Page 164: Act Diplomatically
Act Diplomatically
Summary: Ser Jarod and Lady Lucienne present themselves as ambassadors from the Roost to the Lady of Stonebridge and Ser Riordan Nayland.
Date: 28/12/2011
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Tower Hall — Tordane Tower
The entrance to the tower opens into a larger common room for receiving guests. Effort has been made to bring warmth and light to the interior, as well. Rugs have been hung from the stone walls as well as placed on the floor to bring at a welcoming ambiance. There is a large table with several chairs off to the left of the door, a cooking hearth against the back wall, and a wooden staircase that leads up. An antechamber behind the stairs is where the servants live and bed down.
Dec 28, 288

The path to the Tordane Tower, now host to the House Nayland is alive with a few of the guard switching posts and the others going out to muster the milita for its drills. The door to the main room of the tower has been left open and the Lady of Stonebridge is speaking to her goodbrother amongst the change of the guard.

"So tell me, have you had further time to speak to the Lady Westerling?" That seems to be a subject change as Isolde lets a faint mischevious grin rise to her lips. A brow lifts and she touches his arm lightly. "You can tell me in all confidence, my dear goodbrother."

Said goodbrother, Lord Ser Riordan Nayland, whose brother is thus Lord of Stonebridge, is resting a hand on the pommel of his sword, which rests in its sheath on his belt. "Lady Westerling? Yes, I've spent a little bit more time with her. She's a lovely woman. We get along quite well, in fact." He offers Isolde a smirk. "Tell me, goodsister, you didn't have any hand in attempting to make us spend such time together, did you?"

One of those guards would announce the coming of Ser Jarod Rivers and Lady Lucienne Terrick several minutes before they're escorted in. Not that their coming is a surprise. They're proper ambassadors, after all, so when they headed east from the Roost word was sent ahead. Jarod enters along with a Nayland guard, talking pleasantly with the man in some random conversation they've struck up in the five minutes they've known each other. About the utility of spears versus pikes, from the sound of it. He's wearing his sword, but that's hardly unusual for a knight. Otherwise, he's neither armed nor armored. He's dressed in a black doublet for the occasion, with golden threading on the collar and cuffs and a matching golden cape over one shoulder. The dark color makes him look a little older than his one-and-twenty years. Or at least a little more serious than usual.

And Lucienne is in a fitted gown of Terrick colours, attended only by her handmaiden - her own guards have been left to their own devices for a time. She followss along in step with Jarod and the Nayland retainer, quiet as a mouse.

"Perhaps, though it is within my best interest to not discuss such…involvement at this time." Isolde says with a growing smirk to her lips that wipes away with the physical appearance of the two visitors instead of just word. "Come, we have guests. Greet them with me." She keeps her hand upon his arm lightly and gathers the umber color cloth of her skirts and offers a warm smile as she waits for Riordan to help close the distance between the visiting party and themselves.

A nod is given to the guards and they leaves the two Terricks. "Lady Lucienne. Ser Jarod." She says and dips her head to them, an elegant curtsey offered. "It is a pleasure to have your company again. This is my goodbrother, Ser Riordan Nayland."

"In your best interest." Riordan 'hmphs', but the smirk on his face would suggest that he isn't entirely unhappy with the ending results of her possible involvement. "Ah, yes. Guests. Well, I suppose I should be of service to my house in greeting them." He rolls his eyes lightly before following quickly behind Isolde. Taking a deep breath in as he approaches the two Terrick ambassadors, he offers a bow to them. "It is a pleasure to have you both here. May this be the beginning of a strong relationship between your most…" He says the next word almost begrudgingly, "Noble of houses, and that of my own family. We are honoured and privilaged by your presence."

"M'Lady Isolde." Jarod flourishes a deep bow in return for the curtsy. It's a dramatic sort of thing, and he swishes his cape on the way up in a way he probably spent some time practicing before getting here. It's got some flair to it. "Pleasure as ever. I am glad to be back in these halls under somewhat happier circumstances than we last I visited. "Ser Riordan." The Nayland lordling gets another bow, albeit one with less flair. "You're one of Lord Rickart's sons?" It's a question, but he plainly knows the name, and he studies the knight with no small amount of curiosity. "I'm Ser Jarod Rivers. Until recently Captain of the Guard of Four Eagles to the Terricks. Now here on other business."

Lucienne dips a low curtsy of her own, her handmaid behind her echoing the gesture and keeping her head bowed deferently. "My lady," says Lucienne quietly, her voice rich and warm as she greets Isolde. Not quite as familiar and friendly is the soft, "Ser," offered to Riordan. In her role as Best Supporting Actress, she adds nothing further, allowing Jarod to take care of the conversation.

The cool greeting between Nayland and Terrick retinue is not lost on the nee Tordane. Isolde steps forward and offers a hand to Lucienne as she once would have. The flourished bow from Jarod quirks a rare smile to the lady's lips and she can not keep the amusement from her voice. "It is -indeed- a great honor to have you here. I do not think I have ever seen you look so smart, Ser Jarod. It suits you." She says to him and than that hand offered to Lucienne will take her hand and hold it if the lady of Terrick allows. "Tell me, how is your mother and father. I hope they are well and that you come in peaceful business. One that will make all of us glad of it."

A small nod is given to Jarod from Riordan. "That is correct. I am indeed one of Lord Rickart's sons." There's a little perk of interest at the mention of the other Ser of this group being Captain of the Guard. "Well, that is quite the honour to be the Captain of the Guard." He clears his throat. "I am sure that certain relationships had nothing to do with the choice. I've no doubt that you earned and deserved that position all of your own accord." His attention, then, turns to Lucienne. "We can certainly hope that both Lord and Lady of Terrick's Roost are in good health. It would be quite…" He takes a deep breath in. "It would be a shame should any ill come to either of them."

"I clean up all right now and again. The lady is kind," Jarod asides to Isolde, grin crooking. But while the ladies are talking about his father and his not-mother, his attention remains on Riordan. His manner isn't cool, for his part. He's friendly enough, if still curious. "Honor is mine, Ser, as for reception in these lands. It's Lord Jerold's hope - and Lord Tully's, as this position was his idea - that Lady Lucienne and I can serve as emissaries of better discussion between our lands. There has been much tension in this region of late, which should be not, as none want to break the peace." The observation of his tenure as Captain of the Guard earns a chuckle. "Lord Jerold valued my loyalty, I would like to think, as well as our other ties. I strove to do him good service in the position, and I was sorry to depart it. Though I shall do my bit as well as I can in this as well." The bit about the Lord and Lady of the Roost's good health gets no response from him.

Lucienne offers her hand in return for the holding, the smallest curve of a smile bestowed upon Isolde for the gesture. It's a stretch, but she manages to hold the expression as the lads converse, and as Riordan addresses her. Her chin dips fluidly into a nod, and she responds gently, "My lady, Ser - the Lord and Lady of the Roost fare well, thankyou for the enquiry. They hope, as Ser Jarod has explained, that a dialogue between our Houses might do much to ease tensions."

"I've no doubt," Riordan begins to respond to Jerod, "That our two houses may someday reciprocate feelings of kindness. And…and I do hope for all of our sakes that that day is sooner rather than later. We have been fighting for much, much too long." He pauses, looking at both Jerod and Lucienne intently. "I am sure that both of you who have been sent are the best suited to ease the tension that have gathered year after year.

Iulia remains on the tail end of Isolde's movements. Once addressed the chambermaid bobs her head a few times, even enthusiastic about playing messenger within the tower. "Of course my lady." The young girl's frame dips once before departing from the pair and relaying the Lady's wishes.

"I have never held any particular ill-will against the Naylands as individuals, Ser, though your lord father and my lord father have oft been rivals in this small corner of the Riverlands," Jarod says to Riordan conversationally as they're led in. "I rather like some of your kin. I've met your brother Lord Rafferdy on a few occasions and he seems quite…fun.." He was probably going for a higher-sounding compliment, but that's the one he lands on. "And your youngest brother, Lord Rowan, has been squire to me and done me very good service. Anyhow. Certainly no wish to fight you today." To Isolde he replies, "I'd not say no to a cup of wine if it's offered, m'lady. Thank you."

"Thankyou for the compliment, my lady, Ser," says Lucienne, dipping her head again to hide a quick flush in her cheeks. She allows herself to be led inside, offering a quick squeeze to Isolde's hand. If she winces at Jarod's estimation of Rafferdy Nayland, it's only readable in the fall of her lashes to cheeks, and a tightening in the corners of her mouth. "Tea would be lovely, my lady."

"Good, good…." Isolde lets the knights have their say, shaking her head with a sigh and speaking instead to Lucienne. "This will not be easy, these talks, but they are needed. I am glad you have come." She gives her gaze to Lucienne at her side, leading her towards the main table in the great chamber of the tower. Her smile warms and she leads her to sit, taking a seat beside her. "I am very glad of your presence. There are lovely visitors we are having. Two Freys, Iwan and Lorna. As well as Lady Danae Westerling. She is such lovely company. I will be glad to introduce you." She looks up towards the kitchens. "Would you like anything to eat? I am sure the journey was just as long as I remember it."

"Perhaps it is a fight between Lord of Hag's Mire and Lord of Terrick's Roost, but a fight it still remains. And one they'll not let a one of us to forget." Riordan glances about. He actually looks at Jarod's estimation of Rafferdy. "My Lord Brother Rafferdy is…I would not call him 'fun'. He wishes to dismiss his noble heritage and live as a commoner. He does not understand that, since he was born differently than a commoner, he has different responsibilities and must act differently in accordance to said differences." He shakes his head sadly. "As far as Rowan, we are happy that he's a squire. I hope he has served you well." Following the group, he remains silent now, for the time being.

"I've met the Lady Danae already," Jarod says to that, smiling slight. "And the Lady Frey far more briefly, though I'd very much like to have my acquaintance with both refreshed. As it were. I'd be glad to make the acquaintance of everyone in Stonebridge I can. That's why we're here, after all." To Riordan, he shrugs. "You'd know Lord Rafferdy better than I, though he does still seem to serve Lord Rickart in his fashion. As for Rowan, aye, he's coming along very well. I suspect he'll be knighted within a year, once we refine a few of his…remaining rough edges. His skills with a blade have grown quite impressively, I'm hoping to polish him on his lance-work, and study of the knightly virtues, while he remains with me."

Lucienne's handmaid, no doubt aware of the close connections between the Lady Nayland and her own, is content to hover some distance away. Luci takes her seat, taking care with her dress and folding her hands primly atop the table. "Thankyou, no," she voices politely at the offer of a bite to eat, "Though I wouldn't presume to speak for Ser Jarod. Myself, I wore the journey well, my lady." Slipping into a tone a little more familiar, and lowering the volume a little, she adds, "Thankyou for receiving us, lady Isolde. It's so lovely to see you again."

The last earns Lucienna a gentle smile, "I would have it no other way, my lady. It seemed the proper way of things. Besides, all emissaries should be recieved warmly. I recommend you partake of something, my lady. If not to fall under the rules of the host." She tries to explain for her benefit. "It would put me at ease even if it were but a few bites…for you both." Her gaze lifts to look to Jarod as well, pointedly. "Drink and food.." SHe is lifting a hand to motion to any servants in view.

"Well, I am glad to hear that my Lord Brother Rowan has done so well and is to be knighted soon. I should like to there for his knighting." Riordan bows his head. "I shall make my way to the kitchens, ensure that a nice, light snack is made for our guests here. And I shall ensure that a proper drink is brought up for the occasion as well." And with that, he heads on out.

Something in Riordan's words about Rowan's knighting makes Jarod's grin quirk yet again. Though at the request, he nods. "As his brother and a sworn noble knight yourself that'd be most proper, Ser. Should be an interesting occasion, that. I'll keep you informed." That's all he says about that. Isolde earns a faint chuckle. "Food and drink. Aye. Sounds most fine hospitality."

"As my lady wishes," allows Lucienne, keeping her seat as Riordan excuses himself. Does the air seem to clear a little, on the heels of his departure? The conversation, at least, becomes a little lighter as the guests settle in.