Alric Zedarious Fenster

Big Events

  • Born May 26th of 266.
  • Served as a page in Hollyholt.
  • Became a diplomat for House Charlton in 284.
  • Returned from the Iron Isles in April 289.
  • The ladies get caught by bandits on June 1st, 289. Alric is along in the planning of the rescue.
  • The ladies are rescued June 4th, 289.
  • Stuck in Tordane tower as 'guests' for the Naylands, June 289.
  • Charlton breaks from being the vassals to the Frey, instead going to Tully. October, 289.
  • Got betrothed to Ilaria Haigh in October 289. With it talk of new lieges.
  • Married Ilaria in January 27th, 290. Making all changes truly official.

A man's purpose drives him