Ser Aidan Erenford


The Eldest of Lord Chandlyr Erenford's sons-Aidan had a lot to lived up through. His own father was knighted young, and excelled in the tournaments at lance and spear. And where as Aidan was loved of his father- never had his father's prowress with a spear. Instead he proved better suited to holding a sword. Trained by his father until old enough to be a page for a knight's lance, Aidan proved adept at figuring out his Martial prowess, and showed skill early on. Early enough to be able to raise brows. One of Lord Chandlyr's friends from his youthly cycles- a Mallister quickly snatched the youth up and ran him through his paces and squired him amongst the finer heavy cavalry in the Cape.

Aidan for his part proved to be a good squire, following his knight boldly into whatever tournament or conflict came their way. As it was, he was more on the frontier of the Mallister's holding, chasing out poachers and thieves. He was knighted after the Tournament at Harrenhal, and was set to be dismissed back to his House, when the rebellion began. Being caught along the forefront, Aidan remained with the Mallisters, serving as a scout and Outrider to the heavier forces. Often times harrying the enemy before riding out and away-before larger forces could react.

His first significant battle was the Battle of the Bells, in which he joined Riverlander forces coming to aid in the rescue of Robert's trapped men. During the Trident, he rode in the charge that saw Jason Mallister hack his way to clear a path for Robert to meet Rhaegar. Aidan would remain on until the final battle of Dragonstone, and then return home with the other Frey knights his dismissal from his former knight finally realized.

Peacetime was easy for Aidan, and something he relished. Serving as a Knight of the March, Aidan patrolled the northern borders to the Erenford Land-and often spent his free time carousing in inns and taverns. His own reputation as a man of liesure grew, as did the songs that he could play on a lute. When the Ironborn invaded-Aidan was one of the knights that rode with Marvish out to join the other cape forces, reeling from the shock of the attacks. He fought at Alderbrook, as an Outrider under Riordan Nayland, and continued the campaign as they liberated Seagard and pushed the Ironborn out to sea. He is said to have done quite well on the Islands and returned when the Riverland forces were finished.

Once more, did Aidan find himself in the North March-mainly drinking and having a grand time.

However, peace would not last long. Though Aidan would never have seen this war coming. As tensions grew over the town of Stonebridge, between House Charlton and House Nayland-Aidan kept doing what he did best, drinking, whoring and patrolling. During the feast for Patrek Mallister, Aidan-remained in the field and was one of the unlucky knights caught unawares by Haigh and Charlton forces. He was taken in an inn known as The Last Watch, where many knights on the March often stopped. The first two men who came into his room were soundly beaten out-only for the knight to realize there was a greater armed party waiting for him in the hall, with his squire already held and bloody. Aidan promptly surrendered.

He would be ransomed back, through the actions of the Naylands-which earned them no love on his part, and returned home to Heronhurst as many were called in. As hostilities grew and war loomed- Aidan waited to see what was House Erenford's position.That came across when the men were ordered to ride, some to the Twins and some to Stonebridge to help their Nayland Allies. And that is where Aidan went. Attacking the Haigh camp and forces from the rear, he would kill several knights that day and help clear the field with the rest of the Erenford knights and men.

Since then Aidan has been doing what he has always done best. Enjoying himself.


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