<FS3> Rafferdy rolls Marksmanship: Good Success.

Rafferdy looks over at Gedeon, "I thought you were concerned of a skill advantage on my part, Ser?" He smiles, it's a compliment, it seems. He once again moves to the mark, and draws an arrow. Nocking it, he pulls back, and fires once again. The arrow strikes a similar place as the first two shots taken, and he sticks his tongue out the corner of his mouth, brow furrowing in dissatisfaction. He steps back, to allow Gedeon to shoot.

<FS3> Gedeon rolls Marksmanship: Good Success.

"Starter's luck," Gedeon supposes as he draws out his second arrow. Drawing the bowstring back, he takes in a slow breath and fires. The arrow hits the target close and a hair below his first shot, so there's now a cluster of four arrows tidily poking out of the middle. One brow arches. "A shame I seem to be better at hitting targets than I am rabbits."

<FS3> Rafferdy rolls Marksmanship: Amazing Success.

Rafferdy laughs with Gedeon, "Rabbits are hard to hit. Always jumping…" He chuckles, and then steps up to fire the last shot. Nocking the arrow, he lets it loose, and this time, it strikes the center ring of the target, just a touch from the very center of the mark. He smiles, "There you go, girl…" he offers quietly to his long bow, and then he steps away.

<FS3> Gedeon rolls Marksmanship: Success.

There is a low, appreciative whistle for Rafferdy's shot, and even the pair of Oldstones traders murmur their approval. Gedeon takes his final shot, and though the arrow hits the target, it lands wider then his first two and, certainly, nowhere near as dead to center as Rafferdy's last. There is a small nod from the knight before he offers the Nayland a bow. "My lord, the victory is yours."

Rafferdy returns an appropriate bow, "Well met, Ser Gedeon. Thank you for indulging me on this matter." He nods a thanks to the two observers before returning his attention to the knight. "I am aware you have duties that surely seem more important, so I appreciate that you would do this for me, Ser."

"Truthfully, I think I may have enjoyed it," Gedeon replies as he returns the bow to his shoulder and reaches into his belt-pouch to draw out the folded kerchief. This is offered out to Rafferdy. "I wish you luck, my lord. The Lady is certainly a worthy prize."

Rafferdy takes the handkerchief and he nods, "Thank you. I'll need all the luck I can get." He smiles, "I'm not certain she's convinced that I may be a prize of equal worth." He shrugs, "Maybe I'm not." He gently slips the cloth into his pouch, "But I suppose I'll do my best to be."

"Men can change," Gedeon replies, "if they've a desire to do so. You will have her attention, now. Make good use of it."

"I intend to." Rafferdy gives a final bow, "Be well, Ser Gedeon. I trust I'll see you again for the invasion?" He begins to gather his crossbow and quiver of bolts.

"So you shall, my lord, so you shall." The blond bastard crooks a faint smile. "And may we both see one another after, as well." He offers Rafferdy a final nod before heading back towards Stonebridge proper, Aren and Noren following after. "Say," Aren begins, "ye don't want that copper back do you, ser?"

Rafferdy returns Gedeon's grin, and then fully smiles at the commoner's question, shaking his head a bit, and heading back towards the city as well.