Page 300: Approval and Disapproval
Approval and Disapproval
Summary: Jocelyn seeks out Riordan upon his return, who proceeds to catch his cousin up on current events.
Date: 16/05/2012
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Jocelyn Riordan 
Riordan's Suite - Tordane Tower
The Tower residence of the Regent of Stonebridge.
Tue May 15, 289

The Tower is abuzz this afternoon as the Lord Regent has returned from his expedition to the Roost - and, more then that, that he apparently will be leaving once more by tonight. Currently, it is not too hard to find out that Riordan is currently in his quarters. He's in a state of undress, right now, bare foot and wearing only an undertunic over his trousers. Currently, he is laying across the foot of his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Not asleep, but taking a moment to relax before he has to get up and do further Regent-like things.

Considering that she is still within the tower, Jocelyn has convinced her lady's maid to not come along. What harm could she get into anyway? Well… That is beside the point.
She comes to Riordan room and pauses, she glances down at herself and then lifts a hand and knocks on the door. "Ser Riordan?" she says against the door, "Its my Lady Joceclyn." she says. Her voice is not overly loud, she doesnt wish to disturb him in the off chance that he is resting.

Riordan rolls off the bed, and moves lightly on his feet, picking up a doublet from where it lays nearby. He is still pulling it on as he opens the door. "Cousin," he greets, warmly, if tiredly - the day's travel, and whatever other concerns have been weighing on him have obviously taken their toll. And yet, it is still utterly easy to greet a member of his family with a broad smile, and warm eyes. "How have you been?" he asks, stepping aside to let her in while slowly trying to make himself more presentable. He does peer past her, however, when it becomes clear she is alone. Clearly, he expects her to have an escort of some kind.

Noise coming from the other side of the door indicates that Rioradan is coming to the door, or at very least, someone is. Jocelyn steps back and waits for the door to open. She offers him a smile at his greeting. She takes a moment and just stares up at his face before she glances to the side and down the hall and then back towards the room.
The door is held open for her and she comes in. She notices his gaze lingering for her maid and suddenly feels slightly embarrassed. "My maid is not with me." she tells him. Now its time to explain, "I was able to convince her that I could be left alone to come see my cousin, at the very least." She smiles her big smile, the one she does when not wanting to be in trouble by someone.

"She musn't have heard the rumors surrounding me, then," Riordan notes with wryness rich in his voice. He studies his cousin for a long moment, as if unsure what to do. Finally, leaving the door open, he moves to the sideboard and picks up the pitcher of wine and pours himself a cup. Wine is the solution! "And what was so important that you must break the rules of etiquette to speak to me, Cousin Jocelyn?" Riordan asks. He's not disapproving, necessarily, just cautious. And curious, too.

Jocelyn glances at the door, maybe she had done wrong. Bad idea. She steps towards the door, "I can send for her." she says when she notices his discomfort. She'd heard the rumors and maybe he felt uneasy about them.
She was probably the happienst of Naylands, But that might be because no rumors or ill-will had ever been come against her. At least not yet. So the idea that something must have been so important makes her draw her eyebrows together. "Oh." she hmms softly, "Not so important.." she folds her hands behind her back, "I heard that you were back, I've not been able to see anyone really. I-I guess I just missed…" what? What exactly did she miss? "Well, discussion. One that did not involve servants or maids." she makes a face and then glances at the wine.

Wordlessly, Riordan pours a second cup and will offer it to Jocelyn. It's watered, due both to the time of day and because Riordan will be traveling again later, so it shouldn't go to her head anytime soon. "It's fine," Riordan says, with a chuckle, seeing the uncertainty enter her expression. "Just do not make a habbit of it, especially outside the family. I'll not have your brother coming after me for doing wrong by his sister, while she's under my roof," he says, with an easy and reassuring smile. He really can change the tone of a conversation just with his warm looks and easy grins. "Bored?" he then queries, raising an eyebrow both in curiousity, and teasing challenge.

Stepping forward, Jocelyn takes the cup that is offered for her. Not only uncertainty but a thoughtful expression is pressed into her features. She steps to the open doorway and peers out, stopping a servant, "You there." she calls to them. "Fetch my maid, Gilda." after the instruction is given she turns back to Riordan, "I do not want to put you in any distorted spirits, Cousin, you look tired enough as it is. I apologize for my thoughtlessness."
Lifting the cup to her mouth she takes a drink of the water down wine, not making comment about that fact. At his question she resists rolling her eyes and simply answers, "I do try not to be." she explains, "But it seems everyone is gone at all times. So many responsibilites." she glances up at Riordan, "Not that I do not understand the importance."

"It's fine. If this were a month or so ago, it would matter less." Until then, Riordan's own reputation had been spotless. He laughs quietly, though. Not at Jocelyn, but at the comments of responsibilities and importance. "Well, I suppose we have been at that. Hopefully it shall all quiet down soon enough. Though," he adds, in between thoughtful sips of wine. "There is a Tourney coming up, at your old stomping grounds at the Crossing, if you've not heard. The Freys are hosting a celebration of the War's end. I'll be entering, and it would probably be good if you came along with us." Us meaning the other Naylands.

At a mention of a month or so ago, Jocelyn lifts her eyebrows. Making no comment, she simply just lifts her wine and avoids contact with her Cousin for that small time. "Perhaps, However, I do doubt it." she responds, "Never have I seen a Nayland quiet down." The comment shes made leaves a small smile on her lips.
But then! He mentions something exciting and she lifts her gaze to his again "I had not heard." she says, "But I think I'd like to return." she nods "It sounds like it might be fun to watch. Especially if my favorite cousin has decided to join in the festivities."

"Well, I am the resident champion jouster of our family. Besides, your brother would never forgive me if I made him joust again. I was away when they held the last one, and he was forced to enter. He much prefers the melee, does Rygar." Riordan chuckles to himself, before he arches an eyebrow, giving Jocelyn a teasing glance. "Favorite, am I? Well, then I shall endeavour to deserve that honor," he says, giving her a small bow and a laughing smile.

"If nothing else, Rygar is a fighter." Jocelyn has little humor in her voice when she says it, but to ensure ti does not sound all too serious she includes a soft smile in its deliverance. "Roland has always been… well, he is Roland. He is what he wills to be." Enough said about that. That brother at least gets laughter into her eyes, "And I… I've always been, me." Herself would be the mystery of the three siblings.
"Had you never known that? Of course you are." Jocelyn says and there is a slight teasing tone to her voice. "I do expect you to live up to it." after that comment she pauses and adds, "Not to add too much more added pressure to your already burdened shoulders."

Riordan smirks quietly at Jocelyn's assessment of her family. "Well, Rygar is more then a fighter. He's also one of my most trusted advisors. He is by no means the most personable, but I have never found his counsel to be anything but sensable." Riordan does not, however, comment on Roland. As for Jocelyn herself, he chuckles, "I look forward to getting to know this 'me' that you speak of, Cousin." And at his new duty, his chuckle turns to a light laugh. "I think my shoulders shall survive, though I appreciate the sympathy, Cousin. So long as I can count you among my cheering section at the Tourney, it shall all be worth it."

Taking a turn about the room, Jocelyn pauses to place a hand on the back of chair, leaning a little onto it in rest. "I've heard that from more than one, about Rygar. To me it seems like one in the same. You can not be an advisor without experience, you can not have experience without surviving and you can not survive unless you fight." The idea of that seems the only way it could be, at least to her. "I hope at least, not to disppoint you in your efforts to discover me." regarding him from her station at the chair.
"I shall be the one looking upon you with the loudest of approving stares." Jocelyn grins at Riordan, "I would not want to draw so much attention to myself that I break the focus from you or draw unneeded attention upon myself. Who knows who could be watching."

"Well, you are certainly not wrong, at least as far as your brother is concerned," Riordan notes with a small smile. Her further words have him grinning further. "Well, if your stare of approval is anything like your brother's version of disapproval, I'm sure I'll feel it even in my armor," he says, laughter entering his voice. However, his mood turns thoughtful, as her words also remind him of something. "By the way, you should know, I am entering into negotiations with the Terricks regarding an end to our families feud, through a marriage alliance. I will also likely be trying alliances with a few other families, as well. So it may be soon that you find yourself betrothed. I may also need you to visit the Roost with me at some point in the coming week or so, along with my sister Roslyn and our cousin Tenysa. I will let you know if that becomes a certainty, though. I am heading to the Sevens tonight to speak to my father about it all."

"I believe that the state of our stares are similar in their intensity. Though, I've never had my disapproving face commented one. Perhaps its just as bad." Jocelyn lifts her left shoulder and lets it drop in an easy shrug.
A concerned look comes over her facial festure when he mentions the alliance through marriage. At first though, she had the impression it was his marriage that he spoke of and had been speechless. But then its turned to the idea of one of the Nayland girls betrothel, "Me?" she seems only mildly surprised, it would be only a matter of time before someone say a reason for her to be betrothed to someone. She looks thoughful, however not disturbed. "Will we all be offered up?" she wonders outloud.

"If I can get my father to agree," Riordan says, focusing on the matters of marriage and alliance now. "Lord Jerold has agreed to discussing it further if he shall get to choose the bride from our family for the match, and I will be given the choice of the groom from his family for the match. But I also plan to attempt to make matches with the Haighs and the Erenfords, as well. Both their heirs are unmarried." Which should answer her question, since Jocelyn, Roslyn, and Tenysa are the three unmarried woman left to the family.

"Ahh.." Jocelyn makes the soft sound. Three girls, three seperate families, three heirs, three seperate alliences. She nods her head slowly as pieces come together in her mind. "Have you spoke to Rygar about this?" she is just curious on this fact, there was little could be said or done once the arrangements are made.
Stepping around the chair her weight had been leaned upon, she sets her wine cup down. "This is after all what I've been prepared for, is it not?" Her lips do not turn upwards in a smile and they do not frown, they just stay in a straight line, her features becoming unreadable.

"In brief only, shortly before you arrived," Riordan says, in regards to Rygar. "He will not object, though. He wants a good match for you, and our House in a better position then it has been in years to make such alliances." His smile turns a bit wryly, as he leans against the wall and sips more from his wine. "Indeed, we males will not be immune from alliances. Rutger is courting House Groves, and as my father's current heir, will likely soon have other, richer prospects as well. Roland is working towards a match as well, and Father has told my brother Rafferdy that he also wishes to see him betrothed." There's a brief frown at

"Of course he does. When does Rygar not have someones best interest in mind?" Jocelyn says when he speaks of Rygar, given Riordan a look after that is said. A small knowing grin pulls at one side of her mouth.
She listens to the remaining bits of information, who is goingw here to make alliances where. She notes that he leaves himself out of the group of those that are courting whom. "And what is to become of my favorite cousin?"

Riordan chuckles at the look that Jocelyn gives him, as well as her comment regarding her brother. Her comment seems to surprise him, for some reason. Pausing only to finish off his glass of wine, he answers, "Nothing is official yet, but it is more or less expected that once her mourning period is over, my Lord Father will have me tied to Lady Isolde." That would be Isolde Nayland nee Tordane, the Lady of Stonebridge, and the widow of Riordan's elder's brother. Even now, she is enclosed in her childbed with Ryker's child, and it is from her that Riordan currently draws his power as Regent of Stonebridge.

"Ah, yes. How could I forget Lady Isolde? That would of course need to happen." Her hand still around her wine cup, her first two fingers tapping against the top in thought. "It would of course be the only means in which to secure Stonebridge to its proper owners." meaning of course, the Naylands. "The servants they've said…" she starts, looking at Riordan, but then she decides against whatever she was about to say and goes a different direction "…Nice things about Lady Isolde. They find her very kind." whens he closes her mouth she exhales slowly, releasing pressure from her body. "The Gods will have blessed you with a kind, dutiful and beautiful wife."

Nodding to Jocelyn's assessment, Riordan adds, "Indeed. Even if the Seven are kind and Ryker got the Lady Isolde with a son, and are kinder still and allow it to live, a single son is not something to hang the future of an entire house on." Meaning of course that it will be expected for Riordan to get the lady with several more sons so as to ensure the continuity of their family's hold on Stonebridge. Meanwhile, as Jocelyn begins to speak, his expression stills, watching his cousin carefully. Even when she changes to a different line of thought, it's clear he suspects what she was going to say. Indeed, rather then commenting further on Isolde, he simply nods, and notes, "You can ask, you know. The rest of our family knows the truth, so you might as well." Whether she does, or not, Riordan is moving to refill his winecup.

Jocelyn watches Riordan when he turns to get more wine, fighting it appears, an inward battle of whether or not she should or shouldnt ask the question he's given her full permission to ask. Unsure if she was afraid of the answer or the question more, she decides to ask. "Are the suspicions I hear, true?" The words are soft, as if speaking them in that way will break the blow of having to answer again the question that seems that everyone must have asked him. "Is the child yours?"

"Danae and I love… or loved eachother. I've no idea what feelings she still holds for me. And yes, I laid with her two days before the duel. But she came to me a maid, of that I'm certain. So she would only have had a day after that, at most, to…" Riordan rolls his shoulders, and trails off to partake of a long draught of wine. "And that's the truth of it all, that I know. The rest is rumor. She was not a loose woman, and I never laid a hand on her except a tender one." Taking a long breath, and breathing it out, a smile touches his face. It's tired, but somehow, it actually appears genuine, if a tiny bit forced. "Does that answer your questions well enough?"

"Danae…but I.." Jocelyn stops, and lets him continue his explaination. Her eyebrows draw together, a look of… yes.. disapproval comes onto her face. Lips pursing and eyes thoughtful, she lifts her wine cup to busy her features with something else. She too takes a long drink of her wine, glad that it was before her. The cup is emptied and its set back down.
With the wine gone, she nods her head him, it had given her enough time to think to speak. "Thank you." she says. A pause. "I appreciate you being honest with me." It is obvious that she is thinking a many more things, but has no intention of saying them outloud at this point.

The smile on Riordan's face turns just a touch wry as the disapproval from his cousin sinks in. "Of course, Cousin," he says, simply, gently. "I am sorry if this removes me from my favored status. But you deserve the truth of it. It was our family that I risked by my actions, so all in our family deserve the truth of it." For some reason, though, his smile grows fond as he watches Jocelyn's expression, and he adds, "And I thank you for not immediately responding with pointing out my faults and mistakes, however tempted you might be."

"I think you misundstand my expression." Jocelyn says. And because she wants to prove that it is so, she adds a touch of a smile to her next words, "I must apologize to you, it seems you are still in the favored position." the tease is given to break her own thoughts and her disapproving look. "There is not a man that walks the lands or sails on the waters that has not made a mistake, Cousin. Bsides, I do believe that if the family knows the truth, you've had your fill of thoughts from others. Mine should make little difference to you."

Inclining his head, in acceptance of Jocelyn's words, and perhaps in gratitude as well, Riordan opens his mouth to speak further… but closes them as steps sound outside the hall, coming towards the room. Jocelyn's maid at last, perhaps? So, instead, the Regent simply says, "Thank you for your company, dear cousin. I hope to be blessed by it again when next we meek, at the Tournament this week's end." His words, despite being courteous, are also genuine and warm, and he gives her a lighthearted salute with his winecup.

Curse that maid! Jocelyn closes her eyes the sound of footsteps, knowing full well that its her maid, the woman pranced, something that always made her shake her head in irritation. "Lady Jocelyn, I came as soon as I was found." Turning her head to look over her shoulder, she opens her eyes and nods her head. "Good." Looking back at Riordan she had an inner thought of what might have been said if a minute longer had been granted. For now, whatever it was, must wait. A sigh is released. "You'll escort me back to my chambers." The words are spoken as she stares on to her Cousin, but its obvious that its meant for the maid.
Lowering her head, Jocelyn bows in a small curtsy to her Cousin and when she lifts her head again there a tiny smile. "Until then, Cousin."

Riordan simply inclines his head, agreeing, "Until then, Cousin." He smiles to himself as he watches her take her leave, and closes the door once both lady and maid have departed. With a sigh, he removes his doublet, downs the rest of his wine, and then crashes on his bed to grab an hour or two of sleep before he once more needs to be active and ready to leave.

After just a moment longer, she turns with her maid and out the chamber door. After the door shuts behind her, she sighs, and her maid turns to her. "Are you well, M'Lady? You look distressed." A glance back at the door and then she shakes her head at the maid, "I'm perfectly fine. Come. you'll brush my hair and I'll tell you of our upcoming trip." And their footsteps can be heard moving away from his door.