Aron Haigh


There is no justice. Only me.

The middle son of the Haighs, Aron was often overlooked as a boy, hustled off to squire with a minor Frey knight. He surprised his family by becoming a master of the lance, and a darling of the tourney circuit, before even being knighted - which goes to show that hard work and a ruthless self-discipline sometimes pay off.

That is not to say that Aron Haigh is a well-liked man - at least, not by those who know him. He is said to be mercurial, with a vicious temper and less-than-savory habits. There are some who go so far as to whisper about the death of Diarmud Erenford, the knight who was married to his beloved sister Ceinlys.

Still, he is a genuine showman and seems to have no lack of courage - but some worry that he enjoys his victories a touch too much.

While it was known that Aron fought in Robert's Rebellion, few noticed - or cared enough to remember - the young knight in those days. But now, as a champion jouster and the head of the Haigh Family's forces in the field, many eyes have been upon the arrogant young tourney rider. And it must be said that his serenity on the battlefield is utterly unfeigned - the man rides and fights as though injuries are something that happen to lesser beings. Much has been made of his skill with a lance, and his ruthless contingent's single-minded savagery. His ferocity on the battlefield has begun to make him tentative friends among some of the other nobles in the Frey encampment, and it must be said that the man's usually-surly temper seems to have improved of late. Perhaps slaughter agrees with him.


Current Players

Portrait Name Relation
Lady Ceinlys Erenford Coming Soon
Ser Harlyn Haigh Coming Soon

Physical Features

Thick locks of onyx hair fall in loose waves to frame an ovular, almost heart-shaped, face. Standing well over six feet, with the broad shoulders and thin waist of an athlete, this man's features still somehow manage to convey a strangely-effeminate manner. The soft curve of his jaw is offset by high cheekbones, drawing attention to a pair of azure eyes, slightly too wide for masculinity and set beneath pencil-thin, arched, eyebrows. Long eyelashes create a heavy-lidded effect. He is perfectly clean-shaven, stubble leaving a dusky sheen that hints at a heavy beard constantly fighting to leap out. Bow-shaped lips and a strong chin lend some strength to an otherwise delicate profile.

His body could not be more different than the elegantly-groomed head it supports. Broad shoulders and a hard chest seem cut from smooth planes, leaving very little fat anywhere on his muscular frame. Lean for his height, he carries himself with a leonine grace, seeming always on the verge of sudden movement. His hands are hard with calluses, and have the thick wrists and strong grip of a swordsman, but his nails are immaculately-manicured.

Allies and Foes

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