Page 333: An Improper Request
An Improper Request
Summary: Pariston has a request for Lucienne.
Date: 18/June/2012
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Pariston Lucienne 
Seagard, Tourney Grounds
Bah humbug.
June 18, 289

Not having been able to meet with Lucienne, in private that is, to talk so Pariston has waited to do so the next day. It wasn't anything urgent anyhow so when he has woken up he takes a stroll around the tourney grounds. Still looking a bit sleepy. There are probably a few others around but as he continues on to a rather silent spot there are not really anyone in sight of him, as far as he knows. Most likely just getting some fresh air and alone time. Or something like that.
For the moment wearing a loosely fitted white tunic and dark grey pants along with black boots. His short hair is slightly messy. No weapons other than his usual knife in the boot though.

The tourney grounds are being prepared again for sport, and Lucienne is with her entourage - notably rather guard-heavy with an assembly of four to her one handmaiden - as she makes her way round the area. Just… having a look, it seems. When she comes within Pariston's line of sight, he will see her whispering to the blonde, visibly pregnant ladies maid as though they were sharing something scandalous. Perhaps they are!

Pariston is off to the side rubbing his eyes as he spots Lucienne and her entourage, grinning a bit at how many guards she has with her. Though he won't be too scared of walking over, seeing her talking with her pregnant maid. "It is a pleasure to see you again, Lady Lucienne." He offers as he walks towards them, offering a bow to her before looking to the maid. "Mistress, you seem well." A sincere happy smile for her before looking to the guards and offering them a sort of salute and a small dip of his head. Finally looking back to Lucienne. Seeming a bit brighter than moments ago.

Lucienne turns from her handmaid, who probably makes some remark of her own. "Master Vis," says the Terrick blood, offering a smile to the Flint retainer and canting her head. "I trust the day finds you well?"

Pariston nods to Lucienne and smiles charmingly, even for this early hour. "It has, even though I must admit that it has not been long since I woke. But it seems that the day is off to a good start." A small wink to her as he stands still for the moment, not wanting to upset the guards by getting too close.

"Is that so, Master Vis?" Lucienne's smile twists wryly as he winks at her. "You are no Ser, to be jousting with the knights, I take it?"

Pariston inclines his head to the first question, though as she goes on he shakes his head. "I am afraid not. I never understood it all about being a knight, but jousting did look rather fun. It's really too bad." He sighs a bit at this, though in a rather light way. "Had I been jousting then I would have already ask for your favor." Giving a glance to the guards to be sure they weren't going to beat him down.

"To swear by the holy Seven to uphold your vows of honor? I didn't think there was much to understand," counters the Lady, eyes bright. "But many men would not swear their sword by the Seven, especially north of our borders, I will allow." Two of the guards have taken a vigil mere steps from Lucienne, hovering imposingly, even to a man as tall as Pariston. The other two are a few steps further away, surverying the surrounds - though whether for work or for leisure is debatable. "Ah," says Luci, at the talk of her favor. "It is lucky you are not, then, Master Vis, for that would be most improper, don't you think?"

Pariston chuckles and shrugs, "I don't know too much about the Seven, I'm afraid. Mostly since no one taught me, and I haven't much cared since." He replies. As for the guard, he offers kind smiles. Not moving, though showing that he means no harm or such. A wide, wry smile as he listens to her go on. "Perhaps, but it would still be worth asking. Though perhaps just you rooting for me might be enough. As in the archery competition. I know your cousin was in it, but I am betting that you hoped for me to win." He offers and studies her curiously at that.

Lucienne's brows shoot upwards, skeptical. "I think you know very little of me, if you would have me backing another House's retainer over my dear cous, Master Vis. The Lord Dmitry is very close to my heart, you know."

Pariston chuckles softly. "I am just teasing with you my Lady. Though…" He then gestures to his chest. "…It pains me just a bit." He then goes back to being a bit more serious as he continues to smile. "Lord Dmitry is an excellent marksman, and I have seen him in action more than once. To be honest, I feared losing to him the most." He admits softly, before leaning in just a bit and speaking lower. "Don't tell the others though."

Lucienne is cruel enough to breathe a laugh as Pariston admits his pain, smiling merrily at what she thinks is a great joke. "The Lord Dmitry is an excellent archer," she agrees. "And even when he is not, he is one of my favorites anyway. The Ser Kell shot for Terrick honor, too - I cannot say I was displeased at the final round, aside from its outcome. Had you carried my favor, might you have missed a shot, Master Vis?" On purpose, it is clear she is implying.

Pariston smiles as he's quite happy to have made her laugh, even if it is at his expense. "Indeed, they were both terrific." He raises his brows about missing on purpose, thinking about it. "There is a possibility. Had you asked me to." He admits, though leaving it a bit vague.

She is touched by that possibility, if her expression is anything to go by - Lucienne cants her head, looking up toward Pariston apologetically. "Ah, well," she resigns, still smiling. "In another lifetime, perhaps. How is your Lady Tiaryn, might I ask?"

Pariston pouts, though in a rather playful way, "Or perhaps in case I get ennobled." He offers and bounces on eyebrow at that, but then shrugs to that. As talk turn to be about Tiaryn, he smiles warmly about the talk of the lady he is put to guard mostly. "I believe that she is alright. Unfortunately I have not been put on guard duty for her in some time."

"Ever the optimist, are you not?" Lucienne is amused at least. Her guards shuffle in the background, rotating vigilance over the Terrick girl. She, completely unaware of the changing of positions, smiles on blithely. "You will give her my regard, when next you are, Master Vis?"

"Of course, else I might not have won against some of the best archers I've met." Pariston tells her and only looks at the guards for a moment, taking in what they are doing. "I will, as soon as I meet her." He answers, though now he will try and come close enough to whisper to her. "As for the archery competition." If the guards don't push him away, or the maid for that matter. "The silver arrow is yours if you want. Perhaps you could consider me, noble or not." He whispers and then backs away a bit.

Perhaps not quite close enough to whisper, for Lucienne ducks back a step in the interest of propriety as Pariston surges forward. Still, she will hear his lowered voice, her brows lofting in surprise at the offer. "Master Vis," begins her low reply, "I am truly sorry if I have led you on falsely. I must wed for the good of my House, as you well would know? I do not think it would be proper for me to accept such a gift from you."

Pariston grins and nods as he listens to her, "Of course. Though still worth a shot. Besides…" Trying to speak low so that only she hears him, but he will not try and get too close. "Never said it had to be marriage." Though there is a rather teasing look on his face, so it might be a bit hard to know if he meant it or not. "Besides, I'm not sure I am the marrying time. Perhaps that is why I am not a noble." He chuckles and shurgs.

Whether he meant it or not, Lucienne's jaw gapes open at the suggestion. "Master Vis!" She exclaims, utterly scandalised as she hides the large 'O' of her lips behind the flick of her palm. "I shall pretend you said nothing of the sort," she grants him, dipping into a straight-backed curtsy. "Good day, master - do enjoy your time in Seagard, and give the Lady Tiaryn my regards." She does not wait for a response before moving off - Pariston will need give his reply to her back, if he has one.

Pariston bows deep and then nods about Lady Tiaryn, "Perhaps if I am ennobled. And you still owe me a day. Promise not to be as rude." He tells her and his face softens a bit and he seems sincere about not acting as rude. "Good day, my Lady, until next time." He then let her wander off as he chuckles to himself. "Damn, I think I'm still drunk." murmurmed for himself.