Page 523: Afflicted
Summary: From musings of a brother and sister to healers and a Sheriff and Deputy being allowed into the Flint encampment to help heal the sick, it was a long day for all.
Date: 28/December/2012
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North Trail
The road, though mainly north and south curve and turns about large trees to find the easiest path through the terrain. The trees here are more dense than in the Riverlands and to the west the dark line of a thick forest makes up the horizon. There is a road that eventually parts to the West heading into the great wood to former Tall Oaks. This town is somewhere hidden within the large stand of trees. Currently, a barricade of sorts has been constructed upon the road, manned by a number of guards in Ashwood livery. It would appear that they are present to keep a watchful eye on those travelling to and from the Flint encampment further along the trail.
Fri Dec 28, 289

As the morning has passed preparations had been made to go back out to the barricade and to the main camp at that. Alric being alongside his sister on the ride out. Wanting to talk in private with his sister it seems as the entourage is keeping a bit away to give that privacy. "So." Comes his words as he looks to Bella. Studying her.

When he has the entourage walking a bit back, Bella knows she is in for a talk. A private talk. Since it is just with her brother though, there is less worry than there would be if it were with her parents or someone like that. His first, single syllable word grabs her attention and refuses to let go. So does the studying look. Avoiding it, she looks away, towards the trees, because they are so interesting right? "So?" Her soft voice echoes.

Alric watches her still as she looks away. "I told you that we will stay for a bit at least. But I also did tell you not to fall for anyone." He tells her and keeps his eyes on her. "So… Please do be careful. You don't really know him, despite how sweet he is too you." He offers to her, starting off a bit kind it would seem.

"Thank you for allowing us to stay even a bit at least. I feel like I can help with the sick ones, and I wish I could try. I am just afraid you will make me leave before I can," Bella says quietly. Though when he mentions Erik in those terms, her expression quickly loses all signs of amiability. "I have not fallen for anyone." For if she has she has not even admitted it to herself. "Of course I know him and he is sweet, always proper and kind and.." So sweet.. A soft sigh escapes her. "He is wonderful, Alric."

Alric nods, "I know that you can help, but you can't help if you fall sick as well." He tells her and sighs. Though at her words about Erik, he furrows his brows. "So the fact that he cares only for himself and getting a bigger name for himself is a kind thing? Or the fact that he rushed off to try and get the credit for saving Hafwen? He might act nice to you but be careful. You don't know him too well. Do see what others say about him before you fall too deep. He's manipulative, trust me. He's much like me." He explains, not that Alric doesn't care. But he does have several sides as well.

"I will not get sick. I could be careful. I wish you would see me as more of a grown up instead of as a baby sister." Bella says softly, aware of how over protective he was of her. "Why do you say he cares only for himself when he is always concerned about the Flints? Did you not rush off and try and save Lady Hafwen too? Everyone did, even the Ashwood nobleman who went, from what I hear. He is not manipulative, how can you say that?"

Alric nods, "Even grown ups get sick, dear sister." He tells her and as for Erik, he just shakes his head. "He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for lord Aleister telling him to be." Knowing Aleister well enough after all. So being rather sure that the sheriff was sent to do this. As for Daryl, he nods. "I protected the children alongside lord Daryl. Ser Perrin pushed along from the children towards what they thought was lady Hafwen. I can understand ser Perrin though as it is his own family. His niece." He shrugs. "Think what you want, but be careful. Don't sneak off though. That is all I ask."

"I know, but I could help prevent that too, Alric. I understand you protecting me and I will not do anything foolish, I promise. I will not sneak off," Bella looks sort of offended he would even suggest that. "Then while you and Daryl were protecting the children and Perrin was saving Hafwen.. What was Erik doing? Just strutting around looking.." gorgeous.. "Handsome?"

Alric shakes his head. "He rushed in and fought the woman. Being wounded and as far as I could tell he tried to hold her to let ser Perrin kill her and he almost put the child in danger. One that turned out to not be the lady even." He shrugs, "I didn't mean that he didn't do anything. But what he did was most likely not to help as much as it was to earn a better reputation for himself." HE sighs and shakes his head. "But if you think better of him then go ahead. But still be careful, and don't do anything reckless." He continues on and does seem worried for her.

"Though you protecting the kids and Daryl protecting the kids and Erik holding back the one who wanted to hurt the kids while Perrin helped.. what is selfish in that? Someone had to go for the woman, why not someone who is so talented with his weapon? Is that not more reasonable of a thing to happen? If you had, would you not have gotten yourself killed?" Bella is a little blunter than usual there, but she does not understand his apathy for Erik.

Alric sighs, "I know him better than you think. If you believe he did it for all the others than think so. I just do not want you getting hurt. And I don't know. Myself having to fend of a horde of imps or going for the woman. I am not sure which would be worse. And from what I saw he left the side of lord Nikolus, leaving him to fend for himself, while still injured." He shakes his head. "Just be careful about trusting him too much. Especially when you do not have the right to choose. Besides, he has not asked for a match between yourself and him either."

"Lord Nikolus should not have been there then. He should have waited at the camp with the ladies if he was injured." Bella interjects, but then sighs. "I wish not argue with you anymore, Alric, I promised you I would not fall in love and I am doing my best to do just that. I know you protect me and I above all know I do not have the right to choose. Nor would I wish for it. I want to better our house, to make you and mother and father proud of me." For once. When he mentions Erik not having asked for a match, she sighs. "Why should he ask for someoene he barely knows?"

Alric raises a brow, "It's marriage. He kissed you, as you did tell me. Then it should be enough for him to know if he wishes for more or not. He knows that in time you will be married off. The reason he does not ask is more for the fact that he is most likely waiting on a better match." Shaking his head a bit at that as they continue on their way towards camp.. Still a bit away though, and also away from prying eyes as the group is riding with Alric and Bella getting some privacy and keeping their words low. "Either way, I will talk to him at some point, if you wish. I promise to be kind."

"No, I do not want to get married." Bella adamantly refuses. "Not yet and no, I wish for you not to speak with him. It was a kiss, that was all. People do not get married for a kiss." Bella is just riding beside Alric while looking at her brother in confusion. "How many ladies have you kissed, dear brother and how many have you married?" Sighing in frustration, she looks towards the trees again. "A better match.. of course I am not a better match and I know it, why would you find it necessary to use the words to try and hurt me?"

Daryl is manning the barricade, the Deputy standing on the rampart that elevates him to a height where he can see someways. "Highfield side." One of the men say, indicating Alric and Arabella, as well as the replacement men, some ways behind them. "It's the replacements. And the Fensters." Daryl notes, dismissing it so the men at the 'cade relax. The Ashwood moves to meet them some, raising a hand to hail a greeting as he steps down the ramp. "Good day, M'lord. M'lady."

Alric frowns, "Just a kiss…" Not saying more about that as he just shakes his head. "I have kissed two and I did ask to marry one of them. The other I could not ask of a match. I did speak with lord Aleister about it but he advised against it." He admits bluntly. As for her looking away and seeming hurt, he nods. "Apologies. But I think that is how he thinks. If he could have it his way he would probably want to marry a Lannister." He shakes his head at that. "I'm sorry, I do not wish to hurt you." Then he turns as he spots the barricade camp and as they come closer he will let the previous topic drop as he looks to the lord. "My lord."

Bella had made no mentions of marriage, her over protective brother having brought up that charming topic. "You seemed to have not heard me just now, Alric. I have no wish to marry right away, only when you have found a match for me. There is no need for you to continuously point out how undesirable I am to Ser Erik or any other, when you have already made your point. Have I even once expressed an interest to you in being his wife? Please tell me if I am wrong." Not bothering to lower her voice but cutting short her protest when they reach the barricade, the Fenster lady offers a politely schooled smile that fails to hide the hurt and turmoil caused by her brother from her eyes. "My Lord."

Daryl waves the men who had been riding behind Alric and Arabella, as the group of men shift and change positions. A dip of his head towards the two, and his eyes travel from one to the other. "How are you two, today?" The Deputy oversees the shift change, making no indication that he had noticed any of their conversation. "I wish I had better news for you."

Alric shakes his head. "Which is why I worry. Without that in sight and yet all that has passed. I worry for you." Showing his worried expression. "I will make a match that is worthy of you, do not fear about that. I would not let you end up with a bad match." Keeping it to barely a whisper to his sister before focusing on the others. Nodding to Daryl, "I am sure that we can find more information while out here." He says, as the afternoon is still rather young. Enough time to learn more after all.

Arabella lets the matter of a match for her drop, like so many times before when it was spoken of. Well, she almost lets it drop. One more tiny word about it. "I feel like a consolation prize, going to the lowest bidder." Okay, now she drops it, not bothering to lower her voice that time. Nestled atop her horse with her is a bag, the same one she carries everywhere she goes should there be need for her. "What news?" Her brow furrows, her own woes forgotten in the face of bad news regarding the camp.

Daryl takes a few steps away, reaching out to grab a piece of parchment that he looks over briefly before offering explanation to his former words, "I mean theres been a death. A commoner boy in the Flint camp. We now know this illness is strong enough to take a life. And the stakes have been raised." He raises a brow just a touch at the whispering, but doesn't pry into their business. He clears his throat and looks down the path, "I believe we will have to enter the camp itself, soon." The group is assembled at a barricade, on the Highfield side of course. It's manned by six men, all equipped with crossbows. It's early afternoon, and it's a clear, sunny day out.

A woman riding a large bay draft cross makes her way down the road. She is alone and her face is hidden by a wide straw brimmed hat she is wearing. As she rides she is leading a well-kept pack mule who is laden down with supplies. She sings as she rides, her soft alto voice drifts and announces their arrival. "Come rolls me away, up in the loft or down in a the hay, I can roll a lad three times a day." When she sees the guards and the gathering she stops singing and when she is close enough to them where she will not be shouting she brings both her horse and the pack mule to a halt with silent commands.

Alric falls silent as he looks to his sister with sad eyes before looking to the lord. Nodding to his words, "I do think that we need to do something about it soon then." As those words are spoken he does hear the low sound of song and turns in that direction. Seeing Dania and waving towards her, not sure exactly who it is though. Atl east not until she get closer.

With a regretful expression, Bella nods to the Ashwood. "Ser Erik told me of that the day before today. I want to go help where I can, yet no one will allow me to cross over." Meaning mostly Daryl, Erik and her over protective brother. "When you go in, I wish to be included." Again, she states her wishes to help. Hearing the singing, her gaze moves to watch the approaching person, waiting until she is near enough to offer a wave as well before looking back to her brother. "Was that a reply to me or to Lord Ashwood?"

"Another, M'lord. Down the way some." One of the men alerts to the Deputy, pointing down the way at the straw-hat wearing woman.

"Hm." Daryl sizes up the distant figure, smirking a touch, "We've had to keep more people out from Highfield than the Flint camp. No matter." Again Daryl steps up the rampart of the barricade, which the group is assembled around, save for Dania, who's riding up on a horse a little ways away, leading a mule. The Deputy looks towards the group of men manning the barricade, all armed with crossbows, and nods. "You know the drill, eyes peeled. Announce any approaching." He continues, voice firm and commanding as he motions a hand out to the barricade's left side, "Patrol one." To the right then, "Patrol two." Two pairs from the replacements, still mounted, nod and move into the forest in each direction. "Don't run into any -bears- this time!" He holds back a chuckle, remaining serious for outwards appearance. A look to the wearied men who are being replaced. "Dismissed. Prepare reports and get them back to me before nightfall." A long exhale, and Deputy Daryl nods his agreement to Alric and Arabella, "We'll likely be entering soon enough. We'll let you know, Mistress Fenster."

While it appears that Healer Dorsey is alone, at least - at first glance - she isn't as entirely alone as she had thought. Granted, there's a wide marching that separates trained soldiers from woodsmen and hunters, but the small body of men accompanying Heronhurst's senior Courier is comprised entirely of that. It helps, also, that the senior Courier is the daughter of the huntsmaster for Heronhurst and likely most of the group that she's lead are extended family (Valen's tend to appear in twins after all) so the group more or less emerges from the surrounding brush along the trail than marching smartly along it in a uniform line. Woodsmen, hunters, trackers - not soldiers. The greens and browns that the men are wearing help them blend into the brush whereas the stark black that Kalira is clad in - mourning colors for their house - makes her stand out more than not. She guides her horse forward at a brisk clip so that she's shadowing Dania now that they're close to this barricade.

Dania looks over her shoulder and then looks at the sentries. She now has her horse at a halt along with the pack mule. She offers a bow of her head to the Lady and the Lords before she looks over her shoulder and she cannot help but smile brightly and that smile shows off her dimples. "Permission to pass the barricade or sentry point, I am a healer and midwife." She explains to Dyrl. "My mule has some of my supplies. I am traveling from Heronshurst, apparently they are with me." She gestures to the folks behind her. "Please no shooting." She then looks at Lord Fenster and his sister. "Lord Fenster, it is good to see you again, I cannot help but notice but is she your sister?"

"The lord." Alric tells Bella with a weak smile. Then keeping his eyes on Dania. Though at Daryl's words, he raises a brow. "The sheriff said none are to enter yet though. Perhaps a change of heart." Keeping his eyes on Dania. Not having expected more people though so not searching for anyone else. "Mistress Dania, it is truly good to see you." He tells her and seems quite glad to see the healer. Daryl perhaps having heard him mention her before. Nodding to his sister as well, "It is indeed." A soft smile at that.

Arabella feels as if she is being placated by the Ashwood at his reassurances, but there is little she can do about it. Bringing her horse about, she faces the healer, offering a warm and friendly smile. "Mistress, a pleasure to meet you, I am Bella Fenster, this is Lord Daryl Ashwood." Though she cannot return the name of Dania since she had not had the privilege of meeting her before. "I am a healer as well." Though probably not as experienced as the elder one, she offers all the same. "Should you need my assistance, I would be glad to accompany you, Mistress Dania."

Daryl seems to tense some as he sees the figures suddenly emerge from the foliage and brush, and he holds a fist in the air while he half shouts to the pairs of mounted men departing, "Patrol's halt!"

Each pair of mounted guards on either side of the barricade halt, steering their horses to face the oncoming parties. That makes…Ten, plus the deputy guarding the barricade. The Ashwood looks to Alric then, then a sharp glance to Arabella, as if warning the man to stay in front her in case things got out of hand. He dons a very diplomatic and charming smile, however as he steps down the ramp, looking towards Dania, Kalira and their band of men as he stops before them. "It looks like you've come a long way to offer aid," The deputy notes of the group, still that calm demeanor about him, "But unfortunately we are not yet allowing any past the barricade. Especially with such numbers." He peeks at her entourage and goes on to say, "We will likely be taking a small group with us later if the situation warrants it…But as far as right now, in order to contain this sickness we know little about…No one may pass." He gauges their reaction, then nodding at her mule. "Provisions and supplies can be brought across the barricade and retrieved by members of House Flint, however." He nods to Bella, grateful for the introduction and then says, "We are in need of healers, however. In order to combat and diagnose this illness."

Kalira guides her horse forward until her mount is even with Dania's and removes the broad brimmed hat that she's wearing, bowing politely to the nobleman in charge of the barricade. "Lord Daryl, if I may?" she asks, politeness in every nuance of her tone of voice, in the way she'd removed the cap she's wearing, even in the way the men with her fall into a rough line along the path behind herself and Healer Dorsey. "We did not come exclusively to assist with the matter beyond the barricade. We have brought what provisions we could arrange in the short amount of time, but chiefly our orders from Lord Brennart were to escort Healer Dorsey to this point and offer to escort her further if need should present itself that her safety warrants such a gesture. But," and she draws breath, her mount shifting slightly to a more weight balanced stance, "we have offered our assistance to Lord Bastien in the effort to ascertain the whereabouts of your missing kinsman and kinswoman. Lord Bastien welcomed our aid but there was no time to gather more specifics in order to know which segments of area he has already searched. We have search parties scouring the land from the Road," as there Is only One major road that should be in question, "to the east and north along the line. Our presence is merely the extension of this offer for assistance. The men with me are hunters, trackers, woodsmen, they know the hills and the terrain of the land that abuts the normal route that would be traveled to The Twins."

"You are also a Noble Milday." Dania points out to her. She looks thoughtful for a bit. "Are you the only female child of your line? Lord Fenster if she knows the risks and if she is not your only sister then let her through. Especially if she is as schooled as she says she is." She says to Bella and Alric then Dania looks at the Lord Ashwood. "Your will be done, but they will not be passing, just as Mistress Valen said. It will just be me, if you would like I can sit out here and wait until it spreads. I could use a holiday." The smile remains but she gets a stubborn and challenging look in her eyes. Her manner and stature at that moment could rival most maesters. "Since you did say you were in need of healers." She points out then she looks to Kal and offers her an impish smile and wink.

Alric nods to Dania's words, "She is not. Our sister is married to an Erenford. Some time back." He explains. Disagreeing a bit with Dania's words perhaps as she is his youngest sister. "I will escort her in as well if so." Perhaps being a bit unreasonable. Then just falling silent as he looks between them all. At least until everyone has said what they wish for. For as everyone falls silent, he says, "Find lord Jast. It is all up to him after all."

Arabella protests immediately. "Alric, you are the heir, you could not go in." And that is all she has to say about that matter. With a nod, she looks back to Dania, "I offer my assistance, I am merely the youngest of the Fenster siblings and I will do all I can to assist you. I know the risks I take." Glancing back to her brother then, she gives him a humorless smile. "My worth has been reminded of me lately." With her own supplies already on her horse, she smiles easily as she looks at the more experienced healer. "When you are ready, or able, I will go with you."

Daryl listens patiently to both Dania and Kalira, nodding his head every so often, though something they say strikes at him a little. The missing Ashwoods. It was his little sister after all, and here he was, guarding a road when he should be out looking night and day for her…Them. The Deputy keeps his composure, dipping his head as he speaks with a tone of genuine appreciation, "House Ashwood and I myself are very grateful for the assistance. I pray to the Crone that we find them unharmed, speedily." The Deputy looks to the woodsman and trackers, as if gauging how able they really were at face appearance…He too had learned the forests well in the search for Hafwen, "…Please inform Lord Brennart of our appreciation when you do return. As for now," He looks to the woodman, "We will provide room for them in Highfield while we organize a search. I have a small band of men riding their now, if they hurry, i'm sure they can catch up to them and be lead back to Highfield." He clears his throat, looking from Dania to Kalira, "Normally I wouldn't think camping at the barricade a good idea, but i'd be a fool to turn such expertise away."

Soon, a rider comes galloping down the way, slowing and approaching Lord Daryl. "M'lord." A letter is offered. Daryl takes it and reads it, brow arching. "Permission is granted. For healers solely. You will be accompanying me to the camp, should you so desire…Animals must remain here. Provisions will be carried by hand." The Deputy lets out a long exhale, and moves to look from Dania to Arabella.

Kalira bows from the saddle, the broad brimmed hat pressed over her stomach as she does so, straightening after a moment as she replies: "We'll do what we can, my lord, our promise on that," she says before she turns slightly in the saddle, lifts one hand to pass a signal back along the line. The men accompanying herself and Dania, save for the two nearest, turn and head along the road again - openly this time - at a brisk clip. Kalira turns back, after seeing the majority of her party depart, and sets the hat back upon her head once more. "We'll coordinate our efforts with your men, my lord, we're not soldiers," a trace of a smile haunts Kalira's face briefly, "we're hunters, woodsmen, like I said. If they left the road, my lord, it's a matter of seeing where they left the road and scouting forward from that part. Would you, by chance, happen to know the number of mounted escort accompanying them? were they taking carriage or just horse back? Any outriders we should be adding to the mix, numbers wise?" She asks this before falling silent and listening to the permission granted for healers, one pale russet brow arching very subtly upward before she turns, upper body and all, toward Dania. "You'll let us know what extra provisions you need, when you have need of them," not a question, that, but a reasonable statement.

"Lord Fenster, I have not steered you wrong in the past. Let your sister into my keeping. She can work with me. It will be proper. But you cannot go in there. You have no skill to offer and you need to listen to your sister; I also mean no offense by my words." Dania tells him in an honest manner. "You know I speak the truth. Your sister knows and understands that she could get ill and she could die. Sometimes one needs to allow the bird wings to grow out and not be clipped." She then looks at Arabella and her smile is warm. "Excellent, do you have your supplies?"

She looks to Dayrl next, "Good then you are ready to let us into the camp. You may have your hands full with Lord Fenster."

Her blue eyes go to Kalria. "Thank you for the escort, I pray that the spirits of the woods keep you safe and that the Crone will guide you." She then looks back to the guards at the sentry point. Dania then dismounts. "Kal can you take care of Sparrow for me and Ginger? Do you have any birds I can take into the camp so I can send you word?"

"Lial will just be the heir instead." Alric shrugs a bit. Looking sad as she speaks. "You are worth a lot." He tells her and places a hand on his sister's shoulder. Looking over to Dania then. "Make sure she is safe." He tells her. Then looking to Daryl and understand his worry for his own sister. At the letter, he frowns. Worry clear in his eyes for his sister. Biting his lip. "Come back safe, Trienne." Nodding to Dania's words as well "Thank you, mistress."

At word of only healers being allowed in, Bella is already leaning over to give her brother a tight hug, whispering something to him before dismounting and collecting her bag. Working at putting a brave expression on her face, she pulls her cloak tighter around herself before looking up at Alric. "I will be careful, I give you my word." Looking towards Dania now, she smiles tentatively. "I have everything I need." Reaching into her saddle bag for another bag as well." Looking back up at Alric, her smile is warm, "I love you, Alric. I will be back." Blowing him a kiss before walking to stand by Dania, leaving her horse for her brother and the guards to tend to.

Daryl gives a nod towards Alric, a meaningful look given. "I will watch over her, M'lord." A look to Kalira then, and he again nods his appreciation, "…Thank you again, Mistress." Then the Deputy waves off the patrolmen to go do their thing, before looking to the men guarding the barricade. "Open the main portal, close it behind us. No shift changes until Ser Jast arrives. In which you will inform him of our entering the camp." A look to Arabella, Dania, "M'lady. Mistress. Follow me if you would." They open the barricade to allow passage, and Daryl steps through after collecting some provisions, making himself useful.

Kalira catches hold of the reins to Sparrow and Ginger as she shakes her head, "I haven't any hunting birds, no," she answers. "Have you any skill with arrow and bow?" is wondered quietly. "If you can send a arrow over the barricade with just what you need written and tied 'round the shaft, we can manage just fine." She unfastens the saddlebags attached to her mount and hands them to Dania, "Water, dried fruits and nuts, some hard tack, some biscuits. It isn't much but it's all I could carry without slowing down on the ride here," and the saddle bags aren't exactly small or light. "Spare blankets, some old cloaks," she unfastens that roll as well and offers it forward.

Dania nods and she starts to unpack her mule and her horse. "I am not sure what we will find or who they have working there." She tells Kalria. "But we will see." Saddle bags are put over her shoulder and then the other supplies she has from the mule are stack neatly by a point near the guards where she can come and get them again. She brought a lot, not knowing what to expect. She also brought her own bedroll and tent. She looks to Kalria as more items are handed over. "No but I am certain there will be someone. Smoke any letters that come over the gate, then burn them and only handle those letters while wearing leather gloves. Thank you, and tell Young Wippet thank you for taking care of Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast and my sweet Lavender." She goes to pass. She offers a smile to Bella. Looking to Lord Fenster Dania nods. "I will do my best."

Alric smiles and nods to Bella, "I love you as well dear sister. Be careful. I trust you both to look after one another." He says to the two healers before looking to Daryl and nods, "Thank you." Then just falling silent and nodding to Dania.

Arabella reaches over and takes what is offered by Kalira, smiling in thanks. "Thank you, Mistress." If the Fenster is nervous she does her best not to show it as she collects as much as she can, following along with Dania. Only after they have stepped past the barricade does Bella look back at her brother and smiles brightly, trying to be reassuring. With a lift to her chin, she follows behind the Ashwood and the Healer, this time not looking back, "I hope we can help them, I truly do."

Kalira nods once more, "Understood," is all that she needs say in return followed by, "and I'll relay to the others." She gets a firm hold on the reins, making sure that Dania's animals won't take it into head to follow their human (with or without permission) and guides her mare back with a gentle nudge of knee and heels until she's backed away from the barricade several horse lengths. She's no healer, and has as much ambition to be near sick people as she'd have to climb into the open maw of a hungry grumpy grizzly. Thank you - no thank you.

After some ways, the Ashwood has his supplies hoisted on one shoulder, muscular frame holding it tight with one arm while another holds a clean piece of cloth over his nose and mouth as the group nears the camp. He stops just outside it, hailing their arrival. The men seem surprised, as this is the first non Flint group to arrive for aid since construction of the barricade. A look to Bella and Dania, "You two alright?" He looks towards the encampment, waiting for permisson to enter. When it's granted, he steps further, cloth held tightly. Another look to either of them, "Care for a cloth?" Seems he brought extras. He ties the one around his face so he doesn't have to hold it, looking more like a bandit then a Deputy, before offering a couple to them both.

Large Clearing
A trio of cabin pavillions have risen in the clearing, each bearing the colours of the House of Flint. There is a main cooking fire that sits before them with cast iron pots upon braziers stuck in the dirt. Ground tying lines are set for the horses, all of whom are work horses; sturdy animals ready to shoulder great burdens. Workmen all, here.. ready to build the foundation of what will be the first port in this Holding. The first building to rise? If one asks a worker, the answer will be, 'Young Lord Anders'.'
Fri Dec 28, 289

Stopping Dania set down some of the items she is carrying. From her pocket Dania takes a clean white linen cloth she ties it over her face. "My plague mask is in the box still. This will work just as well. Lady did you bring a plague mask?" She asks her. She then looks to Daryl. "I am well thank you. I have been through something like this before." She explains. "It took the life of my measter and the midwife I trained under since I was nine. I know the risks. What are the symptoms?"

After crossing the barricade, Bella walks along with them, looking around, trying to detect any sort of changes in the air. Pulling out a clean cloth as well, she ties it over her face, nodding to them. Her blue eyes peer over the top and she attempts to stay with the other two. "I am well, thank you my lord." Mostly listening to see what she can learn about the sickness.

"From what i've seen, a cough, hotness of the skin, and i've seen darkness under the eyes. Though none of this is confirmed. We are the first contact. The Flints have no Maester here." The Deputy sighs softly, as if something is weighing on him, but there is a rugged and wearied determination in his eyes. "Let us see a few of the sick, yeah? Get a look for ourselves?"

It seems the encampment is just a bit less lively, while workers still move about and tend to their duties, it is visible the sickness has taken some toll. Coughing can be heard in the distance, and Daryl approaches a couple, seated outside a tent on a mat. He speaks hushed words, keeping his distance however, and motions towards Dania and Bella. There's a nod from the two, one man, one woman, and they begin to approach. "They agreed to let you look at them," The Ashwood confirms, stepping back to fold his arms and observe from some ways back.

"I will need hot water and soap." Dania tells the Lord and the People. "I am grateful, is any phlegm being produced with the cough or is it dry and a hacking sound like a barking dog? There was death was body burned? If not where is it? What were the symptoms of the child before the child passed?" The questions come from Dania. "Any rash or swelling? Who seems to be inflicted, meaning mostly children and the old or does it vary?"

Cough, fever.. dark circles either from the fever, sleeplessness or lack of fluids due to the fever. As the two approach, the Fenster moves to take a step forward, before halting and looking towards Dania, listening to her questions to the people. All wise questions. All need answers. "Is there anything those have in common such as drinking from certain wells of water?" Inputting her own.
You last paged Alric.

"I believe it was a dry cough, but i've only seen a couple cases up close." Daryl replies, nodding then as he says, "I'll go fetch some hot water and soap." The sick couple seem very willing to be looked at, as this is likely the first time with any medical experience has examined them. "I will also inquire about the water and fate of the boy's body. You two look over the sick some more, see what you can find out." The Deputy steps off, warily looking around and trying to avoid the sick northerners for the most part.

Bella had been speaking with an elderly couple with Dania. Both have cloths tied over their faces more for their own peace of mind than any actual giod it would do them. The same is being repeated to them. Fever, dark rings under the eyes..

Dania has washed her hands with hot water and soap. As they talk Dania she them if the two of them can do a physical examination. "No bloody stool, vomiting or strange rashes. Do you have night sweats?" She dries her hands as she talks and takes a step towards them. "Pains in your stomach or joints?" her eyes take in the color of their skin and the whites of their eyes.

With those most afflicted housed in a low pavillion off to one side, it's the ones around the communal fire at the center of camp who are most forthcoming. Mostly it's been gripes about upset stomachs, thus far. The general mood in the camp is understandably sombre - the death of a child is always a painful loss in such a community as this, especially so far from their home.

A middle-aged couple approach the 'hearth' headed for one of the simmering pots of stew that has been prepared and kept warm. The woman, wrapped in a light shawl, looks haggard and weary, though doesn't appear to be unwell. The same can be said of her broad-shouldered husband, who guides her gently with one arm toward a seat. More alert than his companion, perhaps, he eyes the masked newcomers warily, before offering a polite nod in their direction.

With those most afflicted housed in a low pavillion off to one side, it's the ones around the communal fire at the center of camp who are most forthcoming. Mostly it's been gripes about upset stomachs, thus far. The general mood in the camp is understandably sombre - the death of a child is always a painful loss in such a community as this, especially so far from their home.

"What herbs do you use for cooking and what is your main water source?" Dania asks. This question is asked to the general public. "The child who passed, what was his name and has been buried or was he placed on a pyre?" She is full of questions and somehow she manages to keep her words clear despite her having a cloth over her face. She waits to see if any will answer her. Her blue eyes goes to the man and the woman, who have just come over and taken a seat. Dania washes her hands again she then dries them. She is dressed in a dark brown gown and a pale blue apron dress. Her dress though bright is plain and her head is covered with a wide brimmed straw hat. Her instruments and supplies she brought are not far from her.

Guilt. It swamps the Fenster. Probably unprofessional and completely inappropriate at a time like this.. but how long had their son been sick and why had it taken a death for them to be allowed in? Wisely, perhaps, Bella remains silent, listening to the questions the more experienced healer asks, grateful for her presence as she regards the middle aged couple with sympathy, careful to leave pity out of it. With her bag in freshly cleaned hands as well, she simply regards the two in silence.

As Dania asks her (perfectly reasonable) questions, it seems that all eyes slide toward the couple who just arrived, with several folks gently clearing their throats. The woman's face pinches before she raises a hand, wrapped in her shawl, to partially obscure her features, lapsing into quiet tears. Her husband, as he presumably is, stiffens visibly, halting in his original intent for a seat by her side and instead slowly turning to regard the woman in the straw hat.

Despite the obvious pain and faint accusation in his dark eyes, the Northerner does what he can to answer Dania, without ever leaving his weeping companion's side, a meaty hand coming to rest upon her shivering shoulder. "The -child-, mistress, was my son. Alec was his name. And aye.. he went to the care of the Gods by way of the pyre." A curt nod indicates a small clearing some distance away, likely where the ashes now smoulder. "We burned all his clothes and sheets, too. Seemed the right thing to do, considering…" Trailing off, he flits a glance to the seated woman, then finally approaches the two healers, as if not wishing to cause further upset by speaking across the short distance.

"I know this is painful, but would you come and talk to us. My name is Dania Dorsey I am healer and Midwife. My companion is Lady Anebella Fenster, she is a healer in her own right." Her words have a gentle tone to them. "The gods and the spirits will take Alec into their embrace, they will keep him safe. What can you can tell us about Alec and his final moments this will help us help others. Please, we know this is the most painful time for you both, and I do not ask this of you lightly, in fact I humbly beg of you both to come and converse with us. If you would like to we can talk in private."

"Forgive me, mistress.. m'lady." The large man offers a respectful inclination of his head toward the introduced noblewoman. "..but my wife is.. the pain is still too raw, I think. She's in no mind to speak to anyone.. barely even to me." He does his best to hide the hurt in his tone, which remains soft, lest the woman overhear. Fortunately, she's been joined by a few other women, who fuss and quietly comfort her in the background. "I'll do what I can to help you, o'course." Rubbing a hand at the back of his neck, he glances about, then gestures the ladies to a seat on a log by the fire, lumbering over to ease himself down. "No secrets here, mistress. Everyone got a right to know what's happenin'. Name's Holm, by the way."

Speaking to the parents of the deceased children, Dania doing most of the talking while Bella listens in. The Fenster lady offers a kind, encouragjng smile while attempting to learn all she can of the child before sickness took him. "Had he been playing anywhere in particular?" Inputting her own question, though falling silent at the mention of the pain the woman is in. "Please, I do not wish to increase her misery, though if she remembers something in particular that would be helpful in ending this, we would be most grateful. Is there anything you can remember that was.. odd.. about this sickness that was different from other times in his life?" Careful to keep her tone deliberately soft.

Daryl returns from his inquiries about the camp, still with his cloth tightly tied over his face. Bandit Daryl. The Deputy steps back towards the group, silently approaching and looking between grieving parents and the healers gathered. Stepping to Arabella, seeing as Dania was asking a lot of questions, he raises a brow and speaks a few hushed words in her ear, eyes going to the parents and then everyone else about, looking for any information on what he may have missed.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Master Holm, I just wish it were under better circumstances." Dania says as she moves to join him by the fire. She turns her head so she can keep her blue eyes on him. "How long was he sick? How did the sickness in him first appear? What was done to treat it?" She asks him. She smiles and looks over at Arabella as her smile becomes encouraging. Daryl and his folks are offered a nod.

Another small group of men can be heard approaching from the southern direction, the pounding of hooves echoing in the distance, growing louder with each passing second. Soon, those at the encampment will see that three riders are approaching, the one in the lead easily identified as the Sheriff of Highfield, escorted by two of the armsmen that was stationed at the checkpoint. For now, the Jast Knight is not wearing a face scarf or protective cloth, so the look of displeasure is clear on his face, after finding out who was allowed past the checkpoint earlier.

Resting his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands loosely between, Holm gazes morosely into the flames, a brief glance going to the others in masks who join the group. "He'd never been ill before, mistress. Made of stout stuff. So I couldn't say for sure.. started off just with a bad gut. Off his food and that, y'know. But then there was the fever. That's when he took to his bed." There's a lengthy pause and the man looses a slow breath, steadying himself before speaking further. "Turns out, he never got out of it again. Lasted maybe three days, after that."

Looking to Arabella as she speaks up, Holm offers a faint smile to the noblewoman. "Not that I noticed, m'lady.. just around the place, like all the other younguns." Recalling something, he frowns ever so slightly before looking back to Dania. "Our healer was givin' him some herb.. I forget the name of it. Took away some of the pain to begin with but.. not toward the end."

As Holm moves near the fire, followed by Dania, Bella follows as well, though remains standing, a troubled expression on her face. Three days. The incubation period was small then. "Thank you for speaking of this with us, I could not even begin to imagine how difficult this is for you." As he speaks again, her gaze settlea on Dania in silent question. "Perhaps we could speak to your healer? It is better to know what works and does not, so we can try other remedy's" Going for as diplomatic an answer as she can. Looking back at Daryl as he says something softer to her, she shakes her head, indicating she had not heard. The horses get attention now, since they had all been ordered to leave their animals behind. Erik Jast. And he looked angry. But.. at whom?

"Tansy was what was most likely given, did he have diarrhea? Did he complain that his gut was twisting? Did any rash or other parts of his body appear swollen; did his stomach for that matter?" Dania ask him in a gentle tone. Her gaze moves towards the angry rider who has just entered into the encampment and then her gaze goes back to the man whom she is talking to. "Do you know where the healer is?" And then Dania's gaze goes to Anabell. "You are right." She moves to stand up at that point. "Thank you so much Master Holm for speaking with us. I hope you and I can converse again." Another glance is given to Erik.

Daryl just shakes his head a touch at the story of the unfortunate child, but when he hears the approaching group, he nods to the two healers, "Be back shortly." He moves to approach the Sheriff and two guards, clearing his throat as he nears, "Careful with the horses," He warns, not wanting any animals catching whatever the hell this sickness was. Perhaps anticipating the Sheriff's response, whether he has a cloth tied in front his face or not, Daryl moves to hand up a piece of parchment towards the Jast, his eyes not exactly looking friendly either. Chances are he really doesn't want to be here. Another look towards the group as he waits for the Sheriff to read.

The Northerner looks up and about himself consideringly. "I don't know where she be right this moment, mistress. M'lady. But I'd be glad ta send her your way soon as she appears." Brightening a touch, though, he nods at Dania in assent. "Tansy, that was it. Worked for a bit. But aye.. he was sufferin', near the end. Couldn't even keep water down.. and what he did went right through 'im." For all his masculine, stoic appearance, the man visibly wavers when it comes to thiking of his young son's final hours. With a grunt, bracing his large hands on his knees, he heaves to his feet, sensing his dismissal and likely keen to return to his poor wife.

Only as an afterthought, as he lumbers away, does he call back toward the healers. "The woman yeh want.. Ragny. She's been tendin' everyone. And she's the one that told me to see the sheets were burned. She'll be more help to yeh than me, I'll wager." Reaching his beloved, Holm stoops to guide her up by the elbow, gently wrapping her in a bear-like arm and leading her unhurriedly back off toward their sleeping pavillion.

Instead of entering the encampment, Erik raises a hand to slow his escorts, his own steed slowly drawn back so that the quick gallop is now a slow trot. Eyes surveying the encampment for the first time since the barricade went out, the Jast Knight finally focuses his gaze on the Ashwood Lord. The warning about the horses is answered with a short nod, as if the young noble knight already knows and did not need to be told. When the script is handed to him, Erik looks it over though he shows no further reaction, only a slight tensing of muscles in his arm. But instead of crumpling the note up, he only nods again and hands the note back to Daryl, "Very well. Lord Bastien commands, we follow. Has there been any developments?"

As Holm leaves, Bella watches a moment, meaning to ask him something else. Oh well, it would hold for now. Instead, as Erik nears, the Fenster walks towards him almost prepared for his ire. When it is not forthcoming, she offers him a hesitant smile. "Ser Erik." Though she says nothing more, lnot wanting to interrupt the sheriff and deputy. Her gaze settles on Dania. "Three days is so little time," lowering her voice as not to cause alarm.

Dania's gaze goes to the men and she is quiet for a time as she watches them. Her eyes are narrowed. But she does not say anything more. She is for the moment standing at the edge of the fire. She is dressed in a brown dress and a blue apron dress. A wide brimmed straw hat graces her head. She turns to look at bella and she answers in a soft low voice. "It is, we need to know what other symptoms they had. I have two ideas. Neither of them are pleasant."

Daryl takes the note back with a masked frown, storing it under his armor again as he sighs a touch, "Best speak with Lady Fenster or the Mistress. They've been tending to the sick, diagnosing symptoms and asking about the commoner boy that died." He points to the retreating couple, "That's the boys parents right there." A small shrug, "Besides that? A courier from…" He pauses, "Heronhurst, along with hunters and trackers…Have arrived to assist in the search for Lord Aleister and…Miranda." Even her name strikes at his heart, but he does not show it. "By order of Lord Brennart…They're housed in Highfield until we can organize a search." He goes silent for a few moments, looks at Erik, then just stares blankly ahead. His eyes narrow just a touch. "…I need to take a piss." The Ashwood seems more -pissed- than in need of taking one, as he marches off towards the trees. Guilt maybe? Stress?…Or maybe he does have to pee. Who knows.

The courier and trackers was what delayed Erik who took great interest in their arrival and will be wanting to coordinate with their assistance on the searches. Once it was known that the Lord Aleister and Lady Miranda went missing, the Jast Knight shifted priorities in his head, two major problems weighted on his shoulders now. "We will find your Lady Sister, Lord Daryl. And Lord Aleister as well." When the Ashwood Lord excuses himself, Erik turns his gaze to Arabella for a moment and nods his head in answer, "Lady Arabella." Then his eyes looks to the encampment to survey the area before he begins turning his steed, apparently ready to lead his men back the way he came.

Dania remains silent as she watches the man leave. Her keen blue eyes seem to miss nothing. She has grown silent again. She leans back on her heels and just takes everything in, including the flow of conversation around her.

"That I pray for everyday," Daryl asides in the woods. He goes some ways in, disappearing in the darkness. There's the sound of wood cracking wood, a -crunch- and then it goes silent. Snap of a twig, and soon the Ashwood comes back, clearing his throat some. He steps back towards the group, quite casual. "So. What's our next step then, Mistress?…Can we identify what kind of illness this is?…Perhaps begin attempts at a remedy?…Whatever herbs or other medicinal things you need I could likely obtain." He looks from one to the other, green eyes flitting too and fro.

"We have much in the way of supplies with us, but there are questions that need to be answered. We need to speak to the healer. If the sheets are burned that means she thinks it is plague like in nature. And very contagious, I think it is safe to say that between the two of us we have some ideas, but there are pieces missing from this puzzle. We need to examine more people and we need to go through the healers notes or just talk to her." Dania says at last. She looks at him. "We have had only one conversation." She reminds Daryl. "Gods may work that fast but we mortals do not as we cannot see all the information."

"Ser Erik.." Bella gives only those words to him, hoping to get him to remain for a moment before quickly changing her mind, not wanting to endanger him. "Be well, my lord.." Watching him go before turning to the others.

"Right…Right of course." Daryl responds, impatient perhaps…But he knows the deal. "We'll have to come and find her…Ragny?…And get more answers. She's no Maester though, so I wouldn't get your hopes up. Best lead we got however." A look between them, "No one has a tickle in their throat, do they? Feeling warm?" He watches curiously as Erik moves away.

"First of all Lord Ashwood we are not Masters either and you are asking us to find out the answer, she may just be at her wits end or she may not know what she is dealing with." Dania points out as she defends the camp healer. "Either way if she is still healthy the three of us can work together to come up with an answer. In the meantime do not drink any water unless it has been boiled and only eat the food you have brought with you." She looks to Arabella.

Bella walks back over to stand by Dania, providing a united front jn defense of the healer in question. "What the healer gave worked at the beginnig.. Then he condition worsened. I think it was not due to the herbs but the condition itself." Unable to resist watching the knight depart as long as she can.

"Mmm." Daryl says, or muses, nodding at Dania's words and heeding them, however. The Ashwood looks the Jast's way then, scratching idly at his rag covered cheek. The Ashwood too distances himself from the group for a moment, albeit only about seven or eight strides away. "Sheriff! A word when you have the chance." Until then, the Deputy seems content with just staring up towards the star ridden sky, watching as a cloud passes by, hiding and then revealing the glimmering objects in turn. He folds his arms, perhaps in thought. His chest heaves up and down in another deep inhale/exhale.

Some may have expected Erik to keep riding but some sense of duty kept him here though he did ride off a little bit so that he can give instructions to the two guardsman that arrived with him. Dismounting, he tells one to ride back to Highfield to give an update to Lord Bastien that both the Sheriff and Deputy have entered the Flint encampment to start their investigation with the healers. The guardsman also has the task of locating the Jast Knight's squire and get the young lad riding hard to join his knight at the encampment. As for the second armsman, Erik has instructed him to stay with his horse, playing guard and remain behind in case another message needs to be sent out with urgency. With the instruction for both given, he finally turns and begins walking back to the encampment, calling out to Daryl, "What is it, Lord Daryl?"

Dania looks to Arabella. "Lady we have our work cut out for us. I have theories and you have theories. Shall we try to find the poor healer?" She asks her. "Flux or Dysentery can cause those symptoms. But none want to answer the question about the diarrhea which is a main symptom. Sulfer and a few other poisons can cause those symptoms as well. One of the poisons is a horrid way to go as nothing can be purged from the body." She says. "Not even urine the body swells. We have questions."

"Lady you may want to tell the angry Sheriff not to eat the food or drink any water that has not been boiled." Dania adds before she mutters something underneath her breath.

Bella looks towards the pavillion the couple disappeared into before lookinc back to the healer. "I think it would be a good idea.. hopefully they have some ideas as well we can cross reference." Flinching at the mention of the fatal poison. "I think the deputy will inform the sheriff.." for some reason remaining at a distance fron the Jast knight. "I have sone things I can share with them should they need, food and water." Beef jerky and stuff. Breakfast of champions. Right?

A nod of her head. "I will also set up the tent, I hope you do not mind sharing one with me. I promise I will keep your virtue safe like any good Septa, though I am not a septa. let me get our area set up and I will hunt down the healer in the meantime. Would you mind asking some more questions to see if anything was missed?

Daryl is silent a few more moments, even after the call from the Jast. Eventually, he tears his gaze away from the cosmos and looks the Sheriffs way, waiting for the man to near before he speaks in quiet tones, eyes averting towards the two women for a split second before looking back at Erik. He turns away, jaw clenching, visible even under the rag. "…We have to be careful is all…And I say this even when I…Would rather not."

Erik remains where he is as Daryl leans in to share some quiet words with him, his serious expression darkening slightly though he does nod from time to time. Finally it is his turn to answer in kind, words just as quiet for the time being.

Bella finds herself suddenly alone and as Dania goes to make camp, the Fenster leaves the men speaking together softly as she begins making her way back to the few out wandering, to question them further and perhaps inquire after the healer.

Daryl leans his ear just a touch to hear the words, and towards the end, his expression grows serious, meaningful. His hand reaches and clasps the Sheriff's shoulder tightly. A small nod and he says a few hushed words, looking the Jast dead in the eyes. Then he peers towards Arabella as she tries to slip away. "M'lady!" He moves to step her way then, seeing if she'll heed his call. "I'll start a fire," He says back to Erik, moving to collect some tinder at the forests edge, as well as logs for burning.

Another nod is returned by the Jast Knight who speaks a few more quiet words with Lord Daryl, a look of serious confidence is also exchanged before his eyes sees that Arabella may be wandering off. "Make camp and start the fire, I will make sure that Lady Arabella is safe from harm." With that, Erik turns and heads directly towards the Fenster Lady though his eyes are like a hawk now, focused on anyone who may be close by to himself or Arabella and to see if there are any signs of sickness. With his expression, it looks like the young noble knight would cut them down on the spot before allowing them close to either Arabella or himself.

Bella glances back just a moment, suddenly feeling awkward. "I will not be gone long, my lord. Please, there is no reason to accompany me." Watching as Erik approaches. "Truly, there is no cause for concern, Ser Erik. I wish not to intrude.." Glancing towards the departing Dania, then Daryl. Erik was angry with her and she was trying to avoid a confrontation right now while she is still upset with her brother and his words he had for her.

Daryl reaches down, collecting the wood and dry grasses, twigs and such. They're hauled back to a formidable spot, where he begins to set rocks in a circular pattern to encircle the to-be bonfire. Logs are set, and then the smaller twigs and grasses. There's a nod towards Erik then, his eyes following the Jast before assembling the fire and beginning to crack flint together in a manner to catch a spark. Crack! crack! crack! He methodically continues, waiting for one to catch. An ember hits the grass, and he cups his hand around it blowing lightly on the orange, as it begins to glow, and glow…Smoke starts to rise, and the beginnings of a fire emerge. The Deputy seems distracted, even when doing this.

It's a good thing that Daryl is the one making the fire because if it was up to Erik, they would not have fire for a long time. These tasks the young noble usually has his squire accomplish, along with the setting up of his tent and other mundane tasks. The Jast Knight's approach towards Lady Arabella is not slowed by her words, though his expression does not look particularly angry anymore. "But there is, My Lady. Please follow me. I am sure this… Mistres Dania will have things in hand and I am sure you two can compare notes when she is done. But, I will not allow you to mingle with these… people." Erik says in a more hushed tone as he moves to escort Arabella away from those who reside in this camp.

Without waiting for further instruction, Bella falls into step beside him, her face somewhat stoic, giving little to nothing away, as well as she is capable. "Mistress Dania is the more experienced healer, I am only here to offer my assistance to her." A frown mars her features though, shortly after the reassurances. "I wanted to help, please do not be angry with me. I hope I will be able to assist these… people.." as he put it. "Do you have something against them then, Ser Erik?" Her voice is soft.

Daryl continues to exhale sharply on the fire, until it catches further and spreads with a spark of life, catching to the logs. Daryl has always been quite the outdoorsman. He leans back as the fire roars up now, and settles on a log for a seat, using a stick to poke at the flames as he peers towards the couple some ways away, then looks around for Dania. Hm. More stargazing is in order. His eyes close for a few moments and he whispers a few hushed words.

Walking beside the Fenster Lady, Erik is glad he did not have to do more convincing to get her to follow him away and to safer areas, "I am not… angry with you, Lady Arabella. Just worried. I understand that you wish to help, because you are kind and have a good heart, and you will help. But it also does not mean you have to put yourself in harms way. If you succumb to sickness, then we lose another skilled healer." The direction he takes is not one that is preplanned, it is just one direction that moves them farther away from the encampment, "Plus, I had promised your Lord Brother that I would see to your safety here." There is no answer for her last question for now.

Wherever he leads, Bella walks beside him, perhaps paying as little attention to it as he wants her to, uncaring really at the direction, just listening to him, hands clasped loosely at her waist. "There is no cause to be more worried for me than there is for Mistess Dania. She is a wonderful healer my brother tells me." Listening to him mention her being kind, she looks at him with a questioning glance that quickly turns to borderline mutiny at the mention of her brother. "Alric is.. Alric." And that is all she has to say about that, since he had hurt her earlier, she was refusing to talk about it right now.

"Blessed father watch over my sister and be just, for she has done nothing wrong…" Daryl's words are but whispered, carrying little, "See her brought back to me and my family. Her wisdom completes us." His head hangs, his hands clenching together, "Crone guide my actions, be my eyes and ears as she is searched for. And should it be my life for her own to see her found, cured of sickness…Then I will gladly pay that price." His shoulders slump, and his eyes open, fists clenching and releasing. He reaches to grab a stone and hurl it into the woods with a defeated sigh. "Fuck." Then he looks towards where Erik and Bella are stepping off to, before his eyes stare at the fire oncemore, almost mesmerized.

There is a slight shrug of Erik's shoulder but the next words he states are said as if they were simple truths, without a hint of malice or mockery, "She may be a great healer, My Lady, but that is all she is and all she ever will be. You however, are a lady of noble blood and training. Your future has yet to be determined but you are important to your House, to your Lord Father and your Lord Brother." Watching Arabella, the Jast Knight can see the conflicting emotions playing through her as she mentioned her brother's name, "Lord Alric cares and worries for you, that is all. I am sure that all he wants is to make sure you are safe and happy." The glint of light from the newly made fire does catch Erik's eyes and he slowly angles the direction he is walking towards the makeshift camp.

Alric had gone out of his way to make sure she knew how very unimportant she was. So, at the words of the Jast Knight, Bella just smiles, the cloth covering the action, because it fails to reach her eyes. "Thank you, Ser Erik. I will remember that. You have greatly underestimated Mistress Dania though. Perhaps she will be more than a healer, saving all these people. That is greatness, not a mere healer. As with you, saving so many, being the hero. That is important to you, is it not?" Walking towards the fire, overhearing some of the Ashwoods prayer offering her own soft spoken, "Amen.." at the end. Pausing now in her walk, Bella regards the knight a moment. "Whatever my brother may have said he was wrong. It was not.. his place." Unreasonable…

Daryl rises some, moving to start unpacking a tent kit, one of the things they brought earlier for provisions. He mallets stakes into the dirt, ensuring the sizeable tent stands straight, and is of sturdy make…He gives the material a little shake, shrugging softly as he feels its good enough. Well. That'll fit two, atleast…Without being -too- cozy. Slowly, the deputy moves to retrieve the other kit, working almost mindlessly, his thoughts elsewhere. As the two approach the campfire, he's still in the process of raising up the second one, while the first already has two small sleeping bag like setups within. "Everything alright?" He asks the Jast and Fenster, his voice rather devoid of emotion. Well, Bella was right about one thing. They sure were heroes…Albeit the ale drinking, whore-fucking variety. Dary's emerald hues catch Bella's eyes, and he nods his appreciation.

"And the people will thank her for saving them, our Lord will thank her for her efforts. But she will remain a commoner, one that may even be wealthier beause of this, but still a commoner." Erik says, as if teaching Arabella the realities of Westeros and the world they live in. As for being heros, Erik does manage a rather cocky and arrogant grin at that, "Of course, My Lady. Heroes are very important and this realm need heroes." Now, whatever Alric had said to his sister, the Jast Knight takes note but he does not ask, at least not right now as they approach the fire. His attention shifts to Daryl, watching the man who is trying to set up his own tent, feeling a little pity for the other noble as he does not have a squire to slave around for him, "No, Lord Daryl. I was just talking with Lady Arabella here and keeping her away from those who may be sick."

"Ah, so that is what the talk was about.." Amused, despite herself, Bella just shakes her head, "You could have simply ordered it. I would have listened. My presence here is not to make your life more difficult." Turning from him now, she closes the distance to the fire, gracefully taking a seat on the green grass nearby, falling into a momentary silence, sparing a glance between the Ashwood and the Jast.

Daryl just looks at the other man, silent for a couple moments. Even just seeing his Deputy's eyes he should get the meaning. "It keeps my mind off things." Is the response, the Ashwood hunched as his muscles flex, hammering the stake into the dirt with strong, angry strokes. He rises then, the second tent completed. He looks between the two of them, then offers, "You know M'lady, you shouldn't just walk away like that." His tone is light however, and he moves to sit on his log by the fire once more. A pause. He looks between the three, with their rags over their faces. "We look like idiots," he adds humorlessly, despite a weak undertone. "I hope you all realize." Theres an almost mirthless chuckle.

Erik can only nod in response to Daryl's words until the other man offers his insight on how they look, an amused smirk appearing, "Idiots, but idiots who are not sick." At least not yet. He does shoot a glance in the direction of the encampment, "Though I do wish to find an end to this epidemic soon. Very soon." That may sound rather noble but the Jast Knight has his reasons, one that Daryl would know and also agree upon. "When Mistress Dania returns, I guess we should establish a plan of action?"

Wondering if he meant earlier when Erik had been sent to distract her from wandering or if he meant just now when he had walked to the fire, Bella is uncertain. Just to play it safe the Fenster lifts her shoulders in a delicate shrug. "I have no desire to wander off further." The reassurance given, she even manages a genuine smile that lights her eyes as she teases. "I truly think I look ridiculous, though Lord Daryl, I never noticed until now that your mouth is covered what pretty green eyes you have." Of course with it being awkward now, she cannot say that to Erik as she had intended.

Daryl lowers his gaze to level on the fire, chuckling some at first when Erik speaks. He turns and nods his agreement to end all this, soon. Another notch on the belt. When Arabella speaks, she does lighten his mood some as he allows a small laugh and shake of his head. "Well thank you, M'lady." He tilts his head to Erik and offers a wink. Atleast he's not in such a downer mood now. The Deputy moves to toss a spare log into the fire to ensure its continuity.

"Where the hell is that woman?" He inquires, probably meaning Dania, then asks Erik, "Bring any drink?" He probably doesn't mean the non alcoholic variety.

Erik is equally amused when Arabella shares a flattering compliment with Daryl, inclining his head towards his Deputy as if to acknowledge that he is able to receive such even in such situations. "I'll have to go back to my horse, my pack is there. Was waiting for my Squire and he shouldn't be too far away. I've sent word back with oen of the guardsman to update Bastien that we are now here and also sent him to find my squire." But, the Jast Knight does turn towards where his horse is secured and under guard, a bit away, "I can go fetch the skin of wine."

Glad to have lightened the mood some, Bella laughs softly too, pulling her cloak around her. It was getting later and the realization that she would be here for awhile yet sinks in. "I only ever speak the truth, my lord." The amusement still there, though there is just a hint of truth ringing in her words. When he asks about Dania, she peers at him over her own cloth. "We ladies have our own times we abide by, did you never learn that yet?" As Erik moves to go, her eyes drift to him. "Would you like to be alone or would present company be allowed, Ser Erik?"

"Good I brought some too, I was just making sure you had some." The deputy reaches into a bag not far from him near the tent, grabbing out two wine skins, one in each hand. He moves to sit down, eyeing one of the wineskins and handing it Arabella's way in offering. The other he holds onto, while looking Erik's way. There's a pause, and he looks to Bella, "Excuse me, it will only take a moment." The Ashwood moves to step after the Jast, and once he's close enough he whispers words that are invisible with his clothed face. He steps towards the horse with the Jast, eyes on the horse the entire time, save for a glance to Erik at the end.

The rhetorical question issued by Arabella has Erik chuckling in amusement and he pauses at her request to head to his steed, it is a short walk, not easily seen visually. He does incline his head apologetically to the young lady before looking to his Deputy who chooses to join him and share words with him. The pace he sets is a casual one but one quicker than if he were escorting a lady. At the quiet words that Daryl offers, the Jast Knight arches a brow, "I see… thank you, Lord Daryl. It appears that I will have to think on it and perhaps head it off before it becomes a problem." He does nod his head in thanks to the other man before looking back to Arabella, and then to Daryl, "I will only be a moment, please stay by the fire, it is warmer."

Not exactly what Bella had meant, but she does nod towards them, remnants of the previous amusement echoed in her eyes. "I will stay by the fire and throw kindling in it now and then to make sure it remains lit." Though Bella does now have a wine skin thanks to Daryl. "Thank you!" Lifting it in silent salute, already opening it to have a drink. Whoops, not the watered down variety she was used to. "Take your time!" The Fenster calls after them.

Daryl gives a small nod and the Ashwood grins a touch, "Yeah, think on it." The Deputy moves back towards the campfire then, raising that wineskin to his lips to take a swig of it as he opts to return and sit back down on the log. He gives a look towards the camp. In the faint distance, since it more or less silent, coughing can be heard, wretching almost. The Deputy turns his head to look at Arabella, then to the Sheriff's likely retreating form. He tosses in some tinder idly, and then speaks to Bella, "Yes i'm quite aware you operate on your own type, M'lady." A small chuckle.

As the Deputy returns to the fire to rejoin the Fenster Lady, Erik continues towards where his steed is tied off, apparently having a little bit of time to do some thinking, on a large variety of subjects. His pace is certainly not one that is hurried.

Hearing the sounds of the sickness, suddenly aware of it all again, as if the cloths over their face had not been enough, Bella looks towards the encampment. "I wish I could help them.. Have you thought to ask about any other nobles passing through here lately? I meant to ask, but in the mans grief, I could not bring myself to. It just seems an important question to ask, since they could very well have passed this way."

"I haven't seen Lord Einar, and as far as I know Young Lord Anders is still in Highfield with his newborns and wife. I'll have to ask further in the morning." He sighs and lifts his wineskin for a deep, long drink. Always helps. "We -will- help them, M'lady. We've only begun, but we'll get to the bottom of this, yet." The Ashwood seems confident enough.

"Those are not the nobles I speak of… I refer to your sister and Lord Aleister. Surely it is not necessary to ask, though.. why not, since we are here anyway? What harm could it do? There is no need to mention names. Or perhaps there has been word from somewhere. Their healer has to collect herbs from somewhere as well." Merely making the suggestion, though allowing him to follow up on it, should he wish. Lifting the skin to her lips , Bella takes a drink, sighing in contentment, relaxing. "I should sleep soon.." Laying down now on the grass she pulls her cloak around her, the flames of the fire reflecting in her eyes. "You will find her, my lord."

"They were headed east, towards the Twins…We're someways to the south west…Why they'd come by here, especially with the illness…" The Ashwood just shakes his head a little and shrugs. Another long pull of wine, and he looks towards the tents set up, nodding back at her and saying, "Be sure your cloth is bound tight, so you do not lose it in your sleep." At her final words, his expression softens some, raising his wineskin to drink before adding, 'Thank you.''

There is sound from the direction of the horses and through the quiet, the voice of Erik can be heard, "Took you long enough Joseph, what were you doing!" Then there is the mumbling and stuttering apology by the young squire. Soon after, two figures can be seen approaching the camp fire, the Jast Knight with a pack slung over his shoulder while the squire is leading a rounsey that has some bundles, most likely the knight's more luxurious tent. "Now you need to make up for lost time and set up the tent." It is then Erik rejoins them at the campfire, eyes moving to Arabella who looks like is about to fall asleep soon.

Still holding the wine skin, Bella hears the approach of the knight and his squire. Not bothering to summon the energy to sit up, she just watches the fire, her eyes growing heavier. The thanks from the Ashwood earns a flicker of a glance. "I only speak the truth, remember?" A ghost of a smile appearing in her eyes before she closes them again. "Sweet dreams," she murmurs to no one in particular.

Daryl raises his skin for another long swig, eyeing Joseph with a raised brow, smirk rising as he raises his skin in a mock cheer. A glance to Arabella and a small laugh, "She must be a lightweight." He looks to Bella, "You fall asleep their your likely to get rained on. Best go in the tent, M'lady." The Ashwood peers back to Erik then, catching his gaze for a couple seconds.

Then a meaningful look towards Arabella, a little head tilt to motion that way.

Erik's expression turns into full amusement as Arabella ends up falling asleep by the fire, shaking his head slightly as he glances to Daryl, "Let me guess, your wine isn't watered down." The way it is suppose to be, "Poor girl, she must be exhausted, the wine must've tipped the balance. Too busy focused on wanting to help." He then shoots Joseph a look, "Now hurry up lad, won't do to have the Lady sleeping outside so the sooner you set it up, the sooner she has a warmer and better place to sleep." It appears that Erik intends for the young lady to sleep in his tent. He does finally glance to Daryl, holding up a hand to forestall any possible concerns, "She will take my tent, I will take one of your spares." Erik is not stupid enough to do something that crazy in front of so many people.

Lightweight? Probably, but not after only a couple of drinks surely? Possibly the Fenster is just tired.. and relaxed.

"Coward," Daryl teases, quietly laughing as he shakes his head and confirms, "Sevens no, watered down? Why would I want my wine to be watered down." He makes it sound like perfect logic. More potent. He looks skyward then, going quiet for a moment as he hears more distant coughing. "Don't think thats gonna stop." He notes quietly.

Daryl tosses another log into the fire, ash and embers firing off it some and up into the air, following the smoke pillar. "Bet shes tired. Says a lot about her that shes here though, no?" A look to Erik.

Erik nods at Daryl's word as his eyes drifts back to the sleeping form of Arabella, "She was rather adamant about coming here to help, I just hope it isn't more than she bargained for. And I hope to the Seven that she doesn't get sick." Now he pulls open his own skin of wine and takes a long drink from it before releasing a sigh of contentment, "Damm what I would give to be able to fight a foe like this."

Daryl takes another swig of his wine, shrugging a touch, "I wouldn't be here unless I was ordered to be. She had a choice." He shrugs it off lightly and nods his agreement, "Lets hope she does not. How would Alric see us." Then the Deputy raises a brow, "Like what? Sitting on our asses drinking wine?"

Laughing as well, Erik shakes his head, "I mean the sickness. Wish there was something I can just stab a spear into and that would make the sickness go away." The young knight shakes his head again and smirks, "Lord Alric stopped me at the checkpoint to have a word. I did give him my word that I would see to Lady Sister's safety." He then glances to Arabella again who appaers to have truly fallen asleep before shooting Daryl a mischevious grin, "Robert Baratheon huh…"

Daryl double brow raises as he literally chugs back some of his wine, letting out a content sigh. "I want to be Kingsguard. And I expected a hell of a lot of land appointed to my name." Another soft laugh. "And a pet dragon. For my baby sister." He just shakes his head oncemore and agrees, "Unfortunately not all tasks were that easy. I still laugh when I recall you wrestling that she-devil into a choke hold." His laughter is hard to contain, though he's trying to be shush about it because of Bella.

"You will be one of the Kingsguard, in all its glory, white cloak and all. And dragons, one for each of your sister." Erik says with another chuckle as the two dream the dream. Finally, the young knight shakes his head, "If only they were. I rather be fighting that she-devil again with my bare hands than finding a cure for this sickness here." The Jast Knight shoots a glance to the tent with Ashwood markings that has been propped up by Joseph, a little fancier affair of course.

Sluuurrp. More wine is consumed in large quantity, the Ashwood burping a touch and exhaling softly. "Bet the Kingsguard get to ram the finest women in the kingdom." He strokes his cloth covered chin, smirking a bit, "You know? We should spar more. The more we see eachother's fighting styles, the better we'll fight side by side, I think." He eyes the buckler shield he brought near the tent, smirking. "Then we'll find that damnable bear and put an end to it." The Deputy laughs softly, then leans in to whisper a few words.

"Here, drink more wine." Daryl tries to playfully forcefeed the alcohol to him.

"I am sure they do, they just can't marry." Erik says with a grin, apparently having read up on those glorious knights. Perhaps what the Jast Knight has as a final goal is a white cloak himself, who knows. As for the offer to spar, the young knight arches a brow, "Well, it was what I had planned, as Lord Aleister had told me to train you and Lord Robben, on top of the duties already assigned to me but as you can see, we've been heavily side tracked." As for the whispered words, the young knight shakes his head, murmuring something back with a smirk before raising his own wineskin towards Daryl, showing that he already has it.

Daryl laughs a bit again, another sip of wine. A glance towards Arabella. "She's sober as a bird, I saw her take two sips. Poor girl's just exhausted." He thinks over the words, "And you've seen that I know what i'm doing…With a blade atleast. I've been training on my own of course." Then he thinks about that first part…No marriage. There's almost a shaky breath, and he indulges in another gulp, "…I…Don't think i'm getting married, Erik." He just shakes his head a touch, looking towards the fire. His eyes show sadness and stress, but still that nagging determination somewhere back there.

Erik can only shrug his shoulders, "It's the same. Now… would not be the right time, though it doesn't mean I am tempted." When the subject shifts to Daryl and his bladework, the Jast Knight nods his head in approval though only for the other noble's efforts at working on his swordplay. Erik will judge just how much he knwos what he is doing when there is time. When the subject shifts again to more personal matters, the young knight grows a bit more serious but their chat is momentarily interrupted by Joseph, the squire. "Ser, everything is ready inside." With a sigh, the Jast Knight takes a final drink from his skin of wine and then tosses it to the youth, as if to reward him, "Good now see to the horses." Rising to his feet, the young noble knight moves to where Arabella has fallen asleep, "Going to carry her inside and make sure she's comfortable and sleeping well, I will be right back."

"Its been weeks Lord Brennart has kept her from me. It's easy to see he doesn't feel comfortable with her around me, else he would've lifted the ban…I would've got to see her before I came to this damn…Camp, but instead of being with her my last moments before departure i'm with some redhea…" The Ashwood cuts himself off, just staring into the fire. A long pull of wine. "Perhaps the Young Lord Brennart's right. I'm twenty-three and I manage to fuck up a betrothal that I desire more than anything. I'm a short sighted fool. Not to mention the shame it brings the house." He speaks as if the decision were already to made. A long pull of wine, a somewhat drunken nod. "Take as long as you need, Sheriff…" Slurrrp. "Long as you need." He looks briefly from the sleeping Bella to the sky above him.

The worries that Daryl shares with him has the Jast Knight listening quietly and it's obvious he wishes to know more and talk with his Deputy. When the other man suggests him taking as much time as he needs, Erik only shakes his head before focusing on the Fenster Lady. Going to a knee, he slowly moves his hand so that he can carry her while she remains somewhat comfortable and possibly still asleep. Then he slowly heads to the newly made tent, where he can tuck the exhausted girl into the comfy bedroll of noble quality and make sure she will remain warm for the rest of the night. Then he departs from his own tent and closes the flap, so the noise outside would not disturb. All this only takes but a minute or two, Erik remaining true to his words.

Theres also two more tents set beside that one, and a fire they are huddled around, Daryl on a log.

Daryl lifts the wineskin to his lips, not minding the wait as he uses it to get even drunker. He uses a stick to poke the fire, shooting off more ash and and embers as he shakes his head a touch more. "I'm just waiting for the letter. And then all the promises I made to my Aemy, all the dreams we had…" He opens a compartment on his belt to reveal a small bracelet, a favor from his betrothed. "…I'm supposed to give this back to her on our wedding night." He drowns himself with more wine.

From the common Rabble a tried Dania appear. She has taken her hat off and her dark hair is primly pinned up and neat. Despite being on the road and working already, there is an almost compulsive air of neatness about her. From her hands to the hem of her skirt, she has a satchel over her shoulder and it has the insignia of a key on it. She moves to take seat by the fire. From her satchel she takes out dried fruit. "I promised her brother I would act as her Septa." She says out loud finally as she looks over at the Dayrl and the knight.

Returning to the fire, Erik takes a seat where Arabella had fallen asleep earlier, picking up the fallen wine skin that the girl was sipping on before dozing off. With a long drink from it, the Jast Knight enjoys the wine before nodding at his Deputy, "Daryl, once we've finished with this mess, and all the other issues lingering on our lands, then we can focus on your betrothed. Work on mending what is wrong." Of course this may require enlisting a noble woman's aid which would mean finding and possibly rescuing Lady Miranda. "Get this all sorted right."
Erik then grows quiet when another figure joins them at the fire, identifying the woman visibly as the Mistress Dania, gifted healer. "Mistress Dania, you can inform her Lord Brother that you have not been remiss in your duties. We prevented her from mingling with the sick… people and she is now resting in that tent. Since she did not bring her own, I've given her mine." He quickly raising a hand up towards Dania, "And before you voice any objections, I obviously will not be sleeping in my tent tonight."

Daryl justs casts a look Dania's way, and the glaze over his eyes and wineskin is his hand are two strong indicatiors he's drunk, but not yet shit-faced. "Yes, we've all made promises to Lord Fenster to ease his nerves." At her sudden arrival, the topic at hand seeming to fade into the background now that Dania had sat down with them. He puts back that bracelet into his belt compartment, raising the wineskin to glug back another long pull. He gives the Sheriff a neutral look, then moves to throw some tinder in the fire, lighting them up more in that warm flickering orange glow.

"Ask your Lord Deputy who I showed up with. I am well provisioned, for a smallfolk." There is amusement in her eyes. Then she looks at both them. "You do realize that you can use my tent and I can sleep with Lady Fenster or by the fire in a bed roll. The tent is a good one." She says to them with a gentle tone. "Also in order for her to become a better healer she needs to work with the sick. The reason she is here is because there is need for the skills that she has. Please allow her to use those skills. Allow her to spread her wings, do not clip them yet. She is young." She looks at both men as she says this. She then moves to eat some of the fruit she has with her. She offers it to both of the men.

When Dania offers to sleep in his tent with Lady Fenster, Erik can only give the healer a blank look, as if he doesn't understand that a simple commoner just asked to sleep next to a noble, or that she would boldy request access to his tent. "She will be quite safe, Mistress. But if it will ease your mind, you can move your tent next to mine. I will have my squire assist you." As for having Arabella working directly with the sick, Erik shakes his head at that, "It is not about clipping her wings. If she ends up being sick and we do not find the cure, who will explain to Lord Alric that she lost her sister because we didn't keep her away from this disease?"

"I'll be sleeping where ever I end up tonight," Daryl decides over another sip. He does listen to Dania as she speaks on Arabella's behalf. "She's here, she'll be helping out. Doesn't mean we won't take precautions." As Erik speaks up, he's all for backing that conversation until he speaks that last part. Knowing full well his lost sister Miranda was sick, he narrows his eyes a touch. "Hey. We'll find a cure." Another swig, his brows furrowing, "Or atleast something to ease it long enough until it lifts on its own." He peers towards the camp again as some more harsh coughing can be heard afar. "We're all here in the camp. We'll take care of this thing." Drunken confidence? Yeah. But he has a lot riding on this.

"But it is alright for the others to die. All of these folks who have children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers?" Dania asks him. "She has the skill. It should be used. It is a waste if it is not. Never mind that the scriptures the tech about Mercy when it concerns the mother, the Crone teaches us that we should use the knowledge that we have to guide others. " She says in a quiet tone to Erik.

"Hopefully we can, but with sickness nothing is perfect and nothing goes as plans. Hopefully with precautions taken we can make it so that nothing happens to any who are here helping. But it sometimes happens. The Maester I had been training with since I was nine died two year ago during a plague outbreak so did the midwife I trained with. I got sick but I lived. Hopefully it is not deadly as that sickness was. Take my tent, I will be fine." She adds.

Better the commoners than a noble, Erik thought but decided not to answer since he is too mentally drained to have a lengthy debate on the issue now. "Tomorrow morning we'll review what we know now and the steps we will need to take to know what we don't. You two get some rest, especially you, Mistress Dania. We will need you fully rested for tomorrow. I will be taking first watch." Despite being in the Flint's Encampment, Erik is still taking care on watches. If Daryl is too drunk to wake for second, the young knight will be splitting it with his squire and the guard that he had told to remain behind, to act as an emergency messenger if needed.

Daryl looks down at the wine skin, again raising it as he's nearly killed the entirety of the large skin of alcohol. "I have a tent, Mistress. You needn't sleep outside. It could rain." Even in his blatant drunken state he's coherent enough with his words. "Wake me when its my turn," He encourages of the Jast, seemingly willing to take on the challenge. "I'll be up a little longer and will put the fire out before I pass out." The Deputy looks to Dania then, eyes lingering a few moments before attention flits to Erik, "Tomorrow morning then." A nod at that, a knowing look. Then he drunkenly stares into the fire.

"They know to wake me if there are changes or anything that needs to be done." Dania tells them both. "I should sleep while I still I can. I made a promise." She rises from where she seated. She puts the dried fruit away in her satchel. She then goes and uses the hot water to wash her face and hands before she goes to head towards her tent. "Sleep well, Ser Lords." She then offers them a curtsy before she disappears.

Daryl eyes his wineskin ruefully, lifting it up to squeeze those last few precious drops out, watching as Dania too decides to sleep. "Good night, Mistress." The Ashwood continues to poke the fire with his stick, remaining in silent contemplation, eyes narrowing.