Aelinor Ashwood


Aelinor was raised much as one would expect from a noblewoman of her standing. Much of her time was spent practicing her needlepoint, singing, dancing, and so forth. She presented the image of a sweet, well-behaved young lady. All the while her cousin, Aeliana, was teaching her the cunning ways to manipulate someone. Aelinor looked up to her older cousin, and still does. From Aeliana Aelinor learned many things about herbalism. A necessary skill when one plots to turn against someone when they least expect it.

Aelinor surprisingly was not arranged to be married to anyone. Perhaps her mother had not found a suitable match or perhaps at some point in the past it was annulled. It took her branch of the family a little longer than the rest of it to join Aleister and Aeliana. Well, at least it took /her/ longer. She is umarried and that means she is quite suitable to use for stronger connections.


Physical Features

This young lady has delicate features that give her an innocent beauty. Her long ebony hair, typically caught up in a loose bun, frames a heart-shaped face, drawing attention to her deep green eyes that are fringed with long lashes. Her cheeks are just round enough to be appealing; and always seems to bear a blush. Her lips are a dark red and her neck is slender. She has been graced with a supple figure that has curves in all the right places without being overly pronounced.

Around her neck is a delicate gold necklace with a rose pendant, it draws the eyes with its sparkle. It almost seems to mime the square collar of her long, floor length dress. The dark blue fabric gradually flares so that when finally reaching the skirt the subtle pleats cause it to swish and swirl with slight movements. Around the collar, hem and flowing sleeves are gold ivy trimming. Upon her feet are dark brown boots with a subtle heel to them.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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