Page 324: Adding Insult And Still Counting
Adding Insult And Still Counting
Summary: Lady Roslyn visits prisoners Cherise and Ramsey to deliver their meals. Ramsey uses Braavosi reason for the return of his sword.
Date: 8/6/2012
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Cherise's Guest (prison) chambers, Tordane Tower
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Fri Jun 08, 289

Stepping into the hole filled by the Castellan, Roslyn has been rather busy with a staff used to taking orders from someone else and not quite responsive to her own. This is why the meal has been brought up by her own hands, short of servants to do the task and unwilling to leave it and be considered rude to the 'guests' staying in the Tower. Her gown is rather bright, a brilliant sapphire that brings out the blue in wide, hazel eyes and makes skin seem more porcelain, curls darker where they are pinned up with tiny paste blue jewels. She knocks, first, and waits for the guard to announce her, which he does. He even questions whether they will allow the Lady Roslyn Nayland within with their meal, implying the ability to say no.

The Lady Cherise stood beside the window, arms crossed defiantly against her reason for being here. Still an unknown that left many among her small group of ladies asking far too many questions. Like always and ever since her arrival Aerick had been laid upon soft furs providing the bedding for his wooden craddel providing her a simple arms distance reach to him. Lady Roslyn's arrival was met with polite handmaidens, the three of them which had also included the Septa Enya, all greeting the woman respectively. Cherise would be the last to turn and it had only been her head before her attentions would sweep for the window once more.

Ramsey is lounging comfortably, taking full advantage of the noble guest accomodations. If he has to be here, he's damn well going to make the most of it. He's slouched back in a chair, his feet kicked up on a pillow that's strategically placed on another chair. The man is picking at his nails with a toothpick, intense concentration on his face for the task. The guard asking about Lady Roslyn Nayland has the lithe man lifting a brow and he smiles quietly. "The end of the day brings some new company." He comments cheerfully, pulling his feet down and hopping to his feet while flicking the toothpick away.

Sliding within to deposit their supper gracefully on the table, Roslyn straightens with a quiet smile towards Cherise's glance, her fingers smoothing self-consciously against her skirts with a glance towards Ramsey before she announces, "I have brought something to eat. I did not know if you would prefer anything in particular? But I could fetch it, if you would like."

The lady's bruise was still apparent, healing but still there. She wore not powders to conceal the bandit's assault like others might. There was none within her towered prison to impress. After Ramsey's comment Cherise made a sound of acknowledgement. Just his words. Roslyn's voice had brought the woman to turn about completely without leaving her son's side. "No lady Roslyn, I do not have a desire for anything in particular. Your kindness is appreciated."

Ramsey watches the food that's brought in with a curious study, then his pale eyes flick up to Roslyn, flashing her a charming smile and bowing gracefully. "This man has a few desires, if the lady is kind enough to see to them." He says in a smooth voice that's tinged with a foreign accent and dialect.

A light smile plays at the corners of Roslyn's lips, for all that it remains polite. "Tell me," she requests of Ramsey, "And if it is proper, I shall see to them." Her gaze slides to Cherise with some concerned, adding, "Nothing for the babe, my lady? Or for your face?"

Cherise glanced at her cousin, just briefly, who would take up the Nayland woman's offer. "My son has me and naught for anything else. My bruise will heal in time, forgive me if I am a touch wary of Nayland offers as our guardians."

Ramsey straightens and gives Roslyn another smile, "The lady is gracious." He says first, then casts a quick glance at Cherise before speaking his desires. He holds up a finger, "I want to speak with the one that issued this arrest that I am wrongfully involved in." A second finger is held up, "I would like my sword returned to me." He holds up a third finger, "A new shirt is needed. This one was torn." His gestures to a little tear at the cuff. Finally a fourth finger, "Escort to a private tower or walkway where a man may make proper prayers to R'hllor without disturbance." He pauses, "If these are not able to be granted, Ramsey will accept a release from custody as an alternative."

"The last two will certainly be provided, my lord, if I must see to them myself. The first I can assure you that I will do all in my power to accomplish. As for your sword? It will be returned to you when appropriate," Roslyn replies with a quiet stress to that last word, her gaze meeting Ramsey's with a steady firmness that belies her gender. But then she is looking back to Cherise with a slight twitch of a frown, nodding. "Of course, my lady. But please know, I only want your comfort. I would hope that our time spent together would allow you to trust me, if you do have reason to doubt my blood."

Both brows raise after hearing Ramsey's, reasonable with a few likely denied requests. The effort was applauded in silence. "When is appropriate Lady Roslyn? When Lord Rygar seeks to challenge my husband and see him dead? For what cause has he reason to issue force as so upon my house hold?" Cherise turns her head, stepping only a few steps to stand at the other side of her son's crib who coo's idly. "Three days in a hovel where both you and I were stripped of our wealth is not enough time to gain one's trust Lady Roslyn. It is to be earned, hardly a virtue that occurs coincidentally by lack of actions from both parties."

Ramsey gives Roslyn a cheerful smile. "I am pleased that you are so generous. I will help you, in return, kind lady." He clasps his hands behind his back, "An appropriate time is now, yes? It was not Nayland's sword to take. Permission was not granted for it to be taken and as such it must be returned." Then he falls silent, looking over at Cherise as she speaks with a curious expression on his face. "You were involved in that banditry? Most foul business. My sympathy is given to you both." He says with a glance between the ladies.

Gaze resting on Cherise at her words, Roslyn only demurs with a murmur, "Of course, my lady, that is why I said it was only my hope, not my expectation." She even inclines her head in a humble gesture to the other lady, polite and apologetic. "You will stand trial, my lord, and if it is deemed that you were accused wrongly, it will be returned. Otherwise, it was well within our rights to take, given what we have charged you with." A pause then an added, "Thank you, ser."

"It is appreciated cousin." Cherise tells Ramsey, her tone unchanged. "It is a foolish charge." She exhales, rightfully irritated by the entire situation. "On what grounds? Have we not paid into the inn's coffers handsomely for our time here?"

"It is not to be deemed. It is known. This man is not guilty. He does not even understand what he is charged with. It has been nineteen years since I was last in the Riverlands, save arriving three days and three nights ago." Ramsey replies pointedly, lifting his chin a bit. "I will be having my sword back. The lady said she would fetch what was desired, yes? I want to trust in the word of Nayland. If the lady can get the sword, it will do much to build trust."

"And what would you do with said sword, if I were to get it for you, my lord? And what do you need it for?" Roslyn presses neutrally, her lips tightening into a flat line as she watches the man for a moment before flicking her gaze to Cherise. "Your husband brought men into our town, equal to the amount to overwhelm our own garrison without binding their weapons, Lady Cherise. You must see our position."

The bold Ramsey receives another glance, her amusement is forced to be concealed and yet she agreed. "I am inclined to agree with my cousin." Cherise tells Roslyn in a wry tone, continuing, "My husband has been journeying back and forth to our lands in Highfield lady Roslyn as we were to relocate to our future home."

Ramsey's features soften a bit when Roslyn asks him what he would do with the sword. "The sword would be kept with it's master where it belongs. It is a blade of the water dance. Do you see any other water dancers around this place?" He questions with a hint of a grin. Then he glances back to Cherise, arching a brow at Roslyn's explanation for the arrest.

"It is about seeing." He says softly to Cherise with mirth in his eyes. "Much as we spoke about earlier." He returns his gaze to the Nayland lady. "House Nayland has committed two crimes against Ramsey. Abduction. Theft. If the sword is returned, there will be one less crime. If the sword is not, House Nayland adds a third crime of untruth. One is better than three, yes?"

"You have not answered what you need it for or what you would do with it, my lord," Roslyn counters quietly, though there is a hint of her own steel to the words as she stares assessingly at Ramsey for a moment. To Cherise, she adds an apologetic, "I am sorry to keep you from your business, my lady. I am sure this will be resolved quickly."

"They are cautious cousin you may surpise one of them in the late hours with a death count. For now you may need to go without your sword until this foolish matter is absolved without injury." Other than to house relations. Her gaze moves from kin to Nayland. "I am sure it will." She exhales again, still frustrated. "The last I knew of, my cousin, Alys had gone to the Mire. Do you know of her whereabouts?"

Ramsey frowns for a moment, glancing over at Cherise again. "Why would I seek to kill anyone? That would only absolve their debt that is owed." Then he looks back at Roslyn, handsome face troubled, "It was already explained. It will be kept with me, where it belongs. Maybe I am being confusing. This man begs apology of his captor." He draws in a breath, thinking for a long moment, "I *need* the sword because I swore an oath to protect it and keep it safe. It is not with me. It is not safe." He waits for that to sit in the air for a moment, then continues, "What I will *do* is wear it on my hip. That is where a Braavosi blade is worn."

"Then you would swear if I returned if from you that you would not draw it from your hip, so long as you remain our g—prisoners?" Roslyn questions with, her gaze remaining like a bright weight on the man as she consider him. "Though, I can swear that your sword is safe within our own treasury." She glances to Cherise, nodding, before explaining, "Your cousin is also a guest within the Tower. You may, of course, visit her whenever you would like, my lady."

After Ramsey attempts to reason for his sword returned Cherise is quiet until her inquiry is answered. "Then she is permitted to leave at will?"

Ramsey offers another bow to Roslyn and speaks in a serious tone, "Ramsey swears by the Seven that he will not draw his sword from his hip so long as he is a prisoner of Nayland. This will suffice?" He questions, meeting Roslyn's gaze confidently again without hesitation. He says nothing of the Nayland treasury.

"She is, unfortunately, confined as you are at the moment, but you may visit her," Roslyn explains softly to Cherise's question, not quite meeting the other lady's gaze. To Ramsey, she counters, "You have already said you do not worship the Seven."

Ramsey actually grins widely, mirth lighting his eyes again at Roslyn's counter. "Just so." He agrees. He is thoughtful for a long moment, then speaks in an even, serious tone, the humor gone, "I will swear upon R'hlorr, the Lord of Light. I will not draw my sword from my hip while I am here as Nayland's prisoner. This is a very serious oath. This will serve, yes?" He seems to have no interest in Alys's situation.

"House Nayland's issue is with my husband's men at arms and you hold the Lord of Hollyholt's daughter, the young lord of House Fenster, and myself as prisoner." Cherise's hand touches her brow as small sounds of laughter part through her lips. "There are no ropes long enough to retrieve you and your family from the hole they buried themselves in." The lady turns away, leaning over her son's crib to retrieve the awoken Aerick who coos playfully at his mother's attention while Ramsey receites his vows. "If you have hope for trust Lady Roslyn, you will see that a message is given to Hollyholt by my own hand and delivered by Lord Alric Fenster. As Lord Keegan's diplomat he above all of us should have the freedom to leave this tower against whatever messages your family passes as truths."

Roslyn considers this for a long moment, thoughtful as she studies Ramsey and Cherise with a quiet care that bespeaks patience. Finally, she agrees, "I will see Lord Alric Fenster released with whatever message you wish to send, Lady Cherise, but no more. I cannot promise returns of weapons nor release of any other prisoners, but that I will have done if it sees me traitor to my own blood."

"Write your letter and seal it, my lady. When you are ready, so shall it be delivered," Roslyn adds, simply.

Ramsey's handsome face wears a deep frown now when Roslyn makes her decision. "You have a man swear such an oath and then deny him?" He shakes his head. "This is a graver insult than those already given. Now there are four crimes done by Nayland against me." He says softly, moving to sit down in a chair, watching Roslyn quietly.

"By Alric." Cherise stresses with Aerick in her arms. After a moment or few passes after staring at her son Ramsey is next to receive her attention. "Let it be cousin. You'll not have your posessions returned until we may leave here freely."

"By Lord Alric Fenster," Lady Roslyn agrees in precise tones, as if to eliminate any doubt in her agreement. She glances in a flickering, brief way towards Ramsey. "I have said I will make no promises, but not that I shall not try, my lord. I only promise that Lord Alric Fenster shall deliver the Lady Cherise's words to Lord Keegan Charlton himself."

Ramsey looks like he might have more to say, but Cherise's words stay his tongue. Instead, the man mutters under his breath, liquid, foreign words of Valerian spilling softly. He looks far from pleased. When Roslyn explains her position the man gives her a single nod, "An opportunity to find trust for House Nayland would be welcome."

At least they were not held in prisons. However there was still the issue of her husband's whereabouts. "When do you suppose lady Roslyn my husband will be returned to his son?" And herself without needing to say so Cherise begins rocking the chatty Aerick in her arms. "Most importantly do you believe in these charges brought against us?"

"I do not know, my lady, but what else should you call bringing a number of armsmen sufficient to overwhelm our own with unbinded weaponry into our town, my Lady Cherise?" Roslyn murmurs quietly, her gaze drawing to the babe within Cherise's arms and softening. "I shall try, my lord, even if our positions make it difficult."

"Ramsey has only been here three days, but has heard many times of the bandit attack. There has been a war with the Iron Islands not so many weeks past. Would binding a weapon not be foolish? I think so." Ramsey states curiously, glancing between the women. "Soldiers walk freely even in King's Landing with weapons. They are not bound."

"The actions of an extremely cautious husband Lady Roslyn, you'll understand how protective they become when your time comes." Cherise returns while on her way to a nearby chair and settling down in it with Aerick on her lap. "Can the same not be said for you since your return from our captors? Has your guard increased? Your movements limited?" She does nod to Ramsey only to add. "The Riverlands, particularly the western regions has given any who reside here more reason to feel secure. In less than six months, the Four Eagles welcome an Ironborn into their keep who invites a fleet of sea dogs to invade the lands, lords challenge the writ of their King, women captured by displeased and starved peasants… for Seven Hells Roslyn no one is safe beyond the walls of their own keep. And this area is far too unsafe for my son to grow into a man."

"Unfortunately, my lady, as you well know, my time has yet come and I do not know what measures are necessary or excused by the reaction of spousal feeling. We must react to what we see, Lady Cherise, and thus has my lord brother done, however, I shall have Lord Fenster deliver whatever works you shall like," Roslyn replies carefully, her words ordered politely as she nods softly to the lady. To Ramsey, she adds lightly, almost teasingly playful, "This is not King's Landing, my lord, but I understand the confusion, with you so long gone."

Ramsey gives several nods in agreement with Cherise. Then when Roslyn takes her poke at him, the man chuckles, amusement returning to his eyes again, "King's Landing has not shrunk so much as that, I do not think. I can only offer my opinion as an outsider. If it is not to your liking, I will be happy to leave when I have my sword. And a new shirt." The man stands then, "Prayers must be made. Offense has been paid to the Red God that must be spoken for." He gives Roslyn a bow, polite and formal. Cherise gets a more over-done one, though both have a natural grace to them.

The corner of Cherise's mouth raises as Ramsey speaks and soon her eyes return to Aerick chatting away in baby language while spitting out his own saliva. "Your lord brother forgets who supports him. But thank you, for starting the knots of trust." She tells her. "Good evening cousin." Her eyes lift to the Nayland, "And Lady Roslyn. Aerick is due for his feeding." Hinted by the youths sudden extreme active and alertness.

"Of course, my lady. If you need aught else, simply tell the guards," Roslyn replies politely, sweeping a curtsey of her own to both Ramsey and Cherise at their words. She lingers a look on the former, a study of the man made before she turns to retreat from the guest room with a polite apology.