Page 512: An Evening by the Sea
An Evening by the Sea
Summary: Various inhabitants and guests of the Roost meet and discuss various happenings.
Date: 17/Dec/2012
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Coastline, Terrick's Roost
The Cape of Eagles looms out over Ironman's Bay, a vast, blue ocean inlet, that spreads its watery depths out beyond the horizon. The path that leads down to this coast winds down behind the towers for several hundred meters before arriving at the rocky water's edge. Rather than sand, the coast is covered with innumerable smooth and rounded stones about palm-sized. They stretch up and down the coast in all directions with the battered remnants of driftwood scattered about. Above the beach, one every mile or two, are towers with a large bell and mallet atop them which are to be beaten to warn of an incoming invasion. A small dock is being constructed of thick northern timbers, with mooring space for two large ships, or perhaps a half dozen smaller craft.
Mon Dec 17, 289

Freya Caul sits on the beach on this cool evening in her leathers holding her own private celebration of the victory in the cave. She was not allowed to fight - but contributed to the tracking to the best of her ability. Her golden hair blows about freely - a tangled mop in the sea breeze. She has a small jug of wine next to her and a goblet that she sequestered from the retinue she rides with. She's singing a sad sea shanty rather well - obviously because of her mummer training.

Mortimer has managed a mostly relaxing day all told. He spent the first half of it asleep which has helped admittedly, but bar a brief awkward moment in the Rockcliff around lunch his waking hours have been mostly spent with his family. A change from the last few weeks that's certain. Now though, he's out to stretch his legs and bouncy some of the energy out of his son before it's time for dinner. It seems to have worked as a plan to for as he heads around the headland from the cove it's a remarkably sleepy looking young that thats clinging to his side.

Making his way along the coast, Martyn is for once dressed without armor and such. Now he's following the cliffs and beaches along the area, moving a bit slowly for the moment. looking around carefully for now, as if looking for something, or someone. Not seeing whatever he was looking for, he sighs a bit, although he pauses as he notices people present, starting to move in Mortimer's general direction now.

Off in the distance some laughter could be heard. Two females, one more evident of higher station than the other, was chasing the other with skirts hiked and high sloshing through the waters meeting sand. Their spirits were high and garments slightly damp, moreso closest to the sea salted ground. They ran barefoot, splashing one another and attempting to shield their assailant's attempts with raised hands. "I yield!" Faline gave into laughter, waiting only for her handmaiden to lower her guard before she strikes again, this time with a cup hand full of sea water.

Freya caul is inundated with company all at once raising her goblet to the approaching Deputy Sheriff and saying, "Is this the son Master Trevelyan? What a cutie. Hey little guy." Freya winks at the young boy. As other people approach she stands and straightens out her hair with her hands curtseying to Martyn and Falin in turn. Smiling at Lady Faline's antics. "There's some life left in the Roost it would seem after all."

Right hand held immobile again his chest, Mortimer has steered his lad to his left side so he can shepherd him with the other. The singing alerts him to the presence of others first, although as he looks up it's Martyn he sees, offering the man a slightly stiff bow as he does so, "m'Lord." Turning then to try and pinpoint the singing he spots Faline but the lady is a little far off to greet for now and so he eventually makes it to Freya. She's given a nod before he glances down to the boy, who looks to be around 6 or 7. "Aye Mistress," he replies looking back with a faint smile, although the lad himself seems less certain of this sudden deluge of people and has retreated part way behind his father's leg.

Martyn pauses a few moments as he hears Mortimer's greeting. "Master Trevelyan. I hope you are healing well?" A brief pause as he glances to the little boy, offering him a smile. "Hello there." Looking over to Freya, he offers her a nod and a smile as well. Glancing back towards the cliff he was walking near for a few moments, then back to the others now.

It is evening Freya Caul stands on the beach with a small jug of wine and goblet in her hands talking to Mortimer and his seven year old son and Ser Martyn. Lady faline and her maid splash about in the sea barefoot nearby. "A little shy though," Freya had a pretty striking appearance - perhaps as singular as any of the noble women in the court. Today she was in her outdoor gear though and looked a little rough and ready. But for the haigh insignia on her armor she might even be mistaken for a well equipped bandit. "Ser Martyn good to see you. Good to see everyone in one piece after the other day. Well done by the way…" A genuine compliment to the menfolk for their rescue of the innocents.

It has been a rather disorienting day for the young Mallister bride. She had just received word that her cousin Shayla was coming to visit — perhaps even stay. On top of that, she has gone to see the new Maester after a rather stressful night of constantly moving babies. Needless to say, a relaxing walk is required. She is being escorted by her pair of ever-faithful guards, as well as her young maid Hara. They've decided not to employ the horses today, as the Maester suspects a nervous ride and restless day is to blame for an equally restless night. She is dressed in a beautiful gown of wildfire green — a nice duplicate to a gown that once fit before her belly swelled up. It plays well with her fiery hair. She is still on-approach to the others, though Hara is not letting her rush.

"He's just tired I think," Mortimer answers, using his good hand to ruffle the lad's hair a moment. It's a good sign though, since he was sent out with specific instructions to a) spend some time with the boy and b) burn off some of his energy. Martyn gets a brief nod in confirmation before he explains, "nothing that won't heal I'm told. No infection at least, but the suspect a broken bone or two." He lifts his splinted hand slightly at that, as if to indicated where said bones are. "Your self m'Lord?" He might have said more but a shift in position from the limpet informs him that the lad has spotted the approaching Saffron. Setting his hand on his son's shoulder he shepherds the lad round to the front again so he's not hiding quite so much and then offers the approaching Mallister the same stiff bow Martyn had received, "Good evening m'Lady."

"Ah, I did very little of the job, really," Martyn offers after a few moments of pause, nodding a little bit at Freya's words, before he offers a nod and a smile to Mortimer. "I'm glad to hear that," he replies, before he adds, "Well done out there. And I'm fine. I got out of there without a… well, only with a small scratch, really." Pausing at the mention of the lady, he turns to look, offering a smile as he sees who it is. He doesn't speak yet, waiting until the lady has reached them now.

Freya curtsies politely to Lady Saffron as she approaches, "M'Lady - that was wonderful speech you gave in the courtyard of Four Eagles Tower before the men went out for the final battle with the creatures…" Something Freya had noted earlier but failed to remark on. Frowning at the revelation of Mortimer's injury and Martyn's, "Thank whatever powers watch over us it is only a small injury both of you have endured."

"Deputy," Saffron greets with a warm, dimpling smile. She shakes her head a bit, waving a hand dismissively. "No need, Master Mortimer… I know your heart, you needn't bow when you are tired and recovering." She rests her hand on the top of her belly as she continues her approach. She is beaming at Martyn, and even drops a kiss onto her goodcousin's cheek. "Martyn. You will need to catch up with Kamron… he is jealous he wasn't able to join you on the hunt, but he has this terrible wife that doesn't let him have fun anymore." She gently adjusts the darker green shawl that falls about her shoulders as her dimples remain in full shine. She glances toward Mistress Caul, bobbing her head gently in greeting to the smallfolk woman. "It was nothing," she says with a faint pink blush on her cheeks.

"Thank you m'Lord," Mortimer replies to Martyn, "I think all told we were lucky. Lord Alric and Lord Nikolus might disagree with me somewhat but they took the worst of it and yet could still walk out unaided." It could have been a lot worse really, although he's managed not to think on that thankfully. Freya gets a quick nod, "The Seven were kind." Maybe that had something to do with their opponents turning out to be Ironborn, who knows? That however is something he has dwelt on in the past twenty four hours or so and the mere thought of it once more causes his grip on hi son's shoulder to tighten slightly, not much, but enough to get a glance up from the lad who has otherwise been keeping mostly still. Possibly a little awestruck along with tired. Saffron's comment though distracts him though and he offers her a faintly apologetic look, "sorry m'Lady. Old habits."

Their water assault games drew to an end, both women out of breath, drenched and not at all dismayed by their own appearances. Faline and Suriyah trekked through the thick sand and head inland, greeted by the guard who held their shoes. An important task to be sure. They weren't as close to the others gathered near the cliff, conversing. Faline gathered the damp strands of her hair, ringing water from the curling lengths as her handmaiden did the same to her skirts.

Pausing for a few moments at the kiss to his cheek, Martyn offers a bit of a smile. "Saffron. How are you today? And I'm sure Kamron doesn't mind having to miss a few things such as this every now and then. I guess I will have to let him know how it went, though." A brief pause as he looks between the others now, nodding a little bit. "We had some excellent leadership from Master Trevelyan here, after all." Offering a grin to Mortimer.

Freya smiles at Saffron, "I am sure it lifted the spirits of the menfolk. It certainly encouraged me." She has no point of reference for the rest of what is being duscussed. Though a hunter Freya had never been asked to participate in one - she hunted alone often. She was becoming a loner. "M"lady!" she raises her voice slightly so she can be heard by Faline and her maid, "If you wish to dry off I have a two dry blankets over here," that she was making picnic on - but it looks like that plan went the way of the children of the forest.

Mortimer doesn't seem overly keen on talking about the fact that he ended up in charge, it's still after all, a decision he thinks was nuts and is only likely to leave the Roost open to ridicule. Even if it was an Ashwood sworn who first suggested it. Instead he simply offers Martyn another, quieter, "thank you m'Lord." He means it though, Martyn being one of the nobles that hasn't been constantly going on about the noble/smallfolk divide, or making snide remarks. As Freya calls to Faline though he takes the opportunity to kneel and mutter a few short words to his son before the lad nods to him, gives an awkward attempt at a bow to the nobles and sets off in the kind of ungainly run for home that only youngsters can manage. Limbs flailing everywhere yet still somehow managing to make progress.

Both Faline and Suriyah make their way to the small gathering after brushing off their feet and trying to slip on their shoes. "Thank you." Faline does return to Freya, laughing a little as she watched Mortimer chase after the young. "If only such energy could be bottled up and preserved for our later years." She recalled being so young and full of the desire to move. She greets the Mallisters, "Ser Martyn. For as often as your presence is here you should have your own quarters." A jest, right?

"Does that mean I should come here less often, my lady?" Martyn offers with a bit of a grin to Faline, before he nods a little bit at Mortimer, unable to hold back a smile as the man's son runs off. A brief pause as he looks around the area again.

Nedra comes late to the party, such as it is, a long length of fishing line is coiled around a spool that she holds in one hand; the other end is tied to a large and brightly painted kite that she is carefully guiding and tugging in the wind that lifts across the water. She is some length away from the group that is gathered on the rock strewn beach.

Freya watches Martyn and Faline 'flirt' is it with a smile on her face. As for Faline's thanks, "No problem at all my lady - don't think we've met - I'm Freya Caul a Haigh retainer. Scout, bandit hunter and housepet…" Freya japes about her position. She watches the lad shoot off, "Wasted on the young they say," remarks the former indentured. "What is lady Nedra doing over there?" she'd seen a, kite once long ago but could barely remember it.

Mortimer offers Faline a respectful, if a little stiff, bow as the Lady approaches, despite what Saffron might have suggested about such things not being needed while he's healing. The maid gets a brief nod before he greets the Terrick properly, "Evening m'Lady." Glancing back towards town he explains, "he needs his bed, figured it was easier to send him on now then to carry him later." Hopefully not too much later mind, but still later. Nedra is not yet spotted, despite the kite, although it's possibly a good thing the lad hadn;t seen it or he'd never have wanted to leave.

The dry blanket is ran through her hair and patted along the soaked regions of her gown. "That would be a horrible thought Ser Martyn." She smiles to while drying herself. Suriyah is mimicing the same actions. "Evening Sheriff, that is a handsome son you have." A simple compliment shortly before Freya introduces herself, drawing Faline's brows to deepen. "That is quite a list Mistress Caul." When pointed out the Terrick woman follows the gaze towards Nedra and flying kite. "Looks like fun." But the girl then hands the blanket to her handmaid, "Unfortunately the hour is growing to late." Suriyah, all finished, bundles the blankets neatly and returns them to Freya with a nod of thanks. Faline is rubbing the faint grains of beach sand from her hands, "Have a pleasant evening, all of you." She states before turning for the path that leads back to the four eagles.

Martyn pauses a few moments as he hears Faline's words, offering her a bit of a smile. "Thank you, my lady," he offers, after a few moments of pause. Nodding a bit at Mortimer as well, with a bit of a smile, before he blinks a bit as he hears the mention of Nedra. "She's… having fun, I suppose," he remarks after a few moments of pause now.

Nedra is just getting the kite to really take loft when her maid joins her, a brief conversation is had before Nedra tilts her head in a nod and passes the kite over to Shalla. Nedra lifts just the hem of her gown and hurries over the rocks, joining her Septa and one armsman to make the climb away from the beach again.

It is evening and Freya Caul is standing on the beach with a bundle of other people - some nobles who are departing chatting quietly to Mortimer and Ser Martyn. A young lad around seven and a couple of nobles are leaving - but Freya remains with two wet blankets and a jug of wine. "Oh that's a kite Lady Nedra was flying - last time I saw one was back in King's Landing years ago," Freya was well travelled if nothing else.

Mortimer takes a moment to offer a bow and a brief "m'Lady" to the departing Faline. Something he's also tempted to do to as Nedra makes her way back to towards the town and keep, but since the Mallister hadn't come close enough to greet he eventually decides it to be a supuflus action and so doesn't. Turning to Martyn he asks, "will you be staying long m'Lord? Or will you be heading east with the Haigh's when they depart?" He's assuming they haven't done so already, but his only sight of them so far today has been this meeting with Freya.

"Oh come on. You must go with me. I mean, surely you want to honor those that fought so valiantly to rescue the children, right? I am sure that there will be some down at the water." And without another word, definitely not taking no for an answer, Perrin links his arm with in Nedra's and begins heading to the beach. As they near he points "See, there are some still here."

"I'm not sure," Martyn replies to Mortimer's question. "I was hoping to get that figured out soon." A brief pause, before he looks over at the Deputy, offering the man a bit of a grin. "Trying to get rid of me, Master Trevelyan?" It's offered with mock-suspicion, but still rather lightly.

Nedra is not, precisely, digging her heels in but she was laughing a bit and protesting right up until Perrin linked his arm with hers and started towing her back toward the beach. "You know, I never start an argument that I know I won't win, my lord," she admits and decides to keep pace with Perrin instead of having him tow her toward the beach. "I'm so glad about your niece, my lord, I really am. You were all so amazingly brave for going out and doing what you did," she says this quietly, her words personal - not a public statement, meant for Perrin's ears.

Freya curtseys to both Nedra and Perrin as they enter. Awkward because she is wearing pants. A warm smile that had been delayed in lieu of the missing children crosses the blonde former thief’s face, "It's good to see you safe, whole and successful my Lord," she says. "And you as well my Lady." Freya looks at Mortimer, "So they put you in charge I heard?"

Mortimer nods to Martyn's first reply, then shakes his head with a faint smile at the later question before replying equally lightly, "No m'Lord, I can assure you of that well enough." It's good to have Mallisters around after all, it inspire a certain degree of confidence in things, especially with all the upheavals within the Terrick family. Catching movement out of the corner of his eye he glances towards the path to the green and notions briefly to Martyn an Freya to alert them to the presence of the new arrivals. Or new arrival and returnee as it happens to be. This time, since she's actually heading in their direction Nedra get a bow along with Perrin, "M'Lord, m'Lady." Freya's question draws his attention from the pair though and he turns to give her a brief nod and a faintly tired, or maybe exasperated, "Aye, they did."

Ser Kamron Mallister's wife had taken a lovely walk in the waves to soothe her already swollen feet and ankles. She had been having a lovely conversation with Hara, guarded closely by Punbah and Timmen. She is wading closer toward the coast once more, her gown slightly damp around the hems. She brightens at the sight of more family on the beach, though she is strictly forbidden from moving faster than a lamed duck, so she walks carefully back up the shore.

With a laugh Perrin glances to Nedra, still not releasing her arm "Good. For I hate to lose arguments. Actually," he pauses "I just hate to loose. It makes me cranky. You don't want to make me cranky do you?" Which is followed by a laugh. As she talks about the children's rescue he nods "Thank you, it is a wonderful thing to bring the children back. The men that went there were all very brave to have fought those…those things. I just hope that their wounds heal fast and they are back on their feet fit and well soon." No, he doesn't include himself in that, but will gladly praise all the others.
As they near he nods to Freya "Mistress Caul. Thank you for those kind words and yes," He looks to Mortimer "He was in charge. A very large measure of the success we had is due to him. Much praise should be and shall be put upon The deputy." Said deputy is then studied "I trust you are well? How's the hand?" Perrin asks, genuinely concerned it would seem. Martyn of course gets a smile and Perrin leans his head to Nedra "Martyn was intent on keeping me alive even to the peril of his own self. I owe him much."

"Good to know," Martyn replies with a grin to Mortimer. Turning to look to Nedra and Perrin, he offers a grin to both of them now. "Cousin, Ser Perrin. It's good to see you both," he offers after a few moments of pause. "How are the two of you today?" Looking over to Saffron as well as she makes her way back up the shore, then back to the others now.

"Are you sure you aren't a Mallister, my lord?" Nedra asks of Perrin in a quiet voice, laughter chasing her words even as she nods politely at Freya. " You hate to lose, you like to get your way, and you get cranky when you don't. I'm positive those are Mallister traits," is teased lightly and since she's already on a roll.. "And how is Lady Jocelyn, by the way? I haven't seen her since before the search party returned so triumphantly, she isn't departing for Stonebridge right away, I hope." She rests one hand on Perrin's arm as he speaks of Martyn and, as result, her eyes seek out her cousin and a warm smile forms on her face, "Cousin," is all the warning that Martyn gets before she releases Perrin's arm and rushes across the rocks to hug Martyn. "You're not hurt?" she demands of her cousin, leaning back to stare up at him - resisting the urge to give her cousin a teeth-clacking shake before hugging him again. She only gives Martyn a few seconds to consider his reply before she spots Saffron and gives her goodsister another warm smile accompanied by a wave.

"No doubt you were a worthy captain for them - must've irked the nobles to listen to a common born. But the proof of the pudding as they say - you were successful - and returned my liege Lord to me unharmed. Thank you for that Master Trevelyan…" and odd thing being thanked by a Caul for something. But then being allies with the girl for even a short time might be odd for a lawman from Mosedale. Freya watches the nobility exchange their pleasantries with silence and a smile.

Saffron is soon on the shore, though she has to take a moment to find her breath once more even as Master Punbah slips up to her side, offering his arm for her to rest on. She does so with little shame, though by the Seven, she now understands why Magnola was surrounded by cushions, pillows, blankets, and obedient servants for the last four months of her own twin pregnancy. She offers a gentle smile toward Nedra, and in it there is a soft apology conveyed. After all, last they talked, Saffy lost her temper. She rests her hand subconsciously on the top of her swollen belly, tapping at it gently. "Alright, I don't want to walk anymore. Everyone has to stay right here until I'm done with you."

Despite what she said earlier, Mortimer gives Saffron a stiff bow as she approaches once more, "m'Lady." As Perrin speaks to Freya he starts to feel faintly awkward again, raising his good hand to scratch at his beard for a moment. "I only wish we could have found them earlier m'Lord," he answers examining the sand at his feet a moment. There were three dead children after all. Still, he's counting Perrin among the Lords and knights that haven't been, to put it blunty, arses about the whole thing so he continues. "If I may m'Lord, I'd like to offer my thanks to you for your efforts as well. Without the information you bought we might still be out there now." Something in Freya's words distract him there though and he turns to say simply, "I'm no Captain, Mistress, nor a knight, nor anything fancy, just an old soldier. Thats all." Then it's back to Perrin to finally answer the lord's question. Raising the hand a fraction to acknowledge the question he glances to it and then back to the Haigh, "I'm told it'll heal m'Lord. No sign of infection for now, although they suspect a broken bone or two."

Warm, delighted laughter echoes its way down the Coastline and back. It's followed by the murmuring voices of Katrin Haigh and her constant companion and maid, Serra. Behind them trails a sulky looking Haigh guard who does not seem the least bit interested in the gossip of women. At the moment, Serra is in the midst of a story, perhaps something heard in town, a hot piece of gossip that thankfully does not revolve around her and her exploits.

A finger goes to his lips and a shhhh sound is made by Perrin "Don't tell anyone. I really am a Mallister. But I was spirited away by the Haighs and raised as if one of their own." Yes he jests and the grin that spreads across his face proves it. "Lady Jocelyn is doing well. She is at the Inn though soon we shall be heading to Stonebridge as that was my original destination before the unpleasantness began." He grins as he watches Nedra leave his arm and go to her cousin, his thumbs now hook into his belt.
He listens to Freya, eyes darting to Mortimer as he does "A very worthy Captain indeed," he adds. "I wish we could have stopped them before any had to die, Deputy. But," Perrin sighs "should something like this ever happen again the faster the word gets out and a call for help perhaps we can head it off all the sooner." He gives a shrug of his shoulders "No thanks are needed, Deputy. Only a small part did I play in the grand scheme of things."
When Nedra spots Saffron and waves he turns and also sees the Lady. A bow "My Lady, I hope you are doing well." He eyes her belly "And the future Lords as well?" About to say more there comes a very familiar ring of laughter and he turns. "It must be a night of cousins. For I believe, if I am not mistaken, there comes one of mine." His grin wide as she nears.

As Perrin mentions a cousin, Saffron turns her head a bit to spy Katrin. She brightens a bit at the sight of her old friend, but she is quite serious that she's not walking anymore. She glances toward Perrin, nodding a bit. "Lords… multiple, if the Maesters know what they are talking about. I will be the second of my father's five daughters to be bearing twins. My eldest sister carried hers with grace and poise, but I just want to know why the Seven decided I couldn't give my husband sons one at a time." She offers a good-natured smile as she continues to rest there, arm still resting on that of her good guard. She casts a glance toward Mortimer, offering him a dubious smile. "That is good to hear, Deputy. Look after it. My husband was sore for weeks after he injured his own hand at the Twins melee."

Martyn looks about to say something before he's being hugged now. "I wasn…" he begins before he's hugged again, unable to hold back some laughter now. "I wasn't hurt, more than a minor scratch, until you tried breaking my ribs just now, cousin," he replies, with a bit of a grin. At Freya's words to Mortimer, he shakes his head a bit. "I'd prefer someone competent leading things to someone who just happens to have the right name," he offers, expression turning a bit distant for a few moments, as one hand moves up to rub at his neck. Nodding a bit as he listens to Perrin's words, then looks over as he mentions his cousin. His gaze follows Katrin for a few moments now, before he blinks at Saffron's words. "Twins? That's…" Looking a bit unsure of what to say, before he offers a bit of a grin. "Blame Kamron being impatient, or something?" Offered quite lightly.

Nedra casts a grin back at Perrin, "I knew it," she replies with a laugh before she nods, "wonderful, that Jocelyn is still here, I mean. I hope that perhaps I can ride back with you?" she wonders. "I've a goal to accomplish in Stonebridge, I want to see about painting that blessed bridge," Nedra admits with a gleam of determination in her eyes. "Jocelyn thinks I'm crazy, but I'm going to do that painting anyway," she vows before following Perrin's line of sight, head tilting subtly in acknowledgement of his words, before her attention shifts back to Martyn and she manages not to crack Martyn's ribs with one last hug. "You scare me sometimes, cousin," she reminds Martyn with another shake of her head. Her attention seems to have all the lasting power of about a mayfly before she's crossing the rock strewn beach to offer Saffron a hug, "How are you feeling?" is asked softly. "Twins?" she asks, clarifying her own hearing, delight making her eyes light up.

Mortimer stays silent for a moment after Perrin speaks, weighing up if the man knows or not that word was sent as soon as it became apparent that there was more missing than one Roost maid. Not to House Haigh admittedly, only the Ashwoods and Groves, but word was sent. It just wasn't replied too. Well, apart from Darek. He'll give the man the benefit of the doubt though and so once his consideration is done he replies with a quick nod, coupled to an "Aye m'Lord." A quick glance is then given to Saffron as she addresses him, "I will m'Lady. I have a list of does and don'ts from the healers at the infirmary." He'll even try to stick to it as well, until the split comes off and he forgets of course. "And congratulations on your news, to you and your Lord Husband."

Perrin laughs with the Lady Saffron "After six boys, all separate and having to deal with them one at a time I am betting my own mother might say that having them come in twos would have been the easier, My Lady. Perhaps the Seven are sparing you from constantly having to chase young lads about the keep?"
Perrin looks at Mortimer and the hand "I have to agree with Lady Saffron. Listen to the Maesters directions. I am sure that they know best for the care you will need."
He nods to the words spoken by Martyn "I also agree with Ser Martyn. The best man at the time for the job."
"I am sure that the Lady Jocelyn will be more than happy to have you along for the ride, Lady Nedra. Not to mention that I would as well."
While not able to read the man's mind, Perrin can see that some thoughts run through Mortimer's head. Curiosity comes but for now Perrin doesn't speak on it. Perhaps at a later date.

Katrin slows her pace slightly on seeing a group gathered together but as she has the chance to see who exactly is amongst them, a wide smile appears and the girl changes direction to approach. "Saffron!" is the first greeting that she enthusiastically gives. But a warm, "Cousin Perrin," is right behind. Everyone else in the group gets a smile, even if the one she passes to the Mallister Knight is a little shy.

"Twins, or one son with four legs and arms," Saffron says with a half-smile as she embraces her goodsister. Now she looks back toward Mortimer with a bit of a grin. "Thank you, Master Mortimer… I'm trying to see the virtue of the news, though truly I would be happier if I didn't look like I swallowed a watermelon in a few months." Now she regards the group as a whole, resting a bit more weight on Punbah until the guard realizes he should fetch the woman a seat of some kind. He waves Timmen down to see to it. Now she turns at the sound of her name, and she grins toward Katrin — she does try to seem a bit reserved, after all, but… well. "Katrin, where have you been hiding…"

Mortimer hadn't spotted Katrin's arrival until her greeting to Saffron catches his ear. Turning to glance in her direction the newly arrived Haigh is offered a stiff bow and a respectful "m'Lady." Saffron is given a brief nod to acknowledge her thanks before Perrin gets one too. "I will m'Lord," he answers with a faint smile, "and not just because the wife would kill me if she found out I wasn't." Wolves? Creatures of Yore? Not a problem. Pissing off the wife? Not a chance.

Perrin beams at his cousin as he watches her come to the group "Cousin Katrin! It is so good to see you again. I see that you finally dragged yourself from Broadmoor and just in time too." Then to the group he bows "If you all will excuse me, but I have been ordered to remain in bed," though he doesn't say by who "Even if I only received a bruise or two. But," he shrugs with a grin all the same. Maybe not a wife, not yet at least. He looks to Mortimer "There is something I would like to discuss with you, if you are heading into town that is. Or we can meet up at a later date. Whichever works best for you." Then he looks to Martyn "I would like you to be there as well, Ser Martyn." To the Ladies he smiles "Guy talk. You know how it is." Followed by a chuckle.

Offering a similar kind of smile to Katrin as she joins them, Martyn bows his head a little bit. "Lady Katrin. I hope you are well today?" Looking between the people, before he hears Perrin's words, and he offers a bit of a smile. "Of course, Ser Perrin." Looking back to the others now. "Can you tell Kamron that if he wants me to catch him up with what happened, he can just let me know that, anytime?" he offers to Saffron, before he looks around once more.

"I was heading home m'Lord," Mortimer answers Perrin, "'t's same direction though." Walking and talking works for him, just so long as it isn't something that'll take hours. He turns and takes a couple of steps in that direction to indicate his readiness then turns to offer a departing bow to the women. "M'Ladies."

"Twins," Nedra says it again, sounding a bit reverent. "Two of everything, Saffron, we need two of EVERYTHING," she says, her voice a bit breathy. "Two cribs, pairs of everything, more of those adorable baby shoes," and while Nedra is NOT known for her abilities when it comes to the shopping thing she clearly is in gear when it comes to THIS shopping thing. "Oh my gods, does mother know?" she asks, eyes wide, speaking of her mother that is, Saffron's too now!