Page 149: Arrivals, Departures and Introductions
Arrivals, Departures and Introductions.
Summary: A Mallister arrives as a Camden departs. It's a busy time at the Roost.
Date: 11/12/2011
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Courtyard, Terrick's Roost
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Sun Dec 11, 288

Way too early for man or beast, the sun but a sliver in the morning's sky. Still, doesn't mean that there isn't movement in and around the Roost's keep. There is always some business to be had, one reason or another, whether it's to give instructions for a summoned smallfolk, to give instructions to a manservant or send a maid on errands— always something. For Lord Dafydd Camden, it is to say goodbye to a niece that he may not see for quite a long time to come. His horse is tied just outside the courtyard, and dressed in his travelling clothes, he begins the cross across the cobblestones towards the keep proper for that quick fare-thee-well.

There's just something about the sea air that disagrees with armour. A knight with a full harness would be well advised to paint it to help slow the effects, but there's no such option for those who use mail instead. The only hope for them is hard work, or, if available, a quire to do it for them. Having taken a small barrel down to the beach to load with sand for just that purpose, Nares is now returning to the stronghold with his armour slung over his right shoulder and said barrel, now particualrly sandy, in his left hand. Conveniently, this leaves his sword hand free, although he's had no cause so far to move it towards the weapon itself.

Fingers of pink and gold creep across the sky, chasing away the darkness. The air is cool yet there is the promise of warmth in the air as Muirenn rises from her quarters and goes out to greet the day. It was unfortunate that Lord Jason's ward had caught cold and must be trundled off to her quarters before being officially presented with the rest of the Mallister entourage that arrived with Young Lord Patrek. Lifting her skirts slightly as she skips lightly down the steps fully refreshed. As worthy a nurse and chaperone as any could want follows primly behind. Sniffing lightly, the teenager looks about her curiously taking in the sights and smells of what is to be her new home for the moment.

Over the last few months, the people of the Roost have learned that there are few times of day when the young Lady Anais may not be found up and about. It's not particularly fair to the guard and the handmaid that usually follow her around, but such is the life of the commoner, right? And at least the three of them seem to be in good spirits as the leave the stables, laughing to each other. "Did you see his face?" Anais grins to the guard. "Honestly, you'd think I'd grown fangs and claws."

Too early to be awake, much less to be truly conscious, but needs must, as they say, and Liliana steals down along the rear steps leading from the living quarters, ending up somewhere in the kitchens, dressed, but early enough that her hair is only caught back from her face, and Eli is still bundling her into a shawl to protect her from the early morning chill. Not that Liliana seems to have much attention for that, though she accepts the fabric drawn around her shoulders, but most of it is for the journey around from the kitchens, into the courtyard and towards the uncle making his departure from the roost.

Dafydd slows as he sees the Ironborn lugging a barrel of .. sand through the courtyard and presumably into the keep, if he keeps to that direction. Nares and his burden garners his attention, but only briefly due to the ladies' that begin to present themselves for the day. Inclining his head towards those girls that begin to close in on the courtyard, a murmured 'my lady' a couple of times in greeting, he catches Liliana's progress and smiles to see her. "You received my note then, Liliana.. good. It would have been awkward to take the stairs to your chamber."

"Septa Waldy, I think that I shall like it here. I like being able to smell the sea. If only they have decent gardens and the girls I am to spend my time with are witty." Muirenn gives a soft sigh as she flashes a grin over her shoulder at the goodly Septa Waldsteinia who strides after her charge, giving only a shake of her grey head as reply. Dafydd is given a friendly if not overly effusive smile and a warm, "Good Morn.." as she passes him in her curious exploration of the courtyard.

Nares notes the nobles present, both familiar and unfamiliar. He pauses just inside the the portcullis, taking in the situation, then strides in the direction of the stables, dumping the barrel down just outside, for someone else to deal with. His armour now clear of rust, and the burden disposed of, slide the chain off his shoulder so it rests atop the barrel and starts unbuckling his sword belt. Doesn't do to go about undressed for longer than needed and his armour is, to all intents and purposes, just another layer of clothing.

Anais pauses as Nares rolls his barrel toward the stables, tilting her head slightly. "Morning," she calls over with a small smile, polite. "I trust the trip to the beach went well?" The guard with her is less pleasant, his smile fading away to a more suspicious expression as he watches.

New faces for a new morning, as Liliana and Eli make their way across the courtyard, and the distance between herself and her uncle. The familiar faces receive greetings first of course, with a polite, "Lady Terrick," if she's close enough, and if not, then a polite dip of a curtsey to Anais, and a nod of greeting to the party with her. A brief pause at the sight of the ironborn yet to say a word to her unless the effort might be dragged out of him, and a smile of welcome to the Lady newly arrived in her cousin's company, "Welcome to the Roost, Lady Mallister." The name she knows at least, and the sight enough to recognize the woman. But it's to the man preparing for his departure that she heads, "Only because you are prepared to leave and you would have stirred the rest of the hall with the noise of it, Uncle." But once Lili does arrive, she unwraps her arms from the shawl long enough to offer a hug to her youngest Uncle. "I wish you would stay."

Dafydd twists around without pausing in his step, even if he does slow it, after his greeting to his niece. While he certainly doesn't know everyone at the Roost, the young, spritely lady coming down the stairs followed by a matronly Septa is.. different. Obviously not as familiar with her surroundings. Mallister? Anais' words to Nares catches Dafydd's attention too— the Ironborn has been down to the beach again.. ostensibly to clean armour? It does require maintenance, certainly. But, his first reason for his presence is his niece, and he is pressed for time. "Yes, and given the Roost yet one more reason to be cross with us. But, with your charm and grace, the feathers ruffled would have been put to right." He takes an arm and enwraps his niece, leaning to whisper, "Your uncle has made you a fine match, Liliana. I am very proud of you, and I am certain there will be no issue." A little louder, Dafydd chuckles, "I cannot.. In fact, as soon as I am done here, I ride for home, a little faster than poor Gethin may like to catch up."

Turning as her name is called and she is greeted, Muirenn's smile warms and she inclines her head and gives a genteel curtsey "Good Morn my Lady…my Lord." There is a pause as the young woman studies the other woman intentently as she greets her Uncle "House Camden yes? It is an embarrassment, that I was unwell enough for formal introductions until now." A hand brushes a stray lock of red from her face as she turns her attention to Anais and moves towards the other woman. A curtsey that puddles the rich purple and silver skirts upon the ground before she straightens, "Good Morn Lady Terrick, it is a pleasure to meet you. I would like to personally thank you and your House for agreeing to my Uncle's wishes that I accompany my cousin Young Lord Patrek here. I appreciate and thank you for the hospitality that your family has extended."

Was that the faintest flash of amusement in Nares' eyes as the guard's expression changed? He takes his time to complete his take, resting his sword against the wall, taking his aromour up again and dumping it back over his head. There really is no smooth way to put on chain, but he is atleast well practiced at it and there's no sturggling needed to get it to lie straight. That done he reaches out to his belt and clinches it around his waist again, taking just a moment to bunch just a little of the metal over the top to put some of the weight onto his hips. Routine complete he steps towards the Lady Anais, pausing far enough away to be what he guesses is a reasonable distance. Basically, one that'll annoy the guard, but not actually make it seem like he's doing anything threatening. His hands clasp his belt, either side of the buckle and he nods slightly to the lady, "Most well, thank you." Look see. Nice and polite. His head turns briefly to watch the Mallister but general introductions really hold no interst to him.

Her guard may be bothered, but Anais is somewhat more composed, lips quirking in amusement as Nares approaches. "I'm glad to hear it. You were a Harlaw as well, yes? Or at least a part of Lady Harlaw's…train?" Even that choice of phrasing seems to amuse her further, but the spreading smile is turned all too easily on Muirenn's approach. She's just being /polite/, see. "Oh, please," she laughs lightly at the curtsey, stepping forward to draw the other woman up from it. "If the young lord Patrek is your cousin, then you must be Lady Muirenn, yes? Welcome to the Roost. You seem to be feeling better, I hope?" She raises a hand to Liliana, but makes no move to interrupt her conversation.

Liliana seems to have the knack of holding her Uncle up enough to do the proper greeting, but not enough to make him overly impatient. The well of endless patience he is not. Unlike his eldest brother. A brief tight hug, but long enough to hide the sudden draining of colour from her cheeks at his whisper, before she steps back, keeping her back turned to the rest of the yard long enough to put herself back together, "I will always try to make you proud of me, Uncle. You will come back soon?" But gathered together enough to flash another smile in Muirenn's direction, before she leaves her to her conversation with Anais, "Camden yes, but you are most welcome. And introductions will come when they will."

"Indeed, I am Lady Muirenn Mallister. I am much better thank you my Lady." Muirenn smiles but shoots a look at the mildly amused Septa that follows, adding to her hostress, "I am afraid that many in my household are a bit…overprotective of my health." With a shrug off her shoulders, she mms "But it cannot be helped." Looking around she inquires, "I would love to break my fast with you if you have no other plans this morning?" glancing between the two ladies and the Camden lord, "All three perhaps?"

Releasing his niece, Dafydd turns to incline his head in acknowledgment at his identification. "Lady Mallister.." At least that's what Liliana said? "I.. If you were unwell, that is more than enough explanation." Here comes the assumption that Liliana will do the introductions. If not, it'll be left for him.. a 'hello/goodbye'. Without them forthcoming, he takes hold of his niece's hand and offers an introduction. "Dafydd Camden, Captain of the Guard for the Lord of Tall Oaks, my brother.. my lady." With that done, he has the opportunity to go back to answer Liliana's question with something of a sad shake of his head. "Not for a time, I think. Another gap of time, but no fear. My lord is sending Seryl here; look for his arrival in two weeks' time."

"I am here completing an errand to the Lady for her uncle, the Lord Harlaw and remain while she finds my skills.. of use," Nares answers with a smile, resisiting the urge to spare Dafydd a glance at that point. As Anais steps to greet Murienn he takes a couple of paces to place him almost alongside the guard. Those close enough will not a defiante glint in his eyes as he greets the man with an overly cheerful "Good morning."

"I'd be glad to take breakfast with you, Lady Muirenn," Anais smiles swiftly. "I suspect the cooks will appreciate it, actually. Otherwise I'm prone to taking breakfast in the kitchens and peppering /them/ with questions, and I think they're growing a bit tired of it." She looks to Liliana and Dafydd then, brows rising in question. "And of course, if you'd like to join us?" she invites. "I think I overheard yesterday that there was a fresh crop of strawberries in from the fields, so I imagine those are being incorporated into anything and everything just now."

Anais' guard turns a sidelong glance on Nares, trying to look impassive and mostly managing vaguely constipated. "Uh huh. Could be," he grumbles to the man.

"I will be glad to have Seryl's company, but I will miss you, Uncle, and Uncle." Thankfully, Dafydd knows enough to tell which Uncle he is and which he isn't. "Is everyone leaving, or just yourself? Aunt Tiaryn had only just arrived." Leavetaking really is the worst time of anyone's day. But she can still keep an ear on the rest of the conversation, and at the question directed to her, she turns back to address the two other Ladies in the yard, not so far distant, "I would be glad to join you, Lady Mallister, but I am expected in the reading room very soon, and would not wish to have to rush in, and then out, of your company. Perhaps tomorrow morning, I can arrange something in the courtyard." It is still nice enough that being out in the mornings is not too terrible a chore.

"Fresh strawberries are my favorite! Perhaps the kitchen can bring some fresh cream to serve with them." Muirenn flashes a delighted smile, "Perhaps a berrying party could be arranged in the near future." There is a pause as the young woman leans in and murmers to Anais, "Is that truly the Ironborn? Here?" There is the barest crinkle to her nose, "My maid this morning was telling me of the various inhabitants." At Dafydd's departure, the redhead maid turns and flashes the man a polite smile and nod, "Perhaps another time then. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance my Lord." There is a graceful curtsey as she continues mildly, "I trust that you will have a peaceful ride back to Tall Oaks." Was there a barb in there somewhere? Oh surely not for Lady Muirenn smiles warmly and nods to Liliana, "I would very much like to dine with you tomorrow. Please enjoy your time with the books, they have a good library here."

"Oh, don't be like that," Nares casually admonishes the guard. "Look, the sun is rising, there's a hint of a breeze in the air… Oh, but wait. Maybe you should be keeping a closer eye on your Lady. It's such a shame to miss the simple pleasures of the day but," and at this point he leans closer and whispers almost conspiritorially, "I hear there are bad sorts about." His amusement should now be obvious to anyone who's looking as he starts past the man, moving to pat him on the shoulder as he does so. "Don't let me keep you from your work though. You're doing a fine job."

Anais' guard practically skitters away from the pat on the shoulder, his cheeks turning a lovely shade of red when he realizes what he's been goaded into. Before he can do anything too unwise, though, Anais turns to check on him. "Kincaid!" It's just his name, just a single word, but it's enough to rein the young man in. Whatever he says, it's too low to be heard, and he trudges back to his lady's side.

"That is /one/ of the Ironborn," Anais then sighs to Muiren with a small, put-upon smile. "The other is Lady Kathryna Harlaw. Though if Lord Dafydd is departing, I'm not sure if she'll linger here," she muses with a speculative arch of her brow.

"I look forward to it, Lady Mallister." That polite curtsey, once again, for the newly arrived Lady, before she straightens, taking those few moments to listen to the whispered words of her Uncle, and offering him a soft nod, accepting, even if her expression is more quizzical than he might like. Still, that too smoothes to one mild and easy, before she turns her face back towards, at least towards enough, for the rest of the courtyard to see it, "I will not keep you any longer, Uncle, ride safely, and look for my letters." A frown, at the arched tone of Anais' voice to her guard, which only draws her eyes to the Ironborn. At least she makes no verbal comment about the man, "I will wait until you depart, Uncle, before I see to the rest of what the day holds."

Dafydd is now ready to depart, and he smiles tightly towards Muirenn and her wishes for a peaceful ride. "We hope for a peaceful ride, but are prepared if it is not, my lady." That's all he'll say on the matter. It is to Liliana that he offers his final good-byes, "I will look for them every day.." He bows, giving no word to Nares', though he is given something of a stare.. and offers, "Have a good day, ladies. Be well.." And with that, the Captain of the Guard for Tall Oaks departs, making his way across the cobbled floor towards the area where his horse awaits beyond.

"House Terrick is extending hospitality to the Ironborn??! More than one?!" The Mallister maid cannot conceal the distaste of this notion, "While my family's Booming Tower has not been heard in generations, it -like the northern wall- was built for a reason." Muirenn's voice remains carefully low, but the girl seems highly disturbed by this idea. Inhaling, she exhales her outward antagonism in a soft sigh adding finally with a rueful smile "Shall we see about those strawberries my Lady? Forgive my unseemly outburst, I am sure that you know my family bears no love for our foes and I was just a bit taken aback to find them here of all places." The tall girl's attention is captured by Dafydd and her cool grey eyes warm slightly at his jab and her lips curve into a brilliant, honest grin of amusement that lights up her entire visage. It lasts but a moment as she inclines her head and asks, "Do you ride Lady Terrick?"

Well, fun as this time has been for Nares, with the Ladies talking about breakfast and strawberries it is definitely time to head elsewhere. Pausing at the top of the step sinto the entrance hall he watches as Dafydd departs then turns back and heads inside. All in all, a goo dstart to the day.

Liliana makes no more moves to restrain her Uncle, allowing him to leave go the hall and make his way out along the road. if there was a barb in there, directed from Mallister Lady to Camden Lord, Liliana makes no response to it. Rather, she waits until his figure disappears from view, lifting a hand, at the end, as a final glance back, as the road turns, is offered, before she turns away from the portcullis. "I hope to see both of you again soon." That, to both Anais and Muirenn, before she begins to make her way back towards the hall, "Eli, you had all of the parchments brought up, yes?" And so, it begins, as the pair depart, the tallying of tools and necessities between the lady and her maid.

"My lady," Anais laughs softly, "House Banefort is no more friendly, I assure you. But it's a complex issue, and I'd be glad to discuss it with you over breakfast," she assures. There's a glimmer of something in her eyes at Muirenn's latter question, even as she leads the way toward the hall. "I do indeed, Lady Muirenn," she answers with a dip of her chin. "I was just checking in on my horse, actually. I'd been thinking of taking a ride this afternoon. Take care, Lili," she adds with a small smile, raising a hand to the other woman.

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