Page 444: An Exchange of Messages
An Exchange of Messages
Summary: Justin sends Einar and Pariston a note. Thye discuss it briefly and send one back.
Date: 10/Oct/2012
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Einar Pariston 
The woods outside Middle March
Wed Oct 10, 289

It is afternoon when Lord Justin's messenger finds Einar and Pariston out in the wilds surrounding Middle March. Having initially camped in the same spot that the previous party had, the pair had then moved on to a slightly more secluded spot, but one that still provided a useful base for their watches on both the house and surrounding paths. Greeted by Einar, who quickly fetched Pariston once it became clear the message was important, the man had handed over a small piece of velum and then volunteered to take up the now vacated watch position to leave the two northerners to read and consider by themselves.
The note was brief;

My thanks to you both for your attempt to help. Things have changed and my father is no longer Lord of the Roost. I am pushed out by Ser Bolland and his sons. Please report to me anything you have found but it is no longer within my hands in anyway what is to be done as concerns my brother.
- Ser Justin

And once he'd read it, Einar passed it silently over so that Pariston could too.

Pariston moves along and keeps himself low and quiet, despite his height. Reading the message afterwards and nodding as well. "Does it really change anything?" He asks. Change anything other than the obvious of course. "Think the old Terricks will move here then? We should still find Jacsen. They still have the right to this place, right?" Not sure how that all works. He is here to help find Jacsen still though. "Whatever lord Bolland plans we still need to find Jacsen. Besides, I don't understand what right he has to do this." Still keeping his voice rather low as he tries to put it all together.

Even though the messenger must be someone Justin trusts, Einar still glances over to ensure the man is far enough away before he answers Pariston. "It does and it doesn't," he says with a puzzled sigh. "I will admit that part of my reasoning for bringing us out here was because I call Ser Justin a friend, you are right though, Lord Jascen is still missing whatever is happening at the Roost." Running his hands down his face as he thinks he takes a deep breath, lets it out slowly and then says quietly. "Here are the options as I see them. Firstly, we carry on as if the message hadn't arrived and head back to the Roost for Friday as planned. There's nothing in here that says come back now after all. There is also however, no mention of how this change came about," which possibly isn't surprising given the brevity of it. "As such, our second option is to head back now, fill Ser Justin in on what we have learnt and see if all is well there while we're about it." He glances in the direction of the Terrick man again before finishing "Options three and four are basically the same as one and two, only with someone hightailing it to Highfield to ensure that Lord Anders is informed and to seek his guidance on how to handle this." He is inclined to think that the first two are the more viable, given this is probably just an internal rearrangement of another House, rather than something more sinister, but he throws all four choices out there to see how Pariston rates them.

Pariston listens and nods. Glancing towards the messenger once in awhile as well. Though there is a shrug then. "I do not think that we would be in a rush to Highfield, but it might be wise as well." He offers and shrugs, "The fifth option being that one rides back while the other stays until Friday. If you leave now you would be able to report what we already know to Justin as well as me continuing. Though in such case, I think perhaps leaving the Bolland line out for now. It wouldn't surprise me if they are involved in this." He offers. Studying the man. As for that suggestion. "Then another report at that. As soon as we are both back in the Roost I can carry on towards Highfield. To deliver your message."

"I think," Einar starts, having listened carefully to what Pariston had to say, "that there is little chance of word of this not getting out one way or another, so there is little to gain from us sending to Highfield as for all we know, they may know already." It makes sens to him and handily rules out the two options that involved splitting up. Holding his hand out for the note he re-reads it again before nodding once. "There is nothing in this that says hurry back, and we'd be leaving tomorrow anyway by my reckoning. I'll send a reply by this man, saying we will be in the Roost by dusk tomorrow and seek him out at once upon our arrival, lets say, a the Inn so we can talk outside of the Keep if he wishes it." It seems reasonable to him, but he'll see if Pariston can find any gaping flaws in it before he actually starts to write his reply.

Pariston nods, "Question being if the man is loyal to Terrick or Justin. Else he might as well report it all to lord Bolland and see to it that he get this info instead of Justin." He offers, studying the other man as well, making sure he can't hear them. "Though I suppose that Justin might be able to trust him. And yes, the inn sounds good. Most likely in our own chambers." He offers. Running his fingers through his hair.

He was trusted to bring the message to us," Einar replies with a faint shrug, entirely missing the fact that Pariston just address Justin by first named only. Standing, he walks the short distance to his saddlebags and roots around until he finds his writing kit. Resting on the saddle, his note (on a fresh piece of velum) is just as brief as Justin's.

We remain on plan to return by dusk tomorrow (Thursday). Plan to re-take our rooms at the Inn and suggest meeting you there to discuss our findings.
-Lord Einar

The note written he gives a short whistle to attract the Terrick man's attention and hands it over, along with instructions to present it to Justin as soon as possible. Once the man is gone, and gone for several minutes, Einar returns to his previous seat and leans his back against a handy tree. "This could get interesting."

Einar lets the quiet hand for a minute or two, using the time to also try and fit everything together in his head. "I suppose," he says, eventaully breaking the silence, "that we should get back to work, or we might as well just have headed back with that man." He turns his head to Pariston and asks, "Is it my turn or yours?"

Pariston raises a brow and smirks, "True enough." He offers before looking around a bit. "Mine, I think. Though do keep an eye around the place. Hopefully you can hear it if they make a move. I will move around and see what we can find a bit further down." He suggests. Looking to see if Einar agrees with that.

Keep his ears open? If there's on thing Einar has always been able to do it's that. "ALright then," he agrees happily enough, "but don't be gone too long, it's only a few hours until dark and for all we know there are a dozen heavily armed men in the vicinity." Not the time to be caught alone really.

Pariston nods, "I won't be too far off. Most likely still able to see me. I will move back as it goes dark." Able to find his way back most likely. He will try to be stealthy and hopefully with it not being too long he won't have to worry. Hopefully.