Page 325: And Thanks for All the Horses
And Thanks for All the Horses
Summary: Einar and Pariston return with the horses, Sofya is very thankful.
Date: 11/06/2012
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Stables — Terrick's Roost
Where the gentry keep their horses.
09 June 289

The well-kept stables of the Roost, likely leaving the page with a baffled expression on his face for the grin he received. No Lady would ever so dart through the halls and down the winding stairs of the Roost. Her natural light footed grace giving a loping air to her quick steps, dancing around those in her path, as she bolts towards the stables for what will either be an absolute delight or a horrid disappointment. It is all in a roll of the dice. Cheeks pink with her breathless pace, if not unbecomingly so, the dark haired lass slows at the entrance to the stables — excitement momentarily dimming to hesitance. Licking her lips, she takes a moment to catch her breath before calling out with a mild, "Hello?" She was sent for. So people certainly ought to be around, right?

Having been back to his room to get of the armor and weapons and now moving around town a bit takes Pariston to the stables to check up on the horse that is still unidentified. Also wondering whenever the hide will be identified. Or if it has and they just haven't moved it. Already being there has him turning his head as he hear a woman call out, looking towards her and offering a bow from a bit away.

Having finished seeing to Gethin with Tia, Einar is now checking over his own horse. Not that he doesn't trust the Terrick stablehands to have done a good job, he just always makes a point of either doing it himself, or on the occasion when he can't, stopping in to check afterwards. As it is, all appears to be well in order and he's just giving the dark bay a rub along the white flash of it's nose when Sofya's call is heard. Turning to glance over the door of the stall he doesn't recognize the lass who's arrived, but since there seem to be none of the locals around temporarily he gives her a nod in greeting himself, "Good afternoon Mistress."

The tumbled lay of Sofya's hair, having partially escaped its pins in her madcap dash towards the stables, half-hides the remaining lines of the bruise that mars her temple. A crooked smile spreads on her mouth at Pariston's bow, natural sunniness breaking through her hesitance. She sweeps her skirts in an easy curtsey, which dips deeper as she catches sight of Einar, before stepping farthing into the stables. "Good afternoon. Lord Justin sent me a message that someone may have found my horse…I'm Sofya Dale," she offers, bouncing a little on her toes. Her bright eyed gaze darts from one man to the other, then towards the heads of the horses in the stable as if she can pick out her mare by the ears along.

Pariston's own horse is in there as well, though he knows that Wayren, his horse, is quite well. He spotted the horse when he came in, but had not gone to look to him yet. He looks to Sofya for now and when he hears her words he smiles and waves. "Mistress, I believe your horse is over here." He tells her and offers the horse a soft petting. Though he does offer Einar a look as well, inclining his head to him.

"Ah yes," comes Einar's easy reply. Turning backto Rae he gives the animal one last scratch between the ears and then steps out of the stall. Unlike Pariston, he has not yet had time to change after the ride so the signs of the road are still on him. As are the signs of having groomed down a horse. Pariston gets a nod in greeting and he lets the other man lead the way to where the dapple mare is stabled, following on behind in the hope of another happy reunion. Three for three will do him. Then, of course, he'll have to bring up the subject of the fourth, but not perhaps, just yet.

Sofya turns towards Pariston, features brightening with a wider smile as his call. "I do hope so," she answers breathlessly, worry meeting with hope in her quavering words. The Mistress Dale nearly skips as she walks, all her barely coiled energy pressed down into the simple motion, skirts flared. Again her steps slow as she reaches the stall, hands pressing to her lips as she catches sight of the mare for the first time, eyes wide.

Pariston smiles and nods, moving along with her and glancing over to Einar as well. His steps as calm as he always is, regardless of situation. He does smile as he sees Sofya's energy. And he just looks between her and the horse one's they reach the stall. Trying to see if it is her horse or not.

It does very much look like her horse, and it most likely is. Sofya should be able recognize the horse fairly easily. It has been tended to as soon as the horse came into the stables.

Einar hangs back a bit so as not to crowd and then glances across to Pariston as Sofya reacts to seeing the horse. 'Looks good to me," he mouths, not particularly wanting to interrupt the unfolding events unless he has to.

The dappled mare lifts her head as the group draws near, happily chewing on some hay in an easy manner and whickering softly in greeting. Sofya stands with her hands pressed to her mouth, watching her through dark lashes for a long moment, almost unnaturally still. Removing a hand from her mouth, she takes one step forward and then another to gently brush her fingers down the gentle mare's nose. The horse nudges her face into her Mistress's hand, happy as can be at their reunion. A soft chuckle slipping from her lips Sofya shifts, turning towards Pariston with a beatific smile and eyes bright with tears. "That is my horse," is all she says, before moving closer to plant a thankful kiss on him — if he doesn't duck away.

Pariston smiles warmly as he looks at the reunion. As she looks to him he offers an incline of his head. Even if her moving closer to kiss him does surprise him, he does not move. Just smiling though once she moves back he will open his mouth. "Lord Einar did help out as well, I can't take all the credit." He tells her, smiling sweetly.

Einar smiles as the horse is positively identified and then again as Pariston is so cruelly ambushed. "Master Vis," he says cheerfully, "I believe my work here is done for the day. When you can say the same I believe there will be an ale awaiting in the inn. I think that perhaps today we have earned it."

Horrible things, those kisses are. It comes with a wink. "Thank you." Sofya flashes Pariston a cheeky grin in reply to that sweet smile, turning on her heel to look towards Lord Einar. The Vance retainer dips into a low, deep curtsy that near brings her knees to the floor as she slowly lifts her head. "Thank you, my Lord Einar. I cannot…even begin to express how grateful I am," she says softly, earnestly.

Pariston just has a wry grin as he sees the wink and he offers a small incline of his head. "You are welcome. Always happy to help." After Sofya speaks to Einar, Pariston smiles and nods to Einar. "I believe we have. And if you need to leave now, I might see you at the inn later." He replies before looking to Sofya again, and just focusing on her for a moment. Not sure if there was more she wanted.

Einar has the decency to look faintly embarrassed at that and replies quickly, "It is our pleasure Mistress. I just hope those we did not find are returned soon." Preferably alive and well of course. He's not about to be a kill joy however and ask her if she recognizes the sorry remains of the fourth, and not only because he doesn't actually know where they've been put. A glance to Pariston and he nods once, "I think perhaps it is high time I went and made myself presentable again. No doubt Lord Anders will be wanting me for something or other. But yes, I'll make sure the landlord knows to have one behind the bar for you."

That is probably for the best, such a thing might easily turn a maiden's stomach unpleasantly. Especially one who is so glowing with joy at the moment, Sofya dips her head in a respectful nod before rising to her feet. "I hope so as well, my Lord." While the top men converse, she flashes Parison another smile when his attention is drawn to her and turns her hands to lavishing some of that delight on her mare. "Good day, my Lord. And again, my thanks!" She calls to the departing Einar, before asking, "Where… how did you find them?"

As Einar goes on Pariston nods, not going to mention the hide either. That will have to wait for another moment. At the nobles words he nods, "I would suggest the same my lord. And I am sure he will." Is offers with a smirk. Nodding once again about the ale. He turns to look at Sofya at her question though leaves Einar to answer that one while he offers the horse a gentle rub.

"We found a trail from the clearing the bandits were using" Einar explains briefly, "it was no great matter to follow it given Master Vis' exert knowledge of such things. We didn't have to follow it for long tough before it opened into another clearing where these three," he indicates the mare, Gethin and Lady's Muirenn's with the unpronounceable name, "were tethered. But if you will now excuse me, I really should be off, good-day Mistress, Master Vis." And with that he's finally away, leaving Pariston to answer any further questions or fill in any other details he thinks relevent.

"Fantastic," Sofya pronounces their discovery, directing that brilliant grin towards the Lord Einar as he explains their trials in discovering the horses. No great matter, indeed. A hint of her thoughts darts across her features as she looks towards Pariston, lifting a brow in a sharp arch. Her fingers busily stroke over the mares board nose. "I can't imagine how you managed to find much of anything in that mess of trees, Master Vis. That's an impression feat and one I am quite glad you spent your talents on."

Pariston is just silent and smiling as Einar continues to explain. As the man moves to leave Pariston offers a bow, "'Til later, lord Einar." He says and let the man disappear from sight. Then his eyes turn to Sofya, bowing his head to her compliment. "I thank you. And I thought it was time well spent to train those talents." He offers with a smirk on his face. He looks to the horse for a moment before tilting his head and looking to Sofya again, "What's her name?"

"I must admit that I am quite glad you did," Sofya replies with a laugh, ducking her head towards the mare. "I am certain they have seen no little use of late." Her smile quirks wry at his question, fingers gently rubbing the mare's ear as she answers, "Apple." Apple, the dapple.

"So am I. And they indeed have." Pariston replies with a soft chuckle. Listening to the name of the mare he smiles wide. "That is a fitting name." Then he narrows his brows a bit and ahs, "I think I remember seeing you. In the woods. When we rescued you. You were one of those taken along by the bandits riding away to negotiate, were you not?" He asks, thinking that he remembers her from there. He does not remember if it was the bandit with her who got hit in the head by his arrow, other than the bandit with Cordelya that is. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't ruin the mood."

"Sweet and a bit crisp as she is? Aye, I'd say so." Sofya's smile slants crooked, flashing some teeth as she rocks back on her heels, considering her mare. The fact it rhymes is just a bonus, truely. His recollection causes her brows to lift, fingers brushing back a lock of hair that hangs over her bruised temple. Her thumb swipes across the yellowed bruise. "I…no, it's fine," she stutters briefly, giving her head a brief shake. "It happened. No point in pretending it didn't. I am surprised you remember me, which is really more than I remember of the most of it. Unconscious and face first into a saddle'll do that. In truth I do not know what they meant for us."

Pariston grins as she goes on about the horse, her flashing some teeth just makes his own grin widen to show teeth as well. Though seeing her touch the bruised temple he moves a little closer. "As a tracker I need good memory, so I don't go around in circles." He tells her and at her last sentence he shrugs and offers a sympathetic smile. "Me neither, but we got you all out of there. That is what matters." He tells her. A hand lifting to gently touch her bruise, if she let him. "Is it still hurting?"

"I've got a decent spot of memory for following my own paths, but I couldn't imagine trying to do that trailing else." It's all greenery to her. Dark lashes veil her gaze as it flits from Pariston towards the ground, features falling with a darker thought. Perhaps uncharacteristically shy for a woman who will plant a kiss on a man in thanks, Sofya ducks her head to avoid Pariston's touch. "No," she says with a shake of her head. Then she chuckles, "It's been long enough that it'll fade, like most light injuries. You and all others who helped have my thanks for that as well."

Pariston just listens to her, noticing her gaze going to look downwards though he does not say anything about it. As she ducks away from him he looks at her a bit sad and tries to make her look at him. "I'm sorry we couldn't find you sooner. That is on me. I should have been able to track down the hiding spot from the trails at the picnic." He tells her, trying to look into her eyes. "That injury might go away, but will the wound?" He asks her, a bit concerned.

"That's too large a burden of blame to bare, Master Vis. I won't hear of you trying," Sofya chides with a brisk shake of her head, this one accompanied by a click of her tongue. Her fingers fiddle with a lock of her hair as she lifts her eyes to meet his as she speaks. "From what I've heard from my Lord, you weren't the only one out scouring the woods. In the end, you found us." A slight smile curving her mouth, she softly adds, "And you helped find my horse." That is the important part. Taking a deep breath, Sofya blows it out in a slow huff. "The wound is nothing that cannot be survived by this morning and every other outside that damnable cave."

Pariston grins and shrugs, "Perhaps it is." Then he just listens to her for a moment. "As long a you are alright. Just let me know if there is anything I can do. Okay?" He asks, looking at her for a moment to see her reaction before he pets Apple. "And yeah, Apple looks quite alright."

"Continue to kill any bandits you meet," is Sofya's rather bloodthirsty request of what he might do for her. The words are tempered with a sunny smile, low alto voice softening them to where it might be somewhat of a joke. "I will, thanks. Are you going to be at the Roost for long?" She wonders, watching Pariston pet Apple. The horse is as content as she can be under all the attention. "Thank the Seven for that. I don't know what I'd do without her. I mean, my Lord would find me another mount…but it wouldn't be mine." Smiling gently, she strokes her fingers gently over Apple's mane.

There is a raised brow at the first sentence, but Pariston nods. Though as her appearance seems to turn a bit lighter he smiles and nods, "For the time being. It all depends on how long the Flints are planning to stay. Why do you ask?" He wonders, with his head tilted. Petting the horse for a bit longer as he continues to nod. "Yeah, I understand. I would like to keep Wayren around as long as possible. My horse that is." He offers then he looks at her again with a bit of a mischievous grin. "I have to confess, that kiss caught me a bit off guard." He says with a chuckle.

"Just curious," Sofya answers, inclining her chin towards him. "There have been a lot of new guests to the Roost, I'm sure it will keep things interesting." Her own strokes pause, fingers picking at a bit of a knot in the mare's mane. Dark brows lift at his look, especially so followed by that grin. Chuckling warmly, she shakes her head. "Can't say I came down planning to plant one on you, sorry. Is there a lass I ought to be apologizing to?"

"Ah, I see. And indeed, it will be an interesting time for the time being." Pariston replies. And as conversation turns to the kiss he grins, though the last part gets a shrug and a sigh. "I don't know, to be honest. But do not worry, had I had a problem with the kiss I would have avoided it. Truthfully, I kinda liked it. You are cute after all." He goes on. Flashing a rather charming smile to her.

"Charming," Sofya teases and judges, wagging a finger at Pariston in the general direction of his features. Trouble. That smile. "I think you'd know if you had a lass, Master Vis. I'm glad it was not judged lacking." She gives the mare a final ruffle, turning to whisper to the mare, "I'll take you for a ride later." It's a promise. "I best get back to work. Again, my thanks. I'll keep an eye out for you, find me if you need?" She offers with a bright smile, not waiting for his answer before she moves to slip out