Page 165: Appearance of Strength
Appearance of Strength
Summary: Young Lord Jacsen asks for a little help from Avinashi.
Date: 29/12/288
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Jacsen Avinashi 
Throne Room — Terrick's Roost
Nice room, not yet covered in blood or death.
29 December 288

The throne room has fallen quiet in the later hours after the attack, a few attendants cleaning up the sparse remnants of the evening's hasty and barely-attended meal. Jacsen is seated in a chair not far from a collection of maps, having been rolled out and pinned down with whatever heavy objects were about at the time. For his own part, he has a cup of wine in hand, his expression thoughtful, and elsewhere besides.

She has been busy helping with the wounded, but Avinashi has managed to step away for a moment when it was clear Jacsen wanted to speak with her. She slips into the throne room, her silks no longer tidy but spattered with various stains. Her hair, usually carefully and intricately bound, has begun to work itself loose in wisps and tangles. Still, she's watchful, composed, herself, as she approaches the Young Lord. "What may I do?"

Tired eyes lift from whatever thoughts had occupied Jacsen, and he manages a smile when he sees Avinashi, though it is but a shadow of its usual self. He sets his wine down and tries to lift himself up from his chair, but winces and instead lowers himself back down. "Ashi… I'd worried so much that you might have been caught outside the walls, that you'd…" He beckons her in his direction. "Come, please."

"No," she reassures, though he presence must be reassurance enough. "I fled the sept with what of my herbs I could carry and made it to the keep before the fall of the gates." Avinashi walks on bare feet over to the Young Lord to stand beside him and peer down at the maps.

He makes his way to his feet when she nears, and quite unbidden, seeks to put his arms around the Dornish food taster. "Thank the Seven you made it to us," Jacsen says then, true relief in his voice on a day when it is to be so rarely found.

The hug catches her by surprise, but Avinashi returns it easily, briefly letting her head settle on Jacsen's shoulder. "Put it from your thoughts," she murmurs. "I am well, my lord, and more important concerns must hold your attention, now."

He lets out a slow breath and staggers back slowly into his chair, indicating that she can take a seat nearby. "There's wine," Jacsen observes, though he seems to sample it little. "My father's brother, Ser Revyn, was lost in the battle. And our Captain of the Guard has taken a serious injury. I am tasked by my lord to see about finding what able-bodied men there are in the small folk, and arming them as I might," he tells her, whether she sits or stands.

Avinashi nods as she listens, taking a swallow from Jacsen's glass rather than bothering with pouring her own. She sits down into a chair near him, a bit less graceful than usual, a bit more worn. "That seems a worthy plan. The more men who can fight, the better."

"I've a collection of ointments, unguents, and poultices from anyone whom thought to do me a kindness since I've returned to the Roost, though some are in better supply than others," Jacsen remarks, rather getting to the point. "I need, and I understand supplies are limited, the strongest relief that can be provided. I need…" His eyes flick up and settle on Avinashi's features. "They need to see the Young Lord of the Roost, a Terrick they can put their faith in, Ashi. I cannot put aside the cane, but I must stand as straight as any knight, seem as strong."

Avinashi dips her head in a small nod, "I understand, my lord. I will look over what you have and direct you how best to use it. And I shall see what might be spared to prepare additional amounts of the more potent offerings. "You shall be a young lord for them to believe in."

He nods once, satisfied with that. Jacsen leans forward and scoops up his wine cup, taking a small sip. "Good. I begin in the morning, so we mustn't dally," he notes, setting the vessel down after barely wetting his lips. "Perhaps beyond that, you should work with the others patching up the injured and the like. You could be of great help."

"Thank you my lord, I shall continue on with that," Avinashi agrees with a solemn nod. "I will do all I can." She draws in a soft breath. "When you are finished here, show me what you have. I will write you a schedule of what you must take and when. Keep to it as best you can, it will be designed to keep you alert in the hours you shall most need it without calling up too many of the symptoms overuse of a mixture may cause."

Jacsen casts a thoughtful look over the map, and waves a hand. "I am done here. Come, and I will show you what I have managed to collect," he suggests, reaching for his cane and slowly leveraging himself back up to his feet. "And then, mayhap, I will find a bit of rest…"