Page 092: After the Brawl
After the Brawl
Summary: Jarod retreats to the castle kitchen to lick his wounds following his night out with Alek. Lucienne tends him. Gedeon supplies commentary.
Date: 15/10/2011
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Kitchens — Four Eagles Tower
The kitchen is usually alive with activity but for the latest hours of the night. Stone counters with wooden tops line the interior except nearest the large brick ovens. Open fire pits in the center have iron bars across them for grilling as well, the hot surfaces on the other side of the room from the tables in the center used for final food preperation. Huge cabinets have been carved out of the walls to store the dishes and utensils for serving the meals to the House Lords and Ladies. The few exits lead towards the Servant's Quarters as well as the Throne Room and Entrance Hall.
Sat Oct 15, 288

It's past the dinner hour, though the castle hasn't quite gone to sleep yet. So it may be surprising Jarod Rivers is back within it. He'd gone into town to misspend his night at the Rockcliff, and he's back surprisingly early and surprisingly sober. And sporting an impressive black eye and split lip. He's managed to talk one of the serving maids out of a cut of steak. Once he's gotten that, he takes it over to a stool and slaps it over his eye. It's not a very high-quality cut of meat, one hopes.

Ser Gedeon is looking considerably less bludgeoned as he appears in the kitchens, various tasks and errands having demanded that he miss dinner tonight, it seems he's not above poking his nose into the kitchens to sniff for scraps. That Jarod is there as well is not a great surprise, though there's a small groan for a cut of steak so poorly treated. "I could have eaten that," he notes a little glumly as he finds himself a cut of bread and a hunk of cheese, instead. "Looks as if you had an interesting evening."

Little Luci comes in too, trailed by her Hattie, also possibly seeking somthing to eat given her absence from the main meal earlier on. Her hair's been let loose, a mass of dark brown curls that lends an even more delicate, fragile look to her face. It doesn't take her long to spot her brother, even obscured behind a steak as he is, and her mouth gapes open in surprise as she gasps: "Jarod!" Much scurrying ensues as she crosses the room, and Hattie scowls. "Whatever happened??"

"I still might eat it," Jarod retorts to Gedeon with a grin. "You're welcome to share if you like. Generous soul that I am. And aye. You could say that…" He's about to launch into a (probably exaggerated) tale of his night's adventures, when Lucienne's gasping and scurrying interrupts him. "Hullo, Luci. Oh, don't be like that. You should see the other guy."

Gedeon says, "You might," Gedeon laughs, "but I won't be joining you. I prefer my steak not marinated in bruised face." He plunks down at a table to eat, though he stands up again shortly after as Lucienne appears. "My lady," he offers courteously before giving the Lady Terrick a moment to fret over her half-brother."

"You might," Gedeon laughs, "but I won't be joining you. I prefer my steak not marinated in bruised face." He plunks down at a table to eat, though he stands up again shortly after as Lucienne appears. "My lady," he offers courteously before giving the Lady Terrick a moment to fret over her half-brother.

One, two hands dart up to cover her still-open trap, and Lucienne shakes her head in disbelief. "Jarod," she scolds, the sound muffled behind her fingers that then drop to press at her chest instead as she spares a look to Gedeon and back. Rather stupidly, she asks, "Does it hurt?"

"I'm not bleeding on it, really," Jarod says to Gedeon on mock offense. Though talking makes him wince, as he *does* have a bloodied lip. "Well, much." To Lucienne, he waves a hand. The one not occupied with holding meat to his face. "Not much. Don't fret, Luci. I take worse in the yard most days. Just ran into a…fellow down at the Rockcliff who needed to be taught a lesson or two." How successful Jarod's 'teaching' methods were is debatable, broken-faced as he is.

"It looks as if the lesson was a bit mutual," Gedeon points out mildly as he cuts off a bit of bread and tops it with a little hard cheese before popping it into his mouth and chewing. "I'm sure Ser Jarod will mend, my lady. It doesn't look to badly. The real question is whether or not the bruising will heal before the wedding."

"You don't often come in from the yard with a black eye and a split lip," Lucienne says flatly. "Is it just a bruise? Some arnica ought to see to it," she suggests, her brows knitting. She waves a hand around at Hattie, who looks at her lady quite blankly and confused until an explanation comes. "A cloth, Hattie, for his lip. Some warm water, and the salt."

Jarod shrugs to Gedeon. "A bit mutual," he allows. "As for the wedding, nobody's going to care how pretty I look. And I'm just going to get banged about in the tourney anyhow. Should be able to see just fine again before I'm called to lance or sword for that, which is all I care about. Salt?" He winces again. "Won't that hurt? And aye, it's just bruised. Trying to keep it from swelling too bad."

"Well, who was the lucky fellow, then?" Gedeon asks of he who was taught a lesson, "and what did he do to earn such, ah, tutelage from you?"

"It needs to be cleaned up so it doesn't get infected," Lucienne insists to Jarod, leaning forward a little to better inspect his fat lip. Yowch. She tsks disapprovingly, her head shaking again. And then she sighs.

"You likely know him, come to it," Jarod says. "Ser Alek Coope? I understand he's sworn to Oldstones, and has come to town to see Lord Ser Anton." As for what he did, he doesn't answer that question directly, but glances aside at Lucienne. "I think you met him yesterday, Lu. He's the one who came to the castle." He puts his meat down so Lucienne can get a look at his black eye as well. It is dark purple and swollen and quite an impressive shiner, all in all.

Gedeon pauses mid-chew, brows lifted high as he forces himself to swallow. "Alek is here?" he asks before huffing a faint laugh. "Gods, and you only engaged him in fisticuffs?" He considers a moment before shaking his head. "His tact must be improving. And if you've met him, my lady, I expect I am obliged to apologize for whatever unseemly comment he made to you."

Lucienne's eyes widen at the mention of that knight's name, and she blinks, only to narrow them again in an unabashed scowl. That she quickly schools for Gedeon's sake. "I did meet Ser Coope," she confirms, again flat, as she peers at Jarod's black eye and straightens herself back up. "There's no way that'll be gone by the wedding, Buttons. Is he often so… coarse, then, Gedeon?"

"It was just a tavern quarrel, no need for live steel. That'd just be stupid." Jarod says it as if the bar brawl itself was entirely wise and sensible. "He didn't seem a bad sort, really, Lu. Though I don't think he's accustomed to dealing with women of gentle birth. Needs to learn himself some manners. *Nobody* talks to *my* little sister so rudely and gets away with it." He looks almost proud of himself.

"I am afraid the courtesy expected of a Braavosi mercenary suits him far better than those expected of a knight and sworn sword," Gedeon agrees with a faint sigh. "He is at his foundation a good man and Lord Ser Valentin will never find one more loyal, but alas that such a foundation his hidden beneath a rather large keep of, mm, bountiful personality."

Lucienne lifts her eyebrows at Gedeon, unimpressed. "Bountiful personality," she repeats softly. "Hmmm." Hattie trundles conveniently back with her supplies at this moment, and Luci shifts her attention back to Jarod. "You didn't go down there looking for him on my account, did you?"

Jarod shakes his head to Lucienne. "Went down just figuring to have a few drinks and talk with the lads. And get a look at the new folk in town. They're starting to gather for the wedding. There's a good deal of talk about Jaremy not being the groom for it, though most still don't quite understand why. Ran into Ser Coope while I was there, though, figured I could take care of his education." Though he tries to hold his head still, his next question is for Gedeon. "Where'd Lord Ser Anton find him? He didn't seem Braavosi. Not that I know how a Braavosi seems, mind, but I figured they'd be more different than that."

"No, he's a man of Westeros," Gedeon agrees as he breaks off another bit of bread and cheese. "He and Lord Valentin squired under the same man and remained friends afterwards, but they were both common men, then, and I think Lord Valentin has taken to nobility better than Ser Coope has taken to serving it. Not in loyalty or skill, but rather in the civilities one must master in more genteel company."

Hattie nestles the bowl down on the table near the Oldstones knight, and starts to salt the water lightly. Lucienne frowns a little at her half-brother, but figures better than to say anything more on that score. Instead she fixes Gedeon with another look, and must decide to absolve him of any prior sins, for she smiles; just a small thing, but a smile all the same.

"Aye, I got the feeling…" Though whatever Jarod was going to say, he seems to change it after a look at Lucienne. "…I got the feeling he hadn't spent much time with noble sorts. Good man in a fight, though." He praises the fellow who beat him up merrily enough. "If he's as good with a sword as he is in a brawl, I can certainly see why Lord Ser Anton keeps him about. Still, I hope he'll be more respectful to you from now on, Luci. If not, I'll talk with him again and educate him some more."

Gedeon blinks over at Lucienne, and for that faint smile he presses his hand briefly to his heart and ducks his head, breathing out a soft sigh. Absolution is sweet, it seems, for the blond Rivers. The soft smile is returned before he looks over to Jarod. "Ser Coope earned his nickname well enough. Lord Valentin is the only man I have seen that I could call his better. But, ah, before any more 'educating' takes place, perhaps you'll let me have a word with him, first?"

Lucienne takes the little strip of cloth from her handmaiden, who holds the bowl of salted water out for her lady to swirl it in. Her smile is bolstered a little by Gedeon's reaction, and as he turns to her half-brother, she wrings out the cloth. And then advances on Jarod, too. "Hold still," she instructs, ready to dab.

"I would have him know to show better manners in my lord father's house toward the ladies of the Roost," Jarod says. "But as I said, he doesn't seem a bad sort, and he might take such easier from you than me." A nod to Gedeon, though he stops moving his head at Lucienne's orders. Holding still so she can tend to him.

"I'll see what I can do on that account," Gedeon agrees. He considers a moment before he grimaces. "And quickly. The lady Banefort has how many sisters?" The very thought calls up a small groan which Gedeon quickly swallows down.

Lucienne takes a hold of Jarod's chin with one hand, lest he get any ideas about flinching away at the sting of the damp cloth as she pats gingerly at his lip. "I'm sorry," she apologises, knowing the pain it'll cause. "The Lady Anais didn't seem terribly offended by your Ser Coope," is an idle aside as she works. "But then, the Banefort girls…" To make the outright observation would be rude, and Luci refrains.

"More than I can count," Jarod replies to Gedeon as to the number of Anais' sisters, with a roguish grin. Or one that tries to be roguish. Between his split lip and Lucienne's tender loving care of it, trying to smile like that elicits a yelp. It does sting.

"Before the wedding, then." Gedeon shakes his head. "Tomorrow," he amends. "Is he lodging here on the green?"

Lucienne will allow her brother to answer Gedeon, concentrating as she is on that split lip. She loosens her grip on Jarod's chin as he yelps, and pauses a little before dabbing again. "Just a couple more," she promises quietly.

"I got the impression he was staying at the Rockcliff this evening. He was enjoying some…" Jarod looks at Lucienne. Makes a soft "Heh" sound. And amends what he was going to say. "…getting to know the locals a bit. I'd guess that'll keep him busy for a bit." He winces, dipping his chin in the slightest of affirmative nods to Lucienne. He mans up enough not to yelp again while she dabs at him.

"Of course," Gedeon murmurs dryly. "I will seek him out there in the morning, then. See if I cannot remind him of his better self."

For what it's worth, Lucienne adds a soft, "Thankyou, Gedeon." And then she swipes at Jarod's cut one more time, and mops up a little around the wound. "Are there many arrived early, then, Buttons? That can only be good for the town, and their folk."

"I'll not make an issue of it with my lord father, or Lord Ser Anton," Jarod says to Gedeon. "Unless I need to. He trouble you anymore yesterday beyond speaking to you all bold and disrespectful, Luci?" He offers her a warm "Thanks" when she finishes mopping him. As to her question, "The inn's filling up, and I figure the town'll get fuller the closer we get to the wedding. A good man hedge knights here for the tourney is what I saw tonight, though that was just the Rockcliff. I'm looking forward to the arrival of the Mallister retinue, for my part. And the Baneforts. I'm curious to meet the Lord Banefort properly, and the Lady Anais' other brothers."

"Of course, my lady," Gedeon offers with a small nod. For Jarod's words, he smiles faintly. "I am not entirely sure of my thoughts on all those Baneforts clustered into one place. From the way Anais speaks of them, I cannot tell if their presence will be more impressive or fearsome."

Lucienne returns the now bloodstained cloth to the bowl of water for Hattie to take care of. "Ser Coope seemed to delight in being contrary," she explains, "But I could not find fault in aught but his words." It seems a great compromise on her part to add, in a reluctant sort of tone, "Perhaps I was oversensitive, given the recent slight on my name by Oldstones, but he was certainly unrepentent. I would hope that we could come to a better understanding when next we cross paths. And as for the Baneforts - I think you'd be well placed to hold a little fear within you, Ser Gedeon. They're a fierce bunch, if the contingent already here is anything to go by, are they not?"

"They come from a hard place, I think," Jarod says, relaxing into a more comfortable slouch now that Lucienne's done with him. He does look better than when he was trying to treat himself with meat, it must be said. "We get raids by the Ironmen not infrequently on the coast here, but not often near the Roost itself. From talking to Lady Anais, I gather reaver attacks by Banefort itself are more commonplace. One has to be fierce, to survive and defend such a land."

"Good allies to have," Gedeon muses with a small nod. "And interesting wedding guests."

"I cannot even imagine," says Lucienne, with a pitying shake of her head. "We are fortunate people, here in the Roost." She sighs long. "Will you see about some arnica for your eye, Jarod? Miss Avinashi might have some, or the Septon. Or even Lili, if you find her about?"

Jarod nods obediently to Lucienne. "I'll ask whichever of them I see first. Miss Avinashi, likely. I'm not too worried about how it looks at the wedding. As I said, nobody'll be looking at me. And I'll only look a proper sworn sword. It's my job to do myself injuries on my House's behalf." He winks his non-blackened eye.

"Bar room brawls for the honor of House Terrick. Now that's a new excuse," Gedeon teases around a faint smile. "Well, at least purple and yellow are the colors of your house."

If she's amused by Gedeon's quip, she hides it well, save for the tightening at the corners of her mouth. Lucienne closes her eyes a moment, and shakes her head as they drift open again. "I should be back to my chambers," she announces. "I hope you feel better soon, Buttons, and… thankyou, again, Ged." She dips her head, meaning to excuse herself.

"I'll be just fine, Luci. Don't worry for me," Jarod says, standing. And picking his raw meat up to take with him. "I'll have the cook heat this up for my cat, I do think. If you're sure you don't wait it, Gedeon?" He's joking. Probably. It's not very appetizing at this point.

"Oh," Gedeon murmurs dryly, "quite sure." He taps the remains of his bread and cheese. "At this point, my currently fare remains the most appealing. Have a good evening, ser." Lucienne gets a smile and another nods. "And a good night to you, my lady."