Page 480: An Apple A Day
An Apple A Day
Summary: Ozric ventures out into the Roost to learn about his new domain
Date: 15/Nov/2012
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Marketplace, Terrick's Roost
Residents of the town and surrounding area bring their wares to sell here among small tables built upon the slate grey stone flooring of the outdoor expanse. The area is surrounded by thatched roof buildings and shops on all sides with roads and paths winding their way in and out of this thriving part of town. Most of the commercial capacity of Terrick's Roost can be found here with the storefronts attracting the attention of those among all classes.
Thu Nov 15, 289

Tis the middle of the day, and the market sees its life bustle-well better than it has in some time. Merchants are out with their sparse wares, and townsfolk have some slivers of coin that they use now to do as they wish. As it is, down from the keep and amongst the commoners does one of the new Lords of Terrick stalk. The one eye'd one known as Ser Ozric, watches with cyclopedean interest the exchange between a cutler and leatherworker-still the knight does not interfere. Instead he moves on, passing a couple of store fronts and aiming himself for a cart of fruit-particularly apples.

The apples themselves are not the biggest or brightest things seen. Indeed, hard times in the cape means what produce has been reaped from Harvest is not necessarily the best. Still the knight does reach for coin and passes it to the withered man, for two of the small reddish bulbs. A nod of quiet thanks given, as one apple is buffed and then bitten into, as the other is kept in his free hand.

It seems that Mortimer is once again on pickpocket-watch in the marketplace. Certainly not the most exciting of his various duties, but it does give him a chance to catch up with the townsfolk as he meanders slowly through the various stalls. Right now it seems that he's engaged in a fairly detailed conversation with one of the cobblers but that's brought short when a customer arrives and so wishing the merchant a good day he moves on. Eyes scan the crowds for potential trouble or known troublemakers and it's not too long before he spots the new Young Lord and offers the man a polite, if passing, nod in both acknowledgement and greeting.

Because he has no family and rarely needs to shop, Nathaniel rarely visits the shops as a customer. However, the stand where the wizened farmer sells apples does warrant an occasional visit. The courier meanders through the crowd, heading toward the stall at a leisurely pace, stopping with familiar townsfolk and chatting merrily, laughing and exchanging trifling bits of news from around the area and even beyond.

There is a curious glance as a youth brushes by him, and hurries off with a giggle. One hand moves to the knight's belt as the apple remains comically ensconced in his teeth. Luckily, money is still in it's pouch and upon his person. A bite and a jerk of his hand back to free the fruit from his chompers, Ozric, almost misses Mortimer's nod. There is a brief pause-and the knight changes direction and moves easily towards the Sheriff (Deputy) in question, the other hand filled with small fruit, offered out to the other man. "Master Trevelyan.." comes the accented and gruff tones of the new Young Lord. "I trust your mice catching goes well?" Obviously, that is what Mortimer is doing, yes? Hunting the little mice that make off with the coin of hard working folk?

Mortimer had turned away from Ozric to check on another of the visiting merchants but by the time the Young Lord is speaking to him he's noticed his approached and moved out of the main flow of traffic for ease of conversing. Nathaniel is also spotted at this point and a hand is raised briefly in greeting before his attention turns back to the Terrick. "M'lord, All quiet it seems but aye, keeping the old eyes out just in case."

Nathaniel ventures to the stall that Ozric left, and sees Mortimer in the process. He raises a hand to wave in greeting, although he does not call to the man, either because he knows that a voice can draw attention where it is not wanted, or because he realizes that the man is speaking with their liege on some possibly important matter. He busies himself by purchasing a few small apples from the vendor. During the course of conversation, the vendor says something that causes Nathaniel to direct his attention toward a fabric stall. He nods and pays for his purchase. Then he heads for that next place of interest, where a cheerful girl who is probably only as old as Nathaniel, and likely younger, talks with him for a moment before leaving the counter. He waits unit she returns with a bundle which she lays on the counter. Again, he fishes a few coins from his pouch and pays for a purchase.

Ozric nods to Mortimer as the apple remains offered out towards the older man. "Good, good." The Terrick asserts for a moment before taking more biting interest in the already gnawed upon apple in his other hand. There is a brief look given back over towards Mortimer whilst he chews only to swallow down. "How does your taskmaster?" meaning his own cousin and kin-Ser Justin. A lick of his teeth. "And you, Master Trevelyan? How do you fair?" he asks of the other man before his lone eye catches Nathaniel's movements. "There-he looks familiar." As likely Ozric has seen Nate in and about the Tower. "Who is that?" Apparently the two have not been formally introduced-or if they have it means the young heir has unfortunately forgotten.

"Out searching for those who murdered his brother, m'Lord, and running the road patrols" Mortimer answers briefly as he waves away the offer apple. "I ate recently," he offers by way of explanation before moving onto the next question. Glancing around once more, just watching the general movement of the crowd rather than anything in specific as he replies, "mostly quiet here though. Couple of things on going, worst of which being a missing maid who hasn't been seen in a few days, but we're looking into it." As the question of Nathaniel's identity is brought up he simply glances over to see who is being spoken about then supplies, "Master Nathaniel Corbitt, he's a courier and general saver of lost souls. He often runs messages for the household."

Nathaniel does not hear the rest of the conversation between deputy and noble, but when Mortimer calls his name, his attention quickly hones on the man as if someone has called him into service. He bows deeply to the noble over the bundles that he has just purchased. "Lord Terrick," he greets solemnly, holding the bow until the noble acknowledges. Then he flashes a quizzical look at Mortimer when the deputy describes him with such a peculiar phrase. "We met very briefly on the Green, lord, but I would not count myself worthy of your memory."

"He should have men to see to the road patrol." Ozric notes before he nods. "I had thought the servants were the ones who coined up to them that murdered Lord Jacsen?" A curious tone there, perhaps he was told wrong or heard wrong. He was certainly out of the Roost after the discovery was made. A nod is given as the other apple is tossed in the air and caught-succinct in time with the crunch of his current fruity prey. "Which maid was this?" asked with a careful raise of brow-concerned? Mildly, though it is likely the Young Lord has no clue whom would or could be missing. Still-his blue eye remains on Nathaniel for the moment. "I see, Master Corbitt." he repeats for a moment before he looks to the other man. "Has his only job been as a courier? I cam curious as to why I've not seen more of him in Court." Whatever court his father holds. "Whistle him over for me, Master Trevelyan. I would-but I am focused inherently on my apple." he adds before-well look Master Corbitt comes without having to be called. As it is, the apple is extended and offered to the other man. "It must have been quite brief, Master Corbitt." Ozric begins with a grin there. "I do try to remember those who serve my House and family well." A nod there. "Well met, for a second time. Tell me-Master Corbitt, what do you see your duties with my family as?"

"There are still some details that are unclear," Mortimer replies to Ozric, in explanation as to why Justin is still looking into it. Another quick glance around and he figures now is neither the time nor place for the all the gory details, too many pairs of wagging ears. Moving instead onto the next case he gives a brief summary, "young scullery maid m'Lord. Last confirmed sighting was her leaving for the kitchens a few days ago. I am currently working on trying find witnesses after that point. I'm told disappearing for a few days is not something she's accustomed to doing." At the questions about Nathaniel he nods once before adding, "I believe so, he certainly carries messages between the Inn and the keep but I wouldn't know about your Lord Father's courts."

Nathaniel bows again. "Lord, it was a brief meeting. Your bothers were there and it was soon after you arrived. I'm sure that you gave more attention to your arrival and learning about your cousins." He pauses and accepts the apple, although he does not bite it yet. "Thank you, lord," he acknowledges with a bow. "As for my role, as the master explained, I carry messages and parcels to and from the tower, including those that common folk leave for the sheriff at various inns. I serve as a scribe when needed, and if one of my lords or ladies requires other services of me, I am glad to serve."

"Understood." Ozric replies quickly, and quietly. A flick of his fingers to a bit of apple caught in his cowl, before he is nodding to the Deputy. No pressing here, at all. "When you can talk, please come and keep me apprised of the situation and the findings." the knight says before he is looking back towards Nathaniel, for the moment, easily moving onto the next and easier to go into conversation. There is a brief nod at Mortimer , as his eye flicks between the two men. "Well then, I pray you find her. I am sure her loved ones are worried." If indeed the girl has those to care for her or after her. Many were left without in the wake of the Ironborn's invasion. "Indeed? Well then, if you are to come to me tomorrow, I will have a message ready for the Lord of house Ashwood. I know he has spoken with our Lady Anais-however, I would like to continue friendly conversation with the other lord." he states with a glance to Nathaniel. "As this may require you to wait for a response, I would see that you are compensated-and that you have fine enough clothing to be in attendance in Court if he so calls you to it." he adds with a raise of his brow. "It's doubtful, but I would like you to look about the place and give me an assessment of things." he adds carefully. "I like to know who my neighbours are. Specially those we are tied to."

Mortimer keeps up his observations of the crowds as Nathaniel answers Ozric's queries, thankfully all seems to be progressing quietly enough. There's the standard haggling, loud greetings and other such noise sources of course, but nothing that's ringing alarm bells in his head. "When I have something you'll be the second to know m'Lord," he confirms with a brief nod, the first of course being Justin. "I pray we find her as well," he then answers with a faint sigh, missing girls cutting a little too close for comfort all things considered. As Nathaniel gets his marching orders he just smiles to the younger man, "I believe the Lord Sheriff is taking a patrol out tomorrow, you might be able to share at least part of the road."

Nathaniel inclines his head to the noble, and agrees. "I will be there, lord. "As for clothes …" he looks down at his own drab raiment. "I wear these while travelling to avoid detection on the road. A lone commoner in these clothes gains little notice. Someone riding in house colours is an easy prey for bandits." He pats the ever-present courier's pouch on his left hip. "I carry letters of mark for any house to inspect, but to the unfamiliar, I pass as a mere hunter."

"You can be given something that suits for when you need to be before the Lord. Not before then. I don't want him thinking you've been poking around his home as a means to spy." though that is exactly what Ozric is asking him to do, while he is there. "If you don't have a blade, we'll get you one, you can return of buy from us depending on what needs done." he adds. And there he nods. "I trust, you know what you are doing." he adds there before smiling to the young man. His apple done with, he flicks it off towards an alley-likely someone will want the core and what small bit of meat remains. There is a glance to the two men. "Keep up your fine work, gentlemen.." and with that the heir is continuing on. Likely seeing the situation of the Roost for his own eye.