Ser Anton Valentin, Knight of Oldstones


Lord Ser Anton Valentin is the head of House Valentin, a brand new house founded only a few years ago when his father was awarded the land at Oldstones by House Tully in thanks for services provided during Robert's Rebellion. Anton has only just recently assumed the title of Knight of Oldstones himself after returning, it is rumored, from some years spent in the East as a mercenary.

RP Hooks & Info

Below is more info about Ser Anton and his family, provided in hopes of giving others an idea of what their characters might know or have heard about him, and also some hooks for future RP. If you see anything here that strikes your interest in terms of creating shared back story or future plot, please let me know!

- Tournament Knight - Ser Anton spent several years prior to the rebellion as a knight traveling the tournament circuit. He had begun to win minor acclaim for his skill when war broke out. Having competed in most major parts of the kingdom at least once over those years, he could easily have met other knights or their squires from any region. He has also convinced several acquaintances from his tournament days to come to Oldstones now as his sworn swords, and rumor has it he is always looking for more, though it's unlikely to be a particularly well-paying position.

- Rebel - Before the founding of House Valentin, Ser Anton and his father Ser Cyric fought in Robert's Rebellion on the rebel side. Ser Cyric was at the time in service to Lord Ser Jason Mallister, and Ser Anton returned from tournament to join them in the rebel host raised by the lords of the Riverlands. They fought in several battles, distinguishing themselves enough to earn the lands they now hold. Exactly what they did to earn them is also the subject of rumor, but it was apparently something that merited the attention of the Lord of Riverrun.

- Mercenary - Ser Anton also spent several years in the east, having traveled to Braavos to work as a sellsword after the rebellion. This part of his backstory is still something of a rumor in the Riverlands, one that only serves to make him seem even more of an outsider. Tales of his supposed exploits grow bigger and wilder in the telling, painting the new lord as something of a barbarian, though (it is generally agreed) a barbarian skilled in the martial arts.

- New Noble - House Valentin and the title Knight of Oldstones have only existed for five years, and have remained obscure and easily forgotten for all five. Ser Cyric never involved himself in Riverlands society, and Riverlands society made no overtures toward welcoming a new lord into their midst. The more established houses will no doubt consider the Valentins upstarts, knights but not real lords, and making inroads into the political landscape will surely be a challenge.

- Murky Origins - Not only has House Valentin not existed for more than a few years, but the family's lineage is not exactly prestigious. Most noble houses can trace theirs for several hundred years, sometimes several thousand; the Valentins can trace theirs back two generations at best. This is likely to be a source not only of scorn but also rumor. Where do they come from originally? Were they beggars? Farmers? Shipwrecked Iron Islanders? By-blows of a traveling noble? Descendants of ancient kings? If Ser Anton knows, he isn't telling.

- Local Ties - Though where they came from originally and out of whom is unclear, the Valentins do have definite ties to the region. Ser Cyric was born at Riverrun, where his father Ser Valentin was a sworn sword to the Tullys for most of his life. After some years elsewhere, Ser Cyric returned to the Riverlands and swore his service to the Mallisters, spending years at Seagard before the rebellion and his elevation. Ser Anton was page to a Mallister vassal and squire to a Mallister before he earned his knighthood and departed the area.

- Oldstones - Once there was a great fortress on the hill now called Oldstones, said to be impregnable. It was the seat of the Mudd family, an ancient dynasty among the First Men, Kings of the Rivers and the Hills. When the Andals invaded, King Tristifer IV Mudd fought one hundred battles against them, winning the first ninety-nine before being slain in the last. He was buried at Oldstones, and his crypt remains today. Locals consider the place to hold some sort of power, and though fallen into ruins over centuries, neither fortress nor crypt have been looted or defaced. Some wonder what it means to have a lord in Oldstones for the first time in thousands of years, especially as they have watched the walls slowly rise on the horizon once again. Craftsmen, particularly masons, engineers, and architects, might have found work at Oldstones over the past few years assisting in the rebuilding efforts.


- Ser Cyric Valentin - Ser Anton's father, the first Knight of Oldstones. He was awarded this title and the land that accompanies it by Lord Hoster Tully at the conclusion of the rebellion, in recognition of services provided by Cyric and Anton. He chose the name 'Valentin' for their new house, and spent the next few years gradually rebuilding Oldstones before his recent death.

- Lorena Storm - Ser Anton's mother, dead some years. She was the bastard daughter of at least one noble of the Stormlands, though precisely who she never said.

- Larissa Valentin Mallister - Ser Cyric's sister, Ser Anton's aunt. She adopted the family name after it was established, though only for so long as it took to convince Calvan Mallister to finally marry his long-time mistress. Throughout his three previous marriages, Larissa, then a commoner living at Seagard, bore him several illegitimate children, all surnamed Rivers.

Physical Features

Anton Valentin stands just above 6 feet 4 inches tall, with dark hair that might be curly if it were allowed to grow long enough. As it is, he keeps it a cropped mass of wiry waves that is notoriously unruly. The beard that darkens his jaw is the same shade, though kept short enough that it's really only a few days past stubble. His features are angular and rugged, his eyes a deep blue. They frame a nose that might be too long were it not slightly crooked, evidence of a breaking or two. Mouth is wide as well, but full lips even it off. His skin is naturally fair, but tanned by long hours outdoors, and in places scarred, most notably just beside and below his right eye, where a pale line cuts diagonally, disrupting the natural wrinkles caused when he smiles or frowns. Long arms and legs are corded and thickened with well-defined musculature, and from the breadth of his shoulders it can be assumed that the rest of him is as well. Still, he has not the ungainly look that some big men do; while his form is solidly muscular, he moves with the fluid grace and quickness of a well-trained warrior.

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