Page 325: Afraid of Failure
Afraid of Failure
Summary: Rutger meets with Aleister, to pick the Charlton Lord's brain.
Date: 12/06/2012
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Aleister Rutger 
A fine guest suite in Tordane Tower
There's a sweet bed, pillows and stuff.
June 6 289 AL

Despite being absconded from a perfectly nice room in the Crossing Crane, Aleister has been put up in a fine enough suite in Tordane tower. However, until recently he's been kept from seeing his wife. More than likely a precaution to keep the Charltons from plotting escapes or anything else for that matter. The room itself is well furbished. A fine bed, a table and chair, and some utensils to write with, but like any cell, it can be boring after a while.

Our of courtesy there comes a knock to the door, before a Nayland Armsman opens it and then steps back to allow Rutger Nayland entrance. A nod is passed back, as is his sword belt with ease. "Close it." said simply- but not lock it. After all if someone does try to strangle him, a fellow messing with the keys would be dreadful.

Being confined isn't such a horrible thing, as Aleister was prone to fits of that in his room at the Inn, but not being able to see his wife, nor his son, or other members of his family is what really wears on him. As a result, the Charlton Lord has taken to pacing back and forth in front of the window, hands clasped behind his back, though he stops at the knock to the door.

Eyes drift over towards the door as it's opened and as Rutger steps into view and the door is closed behind him, there's a slight smirk that plays across Aleister's lips, "I've already answered all the questions that can be answered."

There's a raise of his brow as eyes slide towards Aleister's. "Did you now? I guess I was not placed within the know, Ser. I had only recently heard you were a guest of ours. BUt, if you wish-we could play a mummers farce in quartered time-and you could tell me the answers. I'll nod and then tell you why I am here." Rutger allows with a smirk, back. "How are your accommodations?"

"Your family has sought to keep me seperated from mine, so as to question me repeatedly, Ser Rutger. And yet, here I remain, detailing the same answers and having no charge laid against me." Aleister turns more fully towards Rutger, though his hands don't leave their clasped spot behind his back, "My accommodations are well enough, though a touch lacking on the freedom that I'm so used to having."

"It does indeed grate on me when I've been held prisoner. I can only imagine as how it must feel to you-specially knowing your boy and wife are so close." A bow of his head there. "I believe laying the charge is up to my brother and his competent Sheriff. But, I am a betting man." Rutger says with a grin. "A friendly wager between us Ser, as to what charge may be leveled against you?" the Nayland asks before he is walking over to the table, as if trying to see if Aleister has any wine. A fron and he's heading back to the door if only to pass along for wine to be sent. A look back.

"Sorry." The Nayland says with a chuckle. "My guess for a silver-is quartering enemy troops. Possible insurrection, but That last charge might be seen as too hard. But, I can see quartering."

A simple nod comes to be offered before Aleister is allowing a chuckle to escape past his lips and when it fades, the smirk has returned to his lips, "I would say that you are quite right, Ser Rutger, in that is the charge that will come to be laid." A pause is taken as a request for wine is made and when Rutger looks back, he's continuing, "But it will go no where. After all, any husband and father can attest to my actions. I summoned my men to search lands that your own men did not. And when we needed a rest and a reprieve, we went to your Inn, where we spent ample coin on food and wine. No patron was turned away. No ruckus was caused."

He turns away, footfalls carrying him towards the window so that he can look out to the view, "My men acted quite well, I will say. When your Captain of the Guard came to see what was going on, I told him honestly. Had a member of your family so much as shown their face, rather then sneak around the shadows, we would have gladly answered questions. We would have gladly taken our leave, if requested." Now, a shoulder lifts into a shrug, "But, what is done, is done."

"Had I heard the reason behind it, before the action was made, Ser. I would have your men disarmed, or asked them to leave peacefully enough. Sadly though, I do not command this town, nor the garrison here." Rutger states as hands clasp behind his back, as eyes remain on the Charlton knight and Master At Arms. "I believe you are right though-the charges won't stick- and our hearts are likely to be hardened between one another, which is a sad thing." Or it really isn't-one can never tell with these things. " Despite that you were indeed searching for your wife, and we are glad that she came back safe and sound, you have to know how your stay looked, Ser?"

Rutger allows that to hang, as he paces slightly away from the door. "And given rumors of your house's support. I do understand my brother's move."

"A pity," is all that is offered to Rutger's not commanding the town or the garrison. Then, there's a faint chuckle, though he doesn't look back over his shoulder. Instead, his gaze remains played out over the view that is provided, "I am well aware of how things might look. Which is preciously why my men remained within the inn. As a precaution and so that your family could be assured that we were not trying something. After all, we could not take a town or the Tower from inside the inn, after all."

Now, Aleister's gaze comes to look over his shoulder, back in the direction of Aleister, "I do not speak for my Uncle, I am afraid. But surely your brother understands the response my family will take in regards to such a move. While the majority of us were guests within the Inn, my Uncle's daughter was a guest of this Tower. Of your brother. Bound by Guest Rights and now restrained against her will."

And there is a paling there, subtle. "I did not realize that your cousin was taken under guest right-though I can assure you from having seen her, she is quite well and has been unmolested." Rutger notes icily enough before he's turning the door. A nod given as it opens-wine is delivered and the footman dismissed to allow the knights privacy to speak. A glance is given, before he stalks to the table and begins pouring a glass. "Wine my lord?" asked before he is looking back towards Aleister.

"You would have been fine for them to have left, giving you your squire and perhaps a few armsmen. Two dozen knights and all is excessive." As for the rest he merely nods. "I do understand, of course Ser-though it doesn't mean I wish to see it, or will like it. I do wish there was a way to make amends with your Uncle." Over all this? perhaps. But then he is not entirely eager for a war.

"It is good to hear that she is well and unmolested, Ser Rutger, but I take only a little comfort in that. I hold no quarrel against your House for seizing us. We were not bound by rights, after all. But, I take a deep offense that my Cousin has been. An offense that is going to be shared by my Uncle and I fear what will come from such a thing."

Turning back to face Rutger, Aleister gives a slight shake of his head and the hint of a smirk, "No. No wine for me. Thank you all the same." Now, he begins to resume his pacing, "Not only will my Uncle take offense, but I will imagine that my Cousin's future family will not take lightly to the fact that she was seized when bound under Guest Rights. It does not speak well of one's safety when they are a guest." A faint cluck of his tongue comes, followed by, "If amends are to be made, see us released. I will see that every last Charlton is pulled from the lands that House Nayland controls."

"I will leave it if you change your mind." Rutger states before he is sipping from his own cup, thus to prove it is not poisoned. A nod there as he turns back towards Aleister. "I will speak to my brother on seeing you released. I had told your wife-that I would see about your cousin being released as well-though likely my Lord Brother's biggest chip-It might go a long way to smoothing the sails with your uncle." Rutger states, before he is offering a grin. "But, that again is my brother's call. If he does not agree with me, there will be naught much I can do." he adds before taking in more drink. "But. I will see what can be done." A sniff there. "And what do you fear, Ser Aleister? War?" A brow raised there.

Listening to what Rutger has to say, Aleister simply gives a slight nod of his head to most of it and at the end, there's a quick laugh that sounds past the Charlton Lord's lips, "I do not fear war, Ser Rutger, but I do respect it. I do not fear death, either, for we all come to pass at some point in time." Now, shoulders lift into a slight shrug, "What I do fear, my good Ser, is failure." There's no explaination on it, though, for he's reverting back to an earlier topic, "If your brother wishes to posture and pose, Ser Rutger, tell him to do so without my family. He will gain nothing by it. See my family released and I will remain in their place."

"Ahh Failure." he states with a faint grin, the other words were fine enough, but failure is what the Nayland reached for and found it. "There is something real in that. Aye, I can see where you would worry about that Ser Aleister, given if your Lord Uncle does pursue action and then is defeated. It would not look good amongst the other Riverland Houses, would it?" but he is dismissing the question with a shrug. "That is a fine bargain, if I was to say so. I'll be sure to let Lord Riordan know of it. Has he come personally yet, to speak to you?" he asks, as one brow raises and more wine is imbibed.

"What ever charge your brother wishes to lay, Ser Rutger, should be laid at my feet and not that of my family. The responsibility for leading the men here, was mine and mine alone. Even you must recognize such a thing." At the question of Rio, Aleister is giving a slight shake of his head, "No, your brother has not yet graced with an appearance. Nor do I really expect him to, I suppose."

Rutger nods once to Aleister "I'll make it known Ser." he echoes, before he's setting aside his cup. "I would, but then I am an optimist, and a firm believer that you should talk to your prisoners ever now and then." A smile at that and he moves for the door. "I'll make sure your wishes are known. And hopefully we can move this behind us, or prepare for what storm is on the horizon."

"I must admit, Ser Rutger, that I found myself sharing in that belief." Now, there's the first hint of a smile, though it's small and short and quickly replaced by the smirk that normally rests upon his lips. His head comes to dip in a slight bow, perhaps of respect, as he offers, "Thank you. I would appreciate greatly, if we could resolve this matter."

"As would I, Ser." he replies with a bow back. "I will leave you to your pacing." said over shoulder, before Rutger is knocking once- so as to slip out and leave Aleister to his peace, or whatever bit there can be in pacing.