Page 412: Apologies and Intentions
Apologies and Intentions
Summary: Aemy apologizes to Nedra, keeping her promise to Saffron, Justin makes a brief appearance.
Date: 9/September/289
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The Green
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Sunday, September 09, 289

Newly returned to the Roost by only a day, Nedra is indulging her free time with a long ride around The Roost, though in the company of both guards and a maid - and in full sight of the towers that guard the Roost at all times. With the tension to the east these extra safety measures are not unreasonable, though Nedra had quite the row with her guards anyway before agreeing that if she wanted to take Jinx for a ride that she'd have to go with all the guards and maid, no less.

Having been back in town a few days following the wedding ceremony, Aemy is out in the Green, her horse beside her, her guard Symon holding the reins. The afternoon is warm as she lifts her face towards the sun, her eyes closed a moment. "Symon, would you take her to the shade?" The usual tree where the guard takes her horse when she roams here. When he moves to do as asked, leaving Aemy with her maid Kyra and other guard Redmond, Aemy lowers her head and opens her eyes once more. "Beautiful here, is it not?" Speaking to her maid mostly, who replies in a soft voice to the affirmative. Hearing the hoofbeats of another rider, she turns, finding herself nearby Lady Nedra Mallister. A wide smile is given, "Lady Mallister," she hails, "I have been wanting to speak with you, if you have a moment?"

Nedra slows Jinx to a walk once she reaches the green, seeing that the road that runs into the town along the far edge is more crowded with traffic than it was before the wedding - before the threat of war. Nedra shades her eyes with one hand for a moment as she studies the people - some of whom may be fleeing the land around Stonebridge itself - before spotting Lady Erenford and waving as she guides Jinx nearer to where Aemy is standing. "Lady Erenford, good day to you," she replies and slides down from the saddle, landing lightly on her feet with a small rustle of sound as she smooths her riding skirt with both hands before giving the reins to Allain. "Of course, Lady Aemy, and how was your trip from Seagard?" she wonders, nodding to her maid Shalla who also dismounts, the horses also being led out of the sun by one of the guards to help cool the mounts down after the ride.

Relieved when Lady Nedra stops and dismounts, giving her the moment she had asked for, Aemy dips into a light yet polite curtsey. "Good day to you as well. It was a hurried trip, I left during the wedding reception as the dancing was beginning. My Lord cousin preferred me be though Stonebridge before any of the rumored issues. I trust you had a contented journey also?"

Nedra returns the curtsy in kind, lifting her hat off of her head after she does so, unpinning it from the heavy coil of her hair that's braided and secured in place to keep the weight of it off of her neck, "The trip was lovely, thank you for asking, Lady Aemy," she replies in turn. "Sailing from Seagard to Talon Point en route to here was refreshing and a few days at sea - even if we're sailing within sight of land - is very relaxing, I must admit. Glad I am to hear that you trip was uneventful, hurried as it was."

"Thank you, my lady. It sounds lovely, to be upon the water, even as volatile as sea can be on occasion. I imagine the trip was much more exciting than the one through Stonebridge." Nervously now, Aemy links her fingers together at her waist and keeping her voice soft and low, she does as she had promised she would do.
"I spoke with your goodsister, Lady Saffron, upon my arrival. I must admit I was unaware of Lord Fenster's intent to court you, else I would not have pursued his attentions. I do regret my actions as it was never my intention to hurt you in any manner. I was under the impression you were but friends. I ask for your forgiveness.. and assure you, I have no intention on intruding on his attention any longer." Her eyes show her sincerity and genuine regret, even reaching a hand to Nedra's if she allows.
They are out on the green, speaking, their horses under a tree while the guards and maids of each are nearby.

From the direction of town a single rider is coming upon his pale grey horse. Justin is no longer wearing his armour for braving the road with livestock to protect so he's dressed more comfortably for the heat, today. Still, it's a mild day and not very hot. He allows his gelding to take his own leisurely walking pace as though in no hurry to rush back to the tower. Sweat now dried leaves his dark hair tossled where he's scraped fingers through his hair, slightly curly now that it's trimmed shorter. Justin's attenion takes in the two woman up ahead as he makes his way into the shade of the trees along the edge of the green.

Nedra's expression is one of mingled surprise and confusion at first when Aemy starts speaking and her eyes widen ever so slightly by the time Aemy is done and she instinctively steps forward, accepting the offered hand with one of her own in return. "My Lady, please, let me say something," she says earnestly in return, adding her other hand to clasp Aemy's in between as she speaks quietly, her eyes searching Aemy's face as she speaks in turn. "Lord Alric and I are friends, he is a good and kind man, he makes me laugh and I make him laugh in return. But we are friends. My father has already spoken on this matter and my family feels that it is best if more time is allowed before I am in a position again where a betrothal would be considered. What with the wedding of my brother, the betrothal of my cousin Muirenn to your kinsman Ser Otto, and all that is happening of late - especially with the nonsense to the east - now is simply not the time." She offers a small trace of a smile, "I never intended to intrude, in return, Lady Aemy. As I said, Lord Alric is a good man, kind - which is not always expected of a nobleman. intelligent and witty, also two qualities not always present in a nobleman. If my friendship with Lord Fenster, in any way, caused you discomfort, I am sorry for it."

Truly confused now, Aemy searches Nedra's expression, noting the surprise and confusion with bewilderment of her own. Her hand gently squeezes that of the other lady as she listens to the explanation given. A blush steals over her cheeks as she had truly misinterpreted everything recently. "I was under the impression from Lady Saffron that he was seeking to court you. I had no idea he was deterred by your family." She does not speak of the qualities of the Fenster Lord, mostly because she has not seen most of the ones she mentions. Her expression clears slightly as she reassures in that same soft spoken voice, "It never caused me discomfort, I assure you, please never think so. I will not interfere though, should you wish to wait and see it through at a later time."

The two ladies appear to be in deep conversation. Justin will give them a nod in passing as he walks his horse on by but he seems to be heading towards the tower and not inclined to interrupt them. With a faint smile, he continues on his way.

"He was, I mean," Nedra clears her throat softly, "he expressed his interest," and she speaks quietly still, hoping that her words will not embarrass the young Fenster lord, looking a bit embarrassed herself now as she unclasps her hands only to worry them together in front of her, fingers entwining around each other as she takes a deep breath. "He was, but he was, Lady Saffron spoke correctly," she explains. "I wish him to be happy, Lady Aemy, I wish him well, and I am glad that I may call Lord Alric friend."

The confirmation comes and is welcome as it is finally the affirmation Aemy was seeking. Her expression completely guileless, she offers a smile. "I am sure he will be happy and I am glad you can call him friend. I hope to be able to as well, that I caused no one discord with my ill-timed attentions. Also," and this seems more important to her somehow, "I hope you and I could perhaps be friends as well, my lady."

"Of course we are, Lady Aemy," Nedra replies, sounding relieved by Aemy's reaction and smiles in return. "I see no reason why we shouldn't be," she adds. "After all, we'll be family, of a sort, once my cousin marries yours." She starts to say more but looks up as she sees one of her guards approaching from the towers, "I have been out over long, longer than I had promised. I must go," she gives a wry smile, "and be scolded, I'm sure. I do hope that you'll be staying here, Lady Aemy, I would like a chance to know you better."