Page 309: After the Melee
After the Melee
Summary: Congratulations are had after the close of the melee.
Date: May 24, 2012
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Tourney Grounds — The Twins
Grass and horses! Lots of knights!
May 24, 289

Tia manages a smile for Saeth, but she does turn to look briefly at the field, catching the end, so she at least does know who won. Then she looks back over at Saeth, with a gentle smile. "You're awake. It worked." She sounds as surprised over that as no doubt everyone else will be, should they ever hear it. "You need to stay here - I'll go fetch a maester to look you over and make sure you're okay." There - her brilliant ideas for the day are at an end, it seems.

Dismayed sound or no, Anais weaves her way through the crowd to try to meet Hardwicke on his way out. "Ser Blayne!" she calls, still smiling.

Rosanna is there in the stands, drawn to the very front of them, waiting with a beaming smile as her champion approaches. She's flush with the excitement of watching the melee — and of watching her favored knight come out victorious. "Lord Rutger," she breathes when he's close enough. "You were—" She struggles a moment for the right word. "—remarkable."

Hardwicke slows upon hearing Anais's call. He hesitates only a moment before adjusting his path to approach her. He is smiling significantly less than she is, and certainly less than he did after the joust. "My lady," he says with stiff propriety. He looks a bit of a mess. "I'm sorry I could not do more."

Roslyn is much more reserved, for all that pleasure is bright in her wide gaze as it finds her brother, her smile curving at the corners of her lips. She rises to her feet, smoothing her skirts before drawing forward as well. "You did well, Rutger," she offers lightly herself.

"You were wonderful," Anais says firmly to Hardwicke, reaching up to brush a bit of sod off his shoulder. How did that get there? "I wanted to tell you before you had a chance to beat yourself up over it." There's a flicker to her smile, a conspiratorial twinkle in her eyes. "Besides, it's the Frey's tournament. It's only polite to let their vassals have a bit of the fame, isn't it?"

And when he does approach the stands, there is a faint wince to his movements, but Rutger does go for a kneeling bow before the Lady Groves, before he is rising back up to stand. A smile is given as Lucamore approaches, and he turns to hand off his battered helm and sword. Rosanna's favor he does not relinquish. That he holds too tightly, as smiles. "Lady Rosanna, I thank you for your favor." teeth flashed, and his cracked lip shows. "It is for that reason I fought, and for what reason my feats seemed to spring from me..I am honored to have fought for you."

"I certainly wasn't making that a consideration," Hardwicke replies to Anais with something of an irritable scowl. "I'd rather bring home more than less."

"Yes, I know." Anais' smile turns dry as she watches Hardwicke. "But it sounds so much nicer than 'losing', doesn't it? Besides, you get to go back to Belle and he gets to go back to Lady Rosanna. I'll let you decide who has the better end of that deal, hmm? I should let you get to that, though. Else Belle won't be very happy with me."

Saethwyr manages another little smile to Tiaryn, and he gives a small nod to her. "Mmm… if you were seeking to wake me, then aye… it would seem it did work," he comments, quirking a bit of a smile. He shifts his position slightly there against the trunk of the tree, and then he gives a small nod to her. "Aye, my Lady… I will stay here. I will be fine, Lady Tiaryn… I was just resting here," he says softly, watching her. Just resting, indeed. He doesn't want her to worry, it would seem.

Rosanna watches Rutger drop to a knee before her, a bit giddily breathless. "I am glad that the gods saw fit to honor my chosen knight with their blessing." And despite the sweat, dirt, and cracked lip, she offers him her hand.

"Well, only one of us—" Hardwicke catches himself before he says anything too untoward in front of the lady. "Aye, my lady," he says instead. "I suspect she'll be wanting to count my bruises to decide how much she needs to fret."

Rutger smiles towards Roslyn. "Thank you Lyn.." And there a beaming smile is awarded. "I showed them." And that is all he says on the Freys, certainly Lord Walder and at least Ser Edmonte might be smarting from him winning that shield off them, and that is what Rutger wants. And there he looks back towards Rosanna, as her hand is offered, and he gingerly reaches out, careful of what he holds. And he bows his head and places a kiss softly on Rosanna's hand, letting lips linger only a little, before he pulls his head up. "My Lady."

"Exactly," Anais grins to Hardwicke. Hey, she's a married woman. She can refer to these things. "Take care, Ser Blayne. You fought well."

"Not bad, Ser Rutger," Kittridge chimes in, "Lost me some money, but then I didn't expect you to go without an opponent for the first two thirds of this thing. You'd think you'd be tall enough to be tough to lose even in the crowd of a melee, but you managed it somehow. Well fought at the end, there, though. Can I see the shield?"

"You did," Roslyn agrees quietly, a look tracing from her brother and Rosanna back to Kittridge as the knight speaks up. There is the faintest, briefest furrow of her brows, but she answers for him, "Perhaps we can both find his squire to see it." Who is hopefully somewhere else, not right here.

The intentness of Rosanna's attention on Rutger's face is rudely interrupted by her brother's oh-so-pointed congratulations. She shoots a glare at him over her shoulder for going and ruining her special moment. "Yes," she agrees with Roslyn. "You should go look at it."

"Ser Kitt." Rutger states with a brief grin to the other knight. "The key is to have the Freys think you are no better than dirt. Then you can get by with hacking at anything, really." Rutger notes, before he bows his head. "Thank you, Ser. And yes- I am sure Lucamore can show you where ever he stored it, and you can meet my pages if you like.." A glance is given towards Roslyn and he nods. "If you would like to escort him, Lyn, that would be welcomed."

"As you say, my lady," Hardwicke says, dipping his head. Then, after a brief hesitation, he adds, "Thank you." And then he turns to head back to his tent.

"Oh, did you have it sent off already?" Kittridge lifts a brow, and then waves a hand dismissively and shakes his head, "No, no, that's alright. I didn't care that much, really, was just making conversation." He smiles broadly. "So, Ser Rutger. You'll probably be wanting to get seen to after that, I'd think, make sure nothing's cracked."

A shrug leaves the other knight. "I did, I'm must admit to not wishing to lug around another shield at the moment." A wry even if cracked grin leaves Rutger. "I have some time I may spare, if I wish. I can be seen to, soon enough." A glance over towards Lyn, before he is looking back towards Kittridge. "I probably have some rather seriously bruised ribs though- I thank you for caring over one, your sister obviously cares for. It shows how strong your family is."

"Ser Rutger won because he was the best man on the field," Rosanna says as if this should be totally obvious. "You don't need to send him off."

Again, Roslyn's eyes return to Kittridge as he speaks, and she mostly manages to look politely in agreement, though she replies, "I shall send for the Maester to be ready for you, when you wish to see him." And she does turn to speak to her maid, at the least.

"He won because he was the last man on the field, Rosanna," Kittridge corrects, just a little tightly, though still polite, "And Ser Rutger, you will refrain from speaking for my sister in the future," he says. "You are in no position to do so, nor will you endear yourself to me through it. But I'm glad none of you seem to be seriously injured," he says, smile friendly, "You and Ser Hardwicke and Ser Aleister fought hard."

"Ser Kitt, I believe I ever do try to endear myself to you. I apologize if my tact is as sharp as the steel I used just now." Rutger offers before he glances back towards Rosanna. "My apologies to you lady, for doing so." speaking for her. And then he looks lastly back towards Kittridge, that smile showing back. "It was indeed a hard fight, Ser. But, with the exception of Ser Blayne and Blackarrow, I owed the other men I forced to yield. That drove me on." and of course Rosanna, but he said that already.

Rosanna colors with something other than the rush of excitement as she glares at her brother, her brown eyes glimmering. "Ser Rutger was not speaking for me," she says. "I don't know why you have to say such things." She looks back to Rutger and says, chin lifted, "You apology is unnecessary, ser."

"One could argue that the best man was the last on the field," Roslyn says quietly, her brow curving upwards, but making no move to insert herself further into such topics. Sorry, Rutger.

Kittridge completely ignores his sister, but inclines his head to Rutger in a nod. "Apology accepted, ser," he replies, "And you have mine for belittling your accomplishments on the field today. That wasn't very sporting of me, it's just that completely ruined most of the bets I'd laid and I'm a bit put out," he says, smile tilting crookedly, "I'm sure you understand. It was an impressive showing."

"Indeed, I do Ser. Apology is accepted." Rutger adds with a grin, before he is looking back towards Rosanna. "And thank you, Lady. You are most gracious to me." A smile given for her before he is looking back towards Kittridge. "I hope Ser, next time I do not ruin your bets. Coin is a hard thing to lose." spoken as one betting man to another.

That just makes Rosanna fume all the worse as she continues glaring at Kittridge. She barely musters the strength of mind to offer Rutger another polite smile as he thanks her, but she doesn't quite manage to say anything yet without yelling.

"Perhaps you may show the Lady Rosanna the shield, Rutger. After all, it is her favor that won it all," Roslyn puts forth where the younger woman falls silent, her smile touching her lips as she does not look towards Kittridge, at all. Even as she adds, "She is likely more interested in it than her lord brother."

Rutger glances towards Roslyn. "If I may?" he asks, back towards Kittridge. "My squire will be in attendance, and I am sure the Lady could bring a maid and a guard if you are not escorting her, Ser?" A fair and good idea. Rutger makes a mental note to thank his sister.

"Day will go as well, won't you?" Kittridge suggests, glancing back at the Septa who, let's be honest, was never not going to stick to Rosanna like glue anyway. "Don't be long," he says, "Father wanted to speak with us after, don't forget." He might've made that up. Or not. WHO KNOWS.

Of course Day is here. She is only too happy to provide chaperone duties. Rosanna shoots one final look at Kittridge before turning to Rutger and gathering her poise to offer a graceful curtsy. "I would enjoy that very much, my lord."

"Be sure to see the Maester soon as well," Roslyn adds in concern with all of the other suggestions. She sweeps her own curtsy, more for Rosanna's sake as the lady prepares to depart then her brother's.

Rutger smiles at Rosanna, as he offers his arm to the young Lady, before he is nodding to lead her on back towards his tent. A bow of his head to Lyn and Kittirdge. "Take good care of my sister, Ser." As it seems he is escorting, Rosanna. And Day to follow of course.

Rosanna offers no further farewell to her brother as she draws up next to Rutger and takes the offered arm. LEAD ON.

"Naturally, ser," Kittridge replies to Rutger with a grin. He and Day share a quick look before the little Nayland/Groves party, several attendants in tow, heads off to see the shiny shield.