Page 311: An Extension
An Extension
Summary: Justin comes to request of Kittridge that House Groves give House Terrick more time to consider their offer.
Date: 26 May 2012
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Justin Kittridge 
The Twins - Tourney Grounds
Outside the Groves encampment
26 May 289

Pavilions are going down left and right and some have already departed for the road. The rolling landscape is quickly altering to revert to it's former self before the festivities. Justin has done all he may to prepare for their own leave taking and has been up for hours, this morning. However, he has to wait around for the womenfolk to get ready and Lucienne warned him she was not an early riser. So be it. Having said his goodbyes to a few already, he now allows his long legs to take him around the remaining encampment, seeking out the Groves pavilions.

The Groves encampment, like the rest, is in the process of being packed up now that the tourney is completed. Kittridge isn't really helping, sitting on top of a trunk near where his tent was until now. He occasionally directs traffic, pointing out vaguely which things still need packing and what odds and ends left lying about belong to whom and the like. But mostly he's just eating an apple and watching.

Which is perfectly appropriate with Kittridge being a Lord of his house with servants to do it for him. It also happens to make him easier for Justin to spot. Altering his strides to slightly change his course, the Terrick comes up already wearing his partial maile and outfitted for the road, "Ser, good morning. I trust the Seven smile upon you kindly for you do not look hung over this morning." Justin certainly isn't.

"Lord Justin," Kittridge greets with a polite nod and a brief wave of his apple, though he doesn't rise. "Expecting trouble?" he asks, gesturing at the maile with a lift of his brow. He chuckles at the last and shakes his head, "No, I can hold my wine, unlike some. What brings you this way, this morning?"

"No, no trouble up this far. Further along though, it will do for us to be cautious as we approach home, Ser." Justin leaves it at that, Kittridge knowing what he means about the bandit concerns. His own head is yet bared and will stay that way until they've passed Stonebridge at least, "I hoped to have a brief word with you ere you take to the road." Justin hooks his thumbs loosely into his sword belt before he continues, "My sister, the Lady Lucienne, mentioned that you were growing weary of waiting for a reply from us concerning your offer of surplus food stores, and wished for an answer within the next few days. I had hoped you would be patient enough to allow us time to return home and speak with my father, Ser. Last I had heard, he was considering your offer seriously." And while the idea of trading land for … food certainly leaves an unpleasant taste in his own mouth, Justin presses to add quietly, "I can not speak for how my father will decide upon that matter, but I think the Lady Anais is mistaken in part if she gave you impression we would not consider it. The land you mention did belong to your House and should it be a means not only to secure what we need, but mend relations between your house and my own, it is not without merit."

"I think we have been very patient, Lord Justin," Kittridge replies, "Your family has had many months now during which they could have approached us about this matter, and they did not. We made the effort of journeying to the Roost to bring the matter to you ourselves, to bring you an offer unsolicited, knowing of your plight and wishing to treat as fairly and generously as we might. Lady Anais gave me to believe your house had no intention of giving up land and believed it had plenty of other options, but told me I would have an answer at this tourney, which… as you can see," he spreads his hands to the sights around them, "Is now completed, and without a word from any of your house but Lady Lucienne, who seemed surprised to learn about the situation at all. Forgive me, but I am not sure, Lord Justin, what more I should be waiting for. Have none of you spoken with Lord Jerold on this at all?"

Justin listens and does not interrupt, his expression not pleased but keeping himself from frowning, either. When Kittridge asks his question last, Justin glances back in the direction he had come where Lucienne's things are being packed up and made ready, and from where Lady Anais had just departed. "No," he looks back to the other man, "I'm afraid I have not been able to discuss much with my father myself, though not for lack of need to do so, Ser. I had hoped to bend his ear a little while upon our return." He draws a breath to steal himself and says quietly, "I know you have been patient and aye, our house /should/ have approached you sooner. I do not know why my father or my brother have not and that worries me. I was not aware that you had surplus to offer until recently, as I had only returned some weeks ago. So I will simply ask you this: Will you give us a week and I will press to get an answer for you one way or the other myself? I would not insult you by dallying for furhter time, but I do not have the authority to make such negotiation, Ser. My father should at least have the decency to give you /some/ answer by now."

Kittridge sighs. "I'd really like this business finally settled one way or the other," he says, "And I have to say I'm disappointed in the way House Terrick has handled it. I know when negotiating one typically wishes to appear to be coming from a position of strength, but given that your house's desperation is no secret, I'd expected a bit more… I don't know. Urgency? Focus? Something?" He shrugs, and rakes a hand through his hair. "Three days," he says, "Your father has had plenty of time to hear our offer and think about it. If he can't make a decision and get it to us in three days, we are selling to the Naylands and the gold they've had ready and waiting for us for a month now." He finishes his apple, and tosses the core aside, saying, "I mean no offense to you personally, Lord Justin, it's clear you've not been involved in this. It's just been a bit frustrating, this whole business. I'm sure you understand."

"I do understand. You and I didn't … get off to as good a start as I would have liked and I regret my temper that day." Justin considers if he can get back to the Roost, get an answer and then find Kittridge or send a raven for the man in that short a time frame. "Will you be in Stonebridge, Ser? If it is possible that I can ride back, get an answer, and get it back to you within that time, then I will do so." Justin certainly doesn't seem to be pleased with his House dragging its feet on everything himself but he doesn't share his displeasure with that here and now. "It makes two of us who wish this settled, Ser. I do not relish seeing our people go hungry, and lack seed to plant new fields." It may as well be admitted since it's not secret. Unhappy with all that he can't seem to fix, Justin scrapes a hand through his dark hair and sighs, "Thank you, Lord Kittridge."

"I expect I will probably be in Stonebridge," Kittridge nods, "But you may send a message to Kingsgrove as well; it is my father that ultimately decides on all of this, anyway," he says. He nods politely, and replies, "You're welcome, Lord Justin. Safe journey back to the Roost for you and Ladies Lucienne and Anais. I hope to hear from you or your kin soon."

Jerold's third trueborn son gives Kittridge a nod, "And to you and yours, Seven watch over you on your travel. I hope to try our luck against the bandits when we get back, after I meet with my father. It would be nice to make some progress, somewhere." Justin inclines his head for parting to the other man, then turns to go back to their own portion of camp and see if the women are ready to leave, yet. Gods, let them be ready.