Page 051: Another Apology
Another Apology
Summary: Lucienne now seeks Gedeon to apologize to.
Date: 02/September/288
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Lucienne Gedeon 
Top of the roof. Walkway. Parapets. People brooding.
02 September, 288

The afternoon stretches on lazily without a care for those who toil or those who tarry, finally the sun bedding itself and shrouding the land in that semi-dark called 'dusk'. Up the stairs comes a lady oft seen about these parts, trailed by her faithful maid, both their eyes scanning the walkway as though looking for something.

There's another figure already present, sitting down at the edge of the roof, legs hanging over. Ser Gedeon, in the place and posture one could often find him, ever since he visited The Roost as a child. He stares out at the darkening horizon, focused on his own inner thoughts.

Lucienne's features soften upon spying that familar figure in that familiar pose, and selfishly she takes a moment just to watch him. Just to watch he, once a boy in that very spot, and to marvel at the man who now sits in his place. She smiles inwardly, and bids her handmaiden to find a comfortable spot with a sweep of her hand, before stepping to interrupt the knight's reverie. "I should have known to check here first," she murmurs softly from behind him, so as not to offend the quiet.

The blond knight blinks and then turns his head, offering a soft smile to the woman who stands beside him. "Old habits," he agrees gently. "Were you looking for me, my lady? Is there something I might help you with?" He draws his legs up, turning so that he might stand while the lady does.

"Don't hop up," she tells him, "I didn't mean to… well, I suppose I did mean to interrupt." Lucienne drops beside Gedeon, intending to sit with him, if a little further back from the edge. "Sorry, Ser. It seems you have a moment, though - might I share it?"

Gedeon settles back down, nodding his permission that Lucienne might join him. "Of course, my lady. Your company is always welcome."

She spreads her skirts a little, and wriggles to get comfortable, and then Lucienne emits a soft sigh. "So those boys of mine managed to chase your Lord away for now?" Her smile is apologetic, the words spoken ruefully.

"Quite an impressive feat, as I hear it," Gedeon agrees, his smile becoming a little sad. "Sent all the way to King's landing to manage it."

Lucienne winces, and ducks her head for a blush that's certain to follow. "I still can't quite believe it, myself. I'm…" It only seems fitting to look at the person she's apologizing to, so her eyes lift to hang upon the knight next to her. "I'm sorry, Gedeon. I had no idea."

Gedeon tilts his head to peer at Lucienne and offer another smile. "I know that, my lady. I never imagined you did."

"I should have," Lucienne continues, sounding troubled. "I should have guessed. It was all right there for me, I just didn't… connect the dots, I suppose. Does he really… do you think your Lord will really seek a duel, when he returns?" All traces of her smile are gone, replaced by lines of concern.

"I don't know," Gedeon murmurs, looking out at the horizon as if he might be able to spot Lord Valentin in the distance. "I was a hefty insult, but Lord Valentin has never been a rash man or an unreasonable one. I can't imagine a duel would be his first wish."

Lucienne looks over her shoulder, following his gaze out towards the sky and the land. She lets out a frustrated sort of a huff. "I'm not sure they'll grant him his first wish," she laments, shaking her head gently. "I've tried. He's… tell me again that he's an honorable man, would you?"

"He is," Gedeon agrees, "a very honorable man. And it says something, I think, that I can still believe that after spending five years with him in the East. Oldstones is no Four Towers, but it could be, with the right guidance."

"It does," says Lucienne reluctantly. She folds her hands together in her lap and looks down at them, contemplating. "I'm sure it could. I… it'll take some work. Lots of men, lots of money." Of which both are in short supply. Her brows knit together.

"And time," Gedeon adds to the list. He tilts his head, peering over at Lucienne. "It doesn't appeal," he surmises gently.

"It's not that it doesn't appeal," she is quick to reply, lifting her head to look upon Gedeon again. "It's not Oldstones. Or your Lord. It's the timing, I suppose. Jacsen's just come home, and Jaremy's getting married, and… I feel like I'm still needed here." Her eyes dart back down to her lap. "But perhaps I'll always feel that way, so…"

"Perhaps," Gedeon muses. "It seems that with changes such as these, there is never truly a convenient time. Just a time when it must happen. That is not to say… I only mean, when a woman marries, she must step away from her life up to that point, and I cannot really imagine a time when any woman would find that convenient, if they were part of a family who loved them."

"You might just be right, my good Ser," murmurs Lucienne, looking back up to the knight. "Anyway. I just wanted to find you and offer an apology. I'll leave you to your thoughts, Gedeon - I know it's difficult to find a moment's peace around the castle lately." She gathers up her skirts, readying to take her leave.

"It's pleasant, having company around again," Gedeon answers. "And if you should wish to talk further, well," Gedeon ducks his head down, huffing a small laugh, "I am easy to find, my lady."

"I'll know where to look first," agrees Lucienne with a breathy chuckle, beckoning her maid over. "Enjoy your evening, Ser Gedeon."