Page 203: Affairs in Order
Affairs in Order
Summary: Jarod and Hollister discuss settling a few things in the lull between the Seagard and the inevitable invasion.
Date: 05/02/2012
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Hollister Jarod 
Courtyard — Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Sun Feb 05, 289

It is around the Afternoon or so, and despite the chill of winter hanging over the courtyard, one mane finds himself out, sitting on one of the cold slab steps that lead up to the great hall. Eyes downcast, as they remain focused on his dwindling shadow. Gloves are readjusted, though it is surely no colder than it was the other day-or the day before that. In fact the whole bit of movement seems to come out of an idleness of sitting and thinking. But, luckily the older knight has not stained his way up with his casual addiction. A sign of respect, or is he merely out of his sourleaf?

Ser Hollister waits, before he's standing and shaking out his legs, a laugh to no one, not even himself, really is given, before he's coming down and moving for the stables, taking time to cross the spanse of the yard.

Jarod has spent the morning in town though he's returned not long ago. After finishing up seeing his horse settled in the stables he emerges, striding across the courtyard. Whistling some drinking tune to himself as he goes. Which isn't really an indication of whether he's in a merry mood or not. The Terrick bastard likes to whistle. He does pause in his musical rendition when he spots Hollister, on his way out of said stables. "Ser Hollister. How goes the day?"

Hollister holds in his movements before he is looking over to the other bastard. A slight pause before he allows a crooked grin to show and bows his head. "Ser Jarod." This almost seems like a joke once heard. Two Bastards meet within a courtyard..or is it a sept? None the matter, as we were-the older knight waits as Rivers draws nigh, his hand coming up in a slight salute. "Cold, but it is to be expected as we are nigh off to be doing cold work." A faint shake of his head. "Never mind my gloom, Ser- I am just finishing putting my affairs in order before we embark on our voyage to the Iron Islands."

"Hard not to be gloomy these days, though I'm trying," Jarod says. "Never thought I'd see the Roost in the state it's in now. The countryside, and the town. The Ironborn made a go of burning everything before retreating, and they near-succeeded. It'll take years to rebuild. Still. It'll be done. What affairs are you putting in order, Ser, if I might ask?"

"Who will get my horse." Hollister says rather readily. "After all, I am sure my armor will be taken by whomever kills me, and my sword hopefully will be buried with me. Other than that I own not a thing, really." A laugh there before he is shaking his head for a moment. A look around and there's a nod. "I've seen reavings my whole life, but for them to have made it as close as the Roost-well that is a first." A shake of his head for a moment. "But, this is a strong House, and we will recover."

Jarod nods. "I wrote…something on that. Before Rowan and young Caytiv Hill and me rode with the Frey host at Alderbrook. Not that I've much, as you say, but I wanted what I've got distributed proper. Makes you think about things, doesn't it?" He tilts his head at the older knight. "What your life is, what you want and haven't quite managed."

"Aye." Hollister agrees, before he is looking back towards the Terrick Bastard. A faint smile coming up before he is looking on back towards the Great hall for a moment. "I would say I have accomplished a lot, given what I came from.." A look back over to Jarod. " My only regret is that I have wasted my own seed on whores, and have no children of my own. That it took me as long as it did to make a decent knight- and for it I have little to show." a shrug, before he is laughing. A contrast to his usual scowl and snort that might be seen as more common place.

"Still" the knight says with a grin, "I am happy to be amongst your father's house." A shake of his head. "Anywhere else, and I am sure my service would not be of value."

"You're a fine warrior, Ser, and you've served my lord father well." Jarod pauses and clears his throat, before saying as non-awkwardly as possible, "If it's within my power, Ser, if things go poorly for you on the Isles, I swear on my honor to see your body carried from the field, so that you may be buried back at the Roost, among the retainers who've served well this house. And so your armor can go to whom you'd will it."

"My armor was taken from Merrick Staunton during the battle of the Trident. Perhaps if I am slain it can be sent back to them. Lest they bid your father ill. " Hollister muses before he is shrugging. "Or see it given to a squire, that would be enough for me." A glance back to the young man, and his hand comes out to pat him on the shoulder. "You're a fine lad to say that. And thank you." the last bit said a bit more seriously. "Enough of that- Is your young squire coming? Have you any notion as to where they are even sending us?" a pause "Or when you are heading back?"

"I wrote that I wanted mine given to Caytiv Hill. Lady Anais' bastard brother," Jarod says. "I'm sure his father will pay to gear him when the time for his knighthood comes - mine did - but he's a good lad. Earned it enough. There's something to be said for getting it on your earning." He offers Hollister a nod and shrug, as to the promise about his armor. Saying no more on it. "Rowan?" He cracks a slight grin. "Of course he is, Ser. Figure he'll be ready to be knighted after the invasion's over. He's fought well, seen more battle than men who earn their Ser in peace by now. I figure we'll have about a week, two perhaps, of liberty. As for where we're going…I know not. The Pyke, I hope. Strike straight at the Greyjoys. I'd like to take Pretender Prince Maron's head from his shoulders myself, bring it back to place on the walls. But…I don't know. Wherever Good King Robert bids us to go, we'll go."

"You are right there, Where ever good King Robert sends us we will go." a faint chuckle there as he crosses his arms. 'If I were a betting man, I would say that the best island will go to the King and his Crownland friends. I imagine we will go to one of the Wyck's or perhaps Saltcliffe." A shake of his head. "I pray to the seven King Robert remembers it was our shores that burned while he was safe in King's Landing." A grin there before he is moving on towards the stables. "I've a meaning to ride, but I am glad ran into you." A chuckle there. 'Now get out from under that shit storm I wove there." The Knight's bark coming back. "I plan to see if there's some game returned. If so, then hopefully to bring it to our kitchens tonight." A chuckle there. "Ride with me?" Might as well ask.

"Aye, Ser. Let's to it," Jarod says simply as to the ride. "We've still good lands, and good game upon them."