Page 339: Alternative Marriages
Alternative Marriages
Summary: Rutger has alternatives for Kittridge.
Date: 24/June/2012
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Sun Jun 24, 289

Kittridge isn't difficult to find, as he's spent much of his time this week lounging beneath and open-sided tent, enjoying the sun and drinking cooled white wine. Today he's enjoying the sun and drinking cooled white wine while watching his squire make final preparations for his own melee later. "Elbow, Brynner," he corrects from a distance, demonstrating the proper angle and motion and then gesturing him back to work.

Where as Kittridge has had been easy to find, Rutger has been oddly enough absent for most of the tournament. Some had rumors placing him in Stonebridge, others said he had made for Kingsgrove. Still, it should be of little surprise to find him at Seagard with all the houses here at court. Or rather, WEDDING COURT.

Where as Brynner is going through last minute training, Rutger's squire, Lucamore Cox follows his knight, at a short distance, even as they come into the Groves encampment, he holds back, where as Rutger walks bolder. "Lord Kittridge." he does hail out as one hand is raised in greeting. "I do hope I am not interrupting a training session?"

Kittridge, reclining in a chair as he watches Brynner, shouting instructions and corrections as needed, shakes his head at Rutger. "Ser Rutger, no. Though if your squire wants to spar with mine for a few, I'm sure he wouldn't mind the extra warm up. Gently, though," he grins, "No use hurting yourself before the contest." He gestures at a chair, "Sit, ser. What brings you here today?"

Rutger grins back towards Kitt, before he is looking back to the rather nervous young man. "You heard him, Luc. Go out there." he says with a faint nod giving his approval. And there he looks over towards Kittridge, moving to take a seat. "Wandering. Perhaps looking for a friendly face given all the shit that has been occuring in my yard." A faint chuckle there. "I have the approval to get out things underway. And when this is all finished here, the wagons should be in Kingsgrove to meet us." said plainly. "I am sorry that this has taken so long." a faint smirk there. "How have you been, Ser?"

Kittridge nods, "Well, have a seat, help yourself to some wine," he says, gesturing at the pitcher, spare cups beside it on the table. He leans an elbow on its corner, watching the squires set to work. "Good," he nods to Rutger's words, "The last of it should be packed up by then. Just as well you didn't have enough wagons, as it turned out." He smiles crookedly, and then shrugs, "Well enough, not bad. Not our greatest tourney showing ever, but respectable. And the weather's been good for lazing about like this, which I happen to enjoy. Pleasant company to be had." He grins, "I'd say well enough. A shame you couldn't take your ease here yourself."

"I believe I shall." Rutger says with a nod, as he turns to pour himself a glass. There's a glance, and a grin as he fills his cup, before eyes flit back to the squires. "Good, I am glad we're getting this done." As to The Groves' showing there is a faint nod from Rutger. "I believe my family has not done well this tournament either. I just thank the seven we've no armor to ransom back." he adds before he is taking a sip. "Indeed? I do hope my sister has been round to see you, Ser?" he asks with a faint raise ofa brow before he is nodding. "Yes. Well, sometimes. Someone needs to keep the fires from burning down the thatch, as it were. I am glad for some time now of peace." hopefully.

It's a very nice white wine, and has somehow been kept fairly cool, the pitcher still sweating. Kittridge sips his own, nodding in agreement, "Aye, I'm pleased as well. To business well done," he toasts with a smile. He sips again, and shrugs, "I was surprised your brother Riordan didn't come to represent at the jousts. I admit I was looking forward to seeing him against the Reach knights, it should have been quite a contest. But understandable." He rakes a hand through his hair, and then brows rise at the question, "Oh?" he says, seeming caught a bit off-guard by the question, "She, ah— yes, she's stopped by. She and Rosanna also attended a ladies' picnic together, and have been watching the events. I sat with them for a spell after I was knocked out of the second joust. She seems to be enjoying herself."

"Good." said before his brows are furrowing for a moment, into his drink. 'yes, well. My brother does indeed have a tower to keep. And I would be surprised if he did come, given the guests he is housing." he allowes before taking another sip. "A good vintage, Ser? One of yours?" asked before he is looking back towards Kittridge for a moment, a chuckle there. "I was hoping to compete again in the Melee, and see if my disappearing act and incredible stealth would win me out again." a beat there as he mulls over another sip of wine before plodding forward "Good, I am glad that the both of them are getting along." he adds before taking another sip. "I was curious about something, Ser." Rutger states as eyes watch Lucamore's form. "Don't go stiff wristed on me, Luc!" he calls out. Before glancing back. "Are you fond of Roslyn?"

"It is nice, isn't it?" Kittridge agrees of the wine, "One from our cellars, but not ours. It's from the West, I believe, the hills there. We brought a cask with us. I can get you a bottle, if you'd like." He takes another sip, and then chuckles at Rutger's description of his melee strategy, nodding, "It's a shame you weren't able to defend your title. My brother fought well, but I know Rosanna had hoped to see you there. But I'm sure she understands that business must come first." (She doesn't.) He takes another sip of wine, and then coughs once at the question, clearing his throat to reply, "I like your sister, of course, ser. She's lovely and intelligent. Why do you ask?"

Something Kittridge says, causes Rutger to laugh. "I am sure she did." (of course she didn't) Still the Nayland nods, as he swirls his cup once. "Yes, I would love a bottle. Something of this calibre should be cherised. And drank often if able." he adds with a faint grin. "I wish I had. I usually don't show well at tourneys. So I would have liked a chance to defend it..Perhaps next one I can earn it back." he adds with a raise of his cup. "Oh, I only ask, Ser Kittridge, because I believe she does indeed like you." A pause there as he watches the other knight. "And, I would like to see our Houses remain friends. Close friends if not family." he adds. Now curious to see Kitt's response.

"I'll see one's sent over," Kittridge says, "It's nice for the weather, I think. I've been drinking it every day," he admits with a grin. He drinks some more, and listens as Rutger speaks, lifting a brow, "Does she? I would say we are friendly, certainly. And of course would be honored by your sister's regard," he adds, with apparent sincerity. He lifts his cup for another sip, and then lifts a brow as Rutger goes on. "It was my understanding," he says slowly, "That your sister was intended for Lord Justin Terrick. Is that not the case?"

Rutger nods. "Very good. I'll be sure to get some mire beer sent your way in thanks." Rutger adds, before he is looking into his cup. There is a pause as he whistles sharply back towards Lucamore. "Easy up, Luc!" bellowed before he is glancing back. "Personally, Ser. I would like to see her with a man whom, I think is worthy of her. She may be 'courting' Lord Terrick, but nothing has been set in stone. The Terricks think little of her, and have insulted what dowry has been offered." A sniff there. "But, that is between you and I."

"I rather liked your Mire beer," Kittridge replies, "So thank you, ser." He turns to watch the squires for another moment, sipping and keeping his gaze on their efforts as he listens to Rutger. He nods slowly, and replies, "I think Lord Justin is a good man," he says, "But I agree that I would have… some misgivings about the treatment she would find, a lone Nayland in House Terrick. They would treat her honorably, no doubt, but I can't imagine she would ever really be accepted or appreciated as she deserves. It is a shame that she thinks that her best or only option. Though I am pleased to hear you see the potential issues and are concerned about them, I had thought you all quite set on the idea."

"I do. My brother may not, but I do. And I would have us find a place and a man what would see her for what she is. And I would have a family that would accept her and take her as we do." Rutger says with a nod. "I do not doubt that Lord Justin is a good man. And recently knighted as well. But, worthy is another thing all together." And there he falls silent. Rubbing his jaw Rutger looks back towards Kittridge. "Would you be interested in such a match with my sister, Ser?"

Speak of the devil, and it often appears, or so it seems to be as Roslyn comes calling to the Groves' camp. Dressed simply in a forest green, her hair pinned properly, she is also trailed by guard and maid. Her gaze slides along the measure of tents, flicking to Kittridge's briefly before she catches sight of both men speaking together. That is where she sets her path to, abandoning any notion of visiting Lady Rosanna for at least the moment.

Kittridge listens, and nods. He drinks his wine, and lifts a brow, turning to look at Rutger. After a brief hesitation, he replies slowly, "You understand, ser, there are only four of us - and I'm not sure how Nicodemus's prospects are at this point, let's be honest. We can't afford to make two marriages with the same house. We don't have as many opportunities to make such ties as your family does."

"Of that I understand. I also know how my own situation appears. I am a widower with a shadowed past. And I have two sons. Your sister, though she is well liked by me, is too precious to be wasted on such a dangerous prospect." Rutger states after a moment. "I would be willing to cease such an undefined courtship, if it means a stronger bond with you and my sister- and our houses." And then speaking of the Devil, he turns his head, looking past Lucamore, on towards Roslyn?

"My lords," Roslyn greets with the play of a smile over her lips, sweeping into a curtsey at the appropriate distance before folding her hands within her skirts. That gaze traces a question to Rutger, though she also looks to Kittridge in a mirror of it in the faint line of her brow lifting. "I did not know you had planned to visit the Groves today, Rutger," she begins towards her brother lightly, "Or I would have asked that you wait, as I had intended to see Lady Rosanna as well."

Kittridge seems surprised by Rutger's words, and takes a moment to consider them, made longer by Roslyn's arrival. He rises to bow politely as she curtsies, the gesture kept stiff by the melee's lingering bruises. "Lady Roslyn," he greets her, "I'm afraid my sister is out at present. Would you care for some wine?" he offers, "You're welcome to join us," he says, though he glances at Rutger to sort of half-check, "Your brother and I were just discussing…business."

Rutger looks back towards Kittridge and then, he is rising a little behind the other knight before he offers a bow towards Roslyn. "Dear Sister. I am here not for the good lady Rosanna." he adds. "But, to speak with Ser Kittridge on other matters." he adds. "You are indeed, not interrupting." and basically can stay if the Groves' Lord is cool with it, or so the glance back to Kittridge should be able to convey.

"Then, I wouold appreciate a glass, my lord," Roslyn replies politely, though the curiosity does not lessen in hazel eyes as they skip from Kittridge to Rutger again. "More business with the surplus?"

Kittridge shrugs a little to Rutger, almost more a gesture with his eyes than shoulders. Fine with him, he guesses. "No, I think that's all sewn up at this point," he says of the surplus, "But for a few wagonloads still to be picked up. We hadn't got it quite all ready to ship yet last time." He turns to the table and pours Roslyn's wine, passing teh cup over with a quick flash of a smile before he retakes his seat, and lets Rutger explain the business (or not).

"I believe we've concluded that business, Lyn." Rutger echoes. 'in fact we were talking about something on a more personal level. That involves you." he adds before glancing to Kittridge and watching for a second. "I was proposing hopefully courtship and betrothal between you and Ser Groves." he finally admits before taking a sip of his wine.

Fingers tighten around that glass of wine at Rutger's words, emotions washing over Roslyn's expression in a tangled mass of hope, guilt and even a good dash of worry. Her gaze slides to Kittridge, forgetting to answer only briefly before she remembers herself with a polite smile and a small dip of her chin to her brother. "Of course I would be honored for a courtship with so noble a knight, but have we abandoned thoughts of a marriage alliance with the Terricks?" she questions carefully.

Kittridge glances aside to Roslyn at Rutger's words, watching that reaction. His cup hides his own expression for a long moment of slowly draining most of his wine, and then turns back to nod, seconding the question, "I would be concerned, Ser Rutger, that House Terrick would find affront. If they're set on Lord Justin and Lady Roslyn as a match, and then she were to go to me instead… I worry they'll yet again take it as another sign of bad intent from my house. Will you be continuing negotiations with them, just with a different bride in mind?"

Rutger looks between the both of them, for a moment. "When we left the table it was on less than favorable terms. And given what I was offering to what they were demanding, I think they view this match in very slim light. If it would affront them the back out, when nothing has been agreed upon. Then I can take the blame for it." Rutger adds before looking over to Kittridge. "And should they see this as anything, other than friendships. Personally, as I have said. I want you with a House that will accept you, Lyn. And care for you. Given what words I have shared with Lord Jacsen and Lady Anais. I do not think they will value you, as you deserve." he adds.

There may be a slight flush at those words, but Roslyn only tips her head again in an agreeable nod before she answers, "It is likely that I would be happier in this match, given that the Groves are a warm and welcoming family." She pauses to smile towards Kittridge before continuing, "I have heard that Lord Justin was also quiet put out over—my lack of visitation. They might not be as set upon this match, though there is always the worry that they will take this badly."

Kittridge smiles briefly at Roslyn, but generally looks rather serious, considering Rutger's words. "I mean, I understand," he says, "I just wonder at how the Terricks will take it. And how they will take it out on us. Do you intend to offer another bride in Lady Roslyn's place, I hope? Perhaps they might even think it a better offer, if the lady's age is… a sticking point. Sorry," he says aside to Roslyn with a shrug, "But I'm sure it has come up. No use dancing around it."

"We have our cousin Jocelyn, whom I am sure we can offer with one of their suitable cousins." Rutger offers. "That is my plan to speak on, when we speak next with the Terricks-"Rutger says. 'I do believe Jocelyn will be a finer match for them and a safer one as they were worried about Justin being able to produce heirs." A glance to his sister. "I am sorry, Lyn. But that insult I will not take." AGE OR NOT.

"I will forgive you, my lord, though I think I have spoken on that same subject to you before," Roslyn counters wryly, her gaze lingering on the man. "Will that sticking point not be one for you or your father, Ser Kittridge?" She shakes her head dismissively at Rutger, only adding, "I think our lady cousin would be a safer match for both of our families, perhaps. She is younger, and if she were married to a cousin not in any direct line to inherit, it would ease much tension. And, the dowry demand would not be so high."

Kittridge nods, thoughtful. "Well, perhaps if you still intend to deal with them, they will not take it so badly," he says. He scratches his cheek with his two splinted fingers, and then pours himself more wine before shaking his head, glancing over at Roslyn to chuckle lightly, "No, I don't think anyone particularly cares whether I manage heirs or not. I'm sure my mother would be disappointed, but it's not a prime concern." He scratches at his cheek again, and then nods slowly to Rutger, "It seems rude to even ask about a dowry with your lady sister here, ser, but… had you a thought on that subject? It seems to me the Terricks must want to buy the whole of our surplus from you, and I wonder what that leaves you for another dowry befitting your sister."

"I was figuring we could figure out such. Perhaps we could give some of our surplus to you, in order to use for what you see fit, and see what difference we can make up with in coin and in tarrifs, if you prefer?" Rutger asks with a raised brow. As for being rude, Rutger waves a hand. "It is part of the business of marriage, Ser. I do not find it rude."

Fingers lifting self-consciously to push at a curl that has escaped pins, Roslyn answers softly, "I am not yet past those years. It is still rather likely that I will bear strong sons." Her gaze lingers for a moment on Kittridge before she glances back to her brother. "I could always excuse myself, though the Terricks may not ever have coin to purchase the surplus, if Lord Rutger weren't against offering Groves grain to in a Groves marriage."

"No, I know," Kittridge assures Roslyn, "I'm just saying… it's not something we need be as concerned about, while I can understand why the Terricks might be focused on it for Lord Justin." He rakes a hand through his hair, injured fingers catching, and winces, having forgotten about them, it seems. He lowers his hand again, back to his cup. "It seems that what you can offer us and what you can offer House Terrick are all bound up together, and you can't really decide one without deciding the other," he says. "But I do believe that is something my father would consider, yes. I imagine you will need to speak to Lord Rickart?"

There's a nod "I do." Rutger adds, and there, as if taking some silent cue he rises up. "In fact, I can see to that now, as he is here in Seagard. If you both will excuse me." A faint wink is passed to his sister, as the Lord excuses himself.

Roslyn curtsies politely to her own lord brother, though the look that follows him is softened by the faint lines of a smile hovering around her lips. It is only once he is well and truly out of earshot that she turns back to Kittridge with a hurried question of "He proposed it? Did he say why?"

Kittridge nods to Rutger, saying, "Oh right, of course he is. I saw him joust." He chuckles, and then gives another nod and a polite, though seated, bow as Rutger heads off. He turns back to Roslyn to lift his brows in a 'how about that?' sort of face, running a hand through his hair again, and nodding. "Aye, he just started right in with it. I guess he doesn't think it's going well with the Terricks, and believes you'd be happier with me. He didn't say anything different to me than what you heard."

"So he did not discover that we—," Roslyn begins with relief, cutting herself off before finishing that sentence in public and only smiling wider towards Kittridge. "No, it is not going so well with the Terricks, after that last negotiation. Even Lady Anais believes that Lord Justin is no longer invested in the match, if Riordan told me true."

"No," Kittridge says, shaking his head, and then laughing, "No, I don't think so. If he did, he's hiding it, and I can't see why he would. For a second I thought he had, maybe, but." He shakes his head again, and drinks deeply. THANK GODS. He nods as Roslyn explains, saying, "I mean… I really am concerned they'll think we're screwing them somehow. They're already angry about the surplus sale. But it does seem like cousins would be a better place for your houses to begin rebuilding." He shrugs, and then drinks again, taking a bit of a breath, pausing for a moment, silent as he does, and then starting again, "Well. So."

Roslyn nods, a moment of serious concern tracing her features as she sips slowly from her own wine, heady enough without it. "I will—speak to Riordan. He may be able to explain it without causing further offense or turning their house against yours," she offers carefully, glancing to her guard and maid with a frown before looking back to Kittridge. "So." A pause before she murmurs, "I would be happier with you, Kit. Very happy."

"And we'll see what your father makes of it," Kittridge replies, "We can't forget him." He smiles crookedly, saying, "I doubt mine will have an objection. To be honest, it would probably be a relief to us all to make a tie to your house that did not involving giving up Rosanna. My regard for your brother Rutger does grow, but…" He smiles crookedly, "There are just so many aspects of it that I don't think are ideal. Though she will most likely attempt to murder me, should this actually happen. Just to warn you."

"If my father agreed to a match with the Terricks in his desperation to get me married off, I do not doubt that he will agree to one with the Groves," Roslyn points out smoothly, her smile lingering as she studies him. She adds with a bit of soft humor, "That certainly would put a kink in such a match, if she succeeded."

"True," Kit nods, "True. I admit I was surprised to hear he was considering it at all. Makes me wonder what his aim was, and if there wasn't more to it we're not considering?" He shrugs, and shakes his head, smiling, "I guess we'll find out?" He refills her wine without asking, and pours more for himself as well, looking just a little off-balance beneath his usual good humor. "I'll fend her off," he says, "But it could get ugly. I'll sleep in my armor for a while."

Roslyn laughs, a soft, warm sound as she questions in a low whisper so as not to be overheard, "Does that mean I should not come tonight?" She is covering the moment with a deep drink from her glass, gaze holding steady on Kittridge as if she can hardly dare to look away. "We will. It is a long way from speaking on it to an official betrothal."

Kittridge, on the other hand, seems to be avoiding eye contact, though he's subtle about it, as much as he can be. "True," he nods at the last, gaze on his wine, "It is, yeah. We'll see." He takes another breath and looks up finally, to smile and say, "But no, that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Just that you should borrow some maile if you do," he jokes.

It takes a moment for Roslyn to notice that avoidance, that odd bit of off-balance, wrapped in her own bit of happiness. For all that, she only frowns for a moment, not quite sure its purpose or place. "Perhaps after today's melee, my cousin Hugh shall let me borrow his. Or perhaps my sister, as we are of size," she says instead.

Kittridge chuckles and nods, "True, I'm sure your sister has plenty you could borrow. I don't think she likes me much," he says conversationally, not sounding very concerned about it, "Ser Jarod had invited some of us out last night to wander 'round the taverns and things, and she showed up, and I treated her like the lady she is instead of whatever it is she'd like to be. I got the feeling it wasn't appreciated."

"What did you say?" Roslyn questions, more concerned than he apparently as that frown reappears and lingers.

Kittridge shrugs, "I was polite, don't look at me like that," he chuckles, "I just said she was a noble lady, and that I wasn't going to go drinking and wenching with one. And I said good evening, and bowed. And I think I bowed when I said hello, also."

Roslyn's nose wrinkles slightly before she catches herself, smoothing her expression into something simpler as she says, "I am sure she will live, then. She must know that she cannot play at being a lady and a knight at once, even if the ladies of the Riverlands seem to fawn over her inappropriate behavior."

"She is not a knight," Kittridge says firmly, automatically, "But no, I agree. She's chosen to keep her name and standing and family, and show up wearing fine dresses and things. So she's a lady, and I, at least, am going to treat her like one. Whatever others are willing to put up with. I like Ser Jarod well enough, but." He shakes his head, and shrugs.

"I do not begrudge you that stance," Roslyn answers lightly, her wine lifted back to her lips to take a long swallow from the sweet liquor. "If your lady sister is out, perhaps I should see myself away as well. I would not want to intrude more on your time, ser."

Kittridge drinks as well, and then straightens up a bit, glancing around and noting the presence of maid and guard lingering nearby. He nods, "Aye, and I need to go get Brynner ready for the squires' melee. But I will… see you later?"

A smile twitching at the corners of her lips as she shifts closer only to set her glass upon the table, Roslyn confirms with a low, "Yes." Then she is drawing back, offering a curtsy. "Good luck to your squire today, my lord." The maid and guard are signaled as she moves to leave.

"Good," Kittridge replies, smiling crookedly. He rises, and bows, and then says, "Thank you, he may need it. Good day, Lady Roslyn."

"Good day, Ser Kittridge," Roslyn answers in turn before making her way from the camp. Likely happier than when she arrived.