Page 270: Arrivals and Departures
Page 270: Arrivals and Departures
Summary: Soldiers returning home disembark at Seagard. Some prepare for an immediate departure for home, while others plan on lingering in Seagard. All are greeted by the young lord Mallister, and his lady cousin.
Date: 14/4/2012
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Seagard's waterfront was once the gateway to a bustling port, both for the Mallister naval fleet and merchant ships that docked here from all corners of the River coast, West, and even lands farther south. The Ironborn's initial attack on the city laid it low, however, and the wreckage of that initial assault still litters the sea. The Mallister fleet was demolished in that first wave, and the blackened remains of its once-proud war galleys float off the docks. The merchant stalls, customs stations and seedy dockside taverns that once thrived here are largely burnt as well, the Ironborn having looted and gutted them before they were driven from this part of the city. The dock - one of Seagard's three major ones - is still intact, however, and there's enough raw space in the stone buildings that couldn't be burned to house supplies.
Sat Apr 14, 289

It was early morning when the ship carrying, among others, the first contingent of Nayland men docked at Seagard. Now, only a short time later, luggage is being transportated from that vessel to a smaller, river-going one, under the watchful eye of a handful of armsman in the orange and green Harpy livery of the Nayland House. Ser Riordan Nayland stands nearby, speaking with a servant who is dressed in similiar livery as the guards, those the sigil on his clothing is quartered with Tordane's Crane. "See the horses are well fed. Mind that they are freshly shod before they are moved out. The salt air has made their shoes begin to rust," he is saying to the man, going over the list of things that need to be done. He himself will be departing on the riverboat, along with his Lord Father, and his cousin Ser Rygar.

Nor was that ship alone. The war-torn docks of Seagard are at a loss for space as dozens of ships seek mooring in the Mallister harbor, with more anchored, waiting further out to sea. The river moorings are likewise becoming crowded as skiffs and boats from Stonebridge have drifted down the Green Rill to receive the men, goods, and horses of the Frey houses. First to load are the Freys, Ser Stevron having already bade his farewells to Lord Rickart and departed. This leaves the Naylands in the wasted waterfront of Seagard, the same ground they had fought through months prior.

"I would recommend to hold off re-shoing the steeds here, Ser. The iron nails will keep another two days, and the grooms of Stonebridge would be grateful for the patronage," Rygar states in his habitual even inflection.

Feels like home still, though Keelin's not so sure he'll be staying here. Still, he has managed to get off that horrible no-good instrument of torture masquerading as a boat. And he's still remarkably in one piece, though he'll have an empty spot below his stomach forever, from all that ended up going over the side of the boat. He manages to stop himself from kissing the ground, at least in public, but there is a definite expression of relief and thankfullness on his face, now that he's on solid ground. He moves to take Tiny's reins, helping the squire who is finding the big war horse recalcitrant. "C'mon, lummox, let's go find you a real stable and some good care. I'll bet the Lady Muirenn will be pleased to see even you." Yes, he's talking to the horse.

"It finally settled…" Kell mumbles to no one in particular as he walks back towards Waterfront, feeling a bit better now that his legs have gotten use to the solid landmass once more. He had looked a bit green and felt worse earlier in the day when he was disembarking from one of the many ships that was carrying men across the sea back home. Making sure hit kit and steed was secured and settled, the Hedge Knight spent some time with his mount to take care of it, not having that much time to ride it while on the Iron Isles. The distraction helped distract and settle the sick feeling within the knight and now he has returned to the waterfront, perhaps to take a break and perhaps see if there are any familiar faces about that are either still arriving or departing.

It may be, considering the relationship of the late Lord Mallister and the Freys and their bannermen, that the young Lord Patrek takes some displeasure in his duties to courtesy and hospitality, today. But if that is the case, the boy has been trained in manners well enough to hide it. Lord Patrek is dressed in black, as he has been since his father died, save the sash of Mallister colors and, on such diplomatic occasions as these, his father's sword at his hip. The fourteen-year-old rides toward the crowd of riverboats with a small retinue of courtiers to make it all officious-looking, and an expression that is calm and curious, with perhaps a hint of good-cheer beneath. It's a look that would sit better on an older face, but the expression is carried off, at least. The horse comes to a halt and Patrek climbs down, passing the reins off to a smallfolk lad two years his junior who likely came along expressly for the reason of playing horse's tether. "My lords Nayland," he greets, "and Sers. I welcome you back to the Riverlands and commend you on a duty well-completed. If you wish food, drink or rest, or if your horses have any need before you continue to your homes, you are welcome to see to them, here."

Riordan frowns to himself when Rygar speaks his peace, though he does not direct the expression at his cousin so much at his horse, waiting patiently for it's turn to be loaded onto a barge. His horse, at least, is waiting patiently - though he has had it only recently, Riordan's hand at tempering the beast already shows. "You have a point, Ser Cousin," he says, though grudgingly. He does not like the thought of the animals suffering, even a little. He looks up, however, when the young Lord comes to a stop nearby. Dressed still in more or less simple soldier gear, a surcoat bearing the harpy and crane crest of the Naylands of Stonebridge still makes Ser Riordan out, as he bows to the lord. "My Lord of Mallister, we thank you for your kind welcome." His bow is stiff, but due only to his wounds, which is likely obvious from the grunt that is ellicited from the movement, even as he speaks.

Rygar gives a very faint nod to Riordan's assent, his neck still stiff by both nature and necessity. Any further words are held a moment however, as upon horseback the new Lord of Seagard and First Defender of the Riverlands arrives on the waterfront to offer courtesies. As Riordan takes the lead in greeting the Lordly squire, Rygar keeps his silence simply dipping his head and shoulders briefly toward Patrek.

Some men Kell does indeed recognize though not too many he had spoken at length with, most likely a respectful greeting in passing and whatnot. What he finds is quite a few Naylanders present, though it looks like they are actually preparing to depart. The Hedge Knight does approach the group, having fougt at their sides more than once during this entire Iron Invasion. As he nears, Kell sees the familiar face of the young Patrek Mallister who he had met at the Roost a while back. However, now he is unsure whether to interrupt.

Keelin pauses as Patrek arrives, letting the nobles greet the Lord Mallister first. And only once they've had their turn does he execute a deep bow. By now, his wounds are all healed up, so there's an efficient grace to his movements. He's got his horse and is walking, just about to the Naylands, as Patrek arrives. He doesn't speak up, merely pauses in case he can do anything for Patrek.

Patrek returns Riordan's bow and then Rygar's nod, meeting the gaze of each man in turn. Kell, for his pause, is offered a quick smile and Keelin, for his bow, a deep, courteous nod. "No thanks are needed, Lord Nayland," Patrek assures Riordan, "Seagard is pleased to see the Riverlands repeopled with her warriors. It is an honor to be the port that leads them home."

Studying the young Lord for a moment, returning his gaze with one of his own, Riordan offers Patrek a nod. "As we are pleased to once more be on firm soil, you can be sure." He offers a conspiritial smile to the lordling, the kind that is large, lopsided, and utterly contagious. "I am sorry that I will not be able to take you on your offer of hospitality, Lord Mallister. I am afraid my duty requires me to pay my respects to my late brother's widow, and offer my aid in her grief." His smile fades as he makes mention of his family's loss, but he does not let the grief guide his words. "I am sure some of my kinsmen would be more then grateful to your kindness, however."

On the subject of gratitude for Patrek's kindness, Rygar speaks, straight backed and stiff necked, expression tugged into a faint sneer by the deep wound suffered to his neck. "Lord Mallister. Your kinsmen upon campaign have brought mixed dignity to your banner. I am sure you shall correct this stain upon the name of your House."

As Kell is spotted by Patrek, the Hedge Knight knows that it would not be disrespectful if he pretended to linger our at he peripheral so he joins the group that is speaking with the Lord of Seagard. A respectful and courteous bow is given to Patrek, with an added, "My Lord." Then one is also offered to Lord Riordan as well before Rygar and Keelin are both giving respectful nods, "Sers." As the others speak of what has occurred across the sea, Kell remains silent as it is of gloomier subjects.

Keelin's expression remains neutral as Rygar speaks of the Mallister dignity. The thing of it is, he can't help but think the man means it, so it's at the least not exactly malicious. Which is an interesting thought. He doesn't qualify as kin though as the topic is brought up, he stirs himself to speak. "M'Lord Patrek, if you have need of a witness or - anything, I can do so." He is wearing Mallister colours, the insignia of the Key on his chest to identify him personally.

Riordan's big, broad smile calls up a return grin from the Lord of Seagard, sunny and surprised, before the boy remembers to school his expression into something a bit more somber. "Of course, my lord, I well understand a man's duties to his mourning kinsmen, and I was sorry to hear news of your brother's passing, Seven keep his soul." When Ser Rygar speaks, Patrek loos to the austere knight with widened eyes and a chin that dips down a little, as if it should like to tuck closer to his chest, before Patrek again corrects it. He clears his throat, swallowing as he considers Rygar's words. "Ser, if any of my kinsmen have comported themselves poorly while at war, I am sure I shall hear of it and see the matters resolved. I thank you for your dutious concern which, so passed on, need trouble you no longer." He looks then to Keelin, his shoulders and expression relaxing a little as his attention shifts to a man sworn to his family. "I thank you, Ser Dorsey, I shall inform you if such is needed."

Lastly, Patrek looks to the quietest of the group who is, perhaps, the most familiar to him. "Ser Drakmoor," he greets warmly, "I am glad to see you returned safely home to us."

"Thank you, my lord, you are most kind," Riordan assures the young lordling. He manages to maintain a smaller smile on his face, even as his cousin brings up the faults of Mallisters. He remains silent after that, letting the rest play out, for now.

"No doubt the Lord shall," Rygar voices levelly in reply to Patrek's word that he shall hear and resolve. "I shall look forward to learning what manner of justice Lord Mallister will keep." A second short bow of his shoulders, which- given the great height seperating the stern Nayland and the young Mallister- has the brief effect of looming over the sable-clad nobleman.

At Patrek's words, Kell can only answer with a smile and dip of his head, "I am glad to be back, M'Lord. Too many rocks on the Iron Islands for my liking, though I managed to acquire some permanent souveniors while there." Most likely in terms of scars. He doesn't expand on those words though due to the other subject that is lingering. He was there, they all were, it was indeed a very thin line between actions of honor and actions for blood, one the Hedge Knight doesn't feel qualified to voice of himself. Once he had to make an important decision like that and it seems like the results turned out for the worst.

Keelin simply bows again to Patrek, not sure if he is more proud of the lad or feels sorry for him. Still, he steps back a bit, petting Tiny, and watches now. Hey, he's an unbiased witness, isn't he? "As you wish, m"Lord," he says. "Though I expect you won't need me at all. You'll no doubt hear all about everything and then some." Poor Patrek. Yup, it's definitely coming down on sympathy. A deep breath and his gaze simply goes to the Nayland Lords, watching them for a long moment.

"Of course, my lord," Patrek says to Riordan, "and safe travels home to you and yours," Rygar is given another quick glance and a carefully steady, "Ser," before his gaze snaps away to friendlier faces. Behind him, one courtier leans over to murmur something to another that, whatever it is, makes him smirk dryly. "I am sure," Lord Mallister says to Kell, "any such 'souvenirs' you've gained are a testament to your efforts on the field." His mouth lifts a little. "I have seen your prowess in battle, Ser." Keelin, for his supportive comments, is given a nod and a small smile.

A man at arms clad in partial maile makes little noise in the cacophany that is the waterfront as the soldiers arrive home from war. He does however grimly ensure that a path through the crowds is cleared for a pair of young women. The taller of the pair, indeed as tall as most men, is dressed in mourning black and and deep purple, a filmy black veil covering her head. The fragile material is thin enough that the roses twined in her red hair are visible. The other woman following is much shorter and dressed in a more plain, but quite presentable, fashion.

"My lady!" the maid gasps as she trots after the taller figure, "Please remember those of us whose legs might not be quite so long as yours and whose strides are not as great. I fear Septa Waldstenia is a few moments behind"

Muirenn turns her head and flashes a grin that is visible even beneath the fine silk, "I do apologize Minnie, I am eager to see them home, but you are correct it would be unseemly." And while perhaps propriety was not entirely the maid Miniella's intent, the Mallister maiden's steps do grow more measured. Her gaze darts here and there and finally she points, and instructs the man at arms "There…" and gestures towards a grouping of Mallister knights she knows are her cousin Patrek's guard. A path is cleared for the noblewoman, her maid, and the elderly Septa that catches up, huffing softly.

At Seagard's upriver landing, a large number of skiffs and riverboats are moored to receive the men, steeds, and supplis of the Frey Houses. As Patrek turns away from Rygar to address Kell, the lean Nayland regards his cousin to voice, "I look to our men and goods, Ser," backing the appropriate step away before turning to oversee the men in house colors who file toward the riverfront landing.

"Thank you, my lord of Mallister. Thank you again for your kind welcome," Riordan will offer to Patrek. Giving the young lord one last infectously large smile, mostly to make up for his cousin's lack, before turning to Ryger and nodding. "Very well, Ser Cousin," he offers, before speaking to the servant garbed in Stonebridge colors. "Meanwhile, make sure the grain is given out generously to the horses. Not enough to make them sick, they are traveling by barge after all. But I want them comfortable. Mix in those herbs I gave you, if need be…" he continues to speak as he makes his way further down the line of horses. As his capable cousin sees to the rest, Riordan will look after the animals that are his specialty, and his love. As he does, he inadvertently blocks the path of the oncoming armsman, and due to the noise and business going about, doesn't seem to notice yet.

Keelin is starting to feel uncomfortable standing around, while work continues around him. He bows his head and moves to start walking Tiny towards a good spot to leave the horse, pausing as Riordan makes his way by towards the horses. It's the oncoming armsman who catches Keelin's attention first, a brow arching as the fellow is familiar at the least. It's got his attention now, brow furrowing slightly.

"I say!" The Mallister man at arms gently extends an arm to discreetly keep the young noblemaiden back, "Please excuse me my lady, allow me to clear the way. It has suddanly become blocked." Politely, yet sternly he addresses Riordan "If you will please step aside sir and make way. The lady Mallister is present." To the man at arms it is clear that a relatively wide zone of space must be made to ensure the safety or at least the integrity of his charge and therefore Riordan must move.

For her part, Muirenn cranes her neck trying to see her family and sworn knights. Impatiently she clasps her hands, "Minnie! So close…do you see them?" The maid only replies mildly, "My lady, I see naught." The elderly Septa lifts a hand, "Patience is one of the most pleasing of virtues in a lady, so please do not make a scene." As if Muirenn is throwing a fit instead of merely standing there trying to gain what view her height allows.

Having taken a little time to take care of a few things, Martyn makes his way along to see the people heading off now. He's moving slowly along, looking around rather carefully as he does. Seeing the people about, he approaches them a bit slowly. Smiling a bit, especially as he sees his sister being one of the people present.

Patrek offers the appropriate nods and bows as some of those gathered begin to disperse and return to their tasks. He peers a little towards where Riordan and a guard nearly bump, though he can't entirely tell yet who's behind him. A couple of the men with Lord Mallister glance in that direction as well, but as there's been no real disturbance, yet, they make no move forward.

"Hmm?" Riordan had carefully bent over to inspect a horses hoof when the armsman called out. It takes him a bit longer to straighten then most - a fact some, those not aware of the wounds he took on Pyke, might find insulting, as it is clearly deliberate on his part. "My apologies," he offers, curiously peering past the armsman, and offering a boyish smile to the lady, inclining his head to her. "Forgive me, my lady, I did not mean to bar your way," he offers, taking a step back to let the lady and her entourage pass. Perhaps not enough space by this particular armsman's standards, but enough by normal convention, at least.

As Riordan takes a step back, it's enough for Keelin to identify the lady there, and that brings a broad grin to his face. He tethers Tiny in a heartbeat, and then moves over swiftly, but with care, to pass Riordan without touching the injured Lord. He does not bow before the Lady, but instead, he scoops her up, all six feet of her, in a big bear hug. Right there in public. "You are a sight for sore eyes, M'Lady Muirenn!" he greets.

"There are many injuries I am sure and in likelihood he is one who helped destroy those obscene Ironborn…and as the good Septa has indicated patience is a virtue that I must foster." Muirenn indicates to her guard as the man at arms makes a move to attempt to hurry Riordan along. The girl inclines her veiled head and murmers to the Nayland animal handler she presumes Riordan to be, "I am sure it was not your intent, and I apologize for making you pause in your tasks. I would like to th…iieeee!"

Whatever it is Muirenn would like to do is lost in an abrupt squeal as she is swept up into a giant hug. The squeal is turned into a giggle as the maid Miniella attempts to hide her laugh and the elderly Septa begins to protest strenuously, "SER! Put her ladyship down immediately! A wellbred and innocent child should not be bandied about in such rough fashion!"

Muirenn laughs and gives Keelin a quick embrace as she kicks her feet, "Set me down Ser! I shall be ruined and his Lordship and my new Guardian won't be able to find anyone willing to take me." Behind her veil her sea grey eyes sparkle green.

If anything, Riordan looks amused when the guard looks like he might make a move against him. When Muirenn puts an end to that, however, he inclines his head to her again, and seems about to respond when Keelin moves past him and assaults the Lady with a hug. He looks surprised, watching it for a moment, before looking wordlessly at the guard, then back at the inappropriate behavior. As if to say 'Aren't you going to do something about that?'. All the while, the boyish smile on his features grow.

Well, that, at least, opened the gap well enough for Patrek to see who the guard was guarding. He smiles a little as Keelin scoops up Muirenn, clearing his throat to swallow back a chuckle. Dignified Lord of Seagard, here!

Keelin promptly puts Muirenn down in the gentlest of fashions, as she requests it. "Of course, m'Lady," he says simply. As if there was never any doubt that's exactly what he'd do. He then moves to the elderly septa, bowing to her. "My apologies, Septa. Our Lady is in no danger from me." Simple and to the point, really. Kee then glances to the guard, moving to pat his shoulder in passing. "It is good to see you all again," he says. Though he does give a glance over to Lord Patrek, as it occurs to him that not everyone might know - oh well, if he's in trouble, so be it.

Martyn is unable to hold back a bit of a grin as he sees how Keelin greets Muirenn now. Moving a bit faster now, to get the rest of the way over there, he overhears what's being said. "The day for enthusiastic greetings, it would seem," he remarks, a bit lightly. Looking around for a few moments, he sees Patrek, and moves the rest of the way over to the young man, to offer him a bow. "My Lord," he greets his younger cousin.

Looking somewhat mollified the Septa merely gives a sniff of disdain and hrmphs, "As you say Ser Dorsey, you have ever had her ladyship's safety and wellbeing at heart."

Muirenn herself lifts her veil and reveals her face, "It is indeed heartwarming to see everyone back safe and whole." Glancing over Keelin's shoulder she says, "I must greet his Lordship. There will be time for converse on the way to the Roost. I have everything packed and ready to go." Her eyes twinkle as she disengages herself from Keelin. Inclining her head towards Riordan she studies him for a lingering moment before her gaze is drawn back to where her brother and cousin stand. She moves through the cleared path. Reaching Patrek the maiden curtsies low, "My Lord Cousin." she greets politely with a smile as her maid and the Septa follow suit. Straightening, she purses her lips and looks as if she is about to burst, "My Brother! Thank the Seven you are whole and well!"

Riordan sense: Muirenn's eyes glance back to Riordan's face as she passes, offering what might be a smile

Riordan watches the Lady and her entourage filter past, and engage in their family reunion for a moment. He then turns back to his task of the horses. "This one will need that special mix," he says, to the servant who was lingering nearby. "About two measures should do, no more. We'll have to remember to pick up more once in Stonebridge." He had to use alot of it during the sea travels, and knows nothing about creating the medicines himself. Riordan continues down the line of horses.

Muirenn senses: Riordan's eyes linger on Muirenn, the smile on his face tugging upward briefly, before he finally turns away to tend to his duties.

As Martyn bows, Patrek of course returns it. "Cousin Martyn," he greets with a smile that comes easier now, "Welcome home. You will have to tell me of the battles and the things you saw on the isles." Smile dimming a little he adds, "and I would speak with you on another matter in a quieter place than this, when it is convenient." Then he looks to Muirenn, returning her curtsy with yet another bow. "My lady cousin, good afternoon to you."

"We're going to the Roost already - but - " Keelin starts, and then he sighs. See, he just got over being seasick and all, and she's going to scoop them out and take them off. "We'll need to have the horses checked," he says, thinking things through. "I don't want Tiny to be lamed after his sojourn over on the Isles with us. It may take a bit of time." He smiles as he spies Martyn finally, giving him a bow. "Ser Martyn. It sounds to me like I better go take care of Tiny and make sure I'm ready to go as well. Are we leaving at dawn, Lady Muirenn?"

Martyn nods a bit as he hears that. "Of course," he replies to Patrek as he hears that, pausing a bit at the mention of that other matter. He then offers a wide grin to Muirenn, looking like he's about to hug her, but not doing that yet. "Dear sister. I've missed you," he offers, before he nods at the mention of thanking the Seven. "Somehow, they saw me through all this."

"My brother! It brings joy to our sadness to see everyone return in triumph." Reaching out, she take's her elder brother's hand and squeezes it gently. "When our cousin is done with you and our lady Mother has finished with you, you will come see me and we will talk yes? Perhaps you might even be able to accompany me to Terrick's Roost." The sea breeze tugs at the veil and one delicate hand reaches out to tuck it into place, accidently dislodging one of the white rosebuds in her hair. As it tumbles to the ground Muirenn turns to smile at Keelin, "I would like to leave on the morrow; however, his Lordship may wish otherwise. When he gives permission we will leave. By all means ensure Tiny is well taken care of. Pryderi will be glad to see his stablemate again I am sure."

Coming back down the line of horses, servant in tow, Riordan glances back to the group of Mallisters. Catching sight of the flower that falls to the ground nearby, he moves towards it, and without thinking moves to pick it up. A sudden sharp groan escapes his lips, and he falls to one knee. Despite this, he takes the flower delicately in his hand, and pushes with the other to bring himself back to his feet. Slowly, this time, carefully, his breath coming a little short. "I believe this belongs to you, my lady," he says to Muirenn, offering the flower back to her, his expression clear by the time that he addresses her.

"I think tomorrow should be suitable, Cousin Muirenn, if those accompanying you are recovered enough from their injuries to travel further. Otherwise, I would they might mend here before making their way to Terrick's Roost," Patrek answers. He watches the little rosebud fall, and then watches as it's picked up again and returned. He is attentive, but silent.

Keelin inclines his head. "I can be ready by dawn, assuming that Tiny doesn't need a lot of work on his feet," he replies. "Since by the grace of the Seven I was uninjured in the latter part of the fighting." As opposed to the previous parts, but we'll just gloss over that. He does notice the rosebud, but by no means reaches for it, having already caused enough of a scene. "If you will excuse me, M'Lords and Lady, I will endeavour to make sure I am ready whenever Lady Muirenn is."

Nodding a bit as he hears his sister, Martyn smiles, "Of course. And if I'm permitted, I'd gladly accompany you, sister." He looks over to Riordan for a few moments as the man approaches with the flower, before he offers a brief grin towards Keelin, "You and me both," he offers to the part about being uninjured in the latter part of the fighting." He then pauses for a few moments, "Speaking of our lady Mother, I should be making my way to see her, shouldn't I?"

"Of course my Lord. All of the wounded should probably rest. Do you think Maester would wish to make his services available?" Muirenn pauses as her lost flower is presented to her. "Oh, thank you sir. How very kind." A warm smile is bestowed as she continues, "Please keep it as a token of my appreciation for your efforts." Now that her initial greetings are over she takes a longer look at Riordan and comments softly, "my lord Nayland…you have the look of…mmm in the nose I think." she considers and then she inclines her head, "You have my thanks for the part you played in rescuing the Roost and Seagard." As her brother speaks, she tears her attention away back towards Martyn and her smile widens, "Indeed, she is nearly beside herself. Go and I shall see you later."

"Ah… well, thank you, my lady," Riordan offers with his signature lopsided smile, absently tucking the rose into his beltpouch for now. "Indeed, Ser Riordan Nayland, at your service, my lady," he offers. Just then, another servant approaches, informing him that the loading of the horses is commencing, and requesting help with a particularly spirited animal. "If you will excuse me. A pleasant day to you, Milady, Sers. My Lord." And, with that, the Naland lord will make his way to assist the loading of the barges, so that the first wave of Naylands may travel to Stonebridge.

"Until later, cousin," Patrek says to Martyn with a nod farewell. To Muirenn he adds, "Certainly the Maester shall see any of our injured that yet require him." Riordan gets a nod as he departs and the young Mallister watches him go for a moment before returning his attention to Muirenn with a smile. "I had best return to the keep, myself. Keep close to your guard here, cousin. It is very busy just now." As if that couldn't be seen.

Martyn nods a bit, "Until later," he offers to his sister and Patrek, before he looks at the Nayland lord taking his leave. "Safe travels home, Lord Nayland," he offers, before he hurries off for yet another family reunion.

"I will cousin, though I may return shortly. I have comforted myself that our family and people are well. That was my intent. I should probably see if the maester would like me to help him prepare some of the medicinals to distribute. I imagine that the camps are running low after having been away for so long." Muirenn gives Patrek and smile, "I am looking forward to our return to the Roost. Is there anything you would like me to bring to Lord Jerold?"

"Nothing comes this moment to mind, cousin, but if I recall something, I'll be sure it is ready for tomorrow's trip." He offers Muirenn a smile and a final bow. "Until later." Then he returns to his horse to collect the reins from the boy and lead his little retinue back towards Seagard Keep.