Aralima Frey


Born in the south Tower on the other side of the river, Aralima is the daughter of the second son of the fourth son of Lord Walder Frey, in the scheme or things she is not much for poltical aspects, so she got away with more then the higher girls. Her mother died in child birth, along with the twins she was birthing, and her father in the battle for the fork, the battle that King Robert, the first of his name, won against Rhaegar.

Since she had no mother she was raised by septas, they taught her the basics that a young Lady would need to know, needlework, singing, reading and the like. That is until she flowered, which happened at a young age, as it does with noble born women. When she reached the age of eleven Ara started changing, whilst she kept up with the things her speta wanted she often times snuck out of her rooms, though often times the other young Ladies told the septa that she was out when she shouldn't be. But while she was out she constantly bugged one of the Maesters to teach her things.. and convinced him to let her learn how to heal, what herbs are good for this and that.

Whilst in her..rebellious phase she even conned a squire into showing her how to shoot a bow and arrow, telling him that if he could do it, it can't be that hard. He wasn't too bright. It was at this time she took up hawking with the other ladies, watching a falcon take down a rabbit or duck was a good time ffor her, albeit not as fun as she thought killing a boar would be.. but there was a limit to her rebellion, she never went too far out of the norm.

The girl grew into a beautiful young woman and like all Frey girls there was trouble finding her a betrothal so at the moment she is not promised to anyone,but she is sure her grandfather will find someone suitable for her, and as she's a romantic she is hoping for a brave knight to sweep her off her feet!


Physical Features

Standing slightly over five foot, this young woman seems to be no more then sixteen years of age. A woman in bloom. Her oval-shaped face is framed by honey coloured locks that are piled high on her head in elaborate curls, a few tendrils faming her face. Her body is slim and firm, rather well proportioned. Her eyes are the colour of blue topaz, hidden under long thick eyelashes. The young woman's smooth skin is creamy. Her face is accented by full pink lips, and a small pert nose. Around her slender throat she wears a blue ribbon choker with a silver pendant in the shape of the Towers dangling from a silver ring. She wears over her small body a full length blue dress of fine cut, and fine silk. It fits tight across the swell of her full bust. The bodice is modestly cut, showing only a bit of her smooth pale skin. The long full sleeves are dagged trailing almost to the ground, hiding her hands. It is tapered at the waist, accenting her lush hips, and then moving down into slender skirts, which drag the ground. Accenting her slender waist is a rope of silver, with princess cut grey moonstones embedded in precious metal it hangs down almost to her knees in the front once wrapped around her slender form. Her small feet, when seen, are bedecked with blue shoes made of kid, hard soles protect her petite feet from the rough ground.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity