Page 487: All About the Manpower
All About the Manpower
Summary: Keenan offers manpower to the missing children hunt.
Date: 22/Nov/2012
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Keenan Mortimer 
Rocky Cove, Terrick's Roost
To the west of the path leading down, the beach extends below a cliff face and takes a turn inland where the terrain above has collapsed down to be claimed by the pounding waters below. It has formed a small, almost private cove with jagged rocks in the water at the cliffs while the ocean has relaimed most of those from the beach. Due to the elevation of the cliffs, the top of the tower to the north is just barely visible despite the relatively short distance.
Thu Nov 22, 289

Lord Keenan and ten of his fiercest looking bully boys have all but taken over the cove. Some of the locals might complain about the effect this has on the scenery but the young Terricks needs outweigh their's apparently. And besides he has the muscle to back that up evidently. The military mien of the men who sit around the bundle of cargo and boats that make up Keenan's makeshift docks (really just a pile of cargo and two rowboats) contrast starkly with the young Lord's flamboyance - but they seem to respect him well enough. He has summoned Mortimer to the coastline for some reason. Perhaps related to the smaller part of Keenan's private army which is on the beach.

Mortimer had been busy with other things when Keenan's summons had arrived and it had been sorely tempting to put it off until later, but a summons from a Terrick is a summons from a Terrick. Even if it's the Terrick he nearly punched not all that many days before. It only takes a matter of minutes for him to make his apologies and head down towards the shoreline. A glance is given to the changes that have occurred since the Crimson Keel arrived but most of his attention is on the young Terrick and those immediately by him. Drawing to a stop a few feet away he offers a polite nod followed by a "you wanted me m'Lord?"

Keenan is busy talking with a father and two teens who appear to be wanting to join the crew. "I'm not the captain just the owner - but I have no objection to giving your lads some seasoning in my employ. Problem is we are moored here for the moment and until I acquire a new cargo and a couple of jobs I'd be paying you for sitting around…" Not a no evidently the father is pleased that the flamboyant noble is not the captain of the ship. Turning suddenly to Mortimer, "Ah yes Master Trevelyan - with all that has been going on I thought I might pitch in a little something which might aid you in your struggles," vague at this point.

Mortimer shifts his weight slightly on his feet, itching to be back to his own investigations rather than stood here. The word 'aid' though catches his interest as much as the word 'pitch' makes him want to groan. "Aye m'Lord?" he asks simply, slipping his hands behind his back as he does so, "How would that be?"

"More men - my men to be specific - armed and experienced. Get a few of these lads by your side and no wailing women with dogs will trouble you." And the sailors do look strong - if a little grim and serious. "This is Bran, Brack, Braddock, Brent, Bill, Ben, Barry, Burke, Besk and Phil." Its as though Keenan had rounded up all the 'B' name crew members of the Crimson Keel and was handing them over just as some form of joke. "Think of them as a loan. It'll get Lord Ser Bolly-wolly my auspiscious father off my back for a while hopefully."

"Thank you m'Lord," Mortimer starts, eyeing the offered men as he does so, "that's very.. gracious of you." He has to fight the urge to keep his expression neutral at the adultered name of the current Lord of the Roost but he manages it, probably through years of being around nobles. "Are any of them trackers, or archers?" he asks, guessing his has more chance with the latter given their sailors, "there should be a trail of wolf blood to follow once we get back to that cottage and they'll be useful enough as muscle. Assuming they can move quietly enough not to scare off anything they might find of course.

Keenan looks at his men to get an answer to Mortimer’s question - two of them nod stoically without saying much other than at a murmur. "Yes I believe we have a few archers three and one tracker. But you'd have better trackers that know the region. What happened to that Blondie bandit girl that you trapped? She might have come in handy."

"She decided to start anew elsewhere," Mortimer replies, answering Keenan's last question first to get it out of the way. "Any of them ride?" he then asks, a further though occurring to him, "I need two messengers and they'll do well enough for that assuming they can remain ahorse. Beyond that, I'll put the others to practicing at the targets on the green. If we come across those wolves again then taking them out at range is a priority." He's less impatient to be back into town now, and very firmly in organisational mode instead.

Mortimer can think of precisely nothing to say to that first conversation thread, so keeps stoically silent on it until Keenan is done, then moves swiftly onto the next. "Thank you m'Lord, that's useful t' know." Turning then to the ten men he's just inherited he gives his instructions, "head on up to the Keep. The archers among you, get yourselves to the armoury and get enough bows and quivers for eight of you to practice, you'll be teaching those who don't shoot. Two of you, congratulations, you get to skip archery practice, go to the stables, use my name to borrow two horses and get them saddled and ready to ride. I'll join you there shortly to give you more details." Back to Keenan then he shrugs, well, a one-shouldered shrug at least, "no idea m'Lord, but then I've never been a seaman myself."

Keenan watches his men explode into action, "You heard him lads! get to work!" he calls after them redundantly. As for the cutlass, "I think it has something to do with the rigging - maybe a double edged blade is too dangerous unless it is a dagger or something. I suspect it is a thing I am supposed to know about but don't," and having spent so many years on the sea it is a little embarrassing.

Mortimer watches the men depart for a moment, nodding his head slowly in approval as they depart in earnest. Back to Keenan again frowns in thought for a moment then asks, "isn't that what scabbards are for m'Lord?" Maybe there's something there he's missing but it strikes him as a way round the posed problem. "Have you tried asking them?" he then suggests before glancing back up to where the men are now disappearing from sight, "and is there anything else you were wanting, or should I get up to the keep and set the riders on their way?"

"I could ask - that would be a bit embarrassing though don't you think?" Keenan is plainly tickled by the peculiar problem. "There is one minor thing. I was wondering whether some of the Keeps servants could come down and help me get this cargo off the beach. I think I'll stuff some of it in the Keeps larder. Can't hurt to have more food. That and the fact that some people have complained it is an eyesore."

"I couldn't say m'Lord," Mortimer answers, not entirely sure just what might count as embarrassing to this particular Terrick lord, "but you would have an answer." He takes a moment to survey the cargo, stating as he does so," I'm sure there'd be welcome of the additions to the larder, but I have no sway over the household servants. I'd suggest talking to the Lady Anais, she should be able to find you the man power."

Keenan's eyes widen, "Then that is what I shall do," he says smiling - leaving a skeleton crew to guard the cargo. "Do let me know if you have need of any more resources for your hunt. I'd volunteer myself - but I am not so good at these things."

"I will m'Lord," Mortimer states with a nod. That’s the third Terrick he's had that offer from and it's definitely good to know that he has their backing. "I think we should probably have enough men without you," he offers, "but thank you all the same. I'll try and get your lads back to you quickly."