Page 137: Along the Water
Along the Water
Summary: Lord Sajoryn and Mistress Damara steal away for a few moments of alone time when they are stumbled upon by the Lady Kathryna. Awkward moments and good conversation ensues.
Date: 29/11/288
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The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
Tue Nov 29, 288

A small entourage of Camden's seem to be lingering -just- off the road that weaves through the green, with Damara having just began to venture off towards the North and Sarojyn moving to follow, while the two Men-at-Arms that had no doubt accompanied the Lord, turning back to return to the town. The use of his name draws the smile to his lips as he counters with, "Thought you'd forgotten that particular word, Damara." Then, as he begins to catch her, she's picking up the pace and he's forced to spurr his horse a little faster as a quick laugh begins to escape his lips.

"Forget it? Never.." Damara says warmly and grins, having returned from the spring fed ponds in the small groves north of the green, which is where they are headed now. The Lord is giving chase to the skirt wearing falconer. A playful quip is called back over her shoulder as she slows her horse once entering the copse of trees. "I just like to say it when no one else can hear me.." She vaults down, her skirt flaring and then settling about her as she ties her horse off and begins to half jog towards the water. There is a long breath drawn and then a grin as she looks back to see if the Lord can even keep up as her barefeet slide through the grass with ease.

"You know, my Men-at-Arms wouldn't blink if you were to use my name while they are around." That's said as he continues his chase after the falconer and when she finally draws to a halt and vaults from her horse, he's mimicing her movements in the same fashion. One the horse has been secured, he's beginning to move after Damara, his movements more of a brief sprint then that of a jog and it would seem that he's rather confident in his surroundings, for his bow remains tied to the side of his horse.

The Mistress is not at all armed herself and gives a laugh at his words. She ducks beneath a low hanging branch and twists quickly about the tree to make her way down to the water's edge. Smiling as she watches the last rays of light as they bounce off the water, she turns to look back for him, pushing dark auburn hair from her face. There is a creeping press of her foot towards the water, dipping into the coolness of it, sending a ripple along the surface. Her smile grows yet and she catches her breath soon enough.

Water. Kate, though she isn't a swimmer, does like to look at it. Be near it. Remember home a bit, especially when she's feeling the homesickness that she wouldn't dare tell anyone she felt. So, Kate's been walking along the wayter today, trying to ignore the fact the sun has now well and truly burned her skin. Her normally pale complexion is a nice baked pink now. Fortunately, the sun is now setting and she's getting some relief from that damned orb. Kate frowns curiously as she hears voices down the way, her eyes narrowing. She makes no noise, but begins picking through the tall grass in their direction.

Continuing after Damara, Sarojyn's hands lift to undo the clasps of his cloak where they attach to his shoulders and as he weaves around that tree and down towards the water's edge, he's allowing the garment to flutter from his body and puddle within the grass. When she comes to press her foot into the water, Sarojyn moves closer still and when he finally comes to slow by her side, his arm extends to circle around her waist and pull her towards him, "I've missed you, Damara. These past few weeks have found myself far too busy."

The chase has ended and the other further away would never be noted, the wary falconer taken flight. Damara smiles, teeth slowly showing as she lifts her hands to rest on his upper arms, looking up to him. "As I have missed you…but there are many things a Lord must do." She says in understanding and then the soft sound of water as she steps to better face him. The back of her skirt grows damp from the water as the hem brushes itself across the surface. Hands lift to cradle his face gently, hesitating only a moment before she leans upward and tilts her head to kiss him. It is a light thing at first that grows deeper and longer given the time.

Kathryna pads through the tall grass a bit closer, only to stop when she realizes who she is approaching, and then REALLY stop when she realizes what they are DOING! Silently, Kate clamps her own hand across her mouth to hold back any sound of surprise or the echo of her own breath, even if the waves would have probably covered that anyway. Oh my. Kate stands there, probably about twenty feet away now, still quite remarkable in her long black coat with all that white pale hair. She cannot quite manage to motivate herself to turn around and walk the other way, neither can she interrupt them. So she just sorta… Stares.

When her hands come to rest upon his upper arms, Sarojyn's hand shifts to rest against the small of her back, that smile remaining light and warm upon his lips as he gives a nod of his head. "Unfortunately so. And much more to come, I'm afraid," is the softly murmered reply. When her hand lifts to cradle his face, a soft sigh passes his lips and at the press of that kiss, his eyes slowly close as his other hand lifts to trace a touch along the shell of her ear before sliding to cradle the back of her head. For the moment, the Lord of the Oaks is blissfully unaware that they've attracted the attention of another who'd ventured out this way.

Breaking the kiss with her nose yet brushing his, Damara smiles and then slowly opens her eyes to look up at him. "I will wait patiently as I always do, Sarojyn…." A gentle finger brushes along his cheek and then to his neck where her hand rests. "I didn't think I was going to get you away…" She murmurs and then her gaze flicks down to look at his clothing. Her hand slides from his neck down along his front as she begins to work at the lacings. "The water is a little cold at first…but you will get used to it.." She promises with a grin again. She leans in to kiss his cheek and then his ear, then finally his neck, but it is then as she turns her gaze that the stark contrast of black and white catch her gaze. She slows, not saying anything and her jade eyes sharpen as she stares in turn to Kathryna.

Kathryna isn't really a wordy woman. This whole diplomat mission has been a disaster from the start. So, with the sight of those two and Kate's pure shock, she allows her fingertips to drop from her lips as she quietly sputters, searching for words that are simply -not there-. "I…ah… " She clears her throat a moment. "….Walking…. The water… I like… Water. I like to walk… you know… Along the water…" She points at the water, as if to illustrate her point. She just saw that. She really did just see that. "…I… I'll walk the other way." and then she begins to turn.

There's a moment in which that kiss has ended that Sarojyn's eyes remain closed and when they finally open, his gaze is once more settling on Damara as he gives a slow nod of his head, "I know you will .." His hand falls from the back of her head, fingers grazing against her shoulder and then down along her arm as he murmers, "It is good that my brother did not come, otherwise you would not have." The touch of her fingers to the lacings of his shoulder has another sigh escaping past his lips as his hand lifts back up to brush a touch to her cheek. His lips come to match her grin, but when she comes to stare over his shoulder, his brow lifts and a slight frown crosses his lips, "Don't tell me my guards .." Wait .. that sputtering doesn't come from a man and that causes the Lord to blink, mouth falling open for a moment before it quickly closes. Then, with an almost slow turn of his head, he's looking towards the voice and when his gaze comes to settle upon Kathryna, he simply regards her for a moment before finally offering, "Uh .. Hi." Apparently, that's all he can offer at the moment.

Sucking in a long breath, Damara is owlishly blinking at the floundering Ironborn. Her cheeks are flushed, heavily so and she clears her throat, the low sound of Sarojyn's hello breaking her thoughts. She lowers her hands from the lacings of his shirt and takes a step back, causing her to wade deeper into the water. She pushes hair back over her shoulder when she draws up to step out of the water. "Kate…" She calls in that familiar tone. The Mistress is being rather familiar with quite a few tonight. She takes a step after her. "We didn't realize you were here…" She admits softly.

Kathryna shakes her head slowly, throwing those blonde locks across her shoulder, "Uh… no… I wasn't here. I was just walking. Heard voices. I… I truly did not mean to interrupt. I'm sorry. You… It's good to see both of you. Find me in… town. Later." Kate gives them an oddly awkward, almost shy smile, then turns upon the ball of her foot and begis very firmly and very fastly walking in the opposite direction. Her friend deserves her stolen moments of happiness. She truly does.

When Damara's hands fall from the lacings of his shirt, Sarojyn is taking a step back and then turning more fully in the direction of Kate. For a moment, he simply listens to the exchange and with a quick look in the direction of Damara, he's then looking back to the fleeing Ironborn before lifting his voice enough to be heard by the fleeing Ironborn, "Lady Kathryna." A moment's pause is taken as his hand lifts to rub lightly at his face and when it falls away, he's continuing, "Wait a moment. Please."

There is still that prickle of embarassment that remains. Even as the Ironborn tries to give that privacy again, Damara looks torn. She is half tempted to take that time her friend is trying to give her, but the other half of her has been patient for far longer. But Sarojyn's call after makes up her uncertain mind and mood and she composes herself, reaching down to squeeze out her skirts before she is after her. "Come…we can all got to the Inn and have something to eat. I am sure Lord Sarojyn is in need of rest and some ale. You can ride with us.." Offers the Mistress.

Kathryna mentally curses as she hears the voices calling behind her. Kate pauses in the tall grass, her back still facing them, that stark scythe that is her house crest as pale as her hair, otherwise she's all darkness. She takes in a small breath and turns back around, pacing a few feet back in their direction. Then, on second thought, she adds a few more feet. Her expression isn't grim. It's actually a touch soft. A touch happy. And quite embarrassed. She gives them both a quiet smile. "Lord. Mistress. I… I am quite fond of both of you. What I witness simply just… Confirmed… something I had wondered about. I know such affairs are… nigh unto impossible. I do not wish to take what fleeting moments you -have- with each other. The God knows I… I attempted to steal a few of my own with other parts of your family so…" SHe grins there, "Enjoy yourselves. I saw nothing, yes? Mayhaps I shall see you later this eve."

When Damara begins to make her way in the direction of Kate, Sarojyn is moving to follow with only the briefest of pauses so that his cloak can be gathered and draped over his arm. Eyes then shift to settle upon the other woman and it's only now that he offers the hint of a smile and a slight bow of his head, "I do appreciate your discretion on this matter, Lady Kathryna, but I am not ashamed of such a thing. We simply keep it to ourselves so as to not make others uncomfortable or to cause issue." A shift of his arm has him gathering a little more of the cloak so that it does drag upon the ground, "The moment has been stolen, but not through the fault of yourself. So please, do not think that you must leave in such a hurry."

There is an agreeing nod from Damara but the last words from Kathryna cause her gaze to narrow. THere is a curious look to Sarojyn, but it seems the Mistress does not find fault with what the Ironborn has seen. "Come, we can all go to the Rockcliffe together.." She insists again and covers that ground between Kathryna and herself. "Come. Do not make issue of this and come." She insists, there is a firmness to her voice where usually she is one to give. Her jade eyes level on the other woman and she looks to the sky, darkening further.

Kathryna looks a hint frustrated, but as Damara's got That Tone in her voice, Kate just sighs, "If you insist. It… it is good to see you both. I did not know you had returned as well, Lord Sarojyn. I do not suppose you brought your brother with you?" Is that hope in her voice? Oh, it totally is, even if she's trying to hide it. "Needless to say, it looks like it is growing dark, and not just with the night. Perhaps the inn is a wise idea for all of us. I can get the first round, if you will all permit." It's her best way she knows to apologize — with booze! After that offer is made, she bows her head for them to lead the way back to the group so they can easier get back into two.

As Damara insists with That Tone, Sarojyn can't help but allow the smile to flicker a little more upon his lips and upon Kathryna's acceptance of things, it grows a touch more, "It is settled then." A look to Damara and then back to Kathryna has him offering a quick nod of his head, "A pleasure to see you again as well, Lady Kathryna. I had not intended to return to the Roost so soon, but there is business to be had with the Lord Jerold." With that said, he casts a look skyward as he unfurls his cloak and drapes it over his shoulder so that it can once more be settled upon his shoulders. When his gaze lowers, he's allowing it to once more settle upon the Ironborne, "Unfortunately, my brother remained behind, for this was to be a short trip. But, as I had not sent word to Lord Jerold, I may extend my stay and invite him to join." There's a pause and a slight lift of his brow as he looks towards Damara and then back to Kate, "We brought our horses, so we will need to retrieve them. If you walked here, you're welcome to my horse. I can ride with Damara, so long as she does not mind."

With the acceptance in hand, there is not much to do but move on from there. "If Lord Dafydd were here…I do not think there would be anywhere private enough for…" Her gaze sweeps back to Sarojyn - and this perhaps a warning to let Kathryna know they are not approved of. "I do not mind…but do you feel you can handle the horse, Kathryna? Otherwise you are welcome to ride with me.." She smiles and gives the Ironborn a long knowing look, as if she knew far more about what she was talented in than the Lord. She exhales and motions for them. "Let us get to the horses…" A sweet gaze is sent to the Lord and as she brushes past him, her hand touches his lightly before falling back to her side.

Kathryna stretches a bit more of a smile across her lips, and yes there is a hint of saucy innuendo behind her next words, "Oh, I can handle the horse. Lord Dafydd instructed me on how to ride quite well over our night together." She tosses off a casual, clearly teasing wink before she picks her way through the grass and to the horses since that was their offer. "I appreciate the offer as well. As long as you both will be comfortable, I think I can handle a horse on my own." And it will let them steal some close time together with an excuse. Her brows furrow a bit as she realizes Damara's implication about the lacking approval. "And that is a shame. It is not his business." She's got that tone in her voice which says she might -talk- to him about it. Sometime. If she gets the chance. For now, she just slips her foot into the stirrup and smoothly mounts the horse after rubbing it's flank to let it know she's there. She's getting decent at this riding thing, for a beginner.

Kathryna adds quietly, once she's up, "If you extend your stay, it would be… A lovely pleasure to see your brother again."

Kate's reply causes Sarojyn to blink and then stumble in his walk, though it's something that he recovers from rather quickly and after a soft clearing of his throat and a quick chuckle, he's giving a slight shake of his head, "Uh .. well then. That's good to know. You're welcome to my horse and I'll ride with Damara." There's a look towards Damara and the smile does return to his lips, "A shame it is, but my brother's heart is in the right place. He's doing what he thinks is best to preserve my image and that of House Camden." The brush of Damara's hand against his has him moving to beside her and when the horses are reached, he's offering a hand in her direction, as if to help her up, even though it's not needed. "Then perhaps I will send one of my men on a run back to the Oaks. Or, perhaps, we can simply venture there. If we go directly through the forest and not follow the road, it's only a couple hours travel at most."

The innuendo does not suprise the Mistress but she actually laughs brightly at Sarojyn's reaction. "Watch yourself..I think you lost your foot back there.." She touches his arm and when they arrive the short distance of the horses crossed, Damara takes the hand to help herself up. Since she will have help, she will take it. Slender calloused fingers close around his, pale to his darker coloration. She hooks her foot and swings up, skirt rising high on her legs as she then looks down to him and waits for him to climb up behind her, her mare shifting on her feet. She reaches out and strokes the side of the horses neck. "Easy girl.." But at the suggestion of returning to the Oaks, she gives Kathryna a long look, and a rather friendly smile.

Kathryna settles in on the horse, a bit stiff, she's still not fully comfortable on one of the beasts, but she's gotten far more accustomed to steering one and riding, so it's a good start. She smiles over to them both, watching them slip onto the horse together. It really does make her smile. Maybe somewhere, deep down in that iron and ice heart of her's, she's got a bit of a romantic core. Something's got to keep one warm on those cold sea-side nights! She chuckles a bit at Sarojyn's trip, but does not remark further lest she give him a heart attack or coughing fit. She sighs as they start on the road, "…As much as I would love… Love to come visit the oaks, I do have responsibilities here. Much as I told him when we left it in Stonebridge. I will come as -soon- as I can, but… we all are beholden to duty in the worst of ways."

There's a simple grin to Damara's comment of his footing and when she's settled upon her horse, he's moving to heave himself up behind her, one arm going to circle around her waist, while the other reaches forward for the reins. Eyes do shift over in the direction of Kathryna and it's the Lord's turn to offer a grin as he dips a slight nod in her direction, "I fear I know all to well of what you speak, my Lady." A pause is given, enough so that he can press a kiss to Damara's shoulder before straightening behind her, "Let us see if we can get to the inn before the sky decides to open up on us."

"Alas, but soon I hope.." Damara says in response to not going to Tall Oaks. The kiss causes her head to turn to look at Sarojyn from the corner of one eye. The Mistress lowers her arm to rest over his, fingers brushing against the back of his hand. She tilts her head and smiles then towards their companion as she rests back against the man behind her. She sighs and looks to the sky. "Water does not scare any form…I think the Lord is a bit squeamish about getting wet.." Was that a daring innuendo. Perhaps, but not near has bold as Kathryna's.

Kathryna scoffs slightly…"The water that falls from sky isn't nearly so dangerous as that of the sea, but yes. Water is a powerful thing. I can understand his hesitation." She winks teasingly in Sarojyn's direction then chuffs the horse on just a bit faster. She sits up straight and trots on, getting comfortable there. She looks back to Sarojyn, however, as he mentions knowing of what she speaks. That makes her frown…"You think you know, Lord? Tell me what you think…"

There's a soft grunt that sounds in the back of Sarojyn's throat at Damara's innuendo and the return reply that comes from Kate, though the smile does not waiver from the Lord's lips. Tightening his arm just a bit around the falconer's waist, he turns the horse and begins a casual trot back in the direction of the township, though his eyes do flit in the direction of Kathryna. Then, with a slight lift of his brow, he's simply offering, "I am quite familiar with the notion of being beholden to duty, Lady Kathryna. It is not a concept that is foreign to those that live amongst the tree's."

Duty. Damara has her own position in duty but she lets the two speak of it. Her hand remains over his and the other grasps the edge of the saddle before her. It is odd to try to find the rythmn of the horse when she is not in control, but soon she is moving smoothly in the saddle. She draws a breath and closes her eyes a moment, just smiling before her gaze opens and the copse of trees disappears behind and opens to the vast green before the Four Eagles Tower. Her head turns towards the Keep and than towards the town square.

Kathryna gives Sarojyn a half smile as they ride on, "Aye… duty, but… Dafydd seemed to think my duty would preclude a relationship with the Camdens. That the Terrick's might… get to us first, so to speak. I tried to very firmly assure him that was not so. I am in these lands for recompense, and that is mainly all. He did not seem to believe that. Hopefully you will. When I've handled matters here, then I will happily ride for Tall Oaks." Kate's voice is a touch more grave. Tired, almost. She does not relish her duties here, it seems. She then falls quiet on the matter as they actually enter the town. "But…this is all for another time."

"There is a reason that such a belief comes into play, Lady Kathryna, and it has to do with how politics are played within these lands." Letting his attention shift away from Kate, Sarojyn looks back to the fore and the direction that they travel, "There is consideration to be given that the Terricks might wish to suggest an Alliance. Something to strengthen the position of their House. But .." There is a look back towards her, the smile once more warming to his lips, ".. as you have said, this is a conversation best had another time. The talk of politics has a way of spoiling the mood of those involved." Eyes return to the fore once more, even as he leans a bit into Damara, "Isn't that right, Damara?"

Half listening, Damara feels the press of his chest to her back and the question posed is registered. She blinks and smiles, curling back into him as she dips her head, tilting her head a little to look back at him. "Yes, very much so.." She turns forward again and looks to Kathryna with an understanding look. She leans her head a little, catching her it gently against the side of his cheek a momemt before the movement of the horse prevents that from being so. But her hand on his flexes and squeezes gently. "We shall enjoy better talk over food and ale.."

Kathryna levels her eyes at Sarojyn for a moment, trusting the horse to know where it is going. "Then hear me in this. I am not here to make such a political alliance, though I would find making one with you a happy accident and blessing." Her eyes flicker to Damara, "I have grown quite fond of your house… And those you keep close." Kate confesses a touch quieter, the most heartfelt thing she's said in a while, but for an Ironborn she does actually seem to have a decent amount of heart. Perhaps that's why they sent her. She then slows as they approach the inn, carefully slipping out of the stirrup and following their lead in how to tie up the horses. She really is still half clueless when it comes to the beasts.

Smiling softly to Damara, Sarojyn then shifts his attention back to Kathryna, to whom he dips a slight nod of his head, "I trust in your words, Lady Kathryna, and I thank you for your compliment." With the inn close at hand, he allows the topic to fade with only a quick, "But for now, as Damara has said, we shall enjoy some better conversation over food and ale." Drawing the horse to a stop, he's moving to dismount before extending his arms upwards so as to help Damara climb down before tending to the tying of the horse.

At the warm words from Kathryna, Damara can not help but smile in return, letting out a long breath and for once, there is contentment writ upon her face. She shifts forward so Sarojyn can dismount, the mare sidestepping after he does a little. Grinning down at him, she actually laughs and shakes her head. There is a soft exhale and she reaches out to extend her hands for his shoulders, bracing herself there. She allows him to lift her when so often the notion of it would be something foreign. Shoeless - it's almost as if she had forgotten a few things and still does.

Kathryna is about to head into the inn with both of them when a scruff little page boy scampers up, the folded parchment in his hands. He stares at her as if she might bite his throat open, but Kate just blinks, looking back, "Aye? I'm waiting, boy, what is it?" He simply holds the trembling, sealed letter out, marked with the Camden crest. That makes her blink. She passes him a few coppers and shoos him off. "…Odd…" She mutters, nodding to both of them to head inside. She then realizes they are having a moment at the horse and she half smiles. "I'll get a table…" And read this letter. She slips inside, moving to get them space.

When Damara's hands come to rest upon his shoulder, Sarojyn's hands move to her waist to ease her down from the horse, regardless of those around and how odd it might seem for a Lord to help a retainer down from a horse. With a warm smile and a lingering of his touch before his hands fall away, he doesn't notice the page that arrives to deliver a letter bearing a seal of his very House. In fact, it's not until Kathryna announces that she'll get a table that he looks towards her and smiles, "Thanks. We're right behind you." Then, it's back to Damara, to whom the smile warms for and with a lift of his hand, he's then tugging her in the direction of the inn.

Retainer? Damara looks more the part of some serving maid than an actual retainer at the moment. That might be better all the while. But her gaze follows his to see that letter with the seal, a brow quirking up quickly before she lokos to Sarojyn with a silent questioning interest. But when he smiles, she smiles in turn and tugs him back so that she might catch him unexpectedly with a kiss and whispers something to him before looking towards the Inn, barefeet doing their best to miss the stones underfoot.

Kathryna settles down inside the inn, choosing the table closest to the back corner that she can, so they might have some privacy and comfort instead of being stuck out in the middle of the inn, bumped by every passing drunk. She continues reading the letter, but is slightly distracted as the serving man comes about. "Three ales. Keep it coming." She presses a silver into the man's hand to pay for as much of the night as she can before she looks back to the letter, trying not to grin. But, dammit, she's grinning.

That kiss is unexpected, but Sarojyn doesn't shy from it and when it ends and that whisper is heard, there's a slight nod of his head and something murmered in return. Then, he's turning and leading her into the inn. There, it takes a moment for him to look about and when he spots Kate in the back of the room, he's beginning the process of leading Damara through the crowd and over towards the table. Only when it's reached does he look to Damara and then back to Kate, the smile still upon his lips, "Judging by your expression, I trust you've received good news?"

Tilting her head just so, Damara looks from around behind Sarojyn slightly before stepping up to his side. She keeps close to him and the Lord receives no odd looks for his choice in company. She is no retainer tonight and the fact she wears no sigil and is not known overly gives her some relief. She can play a different sort of Mistress and doesn't all seem bothered by it. But her eyes linger on Kathryna. "It is more than good news…" There is an understanding look. She moves to take a seat near Kathryna.

Kathryna didn't -quite- hear them coming up to the little back cubby of a table, the room quite loud already and her eyes having been going over that elegantly penned letter a second time. She cannot entirely believe it. She coughs slightly, her turn to be caught red handed now. Fortunately, her cheeks are so sunburnt that they mostly hide the colour that is raising beneath them now. She folds the letter shut, pressing the wax seal again, but that only double confirms the Camden crest, probably confirming who the letter is from as well. "Ah… Interesting… news. Your brother was simply reminding me that… he is still interested in… Relations." She blinks, blushing more. "Political relations."

Kathryna cannot quite meet Damara's too knowing gaze.

With the closing of the letter and confirmation of the seal, Sarojyn can't hide the grin that hints upon his lips and it's something that only grows at Kathryna's mention of it's contents. A soft, "Mmmhmm," escapes his lips as he moves to settle himself into a seat next to Damara and as his arm comes to drape up and along her shoulders, he's casting a look in Kate's direction from the corner of his eyes, "I can imagine he's interested in … relations. Political, of course. I'm positive he forgets the sleepless nights that come with such things." The words are edged in a teasing tone that fades when he continues, "Before I depart for the room tonight, I'll have one of my men ride to the Keep and request that my brother join me. Especially since I intend to stay a day or two longer then intended."

Smirking some at the expense of Kathryna, Damara feels no shame obviously as she then reaches out to pat her friends hand. "Come need to coat such words. What did he say?" She winks and then looks to Sarojyn as he speaks of bringing his brother back to the Roost. Perhaps with Kathryna to keep him busy…he might not notice if she were around Sarojyn more often. She wets her lips and lifts a hand to clasp his that is about her shoulder. She brushes her fingers there, warming her skin against the heat he gives off.

Dammit, Kate will not blush like a child! But she is blushing. It's reaching up to her temples now as both of them just look at her like that. She clears her throat a heartbeat later, "Uh… that… That would be most favourable, Sarojyn, if your brother would be willing to come. I feel he and I left… too much unsaid." She confesses, half embarrassed, half hopeful. It's an odd look on her face. The woma really does not know how to handle this sort of relationship. She looks back down to the folded letter. "He simply says much is quiet back home so he could hear these old gods of yours… and they said this alliance between us might be a very valuable friendship." She looks back down, pale lashes concealing something else, but she holds her tongue on that much. "Anyway… Did you both wish to discuss other things? This…" She shakes her head, making a small, dismissive sound in her throat as she tucks the letter into the inner left breast pocket of her long coat.

When Damara reaches up to clasp the hand around her shoulder, Sarojyn allows the grin to shift to a smile as he looks to her, but when Kate begins to speak, he's casting a look back in her direction, the smile remaining upon his lips now. "I will send word this evening, then, and he'll have it by morning. If he rides through the forests, then he'll be here by mid-day or early evening at the latest." The mention of the Old Gods draws a softer smile to his lips and he does look back to Damara as he continues, "The Old Gods can speak quite loudly when they wish to be heard." Then, it's back to Kate, "With the notion that I do not wish to offend .. which god is it that you pay your respects to, Kathryna?" Perhaps by venturing there, he's affording Kate the opportunity to forgo continuing to speak of Dafydd.

Kathryna is happy for the distraction, though Damara has already heard some of this theory on her god, Kate is more than happy to speak again. Her expression actually grows a touch solemn, the most serious Sarojyn has possibly ever seen the careless, double talking, teasing, hard woman. She does take something seriously, and it would be her religion. "I worship the Drowned God, Sarojyn… The god of the seas, who constantly battles with the storm god. If we are strong enough to ride his waves, to sail where we need and take what we need, then he will give us riches abounding." She breathes in slowly, considering how to explain what she just takes as fact. "What is dead cannot die. Once you have tasted death once… drown in his waves, then the taste of death is not nearly so fearful. You have already conquered it. But he is not a god you -ask- for strength. You must prove to him you are strong."

As Kathryna begins to speak of her God, Sarojyn's expression takes on that of quiet contemplation as he listens to what she says. A nod of his head is given part way through and when she finishes, the smile makes a slow return to his lips, "Some have said you can judge an individual by how they speak of their Gods and to see you in such fashion, Kathryna, brings truth to those words." Eyes shift over to Damara, resting there for a moment before looking back in the direction of Kate, "I hope, Lady Kathryna Harlaw, that you succeed in proving your strength to your God."

Kathryna gives him a low, slightly cool smile, "That is in my plans, Sarojyn… I very much assure you it is." And while there isn't exactly a threat in her voice, there is something very momentarily dark and icy. Something to remind her Riverlands company that despite her warm attitude, seemingly friendly heart and alliances, she is an Ironborn. She is a creature of icewater and raiding. She might be a trained attack dog, but there is still that attack dog beneath the surface. But it's gone as quickly as it came. "Our children are often flooded with water just after birth. A metaphorical drowning. Our priests do it a second time, to join the faith. Though there are few sailors who have not been taken by the waters at least once or twice. The Drowned God is one of strength and fury… not compassion. I cannot… imagine a god where it takes silence and peace to commune with them. How do you all function?"

Sarojyn obviously doesn't try to match the expression that crosses Kate's features, but rather, he meets it with a warm smile and a nod of his head. Then, when the question comes to be posed, there's the hint of a laugh and a slight shrug of his shoulders, "Our Gods have no eleborate ceremonies, Kathryna. Quiet contemplation is paid in the Godswoods and it is there that we find our answers as the trees whisper to us." Looking to Damara now, the smile softens, "To hear the Gods whisper amongst the trees is something to be remembered. But .." Now he looks back in the direction of Kate, ".. we each have our view on Religion and your God is as foreign to me as mine seems to you. In the end, though, we all pay our respects to them. We just go about it in a different fashion."