Page 457: An Afternoon on Roost Lane
An Afternoon on Roost Lane
Summary: People come and go, the conversation ebbs and flows
Date: 23/Oct/2012
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Roost Lane, Terrick's Roost
This small lane winds around the west side of town and circles back on itself towards the end. Most of the people that come down to this area are looking specifically for one of the many fine craftsmen that have their shops along this well-kept dirt road.!
Tue Oct 23, 289

Along the streets of the Roost walks the young lord Fenster. Alric's eyes studying the shops as he walks past them. Missing his guards as they have other duties these days.
The day being rather windy in the afternoon.

It seems that it's a quiet day at the Roost, and Mortimer is more than happy with that. He's just been down at the paddock to ensure that no one is bothering the horses and as it turns out, no one is bothering the horses. Just as it should be. He's now on his way back towards thw centre of town, mind on nothing in particular as he nods respectfully to the passing lordling.

Nathaniel closes the door to the leather worker's shop behind him. He is carrying a new bridle, and flexing the still stiff leather while he walks. However, his attention, as usual, is on watching the other people who have come to the market for various purposes. The wind whips his traveling cloak unexpectedly, tangling it with the new bridle so that he must stop for a moment to disentwine rough cotton from leather. He glances skyward to see if this is the first sign of some impending storm.

Jayana is not bothering any horses. In fact she hasn't come near any horse for a while. She's wandering along the street with a lost expression, peering into shops and behind stalls as if looking for someone. Not looking where she goes she promptly walks into Mortimers back.

Alric offers a nod to the Mortimer as their paths cross, "Deputy." He offers as he studies the man. Noticing the woman, but so does Mortimer it seems. He himself seeming to just wander at the moment. Perhaps a bit restless and needing to clear his thoughts. Turning to greet Nathaniel with an incline of his head. Then looking back to Mortimer and the woman. Making sure that both are okay.

Possibly it's actually Mortimer's fault as he slows to greet Nathaniel, but when his immediate reaction is to turn on his heel, with one hand dropping towards his dirk. He has known pick-pockets stupid enough to try it before. As the woman who is now before him seems to be making no attempt to vanish into the crowd as a light-fingered person might, he relaxes a little and moves his hand to his belt. It doesn't stop him from quickly checking his pouches though. Noble and Nathaniel forgotten for a moment he offers a brief nod and a faintly curious "You alright mistress?”

Nathaniel doesn't need long to extricate his cloak from its state of bondage with one final tug. He continues to walk and work the long reins. He does stop when he sees Alric, and bows to the noble. "Good day to you, Lord," he greets. He would say more, but the nearby sounds of bodies colliding draws his attention. He recognizes the two people immediately, and he frowns with worry.

Jayana starts with fright when her face suddenly connects with leather and everything goes dark. She steps back only to realize that she walked into one of the town's long arms of the law and blushes fiercely. "Oh Seven Hells, sorry, S— Mylord… Master", she stutters. When in doubt of the right form of address, throw everything at him. "I… I wasn't looking. My apologies." She drops an awkward curtsey, then another one for the young nobleman. Nathaniel only gets a bow, but it comes with a smile. "Master Nathaniel, it's been a while."

Alric nods to Nathaniel, "Same to you, courier." Then moving towards the other two. "Is everything alright?" He asks. Trying to see if they are all well. They seem to be though. But he will be studying them still. "Alric Fenster." He offers to the woman. Since the others know him.

Mortimer gives the lass a quick visual once over, but since she seems flustered rather than hurt he then just gives a brief nod before reaching out to put a steadying hand on her shoulder, if she'll let him. "No harm done," he offers with a faint smile, then glances towards the courier as it becomes apparent that she knows him and thus he might be more of use as a calming influence.

Nathaniel has paused a few paces away from the collision, but when Jayana greets him, and then Mortimer looks at him, he steps forward. He looks at the bridle and then at Jayana, and a possibility registers in his mind. "This is just a bridle, not a whip or anything to bind you. Beside that, I wouldn't harm a friend. Surely you know that by now, mistress." He shifts the bridle to a less conspicuous position, and he offers an open hand to the girl. "Well met again. Would you like to have some tea in the inn to settle your nerves?"

Jayana still looks terribly flustered by all the attention, but when the nobleman introduces himself, she curtsies again. "I'm honored, Mylord. My name is Jayana." Since Mortimer doesn't seem angry for her blunder, she offers him a smile, then blinks at Nathaniel's word and eyes the bridle. "Er, Master, I… I would not assume you were using that bridle on anything but your horse. Women don't belong in binders… er, binds." Now she gives him a rather dubious look, but hey, he started it. "I cannot linger, gentlemen, I am… l looking for someone."

Alric smiles and looks between them all. Not saying anything until Jayana ends, raising a brow. "Who might it be? Perhaps we are able to help you." He suggests with a bit of a smile to her. Then looking to Nathaniel. "I have to agree, hopefully only your horse will be having that." He says with a light chuckle. Finally studying the deputy. "How has the day been? And how are the rumours running through town? I've heard about injured people as well as someone getting sick or something like that."

Mortimer raises an eyebrow at Nathaniel's list of things the bridle is not. Definite questions to be asked there, although not he figures, right now. SOmetime later perhaps, when it's quiet and private. Attention brought back to the present by Jayana's statement he nods to back up Alric's response, "AYe, I reckon between the three of us we can probably give you a good start if nothing else." To Alric himself he then adds, "I must admit m'Lord that I don't set much stock in rumours," it's not a rebuke as such, merely a statement of his own position, and maybe, just maybe, an indication that there's things he isn't prepared to discuss in front of a noble whose surname is not Terrick.

Nathaniel shakes his head vigorously and blushes deeply at Jayana's response. "No! Oh … No!" He looks at Jayana directly, and begs, "Please, forgive me. I …" He closes his eyes tightly and bites his bottom lip. "I should go … somewhere," he concedes in a defeated tone. Then he bows awkwardly and backs away quickly. "Good day," he bids.

"Oh, just a friend.", Jayana says quickly, then looks embarrassed at Nathaniel's reaction. "I didn'T mean to… I'm sorry, Master.", she stutters, blushes even redder and hurries off into the opposite direction.

Alric looks at Mortimer first, nodding. "I understand. Though I want to look out for my sister. First time to the Roost. Don't want her to think ill of such a town because of rumours." He explains and smiles. "I've been trying to get a hold of ser Kell. I has offered to help out with patrols. Something came up to make me unable to do much before now." Mostly a betrothal. Nothing much. At least it doesn't seem like it from his way to talk. Then he looks at the other two. Seeing them flee in different directions. Not sure who to follow. If any. "Do offer a name, perhaps I know the person." He says to Jayana. To Nathaniel he just lifts a brow. "Be well, courier." Not knowing what else he can offer at the moment. Then looking to Mortimer again.

Mortimer just glances between the pair as they scatterburst. A perhaps ever so faintly amused expression creeps onto his features for a moment before he shakes his head a couple of times and turns back to Alric. "I think Ser Kell has been busy himself m'Lord," he answers, aiming to be helpful, "but I'm sure that either he or the Lord Sheriff would welcome any assistance you can offer." As for the man's sister he just nods to that information and enquires politely, "Will you good lady sister be staying at the tower, or the Inn by the way?" Just so he knows which of the nobility are were and how closely he has to watch the inn.

Alric nods, "I understand. I was told to seek out ser Kell. Though I think with all that is going on the focus of the house and their household might be elsewhere and take on offers from some noble." He says and offers a bit of smile. Since neither of the scattering people seemed to hear him he focuses entirely on Mortimer. "She should be at the tower. Though she spends more time around town than in the tower so I am sure she might have spent one day at the inn at least, when the time has gone too late to head back to the tower." He says and chuckles a bit.

Well if there's one thing in particular that Mortimer isn't going to talk about in front of visiting lord then it's House Terrick's little reshuffle. He blanks that part of the conversation completely and concentrates on the Lady Fenster instead. "There should always be a couple of y lads, of of the garison who are available to escort her back to the tower at any time required," he offers, not entirely sure why the lady's guards can't manage it themselves, but not questioning either.

Alric smiles and nods, "Oh, I have no doubt. Ser Talbot is with her as is. But she would probably be running around until she pretty much wants to sleep. I think it is more of impulse than need. And perhaps not wanting to be locked up." He says and shrugs. "First time in a new town can do that, I suppose." He says and smiles.

Freya Caul enters the scene with and empty cart having delivered some more saddles to the keep. More than they had horses to be sure the Terricks being presently quite poor by her estimation. Manacles jingling she curtsies to the Deputy Sheriff and the Young Lord of Travin's Rest. "Mi'Lord - Master Sheriff," Freya looks a little unnerved.

Is not going to presume to tell a noble his business, so he doesn't comment on Alric's descriptions of his sister's likely activities. He In his mind that sounds not at all lady like or proper though. At the familiar sound of clinking though he turns his head for a quick check and nods to Freya as she draws closer, "Miss Caul."

Alric just smiles and shrugs, sighing a bit. "Also, I might have told her not to go walking too late." He says with a bit of a stupid grin. "I can be a bit overprotective of her. She's my youngest sister. I don't want her getting injured. Though mostly she has stayed at the tower. But with it being so crowded the inn might be fine. She has her chaperones along always." He says before turning towards Freya as well. "Miss." He offers to her with a nod. Studying her a bit.

Freya smiles wanly at them both with that hint of awkwardness about her that passes for charm. "How does the day find you both?" Freya still looks as though she has seen a ghost - or been through some other unpleasant experience.

If Freya seems faintly awkward, then Mortimer doesn't seem to be entirely over the moon that she's around. He's in a better mood than the last couple of days though so he just shrugs it off. "Well enough Miss Caul, well enough." To Alric he simply nods his understanding and repeats the implied offer from before, "Just let one of us know if she needs any particular assistance m'Lord and we'll do anything we can to assist."

Alric studies Freya and nods, "Quite alright." He explains. Glancing back to Mortimer and nods, "Thank you. She should be easily recognized usually full of energy and being happy." He offers with a small grin. Then back to Freya, "Anything the matter?" He asks. Staying neutral.

Freya looks distracted until Alric poses the question "Oh!" she says, "I just ran into Lady Anais," Anais dislikes Freya more or less on general principle and has raised various threats upon their few meetings. All of which given Freya's condition she has taken seriously.

Mortimer nods easily enough to Alric, needless to say, there'll be eyes out ensuring any potential trouble is kept far away. Freya's comment though, that draws another raised eyebrow from the man. "Just?" he queries, given the lady in question was seen riding for Highfield and such an early return would be news to him, and possibly a signal of something amiss.

Alric studies the both of them curiously. Seeming rather neutral. Not really sure what to say. "I hope things are quite fine." He does offer as he continues to study them.

Freya cants her head, "Just as in a number of hours ago - she was riding for Highfield I thought I heard her men say. She did stop to accuse me of not fully disclosing everything I knew about bandit movements. And link that to the death of her husband." A decent explanation for why freya was a little paler than usual.

Mortimer nods slowly at what Freya said then turns to explain for the Fenster, "Lady Anais left yesterday with a party bound for Highfield. I believe she is expected back in a few days time. It's a planned trip, nothing to worry about." As for if Freya could have said more that migh have prevented Jascen's death, well,he really doesn't know and is disinclined to be drawn into speculation.

Alric ahs and nods to the deputy, "I see." He offers and takes another moment to study them. "I shouldn't keep you though. I need to move along. Have some issues to deal with." He tells them and bows deep. "Be well deputy. And miss, hope you will finally get rid of the manacles." He offers and smiles before starting to head off.

Freya nods confirmation of Mortimers assertions to Alric and then curtsies as the young lord leaves. "I hope so too my Lord," she says politely still a little shaken.

It is not a fair exchange, but while the noble is leaving, a commoner is approaching. Nathaniel is walking briskly into town along Roost Lane. As usual, his courier's pouch is over his shoulder. He waves and calls to a farmer driving a laden cart across his path, but he does not slow until he comes fully into the square and sees Freya and Mortimer, two people with whom he shares some common familiarities. Knowing that the deputy might be in the first phase of some interview relating to a case, he does not approach quickly. Instead, he holds his distance and keeps his pace slow, while attempting to judge the situation.

"Good day to you m'Lord," Mortimer offers politely to Alric before offering him a respectfully deep nod as he takes his leave. Turning to do the same himself he spots Nathaniel's return and gives the man a brief nod, expression turning to faint amusement as he does so. "Found a place to keep that bridle then? he asks, grin touching the corners of his mouth

Freya turns to Nathaniel still a little pale, "Master Nathaniel - a pleasure to see you," she says weakly.

Nathaniel almost slipped passed, but Mortimer's abrupt query about the bridle stops him. He looks toward the man, and and the deputy's possibly mischievous expression causes him to freeze with a moment of anxiety. "I …" he starts to answer in a faltering voice. Then he nods his head sharply. "Aye! I … yes." He looks at Freya, noting her pale and slightly stunned expression, and that diverts him from his own anxieties to worry about hers. "Mistress, are you ill?" he questions. He steps toward her, looking at her with evident concern.

"I'm glad to hear that," Mortimer responds, reaching our to pat th other man on teh shoulder if he's willing. Amusement is still clear on his face but he doesn't continue the torment. Turning instead to Freya and shrugging once he passes on what his keen sheriff skills have already detected, "She saw Lady Anais yesterday, apparently it's shaken her up a bit."

Freya smiles a little wanly, "being unpopular with powerful people is not good for ones - err - mortality around here. But I am okay. I'll be a lot better when these manacles come off and I am as far away as I can get from the Roost."

"The lady did not seen quite as sure of herself as usual when you and I met her, master," Nathaniel agrees. "Something is amiss with her, but I know not what. I hear rumors, but rumors are like ghosts." He shrugs. Turning to Freya, he inclines his head. "When that day comes, and I hope that it is soon, would you do me one kindness, mistress? Stay long enough so that I might dance with you, just one dance, at the inn. It's a small thing, but it would mean much to me." The words come with hesitation from a man unaccustomed to asking for favors of any kind, and certainly not for dances. He turns to Mortimer, and shakes his head as if he might guess what the deputy is thinking. "You and the sheriff earn your bread by upholding laws. He pressed into service to watch her. Though all of the town might scorn, I wish to celebrate her freedom with her."

Mortimer sighs quietly to himself and then turns to Freya once more, "Being unpopular is not a hanging offence Miss Caul. You're already serving your sentence and that isn't going to change. Your neck is safe so long as you keep your nose clean." It's almost as if he dislikes insinuations that his job is worthless. HE doesn't comment on her leaving though, they've already had that conversation between themselves. He'd actually meant that Freya seemed shaken for seeing Anais, but he lets the misunderstanding slide without comment. As for what he might be thinking, he waves it off absently, "it's nothing to do with me what she does once her sentence is complete, so long as it's legal. You two can dance the nights away for all it concerns me."

Freya looks between the two men and is once again in a relatively awkward place. "I think I can indulge you," she says looking at Nathaniel strangely. "But I come from a superstitious family and I fear the longer I hang around here the greater the risk that my nose clean or not will find itself shoved in a dungeon again." Being one of the usual suspects Freya implies that guilty or not she could find the noose. "I think I want to go somewhere where nobody knows me."

Nathaniel bows deeply to Freya, in a gesture well beyond what she is due at her social station. When he straightens, he assures, "One dance is all that I ask, and if you wish I will request time to take you somewhere, so that your travel from this place will be more swift, and you might rest more easily. I know nothing about superstitions, but I believe in kindness, even if others call me a fool for it. This would be my gift to you."

Mortimer almost comments that superstition is not quite the word he'd use for it, but bites the remark back on the grounds of basic civility. He instead says nothing to her mild protestations, nor to Nathaniel's display, but simply waits for them to finish so he cna decide if this is a conversation he's still needed in or not.

Freya smiles forcibly at Nathaniel, "You are surfeit of kindness Master Nathaniel - but once I am done here I think I would rather journey on my own. I have travelled a great long way thusly and wish to do so again - ere I win my freedom." Freya was comfortable vanishing into the night from whence she came. Arching a golden brow at Mortimer, "Have you words Master Trevelyan? You seem to be biting down on your tongue? 'Good riddance' perhaps? Or am I putting words in your mouth once again?"

Nathaniel inclines his head slowly to Freya, and he answers simply, "As you wish, mistress." He joins her, then, in looking at Mortimer. He has spotted several times that twitch of the mouth that comes when some people want to say things but decide to refrain.

"You already know my feelings on the matter Miss Caul," Mortimer replies, tiredly, "I've spoken them before today, and even before in this conversation. For clarification though I shall say again, "What you decide to do with yourself once your sentence is completed is your own business. Ways have been assured for you to stay here and make an honest living if that is what you choose, if it is not and you decide to leave Terrick lands, then it really is none of my business what you do with yourself." It's almost as if he's getting fed up of repeating those words, or variations on them at least.

Freya cants her head, "As officious as always Master Trevelyan. Tell me if I were to pull your dusty backside out of a fire how long would it be before you started accusing me of setting it?" She is a little testy today. She is not talking to Nathaniel at the moment and so he is pointedly excluded. Though perhaps this is for the best - she is not irked by him.

Mortimer shrugs once and replies calmly enough, "that would depend on if there were an indication that you had or not Miss Caul. As, again, I have mentioned before, you are not, nor have you been singled out." Yeah, he's definitely getting weary of repeating that. He's not sure if she simply refuses to believe him, or if she's deliberately playing it up now there's an audience though.

Nathaniel can guess both perspectives in this discussion. He simply shakes his head and asks, "Is there anything to gain by re-opening an old wound?" Then he accepts silence as his portion and steps back to consider what point there would be in remaining.

Freya shakes her head, "Even if you are as truly objective as you maintain you are Master Trevelyan you are only one small part of a machine - that does like to single people out - for good or ill." Freya doesn't say which part of that spectrum she sees herself as falling on. "Anyway I have to get back to work - chains and leather and all… Good day to you both."

Seeing that Freya has decided to cut the sparring short, Nathaniel steps forward again. "It is a short walk, mistress, but if you will accept, you will have company to the door," he offers. "Then I must be on my way as well." He nods to Mortimer, and adds, "Good day to you, Msater Trevelyan."

Mortimer sighs once more and shakes his head slowly as Freya heads off. "There's no telling some people," he mutters under his breath before turning to Nathaniel and offering the man a resigned smile and a nod, "Good day."