Page 278: Answered As A Knight
Answered As A Knight
Summary: Gedeon receives the King's letter, but Rygar Nayland has something for him as well.
Date: 23/04/289
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The Stone Bridge — Stonebridge
An ancient bridge crafted of shaped stone, built in the long lost days of the River Kings. Narrow- only wide enough for a single large wagon at a time- it is of double arched construction, leaving a lane to either side of the river's center for boats and barges to pass beneath. This bridge marks the furthest point upriver which a masted vessel can reach. The best crossing between Seagard and the Twins, the bridge is well worn, with the newest addition being a row of six pikes mounted into the arch of the bridge, each displaying the tarred heads of Ironborn raiders.
23 April 289

Perhaps an hour ago, a horseman bearing a pennant with the Valentin colors arrived in the road from Hag's Mire. The rider was stopped by a pair of Nayland Armsmen at the town's namesake stone bridge, and refused passage. The courier promptly attracted attention and attempted to hire a runner to bear a message for a copper star. Twice the local boy hailed for such a task turns the payment down after being told to seek out Ser Gedeon. Eventually the exasperated courier is forced to promise a silver stag for carrying the message and a second stag to the boy, once Ser Gedeon arrives. In the meantime, the Valentin courier waits on the east bank of the stone bridge, giving the occasional glance up at the line of tarred heads on pikes.

As soon as the men at the bridge caught sight of the Valentin courier, they called on their Captain. So Ser Bruce is here now, armoured with a hard, businesslike look on his face. The Nayland Guard's signaller Ser Amos is here as well. They've both got spears perched on their shoulders, while the two Guardsmen on duty carry crossbows. Bruce has spoken to the Guards very quietly, but has said nary a word to the courier.

Well, good gods, all this fuss over a courier? Gedeon is found easily enough by the third lad where he's eating in the Crane's Crossing, though his brows lift a little at the message that there's a courier on the other side of the bridge for him. But, the blond knight is quick enough to begin to put the pieces together, and he draws in a sharp breath as he pushes away from his meal. Glancing towards Marsden, his companion on this little trip into Stonebridge, he jerks his chin towards the door. And then he follows after the nervy lad, past the guards and past Ser Bruce, down in the direction of the waiting courier.

The Valentin courier swings a leg over his horse's back to dismount only once Gedeon is sighted approaching. Moving with the stiffness of a man who has been most of the day in the saddle, he draws out a leather letter case, and waits for Gedeon to approach him (since the armsmen continue to refuse the man passage).

The bald half septon is easy to distinguish, clad in brown robes save for a smart sash of red thrown over his shoulder, he cuts an impressive figure. A look is passed to his Knight before he follows suit. Whistling why he goes, Marsden seems somewhat at ease. A nod is given to Bruce before he comes to stop along with Gedeon by the courier. "Wotcher lad." bit of a greeting there

The approach of Gedeon, Marsden and the gutter rat who carried a message does not go unnoticed by Stonebridge's Captain of the Guard, nor his former squire Ser Amos. The stocky man turns to face them as they move towards the bridge. Ever courteous, he offers a nod to them. "Good day, Ser Gedeon. Halfsepton Marsden. Good day to you too." He doesn't even bother fixing the young lad accompanying them with a dirty look. Ser Bruce can understand the draw of such a large amount of money for a task. Gedeon isn't stopped, though Bruce looks past him at something going on in the town itself. The two armsmen who were originally at the bridge keep watching the Valentin man.

So, it is across the bridge and onto the east bank Ser Gedeon Rivers walks, offering a brief, "Good day, Ser Bruce." He pauses a moment to see if the captain means to offer any obstruction to his path, but when it's clear he will not, the bastard knight continues towards the courier dipping his head in a polite nod. "I apologize for your difficulties," he begins, "it seems you've had a time of it. I am Ser Gedeon Rivers, come to receive what news you bring to me."

The courier mumbles a wary greeting of, "Ser," to Gedeon as he passes over the satchel. Within is contained a letter with a large, ornate seal beneath a crooked signature.

As the letter is perused, the commotion in the Town Square is revealed to be a small group of men on horseback approaching the bridge, the foremost of which is the distinct person of Ser Rygar. A good deal of attention has been garnered, and by the time the stern knight- ominously wearing his battle armor- has slowed his horse to a walk at the center of the bridge, a small crowd of townsfolk is gathering to view the goings-on.

Marsden grins to Bruce. "Wotcher, Ser Bruce, an Amos Esquire." Apparently, Marsden, does not know the good news concerning the Captain's nephew. There's a look given back to the lad, and then over to Rygar. A faint brow raising to the approaching knight. And he barely offers an elbow to nudge Gedeon to looking at the approaching Nayland. Not trying to interrupt, really.

Bruce dips his head at Ser Rygar in a more profound show of respect due for one's betters. "Ser Rygar. As you can see, Ser." He motions behind him with a wave of his spear. He asides to Marsden, "It's Ser Amos now, actually. I recommended it, and his father knighted him on Pyke. Little sprout's all grown up." Even times like this, he's got a moment or two for a jest, though he wears no smile to accompany it. Ser Amos nods in affirmation.

Moving with the courier is Jaksyn dressed in uniform of partial maille, carrying his crossbow slung over a shoulder, the boy looks the part of a guard, shield over one shoulder, sword on opposing hip, the one difference would be the Axe slung from his hip beneath the shield. Nodding to the men gathered, the boy from the Mire offers the appropriate salutations to those gathered.

Marsden's little nudge doesn't get a response from Gedeon who has accepted the letter and opened it. He reads through the short contents several times, blue eyes widening even as a tiny smile begins in the corner of his mouth. After a long moment, the knight returns to himself, lifting his head as he belatedly realizes he's been nudged. He turns more properly to see Rygar, a-horse and armored, coming towards them. Gedeon silently passes the letter to Marsden, so he might peruse it, before he begins to walk towards the armored Nayland, to meet him on the bridge.

Rygar spares only the barest of curt nods and stiffly voiced, "Ser," in answer to Bruce's greeting. While he does not ignoring the commoner wholly, his eye and attentions are clearly fixed upon Gedeon on the bridge's eastern bank. Remaining ahorse, the already tall Nayland towers over the slight and humbly attired man of Oldstones. When the stern nobleman speaks, his words are clear and cold, pitched to carry. "Ser Gedeon Rivers. Bastard Pretender to the Tordane name. I say in the view of all and sundry that you are a liar and a traitor, who has sought through treasonous deceits to fraudulently usurp the place of your betters. As the only title you have deserved is that of a knight, I call upon you to answer me as a knight."

For the second time in two days, Ser Bruce's face blanches and his eyes widen. The man's mouth opens, hanging agape for a moment without words before clamping shut again. He stands off to the side. The spear comes off of his shoulder and onto the ground, buttspike smacking hard on the stone bridge's cobbles. Finally, he does speak. "Guards - stand aside."

Marsden is glancing over the letter, briefly. There's a glance up towards Rygar and then he is looking back to Gedeon. "My Lord Tordane" the half septon states, as he holds up the paper-not that it seems to mean shit to Rygar. "Is the lawful heir and Lord of Stonebridge. Would you, Ser Rygar sully your name with something like this?" display and all. A slight look is given towards Bruce, before he is turning to the newly made Lord. "You don't have to do this.."

Blinking quietly at this new revelation, Jaksyn stand next to the messenger quietly, having no place in these proceedings, it was much like watching an Ox-cart wreck. He just couldn't stop watching. On orders from Bruce, Jaksyn steps back replying with a soft "Ser."

Gedeon is certainly the plainer of the pair, in no more armor than a leather jerkin, no horse, simply-spun clothing on his back. And he must tilt up his chin and tip his head back, simply to meet Ser Rygar's gaze as his challenge is issued. But Gedeon's expression is calm, almost imperious, and one brow lifts at the armored man's words. "Ser Rygar, is your family so desperate to grasp for what should never have been theirs, that they would bar the way of the king's courier with a quartet of guards and now send you out here to offer up your very life?" He huffs a small laugh, shaking his head. He raises a hand to both acknowledge and halt Marsden's protest before he says, a little louder and more formally, "If the Naylands refuse to accept the word of the king in this issue and cede to me my rightful and lawful place, then they will heed the word of the gods. I will not be called a traitor or a liar by you, ser. And as I am, among other things, yet a knight, I shall answer you as one. Your challenge is accepted. You have seven days to see to whatever of your affairs must be ordered and we shall meet here, on this bridge, to give final and irrevocable answer to the question of Stonebridge."

"Marsden, stand aside and let them do what they will do. This is not between you and I. It is between Ser Rygar and Ser Gedeon." Bruce says to his former chaplain, frowning sadly. He watches Gedeon placidly, not commenting further.

"As the septon and yourself are no doubt ignorant, Ser, on account of your lacking nobility and ignorance of law, a royal proclamation is not enacted until the unworthy boy before me has sworn his oath of vassalage in his designated seat," Rygar returns, austerity incarnate. "Until such an oath, Gedeon Rivers is naught but a knight, answering another knight. As I have no faith in your honor or courage, Ser, I shall be prepared to fight unto death with whichever champion you see fit to cower behind. In seven days, Ser."

Valda glides onto the grassy area by the Stone Bridge, clad in a foray green gown with red roses running along golden vines embroidered around the hemline and climbing upward. With her raven tresses swept up into a curled crown about her head, she loss every inch the matron. on her right hand is a thick leather glove, upon which is perched a hawk with eyes as cold and piercing add those of his handler. The paiute of guards that follow her are barely noticeable in this tense scene.

"Not quite, ser." Although she does not raise her voice, it carries easily, the air of authority a natural part of her tone. "His Grace has been given reason to reconsider. It is best not to rush his thought prices, lest he reconsider in a favor other than yours." With that, she falls silent, gaze breve leaving the false Tordane.

Marsden glances to Bruce. "I know where we stand Ser Bruce, but your Knight should accept the rule of the King. Unless he thinks him false?" A snort there, but the Septon looks back towards Gedeon as he throws down, right back. Seven days? The Maker's cock, there is indeed much to be done. A frown shows on the Half septon's scarred face before he is looking back to Gedeon, a brow raised. It seems he is not rushing into this now, as the gauntlet is indeed thrown down.

"To the letter of the law, you are of course correct, Ser Rygar, but had these missives as little meaning as you imply, I do not think they would have caused such a stir from the Naylands," Ser Gedeon answers. "Do not doubt that a representative of Lord Tully will arrive in short time to see such an oath sworn by this very 'boy' before you." The Lady Valda speaks, but Ser Rivers does not even glance in her direction. Instead he repeats, only, "Seven days, ser, and we shall meet on honorable field of combat where you may doubt as much as you like. Your approval is nothing to me."

"Aye." That's about all Bruce has to say about the developments, his jaw clamping shut and teeth gritting together. Sleepy blue eyes, widened now, dart from person to person. His left hand is about ready to pull his shield down, should it be necessary, though it doesn't seem to go that way this time.

Mirroring Bruce's stance, hand resting in the harness of his shield, ready for an easy movement to bring it to bear, the young, untitled whatsoever Jaksyn looks at the messenger beside him, also wide eyed, and offers a slight shrug.

"Of as little worth as your word is to me, Ser." Rygar answers curtly, reining his horse about, and turning his back on Ser Geoffrey's natural son. Pausing in place, he offers a deep bow in the saddle to the newly arrived Lady Valda. That sharp, precise piece of etiquette completed, he guides his horse back toward the western edge of the bridge, before instructing Bruce, "See that the PRetender's pavilion is delivered to him, together with whatever food he requires for seven days. Until this challenge is answered, he shall not sully this holding with his presence."

Valda, having apparently walked this way from wherever she was hawking, puts on a lightly amused smirk. "Give the fool boy some credit. He has grown wise enough not to Ates the last true Tordane in public on the matter, for he knows he is not in the right." She motions back toward the tower. "Might I have a ride back, Sheriff? The day had been long." As if Gedeon were not even there.

It would be quite the massacre should the Nayland guardsmen attack. Luckily though it seems only to be the notion of a duel. The Half Septon keeps his eyes on the amassed men at arms (really not that many) and the armored knight as well. Arms fold over his chest for a moment, before he is looking back to Gedeon. "Well then."

Gedeon watches Ser Rygar depart, standing his ground as he does so. As the Lady Valda speaks, he smirks and shakes his head. "And the witch slinks back to her tower," he says to Marsden, though not so quietly he could not be overheard, "while it is still hers at any rate. I hope you like the view from here, Streem. Seems we'll be admiring it for a while."

Bruce kind of clicks his heels together and bows his head at Rygar, as the man rides back. "Aye, Ser." He hefts the spear oncemore onto his shoulder, in a non-threatening manner as possible, and approaches Gedeon. "Ser Gedeon. If you'd give me a list of what you need, please, I'll make sure you've got it shortly. I… Well." Whatever thought he'd wished to complete, the Captain cuts himself short. Over his shoulder, he speaks to the Guardsmen. "Lads, same as before." Then he looks back at Gedeon, frowning. He lets out a bit of a sigh.

Rygar obeys protocol in dismounting when addressing a woman of quality, voicing in reply to Valda, "I shall not keep the saddle while a Lady goes afoot." Despite the courtesy, his manner remains cold and his words curt as he offer the castellan a hand in mounting the horse. As Ser Bruce attends his instructions with the expected efficiency, the lean knight takes hold of the courser's reins to guide the beast and it's noble rider back through the town square toward Tordane Tower.

"Seven Days, at least-Ser." Marsden replies before he is shaking his head. A sniff before he is rubbing his nose. There is a glance given to Gedeon as he looks back towards the direction of the Inn they were in. "I'd like to stay there. It had fine food and sweet girls from what I could gather." And so, rolling his shoulder Marsden lets out a brief laugh. "I was hoping to dance on the bridge once I read them words. Challenge blokes to crossin' over and the like."

"Seven days," Gedeon agrees. "Seemed a good, holy number." He smirks faintly at Marsen before looking to Bruce. "My thanks, Ser Longbough. If you've parchment and ink, I'll write down what's required." Looking back at the half-septon, he adds, "You might yet be able to stay at the Crossing. I'm not sure you've been barred from the town."

If Valda hears Gedeon's words, she gives no sign of it. Instead, she goes through the motions of chivalry with the Nayland knight. She takes Rygar up on his offer of help to mount and uses her free hand to arrange her skirts primly. All the while, her right arm remains raised and bent. As they move off, her hawk turns around and simply stares at the others unblinkingly, it's razor-sharp beak remaining closed, but the equally deadly talons flex and close several times. Perhaps it is not finished hunting, after all.

There is no warmth left in Bruce's eyes for his former comrades, whom he shed blood with so recently. Not when Marsden makes light of the situation. But Bruce doesn't say anything to him specifically. He nods at Gedeon, reaching with his off hand to gather a folded piece of parchment and a small, pointed black stone. "It's not ink, but it will serve its purpose. Just press down on the page, Ser, and your writing will be plain. As for your companions, I'm afraid it's best that nobody in your camp enter the town. It will prevent misunderstandings, brawls and unfortunate events from occuring. As they often do around wine, women and song. But as I said - anything you require will be brought out here. Including as comfortable as lodgings as can be done."

Marsden glances back towards Bruce, for the moment, as arms remain crossed and slide into the sleeves of his robes. There's a sniff from the Half Septon as he shakes his head, before he is looking back towards the Captain. "Oh I'm not dumb enough to stay after all that mess. Would be right easy to slip a dagger twixt my ribs." a lick of his teeth before he looks back towards his former brother in arms. "I tell you-this will bring a fucking reckoning, Sers." If anyone is listening to the Septon, it'd be news to him, but still he muses along. " Either on House Tordane, or House Nayland. Peace would be the better solution." a laugh, dry. "But that pissed itself out the window already."

"This will serve," Gedeon agrees, "thank you, ser." He accepts the parchment and stone, propping a foot up against a jutting stone on the bridge's 'railing' so he can use his leg as a writing surface. "I was challenged, called a liar and a traitor. Peace wasn't a possibility. Not if I'm to rule well and keep my honor intact." That is, of course, if he lives long enough to rule at all. "Which Ser Rygar well knew. It was very cleverly played."

"We chose our masters to serve. Some in better times, some with full knowledge, Marsden Streem. But we did it all the same. We bent the knee and swore our oaths. And I don't think either of us are oathbreakers. In fact, I know it. So until the last man yields or dies, we'll do our duty. We don't have to like it. But the Gods smile on those, and annihilate those who don't. You know, that." Bruce takes a deep breath in, holds it for a moment and lets it free again before continuing. His tone has subdued. "But aye, it is a shame. I'd hoped this would be resolved. But would it be more peaceful had the King ruled against Ser Gedeon, there? Gods only know, because His Grace didn't. I'm afraid we won't be able to drink that bottle afterall, Ser Gedeon. But I can gift it to you none the less, if you like."

Marsden grunts towards Bruce, before he's shrugging ever so slightly. "That may be. And indeed, I would agree that we are all not oathbreakers." A glance given over towards Ser Bruce. "That being said. This decision will set sparks to the hay. Hay which we all are trying to pile back up." Whatever that means. Still there is a glance to Gedeon as a half grin shows on the half septon's face. "Oh indeed, it was well played. The question will remain though-will you face him or will you get a champion?" A brow raised to that question.

Notes jotted down, Gedeon passed the parchment back over to Bruce. "I do not think I'd best accept wine I'm meant to drink alone, ser," he tells the captain gently, "not even from you. But… if you should be willing, there is something yo could do for me, instead." Looking over at Marsden, he's thoughtful before he shakes his head. "I'll face him myself, gamble though it is. If I'm going to risk all in a battle, I should like to be the one wielding the blade."

"Oh, aye. It will, and it did." Ser Bruce agrees with Marsden. He nods at Gedeon, smiling weakly. "I figured as much. Not that I'm that type, but I s'pose it'd be wise not to take chance on anyone." The man folds the parchment back up and tucks it back into his belt pouch, tilting his head. "What can I do for you then, Ser?"

"Then I will ask that you do allow me to lead you in confession before you go to fight. If anything a fucking precaution." Marsden says with a small frown, before he is looking between Gedeon and Bruce. "I will also see that you're not left alone Ser. Even if I have to send a courier down to the stones to bring up an armsman to join us." A shake of his head "I'd say we should probably make for the Roost. At least we can have a yard to train with men who like you. I think."

Gedeon laughs and shakes his head. "To get to the Roost, we'd have to be able to pass into Stonebridge, but if you might have a courier send word to Terrick's Roost, we can at least make sure they are aware of what's begun, here." For a confession, he studies Marsden blankly for a moment before sighing softly. "If you like." Looking to Bruce he says, "Ser Longbough, if you could send word to the Lady Danae Westerling that I should like to speak with her, if she might be so willing, it should be a great favor to me."

"Aye, ser. And I can send word to Terrick's Roost by way of a courier if you like. It's the least I can do, Ser Gedeon." Bruce offers.

"Well, I am sure I can find a begging brother I can send along, or maybe I can at least get through.." though there is a curious look up towards the tarred heads. A faint frown again seems to be diligent in it's accosting of Marsden's visage. "To get to the Stones we'd have to head through the Mire-which I doubt they are all too keen to see us." he adds. "Like we're bloody stuck on the bank." There's a glance to Bruce. "Were you not with the Naylands, Ser Longbough-I think you'd quite well with us. Least, I'd vouch for you." Marsden adds with a grin. As for Gedeon there is simply a nod. "Surely they will allow us the use of the sept fo such a thing." assuming Stonebridge even has such a thing.

Gedeon follows Marsden's gaze up to the tarred heads, a corner of his mouth quirking. "Wondering if mine'll be up there next, Septon?" His gaze comes back down to the men around him and he offers Ser Longbough a nod. "My thanks, ser. I cannot think on the Iron Isles with any great fondness, but it was a pleasure to be a comrade beside you. I am sorry to see those days ended by your duty."

"I'll see what I can do. If Ser Rygar had wished you to not have access to your comrades, he would have captured or killed you both. And the rider." Bruce motions with his off hand to where the Valentin man was earlier in the eve. "He genuinely believes that you're a traitor and a liar. It's not a power grab from him, or a strategem. He fights for his beliefs, you for your title. And the Gods will decide, as they often do in battle. We all know that. We all saw many good men and bad men fall, both. Anyways, since he didn't want to cut you off, merely to deny you entry here, I'll help get messages to wherever you need." A sad, short chuckle is directed at Marsden and Gedeon both. "Ah, were it that we were all on the same side again, aye. For what it's worth, Ser Gedeon, should you fall, I'll do my best to make sure that your head doesn't end up like a common criminal. That would be a disgrace."

"No Ser." he replies evenly enough. "I figure should you lose it probably will end up there, after being paraded. No, I am wondering if my own head would likely join you there." And there's a glance back to Bruce before the Half Septon merely chuckles back at the observation. "Well then if he is fighting for his beliefs, that makes him more than dangerous. It makes him quite lethal." And with that he is looking back to Gedeon. "If that's the case Ser, could you show us to a Sept, or allows us to Ride from the Roost? If anything My pony is still lodged here and I'd have it not mistreated."

Stepping forward at this point, Jaksyn speaks softly to Bruce. "Ser, if it pleases, I'm a fast runner, it would be an honor to carry any messages needed."

"Be it heartfelt beliefs or a grasp from his family, he is still in the wrong," Gedeon murmurs. "Though I am not sure even the austere Ser Rygar would be so bold as to put the head of the king's chosen vassal up on display after having killed him, however legal. Either way, I suppose I shall never know if he would or no." He glances at Bruce as Marsden requests accept to the Sept or the Roost and then looks over at Jaksyn as he speaks. "My thanks… uh…" he blinks over at the man, waiting for a proper address to be offered.

"You're free to enter the town, Half Septon. I'll walk with you if you like. It's not like people are going to do stupidities while everyone's watching, not if they don't want a sword in their guts." Bruce nods at Jaksyn. "Aye. Guardsmen Trehearn, go find the Lady Danae Westerling and tell her that Ser Gedeon Rivers wishes to speak to her at the Stone Bridge." Back to Gedeon, "I tell you he won't. He won't." He is very serious about that.

"Say what you will about Ser Rygar, but he values honour very highly."

Nodding quickly, Jaksyn repeats softly "Lady Denae, aye Ser. Shall I leave now?" Looking to Gedeon "No one of consequence, ser."

"Yes, I am free, and I do know people are not likely to become idiots only capable of drooling and hacking things, Ser Bruce. And please know that I do not think your Lord would simply run some man down either." A sniff there. "But, my Lord is not, and while Gedeon Tordane stands, so will I by him. And thus- I will think everything is a threat right now. Only logical hyper vigilance right now. Specially with the battle standards out, Ser." A nod of his head before he is looking and rubbing his chin. "Could my things be brought? I do have a spear with my pony, and I'd rather not simply leave that behind."

"Guardsman Trehearn," Gedeon repeats the name as it's given, even if Bruce is the one who offers it. "You do me a great service, guardsman, you're not nothing to me." Speaking more directly to Bruce, he adds, "I am just not sure your lord's honor negates my head on a pike, if he could manage it. I hate seeing those things along the bridge. So damned ghoulish." He shakes his head and glances over at the East Bank. "I'll wait there for the pavilion and the rest as you are able, Ser Bruce. And, it seems Master Streem will be in my company."

Bruce smirks at Jaksyn. "Well, yes, mate, that'd probably be why I told ya to." He winks, and his good humour fades again right there. "Aye, Half Septon. I'll make sure all of yours is brought, along with some drink, if you desire, and none if you don't. I'd understand if you don't trust it at this juncture. The list will be completed, and you'll have a proper camp up in less than an hour. As for the heads, the ones that are here serve a purpose. They deter criminals. You are no criminal. I will make sure yours does not, should you fall. By your leave, I'll go make sure that's done."

Nodding to Bruce, Jaksyn replies. "Ser." and with that, the boy is off, already peeling out of his maille overshirt to reveal a bucksin tunic beneath

Marsden nods back to Bruce. "Drink would be fine. I am sure at least some food and drink would be good for us to have. Specially if it's fine food and drink." he offers with a bit of a grin. There's a look back to his Lord. Obviosuly the Half Septon will eat and drink first, and thus if he keels over poison can be ruled out. "Thank you Ser Bruce." he adds over his shoulder. "You're a good man." And he rubs his jaw for a moment. "Well Ser-"This given over to Gedeon as he moves closer to the other man. " A right pickle barrel we're in." Yes his lot is cast. "I will do all I can to see you live. Barring of course pulling a Mallister."

"Thank you, Ser Longbough," Gedeon says, offering the captain a nod. He glances over at Marsden, arms crossing lightly over his chest. "Please don't," he snickers by way of 'pulling a Mallister,' "You are a strange fellow, Half-Septon. Thank you for casting your lot in with me, whatever madness possessed you."

Bruce dips his head. "Gods keep." He doesn't bother giving instructions to Ser Amos and Guardsman Black, the two men who remain. They know their instructions. The Captain dissapears into Stonebridge. Soon, two more Guardsmen will take his and Jaksyn's places.

"Madness and ambition." Marsden quips before his own grin softens. "And, I've served with you. I think I have some measure of who you are. Least what I have been allowed to see." A nod there as hands remain hidden within folds of robes. "But, I thank you Ser for having me. Many more would not." And there is a turn of his head and a nod passed to Bruce. "I will say this of Rygar Nayland. That was a fucking move. I'd not play cyvasse against him. He seems the sort who could use the rabble to beat a dragon."

"But we are playing cyvasse against him, so let's stack the board as we may, in the week that we have," Gedeon replies, offering Marsden a quick smile. He leans up against the start of the bridge, peering across it into the city beyond. "Gedeon Tordane," he murmurs softly, gaze settled on the tower. "Lord of Stonebridge."

"So we shall." Marsden says with a faint grin. "And lets see if we can't trump a bloody dragon, with bastard." The half septon notes, before he is clasping at the young man's shoulder. A grin there before he is moving to silently keep watch, over this newly minted Lord Tordane.