Page 305: After the Jousts
After the Jousts
Summary: The crowd disperses after the champions of the joust are named.
Date: May 20, 2012
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Tourney Grounds — The Twins
Grass and horses! Lots of knights!
May 20, 289

Saffron maintains an open and innocent expression as though she hasn't been caught using one of her father's words. Anais should have recognized it, at least. "Well, that's good to know. No point in leaving things partially assed." And she beams all dimples and eye twinkles. Then she sobers and nods to the knight's words. "Ser Kamron did provide a good challenge in the end… three passes."

"Aye, my lady. That it is, and you seem most pleased with the match your father gained you." She smiles, "Most cannot say as much. But that is the way it is supposed to be. Matches for love are rare and usually a surprise no?" Alys shifts in her seat. "He did not meet with you? Hmm, I wonder why." She waves her hand in dismissal, "I will not trouble you to try and figure why such things happen. Minds of men are both confusing and frustrating at times. If we spent time trying to figure it out. I am afraid we would have no time at all for nothing else." A touch misleading as Alys gained a slight skill in figuring people, and their intentions out. She brushes a deep red curl from her face. "What of you, my lady. Anything of interest you have observed as of late?"

Once Annara has been named, Hardwicke spurs his courser towards the smallfolk crowd, coming up to the edge of the railing with an eye for a particular blonde.

And it would seem there are more introductions to pay heed to. Saethwyr inclines his head slightly towards the Lady introduced, a smile coming to the corners of his lips. "Ah, a pleasure to meet you, Lady Terrick," he greets her, polite as always. "Aye, I have met your cousin, the Lady Saffron," he affirms, giving a small nod. His attention shifts then to the two men introduced, and each earns a nod. "A pleasure to meet you both as well," he says, a smile coming to his features, giving each a brief look over in turn. Nothing disrespectful or anything. He looks to Tiaryn and gives a nod of agreement to what she says. "Aye, it's good to hear that," he says, his smile returning. "It was a well-ridden tournament," he comments, in general as opposed to meaning by anyone in specific.

Justin chuckles at Ser Kamron, "I'm sorry to hear that, though three passes is respectable." He quiets for the naming of the Queen of Love and Beauty, followed by a goodly portion of the crowd cheering! He sighs, "First Tournament I've been to that I wasn't watching Ser Haffrey ride." Obviously Justin misses the man. Not to mention his brothers and his uncle who are also absent. "Do we know when they'll be having the melee, yet?"

Riordan, after speaking a bit more with Andrey Charlton, and trading a joke or two, moves off towards the rows of tents. He pauses, near the stands, to give a last smile and nod for his family, and particularly to his sister the Lady Roslyn, and the Lady Valda as well. And then, Riordan moves, perhaps just a bit stiffly, off the field. As he walks past a certain blonde of his own acquaintance, he makes no effort to hide the Tordane favor worn on his arm.

"I don't think we've heard about the melee," Tiaryn says, thinking over what's been heard so far. She's been here, after all, but not heard a thing. As the Queen of Love and Beauty is announced, Tia cheers and claps with everyone, politely. "That was quite fun," she says. "I hope we get more such opportunities in future."

Kamron looks up at the announcement from the herald, nodding his head and clapping against his thigh again politely. Once the hubbub has died down again, he looks over to Justin, "Not tonight. Between Ser Kell and Ser Riordan, I think the joust has gone on too long." That's definitely not a complaint, more a chuckling appreciation of the hard-fought tilt. Groaning a bit, he pushes himself back to his feet, "Speaking of not leaving things partially…" he glances around the women in the group, then goes with "done… I suppose I should go see Ser Hosteen about ransom for Three and for my armor."

"Love is best when grown, not fallen into, Lady Alys," Valda instructs maternally. "Then the marriage is already set, so you and your husband's goals are one and the same. It is within such a safe environment that one may allow affection and emotion to bloom, strengthening the bond." As to her own feelings toward her late husband, naught is said. When Riordan bids his silent farewell, she offers a nod of approval. "And men, my dear, are not so difficult to decode. They may simply surprise you at time with impetuous actions, while we ladies tend to be creatures of thought and planning."

As the Queen is named, Anais smiles faintly, settling back in her chair once more. "A fine joust indeed," she approves, though there's a sympathetic look for Kamron at his talk of ransom. "Best of luck, Lord Kamron," she offers.

Saffron cannot help but smile toward Kamron, and she inclines her head gently. "Again, Ser Kamron… well-ridden. Your favored lady will be most pleased to hear it." It is then that she looks over toward Anais with a slight tilt of her head. "I'm going to retire to the tents for a bit, Annie. Besides, Mistress Morla has been snoring since Master Hardwicke's joust, to no fault of his own. I should take her back." And indeed, the long-forgotten crony minder is snoring and drolling in her seat a ways down. She begins to rise to wake the woman.

"I could not disagree at all, my lady." She smiles, "Wise words from a women who knows I suspect." She notes Riordan walking by, nodding once to him and turning her attentions back to the woman. "It is lovely your kin has retained her crown, no?" Alys smiles, "You are right though, very few are wedded at their own behest. Most are thrown together or asked for like a prize to be won." Alys sighs, "Love has to be able to grow, lest it be suffocated at the root. Better have the room, than none at all." Again she nervously twists the ribbon around her hand again and again. "Thought and planning, indeed. Where the men have strength of body, we have strength of mind. Best to use it wisely, eh?"

Wait, what did Saffron say to Kamron? Justin blinks and looks for whatever favour Ser Kamron might be wearing, "You have an admirer, Ser?" The younger Lord can't help but smile a little, "I hope she's a fair one to catch your eye. Good luck with your ransom." Justin moves to stand as well, a little stiff from less honorably earned bruises of his own.

"I'll stop by later," Anais promises her cousin, giving her hand one more squeeze before releasing it. She half-turns in her seat then, taking a review of those who remain in the stands.

And then the joust is over, and Rosanna is standing to move closer to the lists, her face all aglow with the rush of the tourney. "Kittridge!" she calls, waving excitedly at her brother.

"Good day to you, Lady Saffron," Tia says, with a nod of her head. "It has been a pleasure sitting with you. I look forward to chatting with you later." She also inclines her head to Anais, as she gets to her feet. This signals her guard and maid, both of whom also get moving following her lead. "I should perhaps also make my way back to our camp." Following after Anders and Corrie. She does however make her way the long way around, pausing by Roslyn and Rosanna, to at least give them a smile as she passes.

Kittridge rides over towards his sister, and dismounts when appropriate to advance on foot. "Rosanna!" he replies, smiling.

With the Tournament over, one knight who has conspicuously held himself in the background, remains so, watching, with a slight frown upon his features. One hand brings a plain kerchief to his nose as he blows his nose once more. Sniffling, Rutger takes time to move to his sister, where she stands.

Saethwyr tilts his head slightly to one side as his attention turns to Tiaryn, and he gives a small nod. "I've not yet heard anything of the melee either," he comments, offering his small amount of input. Which isn't really much, all things considered. "I'd be inclined to agree for there to be more such opportunities," he adds, a smile coming to his features. "If you'll allow me, Lady Flint, it would be an honour to escort you," he says, moving to walk with her and serve that very purpose.

Kamron dips his head at Saffron's mention of his favor, "I'm sure that Lady Ghost will be quite pleased to hear of my attempted success, Lady Saffron." Laughter tickles the edges of his statement, "Hopefully I'll better honor her favor in the melee." And his hurt left arm moves slightly to touch the white cloth, neatly embroidered with intricate stitching that has been carefully tied around his right upper arm to hide any monogram it might hold. Nodding to Justin, he lets the unhurt left corner of his lips curl up, "A Lady of good birth who has requested that her interest remain anonymous for now, Lord Justin." Oh, he's such a tease. And then he is bowing to the dissolving group, "Ladies, Lords… farewell," and he's off to see how much of the suddenly-meager money available to House Mallister he will be giving the Freys.

It is probably not seemly or comfortable to embrace a man in full armor, but Rosanna ignores both to embrace Kittridge fiercely. "Oh, you did so well," she gushes. "You're a champion! I am so proud of you." Someone take a screenshot of this so she can't deny it later.

Now standing himself, Justin looks like he would say something to Tiaryn but the Lady Flint is moving off to retire for the evening, so he doesn't bother her with his question. Instead, he rubs his lower back and steps down the benches to retake a seat on Anais's other side. He says something low to her.

Roslyn remains seated where Rosanna calls to Kittridge, and even as the man approaches. She might blush slightly, and smile at Kittridge with a hint of happiness, but she doesn't move to hug him. She'll leave that to Rosanna.

Also, Roslyn will remember it.

"There is always room, dear Lady Alys. The greatest amount of room is at the very beginning of a marriage. At that point, it is for the wife to set the tone of their home and union. Even a heart of stone can be made to melt with the gentle persistence of a good woman." Valda's tone has turned into one of light lecturing, as though she were the Charlton girl's tutor. Suddenly, she blinks, her smile deepening a degre. "Ah, but here I am, boring you to tears when there are younger ladies I am certain you wish to speak with. Please, do not let me keep you, child." She dips her head. "It was a great pleasure to meet you, Lady Alys."

Anais sighs softly at Justin's whispered words, dipping her chin in a slight nod. Her response is also quiet, her eyes on the ways in which the crowd breaks up as she answers.

"I can say one thing, sister." Rutger notes as one hand moves to catch Lyn at her shoulder, while Rosanna is off to hug her armored brother. "Your cold kept us from losing money, and me my armor." A stuffy smile is given from behind his kerchief. Blowing his nose gently, the Nayland knight moves to take Lady Rosanna's left seat and glance to Roslyn. "A fine man. Surely a fine lady favored him.." A grin there. "How are you feeling?"

Justin listens to whatever reply Anais has to make as they lean close. He frowns, not pleased before he makes a low reply of his own.

Tia inclines her head to Saethwyr, acknowledging his presence and his gallant escort. "Of course, Lord Charlton, you are most welcome to walk with me," she says. And as the Ladies she passes are otherwise occupied, she does not disturb them, merely nodding to them and now Sers Kittridge and Rutger as well, in passing. "Though it is not too far to our camp. I think even I might manage to get there without getting lost." Which brings a half laugh from her guard, quiet as that man usually is.

Kittridge laughs and embraces his sister in return before disengaging to grin at Rosanna. "Thank you," he says, "It was a great deal less difficult than I'd anticipated. You should thank whoever picked the format of the tourney more than me." He jokes, but does seem genuinely touched by his sister's praise all the same. To Roslyn, he bows politely, saying, "I am glad not to have lost while wearing your favor, lady, though your brother did still offer perhaps the most entertaining showing of the day."

Alys ponders the woman's words, "Quite, my lady." She ponders further as the woman speaks. "Huh? Oh, yes, my apologies my lady. I should be on my way." She looks to the eldest of her two maids who stand with her guard, the former looking quite irritated at her and the latter looking most uncomfortable in his livery. Alys looses a chuckle, "Aye, I should say I must. It was a great pleasure to meet you, my lady." Alys rises and curtsies. "A good day to you, I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you again." With that Alys joins her retinue and is off to see her brother.

"We could hardly have afforded it," Roslyn replies, her gaze drawing up to her brother with a smile of her own at the hand on her shoulder. "Should you not be hiding from the Lady Rosanna, and her inevitable disappointment?" It is teasing, wry, for all that she does glance towards the named lady and her brother. An inevitable smile returns at Kittridge's words, and she replies, "I only know that I am pleased to have both my lord brother and yourself end this day as champions."

Anais nods to Justin, still quiet as she answers him. As other houses move to depart, she pauses now and then to offer a smile, a few brief words. While everyone was hiding from the rain in their tents, it seems Anais has been making house calls, getting to know anyone and everyone.

"I am sure you would have won no matter what," Rosanna says with rare loyalty for Kittridge. She turns back to Roslyn and now her brother. "Lord Rutger," she says, dipping in a quick curtsy. "I expected to see you out on the lists." There's something half-teasing but half-pointed about her words.

Valda watches the others once Alys takes her leave, her gaze falling mainly on Rutger thoughtfully. It does not occur to her this may be taken as staring, for her gaze is as internal as not. Yet, as the crowd thins, she and her retinue are among the few remaining. Even Rygar seems to have taken his leave.

Justin continues to confer low with Anais, then lifts a hand to rub it over his face as though still saddled with the concerns of home. He frowns and looks over those who linger, his own gaze settling upon Lady Roslyn over there with the Groves and one of her brothers.

Saethwyr smiles at Tiaryn, giving a nod to acknowledge her acceptance of his offer. "Thank you, Lady Flint," he says softly. His attention passes occasionally to those that they pass along the way, and he chuckles softly at Tiaryn's words. "Oh, aye, that much is true — it's not a long walk back. I'm sure you could walk the way blindfolded without becoming lost," he says sincerely, a smile coming to his features. A brief glance is given to the guard at the man's laugh, but then his gaze is back to the Lady he's escorting. He lets her set the pace, walking with her.

"Perhaps, but I take all my wounds standing, or sitting, Lyn." a chuckle there before Rutger is indeed looking over towards Rosanna with a faint smile. "I had planned on being in the lists lady. But alas, nature struck a cruel blow to me. As it stands, I do hope to carry your favor proud in the melee. I believe if rested enough, I will give you the honor it and you deserve." And there he looks over Kittridge. "Lord Groves, well done. I commend you on your tilt. You truly are a grand rider as your sister has said." A bow of his head.

Anais follows Justin's gaze toward the Groves/Nayland knot, lips pursing briefly. "I'm doing my best," she replies simply, moving to stand. "And I'll be passing through the Mire on the way back to the Roost, to speak with Lord Rickart, I hope. We can fight the Naylands, or we can fight starvation, and I'd really rather fight starvation." She looks to her glass, then takes a long drink, draining what remains there.

Tia's made a few new acquaintances as well, during the rain, especially since she was willing to play her harp liberally. She inclines her head as she passes by the Naylands and Groves. And then, her attention is all Saethwyr's as he puts in his chuckling comment about blindfolded. "Oh, I'm not so sure about that," she says, a little ruefully, quite well aware of why the guard is chuckling. She sets a pace that is not too fast, though she's only limping every so often, her knee rested enough that she can walk on it. Mostly.

"Well, I do hope my favor sees some use," Rosanna says, playfully arch to Rutger. "I don't give them out to just anybody. But — I do hope you aren't feelings too poorly." Look, empathy! Or something. "Have you come down with the same cold as your sister?"

Kittridge smiles at his sister. "Kind of you to think so," he says, and gives her another affectionate smile. He nods to Roslyn and chuckles at Rutger, and then looks up to nod politely to Tiaryn as she passes as well. "I ought to get back and get out of this armor," he says, "But I will catch up with you all soon." He smiles again, and bows politely before heading off.

Justin tips his head around as Anais stands, "You needn't do it all yourself. If there /is/ something more I can do besides trying to locate bandit nests, do urge me Goodsister." He moves to stand as well, not nearly as good as she at going around to talk to people. "I'll ride south and speak to the Tully's if I have to. At least some of them there know me." Justin moves to step down from the stands. He glances back incase Anais is descending as well and might like a hand.

Feeling such a gaze pulling on her, Roslyn catches the look given from the Terricks. She is quick enough to react to it, squeezing her brother's hand in a gesture of solidarity before sweeping to her feet. She curtsies to Kittridge and then offers to the two others, "If you will excuse me, I must say good day to the Lady Anais and her goodbrother." And then she is turning to approach the named pair, leaving Rosanna and Rutger on their own. Well, as on their own as two nobles can hope to be.

"I have indeed, Lady Rosanna. And I would have trouble enough remaining on my horse without sneezing and thus possibly hurting another knight as I jerked my lance. Let alone what injury I could do to myself." a grin there before he is looking Roslyn. A nod passed before he is looking to the Lady Groves. "I do hope you will at least see me in that. The Maester has kept me in mulled wine and some tea. It should be enough to overpower this cold." Rutger notes before watching Kittridge head off. "He's a good man your brother."

"I doubt it would hurt," Anais smiles faintly to Justin, passing the empty glass off to a servant. "If only…Well. I suppose it isn't mine to pass judgement on where we should stand on the matter of Lady Danae. Your Lord Father should make that decision. But I'm of the mind we've nothing to gain from supporting what's likely little more than a bald grab for power." As Roslyn approaches, she pauses to murmur something to Justin, though her smile is back by the time the other woman can reach them.

"Well, I am sure that if you compete in the melee, I will see it," Rosanna tells Rutger with a coy smile. "But only if you manage to stop sneezing long enough to enter." She glances over her shoulder at Kittridge as he heads off, her smile warming. "He is," she agrees with a note of fondness in her voice.

Saethwyr continues to walk with Tiaryn, not hurrying her at all and letting her take her time to bid farewells to those she chooses. He raises an eyebrow slightly, watching her, and a smile comes to his features. In watching her, he notices the limp she shows, and a flicker of concern touches his dark eyes, as well as a bit of curiosity. "I hope you do not mind me saying so, Lady Flint, but I noticed that you're limping… if you have need of taking a break along the walk back, do feel free to mention it," he says gently. There's nowhere that he's needed to be, after all.

"Grand." Rutger states wit a slight smile in return. "Then I shall strive not to disappoint you, my Lady." And there he dabs at his nose. A sniffle, and he's looking back towards where he can feel eyes upon him, a slight notice of the Lady Tordane as he watches Valda for a moment, before he is focused back on Rosanna. "I am glad he bested Ser Ryman. A fine honor to take back to the Kingsgrove, that."

Justin thins his mouth at mention of Lady Danae's name, "She gave her word to come to speak with us at the Roost after Ser Gedeon was buried, but she has not. She has no intention of honoring her husband's wishes." So it would seem that Anais's opinion is shared by her Goodbrother. Justin pauses when she says something further to him, looking back to the others and noticing Lady Roslyn's approach. He gives Anais no reply but offers Roslyn a bow when she draws close enough, "Good evening, Lady Roslyn. I hope you have enjoyed the tilting. Your brother performed admirably."

Tia and Saethwyr thus head out of the range of the others, departing the list fields on their way back towards the Flint campsite, accompanied by Tia's maid and guard. As they do get out of range, Tia might be heard saying, "Oh. I - well, it's a story at any rate. The short version is that I fell and injured it, a couple weeks ago. It is healing, but slowly." She will just stick with the short form, leaving the rest of the details blank for the moment. "But I think I can make it at least to our camp, though I shall need to sit once there."

Valda realizes the person in whose direction she is looking is suddenly looking back at her. With a small start, she brings her thoughts back to the present enough to rise and turn to leave the stands. Her handmaiden and a pair of men-at-arms follow at a respectful distance.

"Yes, he did. But I am sure he would thank you for such a compliment, Lord Justin," Roslyn replies, fond affection in her words for all that they are slightly wry. Sweeping a curtsey towards the Terricks, she adds, "How could I not have enjoyed them, when the Lady Anais and Lady Rosanna provided such good company?" A smile is offered, almost warmly, towards Anais.

"Yes, he did. But I am sure he would thank you for such a compliment, Lord Justin," Roslyn replies, fond affection in her words for all that they are slightly wry. Sweeping a curtsey towards the Terricks, she adds, "How could I not have enjoyed them, when the Lady Anais and Lady Rosanna provided such good company?" A smile is offered, warm and quick, towards Anais.

"He's done a great honor for our house," Rosanna agrees with Rutger, lifting her chin proudly. "As did your brother. Did you see his tilt with Lady Anais's sworn? Seven passes they went. It was terribly exciting."

"Indeed, I did lady." Rutger states with a faint smile. "Jousting has ever been Riordan's sport. Some men have hunting or hawking, others riding. Riordan has excelled at unseating people from their horses." The Nayland says with a smile. "I am glad, he was able to entertain you, my Lady."

"Lady Roslyn," Anais greets the Nayland lady easily. "Do give my regards to your lord brother? I'm sure I'll see him again soon, but he did ride well. It was a pleasant joust all around, though."

"The Freys seemed to have a showing quite beyond expectation. I am glad your brother was able to ride at all; for a while it looked like no one would challenge him." Rosanna's eyes brighten with a hint of laughter in her voice. "When is the last time you jousted, ser?"

"Perhaps I'll have opportunity to congratulate him, as well as a few others certainly deserving of it such as Ser Kell, who I'm pleased to see go so many passes against such a horseman as your brother." Yes, Justin is pleased with Kell's performance even if he didn't see Hardwicke's. "I had heard that you were taken mildly ill, Lady Roslyn. I am sorry to hear it, if true, though you certainly look well."

"When did I last joust?" there's a brief pause before he is chuckling softly. "I believe that last time I saw myself in a joust was shortly after I was knighted. Here at the twins no doubt." he states with a faint smile. "I have kept in practice over the years, but as I have stated jousting has never been my strongest suit. Not practical." he notes "Sure one man may knock another from horse in battle, but then- you are looking to kill, not count the times you survive the pass." he notes. "I think that adds to why I enjoy the melee. It's practical."

"So I hear," Rosanna says, her smile faint and musing. "And how many men have you killed, Lord Rutger? If that is what you are trained to do."

"Of course, my lady," Roslyn agrees, her head tipping towards Anais in a gesture before she glances towards Justin. Perhaps it is the bright, emerald green of her gown or she really is improving, but her nose is still raw and red and a slight fever still to her cheeks, flushing them red. But maybe he was also just being courtly, by not telling her she looks sick. "Thank you, my lord. With the weather we have been cursed with, I likely should have taken my lord brother's advice and stayed at the Mire, but it would have been a loss to miss such an exciting tourney." She pauses, before adding, "If only I could see you ride."

"How many?" Rutger muses over for a moment. "My lady, I do not have a strong count, given the two wars I have seen. But, I can safely say it has been enough to ensure that I am alive here today before you." a smile there. "Please do not take my words as trying to diminish those that are good at jousting."

"No, I wasn't," Rosanna assures Rutger in a careless manner. "I just wonder whether knights keep count in war. Or is it all too much of a rush? I can't really imagine."

"On my experience Lady, I would say you lose count in the rush of things. Were it a man like Ser Harras Harlaw, or perhaps Rhaegar Targaryen, then yes-one remembers that. However of the common sworn knights and men at arms, it is hard to remember the number. But you always remember the challenging ones." Rutger says with a smile. "War is an odd beast, Lady Rosanna. You go thinking you will find glory and do what is right. However, it is often the opposite."

"It seems there may be something going around," Anais says sympathetically to Roslyn. "Lady Muirenn was taken ill not so long ago as well. Personally, I prefer to think that the rain will wash it all away," she teases, smile flashing. "But then, I've never been one to take ill after rain."

"Me ride?" Roslyn's last comment takes him by surprise, "I'm glad you didn't see me this morning. My horse took a nasty spill, slipping in the mud and going down on his knees. Threw me right over his head. But usually, I'm a good rider. I would have liked very much to have tried my hand at the joust today." Justin pauses, having thought the blush of pink in her cheeks wasn't from illness but excitement. "I recall having invited you and your brother to ride with me while at the Roost. Perhaps you weren't feeling well but didn't yet realize you'd caught cold." Yes, a nice politic reason she didn't take him up on it. Justin meets Roslyn's eyes easily enough, his own expression neutral before he simply adds, "The offer will stand any time you care to take me up on it. Coast or no coast, Lady Roslyn."

"You find dishonor and do what is wrong?" Rosanna surmises, brows arching. "That does not seem a thing to admit aloud, Lord Rutger."

"Not dishonor, nor do what is wrong." Rutger says with a faint chuckle. "But, you do what is needed, and see that there is more to war than storied glory. Much more." he corrects himself before he is rising. "Do you need an escort to your tents, my Lady? I believe I owed you a dinner and would see it done if you were still game."

Roslyn's smile plays at her lips for longer, slightly teasing as well where she replies to Justin, "Indeed. I have found myself much in the saddle, lately, but I would enjoy taking such a ride with you, my lord. Or perhaps simply a walk, if it may be safer for both of us." She watches the young man for a long moment, even as she is smiling again. "Perhaps tomorrow morning, before any more events." To Anais, she adds, "You do seem hale and hearty. My brother has commented such."

"I hope I am not bothering you by asking," Rosanna says, tipping her head as she consider Rutger. She smiles, albeit faintly, at his offer. "You may escort me, my lord," she allows.

Anais quirks a brow at Roslyn's words, a glimmer of amusement touching one corner of her lips. "I feel as though I've heard that before. Usually from my mother. Usually after I'd managed to limp home after some unfortunate scrape. Well, at least she's hale and hearty," she says in imitation with a long-suffering sigh. She laughs, then steps back, shaking her head. "I should leave you two to your conversation, though."

"You are indeed not bothering me, my dear Lady." Rutger says as he offers his arm, even as he does manage to step down gracefully enough, as he seeks to join with her ladyship. "Believe it or not, I like that you are inquisitive." a grin there. "Thank you."

Justin does have a scraped up hand though he's making no show of it to prove his riding mishap. He gives her a faint nod, "As my horse is lamed, it would be my pleasure to take walk with you in the morning, Lady Roslyn. If you are feeling up for it." He glances to Anais at Roslyn's comment and listens to her reply before his attention returns to Roslyn, "And I should let you rest. The day's events have been exciting and I'm sure you'll wish to spend your evening with family and friends, Lady Roslyn. I will be about in the morning should that walk please you."

"Or else you would simply like to please me by expressing affection for the qualities of my character," Rosanna teases back, taking Rutger's arm and allowing him to escort her from the lists.

"Lady, if I may be bold. If I just sought to please you, I'd not compliment you on your mind. But find other ways to do such." A bold grin flashed with the tease, as Rutger begins to escort the Lady Groves on.

"I have often been told I sound too much like a mother, though mostly from my own brothers. I suppose it is refreshing to hear it elsewhere?" Roslyn questions with a half-smile, shaking her head simply before she curtsies again to the Lady Anais. "Good day to you, Lady Terrick." She does catch sight of that hand with sympathy reflected in her wide gaze, but she only smiles fully to Justin. "It will, my lord. I do not think there is any illness that would keep me from joining you for such."

"Lady, if I may be bold. If I just sought to please you, I'd not only compliment you on your mind. But find other ways to do such." A bold grin flashed with the tease, as Rutger begins to escort the Lady Groves on. (RE)

"I am not sure of your implications, ser, but I am most certain they are unseemly," Rosanna declares with just the right mix of humor and pointedness as she and Rutger move away from the canopied platform back towards the campgrounds.

"To be fair, my lady, you were only relaying your lord brother's words. So perhaps it would be more accurate to say /he/ sounds like a mother." Anais winks to Roslyn, taking another step back. "A good evening to both of you. I'm sure we'll speak again soon." And so she starts to climb down the stands, followed by Kincaid and Nina as ever.

"Perhaps." Rutger states with a faint smirk, as he and Rosanna slip from view, of course with her chaperones following behind appropriately.

"Then I shall look forward to the morning, Lady Roslyn." Justin inclines his head to her, then to Anais, "Have a good evening, Anais. If you will both excuse me, I should go and check my horse lest his leg has set to bleeding again." Justin excuses himself and moves to do just that, though he glances to Roslyn once more ere he goes.

Roslyn curtsies again, as ever polite. She smiles as Justin glances back, and then retreats herself to the Nayland camp.