Page 281: Apology and Courier
Apology and Courier
Summary: Lord Justin tries once more to apologize to Lady Muirenn if she will have it, and Lord Kittridge's courier arrives looking for Lady Anais.
Date: 26/April/2012
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Courtyard, Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
April 26th, 289

Late morning finds Justin stepping out of the tower and into the courtyard for a breath of fresh air after meeting with several persons to discuss progress being made in town. He is dressed a little more nicely, a touch more formally than his usual riding about attire. He walks now with his hands clasped lightly behind his back as he goes to look at the herbs and vegetables Muirenn had mentioned adding along the wall of the courtyard. Pots of flowering vines are in sporatic flower, even a couple of climbing roses though nothing like the fine garden in Stonebridge.

The new herb garden will be lovely even though only the maiden and her retainers can envision it full grown. The walls were stopped at only 4 spans high, yet even so it blocks much of the noise of the courtyard. Several plots are yet empty but tiny sappings and seedlings have been planted in a pleasing mix with a variety of florals and flowering vines. At the moment, the garden seems to be quite busy as Muirenn, her maid, and her one-armed retainer seem to be laying a copious amount of crushed seashell down along the staked path. Black gown is covered by an enormous apron and the girl's sleeves are pinned up and out of her way. Beneath her veil, red curls stick to her forehead and neck as the day promises to be warm. In the center, the Septa perches upon a bench that has been moved from elsewhere in the courtyard.

Hmmmm… there are others already presant and working in the space. Justin hesitates, not really being fond of crowds when he wishes to think. He ever so slightly frowns as he watches Muirenn and her folk though he says nothing and tries to relax, keeping back to watch but not interfer. Aloof.

Whether or not Muirenn notices is anyone's guess for she does not look up from her task. The Septa however gives a stern glare but remains silent and aloof, only cautioning "be careful my lady. Soon you will need to get out if the sun or you shall burn."

Finally looking up and dabbing her forehead with her apron, she replies "I know. This is all that is left though. I want to bring Lord Jerold here after his day is done…perhaps he will find a bit of peace." Dabbing at her throat she adds "perhaps next season we can have someone dig a spot for a small pond."

Justin's inclination is to withdraw and leave the Mallister contingent alone to do their thing without his interferance. He starts to do so, taking a step back and half turning when he overhears his father's name. Justin turns his head to look towards the side of the courtyard that lets into the lychyard. Eventually his gaze comes back to study the Lady and her folk, keeping his silence. After a few moments, he puts out a hand to touch the leaves a sapling lightly, his thoughts to himself. There is no anger, though he might not look like a happy man either. Finally he speaks up, his voice keept quite low in volume, "My father will find a small measure of peace when Anais is with child."

Startled that Justin is even speaking to them, Minnie and Heurtebise look up silently and stare at the noble. For her part, Muirenn goes sikently about her work. Finally, without looking at the young man, the girl murmurs "Your father is not so hard a man nor so hard of spirit that he cannot find a moments peace from time to time. That you see fit to say and think the worst before anything else suggests you have your own problems. And before you ask…yess all the Mallister males capable of doing so are helping rebuild." Lifting her face she wipes again at a trickle of sweat that threatens.

That lifts his chin to look up from the plant and whatever peace he might have been hoping to find himself is surely lost. Justin narrows his eyes before his voice takes on a hint of edge, "I hardly think such a thing is thinking or saying the worst. We could use some good news, and it would cheer him. Do you think it would not?" Her acidity has stiffened his back slightly yet he keeps his voice low. "I had hoped to mend a little ground between you and I, Lady Muirenn. But you seem bent to sow it now with salt."

"Oh I agree that such news would be greatly rejoiced, but that you instead of agreeing that a quiet place could not bring peace but mentioning an heir could was a bit offputting. Perhaps you are unaware of exactly how many unkind remarks and hints your good sister receives throughout the course of each week because of this topic, and perhaps you are unaware of how sensitive that topic can be for girls in general. It is not that I am wishing to dislike you, but unintended or not your words vex. And to be honest after yesterday, I freely admit I thought you were telling me what would bring Lord Jerold peace in order to be callous and insult my endeavors here." Tilting her head she adds honestly "I apologize for being so unjust and jumping to conclusions."

Justin is clearly set to have her acidity redoubled, his jaw firm and his eyes wary of her. Her last line, not even delivered with dripping sarcasm as he expected pauses him. Justin only stands there, watching Muirenn and likely trying to get a read on her real intent. His own mouth set back into a grim line, he finally nods, "I think … we are both guilty of it, Lady. I meant you no offense, and I mean you none now." He wets his lips and eases the brace of his stance to try and let some of the tension out of his shoulders, turning his head to look upon their work here. "Your efforts /are/ appreciated. I misunderstood and offered my apology, Lady Muirenn, and you rebuffed it."

Fragile shoulders lift in a dainty shrug, "I do not tolerate blatant rudeness well. Especially from strangers. I am usually of a calm and cheerful temperment, but you angered me and I needed time to regain my equilibrium as I am sure you understand." Muirenn bends and continues to pour her bucket of crushed shell onto the path. "You haven't done much socially have you?"

The young Terrick lord expells a breath, "You were pretty haunty yourself the first time we met at the stables." Justin chides her, then he stops and frowns, "I'm not accustomed to the sharp tongues of women, no. If that's what you mean." As he is wearing a black surcoat in the summer sun, Justin takes a few slow steps into a more shaded place, light cast down and dappled by vines closer to the wall. "I fear my love of mountains and woodlands away from towns and keeps has not served me well in learning how to deal best with people. If I am to serve my House well, I do need amend that." It is not something he likes to admit. Justin's pale eyes slip back to studying Muirenn as she stands in the sunlight, dusty and sweaty from their work.

"I am a Mallister." the teenager replies in response to the rebuke of hautiness as if that is explanation enough. Straightening, the teenager goes to the cart to get another bucketful saying "come we are almost done Heurtebise and Minnie. We have done well. Let us finish quickly before it gets much warmer and I roast." Though already the lily fair skin is beginning to grow pink.

Justin unbuckles his sword belt to wind the leather around the scabbard. He drops it lightly on the bench there before he draws off his black surcoat. His hands roll that neatly before dropping it upon the bench as well. Turning, Justin sets his hands to rolling up the white sleeves of his tunic to bare his tanned forearms, the left one which has a recent scar that cuts up through the muscle along the outside edge, still pink with newly mended flesh. He listens to her as he walks back out into the hot sunlight to Muirenn, to take the bucket from her hands if she'll let him. "You should cool off and have a drink in the shade, Lady. Your skin already pinks with burn from the sun." Justin's hands are calloused from handling of blade and horses, and perhaps more for he was Squire and did whatever his Knight bid him to do in his service. So he turns to scoop up shells from the cart to scatter them along the path as she was doing herself with her folk. Justin glances back to Muirenn and before she might lay into him with protest, he quirks his mouth with half a smile, "A Terrick should serve the Mallisters well, not the other way around."

Eyes narrow and Muirenn appears ready to scold, but instead graciously hands over the bucket and lets her Septa tend her in the shade. She bites back a tart reply only commenting "I am sure you make for an unpleasant patient so please have a care with your wound that still heals." Her lips curve into the faintest of smiles as she patiently allows the elderly Septa to dab her throat and face with water. "My maid and I oft take Ser Conners with us for a stroll in the cooler evening. You may accompany us sometime if you wish. I can give you some guidence in maneuvering the social waters here if you wish."

That gains Muirenn a wry glance before Justin turns to get another bucket full from the cart. He's not sloppy about it though raking it smooth afterwards would tidy it up a bit more. "I will take you up on that offer, Lady Muirenn, then judge for myself if it's useful." It's a playful, if cautious little jab at her before he glances down at his arm, "It is healed, months now." Scattering the bucketfull of shells over the new pathway, he adds, "Exercise is what I was told I'd need plenty of, after. It was your healers at Seagard that saw to my wounds."

"The maester there was one of my teachers. I assist him often and like him very much. He helped save my life many times." The tease is responded to with a faint smile as she tries to hush the Septa who scolds quietly "would that the maesters efforts were not in vain. You push yourself too hard my lady and I worry that after todays nonsense you will gain a fever as well as a garden path." Stubbornly Muirenn gives a diffident shrug, "everyone is working hard. It would become me ill if I merely sat and did needlepoint. There is plenty of time for that in a season or two."

Justin has learned enough of womenfolk to stay out of it between a Septa and her charge, at least. He gives a nod to what Muirenn says of the Maester and continues to work on the path, getting himself both dusty and sweaty. He lifts said arm to wipe his brow, the dampness of sweat making some of his hair hang lank. He keeps his silence now to let the two women sort things out while they rest in the shade.

Muirenn clears her throat and gives Justin a true smile the reaches her grey eyes, causing them to twinkle a bit "Thank you for your time and effort lord Justin, for I know it could be spent elsewhere perhaps more productively. You have my gratitude."

He stops, surprised by her yet again. Bucket in his hands, he dumps out the last of the shell in it. The cart is nearly empty, little left to spread now. One of the others gets up with a shovel to scrape it up into a final pile and both Justin and one of the other men take that into their buckets to spread, "It isn't much, and would be a better gesture on my part if this were Seagard. There were repairs to be made there, as well. My father and my brother need me here more. I will stay a while, then I will go wherever I must to finish my duties as Squire to a Knight. It would please my father if I can yet earn my spurs - but things here are more pressing than any personal goals." Justin sets the now empty bucket up into the now empty cart with the other buckets. He dusts off his hands, his dark grey breeches smattered with paler grey dust. "I do think it is important that I amend offense I have given you. I would have no ill will lay between us, Lady Muirenn."

"There are more people to help at Seagard. It is my cousin's wish that we help our most loyal bannerman. To that end, your father was made my guardian when my…" looking up into the sky she is silent. Finally she cintinues, "When my Uncle was cut down" Lowering her face she forces a smile "I would think after your actions on the battlefield it wouldn't be long before the family will be calling you Ser."

Justin walks back nearer to where the women rest in the shade, now rolling his tunic sleeves back down, "I have heard much praise said in your Uncle's name, both while he lived and since. His is a great loss to us all. I'm sorry, Muirenn." He says nothing of his own Uncle lost nor of his mother. Justin leans against the wall, in no haste to take back up his sword and surcoat. He looks at the efforts made here in the courtyard which is starting to look better, "Maybe. I yet lack proper armour or war horse and there's no money for them. I'm not so good with lance that I think I can win them on the tournament field. So we'll see. My future will go where my family needs it to go and I will have to be satisefied with that. If I could draw a Knight to come here, rather than my having to go elsewhere, it'd be of benefit to Terrick's Roost while we rebuild."

"I am sure they will find something. In the meantime you are I am sure a great help here. And it will give you time to heal somewhat from your own losses." She gives a faint smile "Shall we go inside?"

If only because /she/ should go inside the cool stone walls and refresh herself, Justin turns to pick up his things. He then pauses to give the women time to collect themselves as well, especially the elderly Septa. "The Lady Anais does far more good than I do. I hardly know anyone here anymore. I will do what I can." Mostly if he can simply stay out of embarassing trouble, that'll be more helpful than some of his siblings have been able to do. So perhaps it's not a very high goal to set, but a very important one. When they are ready, Justin walks in with them. "So you have become my father's ward? This means you will not then soon return to Seagard?"

"No. The Roost is my home now. Papa is pleased. My lady mother less so." Muirenn kindly assists the Septa through the courtyard and into the keep. "The Lady Anais is a good lady. I am proud to call her friend. She was admirable during the seige."

Muirenn leaves, heading towards the Entrance Hall [Entrance Hall].
Muirenn has left.

Entrance Hall, Four Eagles Tower
The Entrance Hall is more than two dozen feet high with ornate columns hefting the fresco ceiling above all. Plush seating is arranged around one side for visiting nobility while the other has less comfortable slab stone or wood benches for the peasantry. Alcoves dot the walls for more private discussions and sworn Guards patrol this hall at all times and especially during court. Several hallways and doorways lead off to different areas of the castle with a spiral staircase carved neatly into one corner that winds its way up.

Coming inside it is at once cooler, the thick stone of the tower a blessing in summer's heat and something more of a bane in winter. Justin has laid his surcoat over his left arm until they are inside. He lays his sword belt on a low table and takes a moment to dust himself off as best he may before he resettles his surcoat in preparation for rebelting. This allows the women a moment to settle themselves and decide what they desire for refreshment. Once his swordbelt is buckled back into place, Justin turns to continue the conversation, "I am pleased that you and Lady Anais can be company for my sister in our trying times, Lady Muirenn. I am given to understand that Lucienne has not ajusted well to recent events. Are you, yourself, familiar at all with members of House Nayland?"

"I am not personally familiar with them. I frankly do not wish to either. They are Frey lackies." Smiling at the coolness against her skin she sends her maid for some tea. "No, Lucienne took the death if the Lady Evangeline hard. As is expected. I would be devestated if something happened to my lady mother." Gratefully, the teenager eases sore muscles down into one of the chairs.

Her answer is pretty much what he expected as concerns the Naylands. Justin takes a seat himself at the opposite end of the table from her but asks for nothing to drink. There's pale dust on his dark grey breeches though his black surcoat is yet tidy and the sweat in his hair from his outdoor activity now dries in the cooler air inside. He lifts a hand to wipe a bit of grit from his brows and eyes before he replies, "Might I inquire what other projects you occupy yourself with?" Justin wryly twists his mouth faintly, "That I may be forwarned where not to blunder headlong into them foolishly?"

A faint ladylike snort accompanies her response "I am a chirgeon and herbalist of some skill. I like studying and helping the Maester here. I embroider, practice on tapestry weaving, I ride my horse most days…the typical pursuits of a lady without a home of her own to manage."

Kamron is, for once, dressed in clothing appropriate for a man of the Mallister name — not armor or common clothes. It's still mourning black, but at least it's fine cloth and not dirty. He comes down the stairs from the rooms above, trailed by his impressively-lanky squire Percival. Said squire manages to almost trip on the last step down, just barely catching himself on the bannister before he goes sprawling, and Kamron gives a long-suffering sigh, "Really? Why don't you clean my maile?" He claps the unfortunate young man on the shoulder, teasing, "At least you can't trip doing that." The long-nosed squire nods his head mournfully, and goes scarpering back up the stiars.

Ah, no wonder her comment upon his scarred arm, now once more covered by his Tunic sleaves when he rolled them back down after assiting with the work outside. Justin gives a slow nod, "Chirgeon and herbalist are no small things, Lady Muirenn." He fingers the table runner absently, "I do what you would expect. I train to fight, ride, hunt, track, and apparently am somewhat skilled at riling the ire of women." He's not apparently above a little good humored self mocking. "Will you stay, or ride for Stonebridge to see the judicial duel?" The dark haired young Terrick Lord pauses when he hears the arrival of others, turning his head to see who comes.

The door to the entrance hall opens soon enough, as a guardsman escorts the newest arrival to the roost. No armor, does he seem to be wearing, though, the pin at his best and sword at his hip should give some sign as to his position-that he is merely not some hired courier, but a Herald of sorts. A brief nod is given to the man, as the guard departs, obviously to find a footman or someone who can convey him further. But for now, Master Weir is content to wait in the Entrance Hall.

Sniffing lightly, the man does take time to peel gloves away and slide them down into hanging off the thick belt at his waist, before adjusting the satchel on his shoulder. Raylan does catch the couple talking, and he curtly moves to find a place to sit-while he does wait to be seen.

Muirenn says, "I know not. I would like to go, but I require your father's permission" Poor Percy's clutziness draws her attention. Her smile brightens considerably, "Cousin! Please come join us. Have you met lord Justin yet?" the maiden looks to be recovering from over exertion as she perches on a chair. Her Septa hovers tending to skin that seems to be growing pink from the sun"

Kamron looks about the hall as Percy trips back up the stairs, offering a smile to Justin and Muirenn, although his eyes continue past them to the newcomer being escorted in by a guard. He gives the man a nod, moving over toward Justin and Muirenn first, "Lord Justin, Cousin." He smiles a little at the tall young woman, "Indeed, Lord Justin and I have met." Glancing over to the Groves man again, he adds, "And after I go speak with the man from Kingsgrove, I'll come back and help the Septa chasten you for staying out in the sun too long." The words have a teasing, fond quality, and he offers a momentary wink before bowing slightly to the two nobles and moving off toward the common man. As he approaches, he inclines his head, "Kingsgrove, yes? I'm Ser Kamron Mallister. Welcome to Four Eagles, even if that welcome isn't exactly mine to give."

<FS3> Raylan rolls Heraldry: Failure.

There is a faint look up, as Kamron comes towards him, calling out to him. "Aye, that'd be me…" Though there's no Ser or M'lord to follow, but once Kamron does offer his name, there's a bit of straightening and a nod given to the knight. " Ser.." added finally, perhaps a little long as to what would be polite. "Err, an honor t' meet ye, Ser Karmon." his own accent sadly is not what one would expect for the nicely dressed man, but still Raylan-not to be deterred offer his arm out all the same. "Master Raylan Weir. I do beggin your pardons if I've come at a bad time. I bring a letter from my Lord, Ser Kittirdge Groves to be delivered to Lady Anais.." and eyes peer over Kamron's shoulder to Muirenn and Justin. "That wouldn't be her, would it?" For a Herald, Raylan has a poor recognition of nobles.

Justin gives Muirenn a light nod for her reply, "I depart in the morning and look forward to seeing the Naylands once more with my own eyes." His attention otherwise taken by the new arrivals, Justin moves to stand, "Ser Kamron, aye we have met." But it is towards the stranger that he would go and it is Ser Kamron that is a step ahead of himself. Rather than add comments of his own to make the greeting awkward, Justin only stands quietly to observe both men and hear the newcomer out, first.

There is a glance over his shoulder before Justin speaks, "No, that is the Lady Muirenn Mallister, my father's Ward. I believe the Lady Anais is out in Terrick's Roost at this time. I can see that it is delivered to her, or you are welcome to await her return." And because the man has no idea who he might be, he adds in his baritone, "I am Lord Justin Terrick."

Kamron nods his head, repeating his welcome with name attached, "Welcome to Four Eagles, Master Weir." When the other man holds out his hand, the knight doesn't hesitate to take it, clasping once and then releasing. As Justin joins them, Kam chuckles softly at the assumption by the Groves man, not an unkind chuckle, just amused. Looking over to Justin as he gestures back to his cousin, he adds, "Perhaps we can recieve Master Weir over there, Lord Justin? I'm sure that Lady Muirenn would like to hear his words as well." Looking back to the commoner, he adds, "I had actually hoped to see a Kingsgrove man sooner rather than later. I fought alongside Ser Kittridge on Pyke, and meant to ask if he would do me the honor again." He gestures idly out toward the southeast in general, "The bandits, you see, Master Weir."

"Is it?" Raylan asks, as ye raises brows in Muirenn's direction before he is looking back to Kamron, just the same. "Say, didn't you fight on Harlaw an Pyke Ser?" Perhaps some recognition seeping in there, before he is glancing over to the Terrick who has just introduced himself. His crooked finger coming up to touch his forelock in a quiet salute, though no bow follows. "Corr." Raylan chews for a moment. "Yer ol' man rather likes them jay names. Knew there was a jarod, a Jaremy.. A jason was it?" a scratch of his head "Or Jacsen..Now a justin. You'll like run out if the tradition continues.." A bit of a joke before finger rises up quick to tug at his forelock in a quick salute. "Master Raylan Weir, at your service m'lord. No offense. yer Lordship, but I was asked only to pass it along to the fine Lady. An so I will keep it on me, till I run into her, or can deliver it to a lady's maid in her charge."

There is a brief glance over towards Kamron. "I udnerstand Ser. But, what with all the excitement, of bastards an duels- my good Lord stays to see over his sister within th' town. I plan to head back to there if you wish a message be brought to him?" And it sees that Kamron does indeed have something to discuss with Kitt. Nodding slightly, Raylan seeks to move with the others, when they do. "Bandits eh? Them lot troublin' the roads? I didn't see one durin' my ride out. Thank th' Warrior n' Crone."

Justin expects the man will wait for Anais himself as any good courier so charged would do so he nods to Kamron's suggestion, "Indeed, come in and rest yourself and take refreshment with us, Master Weir." Even if the wine is watered down. Justin looks amused at what Raylan says and drawls, "Yes, well, all to better match all those R names the Naylands choose." Nearing the table, Weir answers the very question he would have asked, "That is where your Lord is currently? Though I go there myself, I would have you take letter to Lord Kittridge for myself as well, lest I am unable to meet with him in Stonebridge." Justin makes a motion for a server of the house, "Bring out a little wine, bread and fruit for our guest." It will be thinly cut bread and probably dried fruit.

Kamron grins a bit crookedly at the question about his service, "I did indeed, Master Weir." The mention of bandits draws a little grimace as he moves with the group over to the table, resting his hands on the back of an empty chair, "They don't seem to go for single targets, not usually. They like wagons, goods. The important things for Terrick's Roost." With a self-depricating grin, he adds, "They tend to avoid armed and armored patrols as well. That's actually what we," he gestures to himself and Justin, "were hoping to speak with Ser Kittridge about." He grins at Justin, "Well, at least what I was hoping to speak with him about. I don't know if you have some other goal, Lord Justin." Changing his pronoun to match, he continues, "-I- was hoping that Ser Kittridge and the archers of the Groves might join in the hunt, as it were. Help us find the bandits and deal with them."

A laugh leaves the good master, as he grins back to Justin. "Oi, you're preacin' to a septa's skirts there. I've heard many a name in my fine time as Lord Kittridge's man. An you lots always have odd conventions. I thank th' seven fer my dear ol' Da. He named me right an proper he did." A sniff there, before he is reaching out for wine as it comes. Apparently, more interested in that, than bread or fruit. "Long road." he mentions with a bit of a cough, before taking a drink. Heartily.

"You'd think they'd go for a Herald though Ser. We lot always carry money or other important things. Things you could right sell these days for an honest bit of food." A nod there as he swishes his cup to make the wine breathe. Well, he assumes that's why the nobles usually do it. Still eyes focus in on Kamron as he asks about Kittridge. " Were you now?" asked as his brow hitches. " Well ser, I think he'd be right interested if you posed it to him. We of house groves are more of th' wood than the gentry." and his free hand rises "not a slight to me Lord, mind you-Sers. But we are hunters an fine archers." As Raylan tends to love to brag about his masters. "I can convey this to him. If you like. As one of his archers.." a wink there half given to Kamron. "An partdon my rudeness, but I do remember you from the Isles. Ser. As I also double as Lord Kitt-kittridge's Yeoman, I was there. Fought, well you did."

And then he is back like a magpie content to chirp to all the birds on his branch, with Justin. "Oh Aye, Lord Jus'in. He's still off in the Bridge. We came up for the fine to do at Stonebridge that the Naylands threw fer all of us that served. You should have come. It was a mightly fine affair." A nod there. "An I am good with me letters, an a parchment should you want me to record it. Or I can remember your message, Lord. Whatever you prefer, I will see it to my Lord's hands."

If anything, Justin looks amused with Ser Kamron, "Among other things, yes." He leaves the topics upon which he would like to discuss with Ser Kittridge simply at that. He moves to retake his former seat as cups and platters are brought out with the things he requested from the kitchen and does no more than lift a dark brow at Weir's comments upon his perfectly good name.

Justin is content to listen to the others, saying little until he is addressed himself, "I would have liked to have gone. As for my message, I only wish for opportunity to meet with your Lord, as reccomended by another." Pouring a glass of the watered wine for himself, Justin glances to Kamron before he continues, "If he will come here, all the better and I will await his arrival. Or I can meet with him in Stonebridge if that be his pleasure."

Kamron bows his head at the compliments from the Groves man, "All of Lord Mallister's bannermen fought well and bravely in the Isles, Master Weir. Especially on Pyke. I'm sure that Ser Kittridge is proud of every one of the men who fought for him there." He shrugs a little helplessly at Justin's commentary, nodding his agreement with the last point, "Ser Kittridge's input on both the deployment of scouts and the use of out forces once the bandits are found would be invaluable." Shifting his hands on the back of the seat he stands behind, Kamron crosses his arms atop the back, leaning against them idly.

Raylan nods once towards Justin. "I can convey that to him then, My Lord, an mayhaps once this is all concluded in Stonebridge, he'll ride up here an come find you." A grin there before more wine is splashed down his throat. A smile showing before he looks back to Kam. A chuckle before he simply bows his head. "Thank you, finely Ser. It would do my Lord good honor an cheer to 'ear that." A sift of his drink before he is nodding. 'Well I usually help Ser Belte an all with that. If you're tellin' me what you're thinking. I can chew on it some an bring it to my Lord an see what he thinks? We don't get much banditry in our neck. Poachers-yes. But not Bandits.." At least that is how it was.

Justin was not there at this fighting on Pyke, nor does he know Lord Kittridge, so he takes Kamron's word for it with a faint nod, listening. He quietly studies both men while he sips of his wine, as the talk turns to bandits. "For now we look for them. I am about to depart with Huntsman Kain to scour what we may between Terrick's Roost and Stonebridge. Laden wagons, if taken from the road, should leave tracks - or abanoned wagons somewhere. It might give us a trail to follow though by now it's likely cold. We might yet find some clues." He looks to Ser Kamron to add more if he likes, though they haven't much to go on as yet.

Kamron dips his head at Raylan's words, nodding as well to Justin. "The bandits are new. Without the devastating of the Roost, House Terrick would have no problem controlling their lands, just as House Groves does theirs." Someone's playing the politician, even if he's just dealing with a Kingsgrove commoner rather than a knight or lord. "And if we can draw together, I bet we don't have any problems dealing with them now, despite the wounds the reavers dealt the Cape." He gestures over to Raylan, "If they're hiding off to the south, rather than the east or southeast, some assistance from the Groves side of the border would be of immense usefulness."

Kamron senses: Justin gives Kamron what may well be a grateful look, he having little experience with things political.

Raylan is quiet as he allows the Mallister to talk for a moment. A sniff, as eye crooks down to his cup for a moment. "Of course." Agreement on which issue or statement will be hard to decipher. "Again, I will bring this to my Lord. An he will answer back. I cannot say if he is needed elsewhere or no at this moment." As he has not that much of a clue if something has changed since he left Stonebridge. A glance back to the Terrick Lord and he nods. "Well, if'n I were you my Lord, I'd go with the preparedness of running before fighting. You kill any of them or march about they're likely to change their hiding place. Poachers will do the same, an a bandit is no different I imagine." Both steal for one reason or another. "If you Lords do not mind. I will head to the Roost and peck around, before returning here?"

"Aye, not taking enough force to fight them if we find them, lest they only be a couple of men. Move quietly. But if they have a nest, or nests, finding a few of their hiding places and seeing who we are dealing with would be more than we currently know." Justin tastes his own thinned wine before he nods, "Of course you are welcome to walk the Roost, Master Weir. The rebuilding of the Sept is well underway and hoped to be concluded within the coming month. You will see our ladies have been much at work directing the planting of trees and useful herbs. Much debris has been cleared though there is much yet to do." Justin moves to rise, "If I see her, I will inform Lady Anais that you bear message for her."

Raylan nods, before dropping into a half bow. "Thank You my Lord." a nod to Kamron "Ser." and with that he is moving to head on out, once the cup is returned to a table or passing server.

Refreshed and washed from her toils, Muirenn moves down the stairs carefully. Clad in a clean gown and surcoat of mourning black, not without her characteristic bit of shimmer and sparkle, she apparently had quietly taken her leave at some point while the men conversed. Gliding smoothly across the hall, she smiles at the group "I apologize for my lack of manners." She states, "Allow me to add my much belated welcome to that of Ser Kamron and lord Justin." The teenager's bright smile is focused for the moment upon Raylan, "I trust that they have made you feel at ease and had refreshment brought?"