Alisynn Maison
Sasha Pieterse
Sasha Pieterse as Alisynn Kierra Maison
name: Alisynn Kierra Maison
father: Matheu Maison
mother: Ailira Maison
spouse: Lives with Ciaran Fullbringer
issue: Kaicee Ciara Fullbringer
gender: Female
age: 16
height: 5'4"
weight: 108
eyes: Sapphire Blue
hair: Blonde
honorific: -
house: Commoner
position: {$position}


Born in The Twins to a scribe and a commoner Master of the Hunt who both work for Lord Walder Frey, Alisynn Kierra Maison learned the trade of her mother. In more ways than one. Her mother, Ailira is a scribe for the Frey Lord. Ailira was but eighteen when she succumbed to the charms of the Master Huntsman. When each found out what had happened, they hurriedly married to ensure their offspring would not be labeled a bastard. Her father was disappointed when a daughter was born and had little to do with her.


An only child, Ali was at her mothers side most of the time, writing on parchment, trying to duplicate what her mother was doing. Sometimes she would sneak off to the kitchens where she was adopted by one of the elderly cooks who taught her how to make things, telling her every girl needed to learn to cook. Whispering in a way that only old folks can, how it would also keep her out of the whore house. While in the kitchens she heard talks of the bastards the Lord had fathered, learning the names of some of the mothers, quite relieved when her own mother's name wasn't included in that. When not in the kitchens or at her mother's side, she would go outside with the other servants children. Mostly boys, wrestling and playing.


It was when she was fourteen that she found out a scribe is what she wanted to be, and focused mostly on that, intending on following her mother's footsteps and perhaps even working for Lord Walder himself. Though at fifteen, she was distracted. She met a man who was passing through. He charmed her, she trusted him, he left, she was pregnant. All in that precise order. Her mother, the cook, her father, everyone was disappointed in her. Greatly. They sent her to family in Stonebridge where she gave birth to a healthy little girl.

Once the baby was born, her family encouraged her to find work and make her own way in the world. After all, she was sixteen now. When the recent conflict, she returned to her home, but was sent back once the peace was announced. So, back in Stonebridge with a small baby of her own, she has decided to look for the father… He deserved to know he had a child. Right? When he left The Oaks, he went towards Stonebridge so from there, she will move to the Roost, seeking him out. Unfortunately, she only has his first name. Ciaran.

No one will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from inside.


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