Page 173: Admiring the View
Admiring the View
Summary: A chance meeting at the top of Tordane Tower leads to conversation on the state of affairs in Stonebridge
Date: 06/01/2012
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Senna Einar 
Parapet, Tordane Tower
The circular rooftop is set with crenellations and two guards watch over this area on shifts. Set in the center is the roockery, created with iron and wood, the cage is ventilated and has openings on either side to allow for Raven releases. The view of the town and surrounding area is large, with the breeze rushing in off the waters.
Fri Jan 06, 289

Stonebridge has abruptly found itself a very busy place, crowded with knights and soldiers from several parts of the Riverlands. The keep is full, and camps are set up outside, but the abundance of noble visitors only means that the servants have that much more to keep up with. Which explains why Senna is coming out of the rookery, grimacing as she wipes her hands on her skirts. She first found herself pressed into service with the maester to help those in need of healing. But as injuries are seen to, she's found herself with a few other tasks to see to as well.

Einar has managed to scrape together a few spare minutes after checking in on Tiaryn before he needs to head back to the Flint camp. Not knowing the area at all, it being a long way south of his usual stamping grounds, he'd figured that possibly getting an idea of the town and encampment layout from above might not be a terrible idea. Cresting the stairs that lead to the parapet he blinks once to adjust to the change in light levels and then takes a quick glance around.

Senna pauses at the entrance of the young man, head tilting ever so slightly as she tries to place him. "Ser," she greets, bobbing a curtsey as she approaches. "Is everything all right with the lady?" It seems she /has/ remembered, then, or at least enough to place his face. Names might be a bit much to expect.

Einar returns the curtsey with a polite nod, pausing in his scan of the surroundings to make his reply. He smiles gently then explains, "I am afraid Miss, that I can not yet lay claim to that title," he's working on it though. "I am still but my Lord Cousin's squire." As for the question, well, having just come from seeing her, he can answer that easily enough. Clasping his hands behind his back to keep them out of the way he says, "It pleases me to say that my goodsister seems to be regaining some of her strength, although I am of the understanding that it may yet be a while before she is completely whole again. Your Maester seems to have her health well under control though." And all those who help him of course.

Senna sighs softly, a relieved sound. She smiles faintly afterwards, apologetic. "It's good to hear, my lord," she replies. "It's one thing when knights and soldiers are injured. It's quite another when it's a woman. Not only is she injured, but the men who care for her often find fighting more difficult while distracted by their concerns." Once more, she wipes her hands on her skirts, moving to the wall to look over as he does. "Were you looking for something in particular?"

Einar nods in agreement, with the sentiment expressed although he can not but help to briefly glance in the direction of Tall Oaks. Remembering himself after a moment he turns back to Senna and says in answer to her question, "I came to orient myself with the view Mistress. We will be marching out soon enough but these lands are unknown to me as of yet. Being as I was already in the tower on account of the Lady Tiaryn, I thought I might do well to acquaint myself as best possible." After saying that he does move a little closer to one of the crenellations, seeking first to place the camps.

"There's a decent view from here," Senna agrees with a nod, making room for the squire. "Though you'll want to note that it isn't quite as flat as it looks from here. If you come in the morning or near sunset, the light shows the land itself a bit more clearly." She looks over the land in silence for a moment, then presses her lips together. "I'd heard there were plans to ride out shortly. I don't suppose you've heard how they plan to fortify Stonebridge while they're away?"

Einar has to shake his head at that one, Ander's might know, but he doesn't. "I'm afraid I do not. I can imagain that they might leave a portion of the muster behind to act in defence of the area but that is a decision for those involved in the planning councils." Which he, being a mere Squire, is not. In an attempt to reassure though he adds, "I am certain though that some provision will have been made. The positioning of this town would make it foolish not to leave some force here in case the invaders make it past those of us who march out."

"I'd be inclined to agree," Senna murmurs, looking over with a faint smile. "Though attacking the Ironborn encampment with insufficient forces could be just as bad." She steps back from the wall, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. "I'll admit, I wish I were in the Mire at the moment. Stonebridge is nice, but Stonebridge is more of a town than a fortification."

Einar doesn't really know the Mire either, other than as a point on a map, but he nods anyway, in times of war, fortifications are useful. As for the offensive plans, well, he doesn't know much about them either to be honest, other than that they're apparently marching for the Roost rather than Seagard as had been initially expected. "I am sure the Lords have weighed up the options available to them and selected the most appropriate course of action available to the." He uses his best 'trust me, I'm a Lord' voice, or tries to at least. He has faith in them though, so hopefully that comes through at least.

Senna could probably look more impressed. But she does smile, and try to look /reassured/, at least. "No doubt," she agrees, tracing a finger over the stone of the walls. "Well. If there is anything you need to know, my lord, please do not hesitate to ask. I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with Stonebridge as the Mire, but I know a few things, at least."

"Thank you Mistress," Einar replies with another polite nod, "I will endeavour to remember that should I find myself in need." He has long since found the army camps, they're fairly obvious after all, but then something does occur to him and he asks, "If you happen to have the time though Mistress, could I possibly impose upon you to direct me towards the town's Sept? I'm afraid that I have been so busy between the camp and my goodsister that I have not yet had chance to properly show my respects to the Seven."

Senna's brows rise slightly at the request, though she steps forward with an easy smile. "It's just that way," she directs, pointing out over the landscape and toward the town. "When you enter the marketplace by the bridge, you'll just take that street there, near the tree, toward your right. Past the weaver and the cobbler, and you'll find yourself there." She steps back again then, head tilting curiously. "I thought the Northmen weren't much for the Seven, though."

Einar follows the directions with his eyes, noting the landmarks mentioned and confirming in his own mind that he can remember the route well enough. Once that's complete he responds with a wry smile, it's almost like he's had to explain this one before. "In general we are not," he admits, keeping himself firmly within the definition of a Northman, "but my mother was from the south and I always found her faith to sit easier upon me than my Lord Father's."

"Fair enough," Senna replies with a crooked smile. "I suppose it all comes down to each man's heart, in the end." She curtseys once more than, moving away. "I should get back to the patients, though. Good luck, my lord. May the seven watch over you as you ride."