Anders Flint


Spoiled. Had the benefit of pretty much everything, thanks to the quirk of birth order, even if his parents didn't necessarily have it to give immediately. Grew up wanting for nothing. Sailing? He had a small ship and crew. Horse? He's got a stable of 3, 2 brood mares, one stud (Friesan-type), and 2 geldings from when he was a child. Women? While not 'thrown' at him, they were encouraged, and for a long while, his parents were.. concerned that it wasn't where his true feelings were.

It wasn't the hard pursuits, however, that Anders truly enjoyed. He actually enjoyed the academic pursuits more.. the research, the discovery of unknown or lost information. Didn't mean he didn't try the others, however.. and at the level he attained, he mastered. There is always more to learn, and if left to his own devices, he'd be attempting full mastery of each rather than attend what it is that needs be. This mastery isn't always a good thing.. as evidenced by a small occurrence. There are books on black powder, and a good abundance of such a thing in nature all around. How difficult was it for a studious boy to escape the confines of a keep and search for something exciting? A way to put theories to the test? After a goodly amount of research again, making sure all was right— A small tube, some black powder made of charcoal and salt peter… and… it's not long after that the lad is sent away to begin his new life.

Sent to the Starks to begin a life of stewardship, and learn the traits that make a lord a proper and fitting one to someday sit upon a throne, it was with the assurances that the Flints would maintain the constancy of vassal-hood and good feeling with their liege lords. Being able to rely upon one's vassals was a trait worth honing. Anders was expected to go to war under the Stark banner when they did, and fight when the time came.. regardless of age and ability. And that he did, and gladly— just as the time was coming when he'd be released from his service and begin to take more power and responsibility at home.

He never turned his face home; there was no point. Rather, Anders was part of the Stark retinue as they travelled south, meeting up with his kinsmen on the road before the battle was taken, first distinguishing the House Stark at the Battle of the Bells. There, he'd taken injury, a shoulder wound to his shield arm as he aided and shored up a defensive line. At least it wasn't his line that allowed the surviving loyalists to escape!

With that victory under his belt, and no little sense of accomplishment, he later found himself at the Battle of the Trident. Once again Anders fought under the banner, with his liege Lord Stark, and again, any distinguishing actions was put into the hands of the Great House. (He did not disgrace himself in either battle, and whatever benefit he'd offered on the battle field of the Trident was rightly and justly attributed to the Starks, though quietly recognized at the camp fires.) It was after those battles, and after a good bit of drink was had while seated around a campfire that an ally of his Lord (a Tully) found it a right jest to take an equally inebriated Anders and knight him.. with a few drunken questions (Something about women, and honour.. and loyalty— he wasn't getting married, was he?!)… and a not quite so well-controlled sword strike, leaving a blood line on the underside of his jaw. Not much was recalled of the evening personally, but.. how curious it was when some began to call him 'ser'? Of course, those of his own family, and Stark's, thought it a fine jest! The great North Knight!

Now home for 2 years, in the last year it was decided that Anders would take a wife and begin to give the land a proper line of succession. So it came to pass that he married, but what was one to do with a wife? And with the noise coming out of the South, the King's Road looks like it will be taken once again before long.


Lady Cordelya Flint, Wife.
Unnamed Flint, younger sister, NPC
Lord Ser Anselm Flint, younger brother, sworn knight to House Haigh
Unnamed Flint, younger sister, NPC
Lord Tulketh Flint — Uncle, brother to his father, NPC
Lady Aliana Haigh — Aunt, wife to Tulketh, NPC
Lord Einar Flint, Cousin and Squire, son of Tulketh Flint
Connell Flint, Cousin, son of Tulketh Flint. Deceased
Lady Tiaryn Flint, nee Camden. Goodcousin, widow of Connell.

Physical Features

With brown hair and brown eyes, Ser Anders Flint doesn't look too imposing of a figure, even if he does stand a good 6'1" and is of solid build. It could be the posture of a man given to a touch of humility in the form of self-effacing behavior, but this can change in an instant. He has something of a youthful face, as though he's 'growing into' himself. His jaw, and chin are prounounced, giving him a little more ruggedness and hardiness that he wouldn't have in his manner. His eyes reflect something of a passion, perhaps for passion's sake— that anything and everything that he turns to has his complete and undivided attention.

His clothing is well matched, in house colours grey and black.. in the varying shades of such. His shirt is bloused, made of silk and buttons of precious metals. A black padded vest sits over it, piping in silver, a silver button at the top to close the collar. Black pants are worn, finished with black leather boots. Upon his hip, a more than servicable sword hangs, a crest upon his wooden scabbard that identifies his home and House.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity