Amelia of Seagard
Amelia of Seagard
Anna Paquin
Anna Paquin as Amelia Millen
name: Amelia Millen
father: Rickart Nayland (unproven)
mother: Jeswyn Millen (d)
spouse: Unwed
issue: No Children
gender: Female
age: 24
height: 5'6"
weight: 125 lbs
eyes: Hazel
hair: Dark Brown
honorific: Miss
house: "…but my heart is cast iron and painted purple and gold. The masters I serve are the Terricks."
position: Commoner / Whore

Amelia Millen was executed on September 9th, 288, for the murder of Jens Howard. The public reason for the murder was given as simple robbery which may or may not be believable considering her open scorn of coin. Behind closed doors (inside Four Eagles Tower) Amelia claimed that she was the daughter of Rickart Nayland and that she had been sent to spy by him. Jens was supposedly her contact and she killed him when he tasked her with the assassination of Jaremy Terrick and Anais Banefort. There has been no evidence presented or found to back up these claims though she confessed to the murder openly.

OOC Note: Please, do not contact this player/character for TS (tinysex) under any circumstances. There are multiple MUSHes dedicated to that and 'Steel and Stone' is not one of them. Having said that, there is a great deal of fine RP to be had surrounding coital moments. There are no restrictions on that though I request mature OOC behavior with them; All Rights Reserved.


Amelia is more or less open with her past and those of Terrick's Roost who frequent her or the Tavern may know much of her life, though details are her own to keep and share to those few she chooses to share them with. She was born to a more expensive whore in Seagard 24 years prior and spent much of her young life as any young girl could in Seagard. Amelia's mother wasn't to want for too much in the way of money but her income had started to decline as the woman got older and Amelia eventually had to go to work at the brothel where her mother worked. First as a chamber maiden turning rooms around then.. after fighting off offers and some rough men, she was urged into the trade at 15 when her mother was brutally slaughtered in a crime that has still gone unsolved to this day. With nowhere to turn and nobody to look out for her, whoring became the only means for the mostly uneducated girl to make her way through life. However she opted to leave Seagard's rougher streets and clientele at 19 and spent a year among the roads and towns in an attempt to find a place to stay. Finding Terrick's Roost more to her liking, Amelia arrived four years ago and rapidly gained a reputation for discretion and 'professionalism' with her trade rather than the wild parties some other whores may have preferred.

Current Status

Amelia, unlike most whores, seems to have a modicum of class. In Seagard she would watch the nobles and do her best to imitate their mannerism and posturing despite the jeering and sneers of many. She can read a little which puts her a cut above most, but it is nowhere near the education nobility would receive. Despite her profession, the woman is religious and attends Sept weekly, though always by herself. She's known to be deeply personal and share her opinions only in private. In public or plying her trade, Amelia keeps business with business however there is no hiding the fact that the time with her kinder, more regular customers are something she takes a higher pleasure in and will lose herself in the social and personal aspects of the encounters.

Miss Amelia of Seagard lives and works out of the Rockcliff Inn in Terrick's Roost, though only a few of her customers will know that she keeps her own room there that is hers alone and her 'Johns' are not ever invited into. Having been trading in Terrick's Roost for four years now, her reputation among the more socially elite men has risen as she knows her bounds well and makes no attempts to persuade her clients into wedlock or serious affairs of the heart. Amelia also has a bit of skill with herbal remedies and making things to help ailments. She is by no means a learned healer but can help ease pain when needed. Finally, the young woman has quite a fondness for singing and no shortage of talent with her soft mezzo-soprano voice.


The Work & Life

Amelia styles herself as different from the other whores in town by her dedication to discretion and taking a gentle hand. She may be the bottom rung of society but she does not generally take opportunities to try and put herself above someone else for just a few moments. Publicly embarrassing her men and women is something that is absolutely not in her, either. She may be a whore but that does not mean she needs to behave like a raucous slut. Be professional and respectful and demand the same of those who come to you. Its because of this that she charges more for her time. Her list of regulars may be smaller, but this does not seem to bother her as she is more selective. Though her cost is not absurd or beyond most of the town, it would be an expense most peasants could not justify.

Amelia is not averse to just talking or spending time with people. There's no charge for time spent in such ways, either. "Whores addicted to the sex and coin do that." Those who want to come and speak to her, even for personal matters, are more than welcome to. What costs is 'sex and/or the night', though both are far more than they sound. She can often be found waiting tables at the Rockcliff Inn or engaged in some quiet discussions — which she seems to sometimes enjoy more than what she does 'upstairs'. Those who have come to her in the past and remain in good standing despite no longer partaking in her ply are also welcome to come to her for special favors or requests as long as it does not violate her personal code. Along those lines, Amelia is well-known for her discretion and she does not ever publicly discuss the content of her meetings with customers unless the meeting is violent or the customer mentions the content first. Recently, though, Amelia has begun making whispers about her life being more than is strictly up front. Those favors or requests may not simply run the gamut of innocent meetings or requests for help in some romantic or sexual fashion. Who this has been made mention to are carefully chosen by her, likely, for that information is closely held. Just how much is true and how much is fiction shall remain to be seen.



Amelia's mother, Jeswyn Millen, was murdered nearly nine years ago. Amelia still mourns the loss of her mother and the lack of attention paid to the crime by the authorities in Seagard. It was a hard lesson for her to learn about just how much a whore means to the community. Her father is an unknown quantity and she seems indifferent to the man's identity but for idle curiosity. With no children, Amelia has only one constant companion - her cat 'Marbles'. It generally resides in her private room at the Inn but wanders down to the working rooms once in awhile. She is quite friendly with most of the Terrick family though many of the menfolk are either current or former customers. It is no secret, either, that her and Young Lord Ser Jaremy Terrick have been very close. She tries to keep her ties to the House close and is usually quite ready to verbally spar with anyone who might challenge the Terricks — people she works hard for in many different ways.

Physical Features

By most standards, Amelia is an attractive woman who could have been a prized bride for quite a few nobility. Her athletic frame is worn sure and straight in her stature at just a hair over five-feet, six inches. Her twenty-four years have worn well despite the sometimes abusive line of work she has taken to. Hazel eyes contrast sharply with her very light complexion, very dark brown hair cascading about her shoulders — its health, along with her overall cleanliness, indicative of the care she takes to herself. While maintaining her health, its evident she has had a couple of hearty meals recently as she could be considered femininely soft by some with figure, which she takes proper pride in.

Amelia typically wears a nearly transparent white, ruffled undershirt that covers her arms and flows out the bottom of a small, finely-crafted hooked bodice about her midsection that does well to bring her chest to more prominence. A dark, nearly blue-purple colored wrap is worn about her shoulders and back to leave her chest exposed but the rest of her warm in the cooler evenings. The skirts around her match the corset in its robust coffee color but for subtle turns of black and deep, nearly invisible crimson hems.


Allies and Foes

Amelia may be quick of the wit sometimes but she much prefers to be a lover to a hater. Relations among many of the men (and a few women) have schooled her in the more personal and base motivations of some individuals which has helped her provide some sound advice in the past to those who have sought such from her. Thus, she tries to be polite and courteous to get along with as many as possible, though this cannot always be the case.


  • Grace Under Pressure — Amelia is no 'Hooker With A Heart of Gold' and some will know this quite well. Sure, its not easy being what she is sometimes, and occasionally she takes a lot of flak for it, but she is not new to the life. She's smart enough to know her place when it counts and when she gets knocked she has the good sense to not lose her head about it. Silence and a look can be all that is required when words are of no use. It is knowing when to stand and when to quiet that marks her grace.
  • Positive Outlook — You're a whore and oft given less credit by even the peasants. The women of your ply are often crass and dirty, the dredges of society that couldn't and will likely never know marriage. You can take two different outlooks: One can collapse into despair and quit their lives by drowning their sorrows in parties and screwing their existence away for the pursuit of silver. The other option is to accept that there are certain things a person must do to get along and pursue something more that what society tells you that you are. She is a realist so the Sunshine Parade in Happyville is junk to her, but she is bound to the idea that one day Things Will Get Better and she can leave this part of her life behind. Though others have proposed in the past, each time they are politely declined. Amelia has her own plans that she is reluctant to share but for a beaming smile in significance.


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