Page 330: Accolades of Knights
Accolades of Knights
Summary: The knighting of Ser Justin Terrick and Ser Desmond Westerling.
Date: 14/June/2012
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
June 14th, 289

The sun has recently risen, but already Kamron Mallister stands in the Green, facing the newly rebuilt sept. He is in his full mourning attire, but has added a sheathed sword at his left hip. Percival stands behind him, carrying a swordbelt without a sword, and some folded cloth beneath the belt. He glances over to Garett where the other knight stands, smirking faintly, "I'd ask if you remembered this part yourself, but… you know."

Keelin is here to add his support. Not that he's one of those nobles, but he is a Knight. He is in neat clothes himself, for once not in armour or hunting leathers. But nobody tell any of those girls he's been flirting with. He smiles a bit at Kamron's jest, as he finds himself a nice out of the way spot to stand and watch.

From the direction of the Sept a man steps out wearing nothing but an undyed off white thin woolen tunic that hangs to his knees. Justin's arms, lower legs and feet are quite bare as he walks from the holy place and down the cobbled street towards the Green. He doesn't look like he minds being bare of foot in the least, used to walking on the stony beach without his boots anyway. Justin carries nothing, someone else seeing to his sword and armour he had laid out before the statue of the Warrior for his all night vigil and prayer. The Terrick lord looks dressed much like a peasant and probably Justin was wishing he was allowed a pair of pants.

Saffron has decided this is a celebration, and so she has gowned herself in the oak-themed gown. Her cinnamon hair has been drawn up simply from her face, forelocks framing her brows and brightening her blue eyes. She stands with a prettily plain woman in a simple dress of Banefort colors. The pair of women are talking in hushed excitement, the smallfolk woman looking on with excitement. Born at the Roost, Saffron's new maid has probably seen Justin several times over her life, and is sharing some fond stories of the soon-to-be Knight.

On the path toward the sept, from the inn, comes Ser Jarod. He's dressed in dark colors as well, though in his case it might well just be his heraldry. He wears his surcoat (though a tunic rather than armor beneath), a golden wing on a black field. He does his best to blend into the little gathering of on the green.

Garett isn't much a fan of swords, but he too has a sheathed sword at his right hip, being something of a southpaw. Dressed in his usual combination of black, white, and off-yellow, he stands in wait for Desmond. "Well, I had planned on just saying something overly-dramatic and laced with pretty words." he replies in jest. "But if -you- have any suggestions, I'm all ears." One hand on the sword, and the other leans on his cane. "I think I remember enough. It's hard to recall who exactly taught me what to say in this situation, but I'm pretty sure I recall what needs to be done."

Dania had changed her clothing and is now dressed in something that is more suitable for the ceremony. Her hair is pinned up as always and there are flowers that have been woven into it. Her basket is gone and she is no longer carrying her basket instead she is next to her brother quietly watching. Her eyes are bright and there is a soft smile on her face.

Having spent some time out in the woods really early on, before the sun had risen, and is now returning. Coming from the direction of the water, most likely having washed himself off a bit. Pariston walks along the street with his leather armor on and bow and quiver upon his back. Been out searching the area and so on. Not really following the ways of the Seven has him a bit of a loss, but he do know that the sept is newly rebuilt. Paying what respect that he can. Stopping a bit away from the other people around, and keeping to himself.

Ilaria, too, has deemed this occasion formal enough to down one of her better gowns. She toys with her hair, curling loose locks around her index finger and looking all for the world like a lost puppy. Beside her stands Septa Shiella, straight-backed and somber, and hovering just behind her is the tawny-haired Heolla. "I didn't realize the knights-to-be were standing vigil last night," she murmurs quietly to the septa, watching as Justin wanders bare-legged out of the sept. Blushing, she glances away and instead turns to check the faces of those gathered for someone familiar. Ah, Saffron. Ilaria gravitates in her friend's direction with her mini-entourage in tow.

Behind Jarod, coming along up from the inn, Tiaryn pauses as she spies a few folks around the Sept, and curiosity brings her a bit closer. She's got a touch of sun on her face, it seems, but is generally just watching, her guard and maid with her. Not like she knows much about this at all, truthfully.

Making his way over from the direction of the keep, the clothes that Martyn's wearing looks more up to such an occasion than the man wearing them. But he's come out to the ceremonial stuff even though he's had a troublesome night of sleep. Because missing something like that would be unforgivable, at least to his mind. And it's a good excuse for a continuing walk after it. He comes to a stop near the others, offering them a bit of a nod, rather quietly, before he stands here he is, rather quietly. Watching the happenings carefully now.

Having accompanied Ser Garett to the green, Lady Briallyn has since split off to give him the proper room and privacy to converse with his squire and Kamron before the event occurs. Instead, she falls into line somewhere loosely associated with the Lady Saffron. For herself, her hair is left to spill in dark mahogany waves over her shoulders, pinned back only from her face with a pair of twin ivory combs. "Lady Saffron," she murmurs breezily with a hint of a smile lurking upon her lips as her dark green eyes stay fastened upon the knights in question. For her part, she's chosen a dark plum and gold silk ensemble heavily embroidered with leaves and vine along sleeves and breast, and her fingers lie splayed upon her hips.

Kamron nods to Garett, "I've been studying up. It's been far too long since I was knighted myself. I thought I would just stick with the standard words. I bet I would screw up anything else I tried. I just hope I don't drop the sword." The words are quiet, joking, and when Percival clears his throat, Kamron looks up again, nodding once as Justin makes his way up to the pair of knights. "Kneel, Justin Terrick."

Well, alas Justin is a bit preoccupied and while he looks to see who all has gathered, he does so only briefly before he focuses upon Ser Kamron to head for that man's place. Therefor Justin as yet doesn't notice his half brother has arrived and is slipping up behind the group gathered. He gives the ladies presant a smile that could be slightly nervous and a polite nod in general before he focuses upon the Mallister man. Justin stops before Kamron and Garett and without saying a word, he does as he is bid. He kneels and bows his head, the grass beneath far nicer than hard cobble stones.

"Lady Briallyn," Saffron says with her usual brightness and ease of dimples. Out of the corner of her eye she spies the approach of Ilaria as well, and she is given a small wink before she gestures for her to join in the little gathering of noble ladies and their entourages. She admires Briallyn's gown openly, especially the embroidery. "You promise not to call it cliche if I compliment your gown, Briallyn?" She asks with a sly little hint of amusement in her tone. When Ilaria is close enough, she takes the other Haigh girl's hand and offers her fingers a friendly squeeze of greeting.

Keelin stays quiet now, though he does nudge Dani to make sure she's looking as the action starts. There we go, here comes Justin and the ceremony. He does bow briefly in the general direction of all those ladies, but at the moment, he stays nice and safely out of their immediate vicinity.

Nathaniel, having arrived only recently to the Roost, is still learning the protocols. So he remains at some distance, wearing his ordinary clothes. When he sees the fine clothes of those gathering, including the smallfolk who have come, he looks down at his simple attire and sighs. He moves quietly to stand among some trees, where his dark colors will blend with the dark shadows while he watches.

"And here I am, the elder knight here and I'm taking tips from you." Garett muses. "I'm either getting too old for this or I'm just a bit too inept." Glancing down at the sword in Kam's hand, he grins a little. "Well then, make sure your palms don't sweat too much or I'll have to go fetch the nearest healer." Quieting down when Justin arrives, he nods at Kamron, then at the squire before them. Saying little else, unless he's asked to, he'll let the Mallister Knight do his part in this ceremony.

Jarod is standing in a nondescript place in the crowd, wearing his surcoat and sword but no armor. And no spurs on his own boots, of course, but that's probably not strictly a fashion choice. He notes Tiaryn passing by and offers the woman a quick, polite grin and inclination of his head. Mostly, though, he's watching half-brother. He is, at least, at a good angle to see the ceremonials.

Dania smiles and softly chuckles as she nudged by her brother. She elbows him back then offers a curtsy as he offers a bow. Her attention is then drawn back to the ceremony. She remains by her brother's side. Her eyes keenly taking in everything that is happening with the ceremony after all this is something new for her.

Martyn remains quiet as he watches the ceremony rather carefully for the moment. One hand very briefly going up to wipe at his eyes, before he lowers that hand again. A small smile as he observes the happenings now.

Ilaria approaches Saffron with a fond smile, reaching out to accept the hand offered her way. She squeezes it in silent greeting before turning her smile on Briallyn. "Hello again, dearest cousin," she murmurs before allowing the girls to resume their conversation. Septa Shiella drags Heolla away from the gathering, however, intent upon inspecting the new sept.

Tia moves a little closer as she catches sight of the gaggle of Ladies. She pauses though as Jarod nods to her, and returns his grin with a smile of her own. "Ser Jarod," she says softly. "I think he will be glad you have made it." She is still in grey and black, mourning garb, but there's a hint of lavender trim to be seen as well these days.

Rowenna slips up beside Jarod, wearing her good surcoat with her sword at her side. She inclines her head to him, murmuring, "Sorry I'm late. Dragon tried to eat another stableboy," as she scans the crowd. She flashes Tia a smile as the lady pauses near.

Jarod grunts something skeptical-sounding to Tiaryn, but it's kept sub-verbal. Properly her replies, tone low, "My lady sister invited me to the reopening of the sept. It is a thing near to my heart, and I wanted to see it done." He spots Rowenna, giving her a quick smile and shrug at any slight tardiness, and offers her his hand to clasp.

Kamron chuckles softly at Garett, "Or you have amnesia." And then he quiets down, sobering and looking back to Justin. "Lord Justin of House Terrick, your wisdom, skill, and courtesy does you and your house credit." He reaches across his body to draw the sword from his hip, turning it sideways to tap Justin on the right shoulder, "In the name of the Warrior, I charge you to be brave." The sword moves to his left shoulder, "In the name of the Father, I charge you to be just." Back to the right, "In the name of the Mother, I charge you to to defend the young and innocent." The left again, "In the name of the Maid I charge you to protect all women." The litany continues, calling upon all Seven in turn.

Pariston spots several faces that he recognizes. Though he does pay attention to the ceremony as well. Spotting Dania with Keelin and leaving them alone for now, then it is Nathaniel over by himself. Though the man seem comfortable with that. Finally letting his eyes see Tiaryn and he moves to keep her company. Wearing leather and grey under it. Black pants and black boots as well though. "Lady Tiaryn." He offers to her, not wanting to impose but still wanting her to know that he's there.

Rowenna blinks a few times, cluing in late — not at all unusual. "Smith shit a brick — they're knighting Justin?" she says — probably not loud enough to be heard up front. She smiles. "Good on him. Well done."

Saffron looks to Tiaryn as the woman approaches the assigned gaggle, and her own keen eye spies the bit of lavender. She will compliment it later, and instead draws Tiaryn in to join us. "Lady Tiaryn, I assume you've had the pleasure of meeting Lady Briallyn and Lady Ilaria Haigh?" Oh, Kamron's talking. She hushes herself quickly, looking off toward Kamron and Justin with a tilt of her red-crowned head.

Justin kneels in his pale tunic and nothing else, his feet bare. While he had bowed his head, he lifts it slightly to look up at Ser Kamron as he draws the blade and begins to speak the traditional words of the accolade, slowly lifting the blade from shoulder to shoulder as the Seven are each named and their vitues to be upheld. He is trying to keep his face solemnn as the occation warrants but his eyes are nonetheless bright. He continues to say not a word until he's supposed to, watching and listening closely as he kneels before the older knights.

Likely the Septon Josse has come out to observe close by, waiting also to begin the ceremony to open the Sept following the accolade.

"Wonderful to see you again, Lady Tiaryn. You are looking so lovely today," Ilaria greets, holding out a hand to Tiaryn for a moment as if to grasp. "We've met many times." Her eyes twinkle with amusement before she follows Saffron's lead and looks toward Kamron and the collection of knights and squires.

Keelin grins at Dani, but he's busy paying attention so he doesn't say anything about that elbow. Pariston does get a nod of his head, just in passing. After a moment, Keelin leans over to say to Dani, "Brings back memories, this does." His voice is low and meant to not carry past his sister.

"Seems so. Did good work against the bandits, little reason to put it off longer," Jarod whispers low to Rowenna. Then he falls silent to watch the dubbing, a solemnity coming to his features as Kamron goes through that litany.

"No, but thank you, Lady Saffron. You look lovely." And with that, Briallyn offers the Banefort a roguish wink, casting a glance towards her before her eyes are afforded a fixed gaze upon Garett and Kamron once more. Her expression is calm, a thoughtful one, even if intense in manner. At Tiaryn's appearance, the Lady Haigh offers a fleeting, but genuine smile. "Tiaryn," she murmurs, dispensing with formalities in the light of the warmth that floods her rich voice.

Martyn is still watching rather carefully, keeping quiet at the moment. Every now and then his gaze move to the crowd around the area, then back to the happenings.

Garett don't expect anything of real importance from Garett. As the other knight involved, he's just watching on while the two do their thing. Why wreck a good thing going on?

Tia grins to Jarod, inclines her head to Rowenna. "Lady Rowenna," she says, with a polite dip of her head. She'll leave the two for the moment, making her way quietly to the rest of the ladies. "Lady Saffron, good to see you today as well. And yes, I have met both Ladies Briallyn and Ilaria. Thank you for asking. It is good to see you again, Briallyn and Ilaria. You are both looking well." She pauses and then gives Pariston a nod of her head. "Master Vis. We should listen and pay our respects, I think. However confusing it all is."

Rowenna threads her fingers through Jarod's, giving his arm a little swing. She's fidgety. Solemnity does that to her. "I'm surprised it's been put off as long as it has. Probably thought the day would never come."

Nathaniel moves slowly in the shade of the trees, drawing closer to the crowd, keeping his eyes always on the ceremony and particularly on Justin. He tilts his head to listen to the benediction that Kamron delivers with slow, deliberate solemnity, and his eyes wander briefly across the sea of faces, pausing when he finds familiar ones, and noting their expressions.

Saffron cannot help but grin broadly to Briallyn's response to her question of cliches. Her wink is returned, but not nearly as roguish as the Haigh's. With Ilaria close enough, she curves her arm with hers as she turns her gaze back toward the knights — including those who will be.

Dania smiles at her brother and then she goes to give him a quick hug her voice is low and soft and met for his ears only as well. "Indeed my dear Keely." She leans against him and stays close to him. "I have not seen this ceremony before." She admits to him in that same low soft voice that is met for his ears only. "It is interesting." She grows quiet again. Pariston is offers a nod of her head in greeting as is Nathaniel.

Kamron finishes the charges, sheathing his sword and stepping back. Septon Josse steps forward, a begging brother alongside holding seven vials. The septon dips a finger into each oil in turn, setting a drop of each on Justin's brow and repeating the charges. And then Kamron steps forward again, taking the swordbelt from Percival. "Stand." When the man does so, Kamron steps close to buckle the swordbelt around the Terrick's waist. And then he holds out his right hand, "Congratulations, Ser Justin."

Anais was here the whole time, honest. And when Kamron offers his congratulations, she adds her own. "To Ser Justin Terrick!" she calls, hoping people will join in.

Scented, sacrad oils applied to his brow, Justin can't help but smile a little at the Septon even if Josse is being all grave and serious about his part. When he's told to rise, he does so and stands quietly until Kamron speaks. Justin lets out a breath, "Ser … thank you." By the gods, he wondered if this day would ever come! Dropping his baritone quite low, Justin quickly adds, "I hope you brought me some pants!" The rest of his proper clothes and boots are back at the Sept. He's got that opening ceremony to get to right after this! A big grin splits his face as he hears his goodsister's call!

Keelin calls out in turn, his deep voice booming as he adds to the cheer, "For Ser Justin!" He looks to get Dani cheering as well.

Jarod lets out one of those ear-piercing whistles that those familiar with him might recognize. He is fond of the things. It has a joyful note, at least.

Rowenna hears Anais' cry, turning to locate her with a grin. She's not going to leave her goodsister hanging, of course, nor her goodbroghter Ser Newly Knighted. "Huzzah, Justin!" she cheers lustily, applauding. "Huzzah!"

Justin can't help but hear Jarod's trademark whistle! It turns his head and he laughs, "Jarod! You came!"

Pariston offers a nod back to Keelin and Dania in passing. As well as NAthaniel, if the man looks his way. Though as he comes to Tiaryn he is still, listening to her words and offering a nod. "Of course." He says and for now let his eyes be on the ceremony, but as a guard he still has that work habit of always trying to know what is happening around of him. Then he just does as the rest of them all, and seems to join in to congratulate ser Justin.

Lucienne is here, too, and she claps along merrily. Though she's grinning already, that ear-piercing whistle makes her expression all the brighter, and she leans in to whomever is next to her to observe, "I see Jarod made it."

Dania lets out a cheer and her eyes are bright. She is still watching and ceremony. For rumor had it there was more than one. She smiles brightly and it is cheerful.

Martyn looks over in Jarod's direction as he hears the whistling, and is unable to hold back a bit of a grin. Shaking his head and letting out a cheer as well, rather loudly.

Garett taps the bottom of his cane in his own form of congratulations, the older Westerling nodding apprivingly. "Well done, Ser Justin." he states, small smile on his face. But as that is said, he can't help but look back towards the sept, a frown growing in it's place. If Justin is here, where is the other man that stood vigil as well? All he can do is wait paticently for Desmond's appearence.

Surely there is plenty of back and shoulder slapping going on. Justin's not much into the embracing people thing but he's clearly very happy. He hears Rowenna's voice and gives her a look that might be surprised to find her cheering him, but he nods to her, "Thank you, thank you all!" Justin raises both of his hands, "Now to the Sept! Josse has all prepared to welcome you." There are so many here, friendly faces all and somewhere in the mix surely Lady Roslyn is here (though OOCly she had to go) and he couldn't look happier except that his father isn't among those gathered. He may catch Garett's look but Justin doesn't know where Desmond is so … he says naught of the other.

Jarod catches Justin's eye when his half-brother greets him. Green eyes a touch unsure, and manner falling into a little more formality. "Luci invited me to the opening of the sept. I negotiated the stone for a portion of its rebuilding as our…" Pause. "…as the Terrick share of the tribute from the Grey Garden. Wanted to see how it turned out. Congratulations, Ser." The honorific is added with a broad grin.

Saffron joins the rallying cries, almost standing on her tiptoes so her voice calls out with ease, "For Ser Justin!" She even whoops with the tiniest jump in her heels. She settles once more, brushing a bit of her bangs from her eyes.

Nathaniel sees the silent greetings from Dania and then Pariston. Those draw a warm smile to his lips. He nods to each and steps cautiously closer. The shrill whistle, like that of some exotic bird unknown to him for all of his time in the woods, startles him. He looks among the crowd. Then he sees several persons looking board one spot. He follows their gazes. Finally overcome with the general excitement, and knowing at last what to do, he calls, "Hear, hear! All hail Lord Ser Justin!"

There is a warm smile for Jarod, "Whatever your reasons, I'm pleased to have you join us. Welcome, Jarod. The stone has certainly been put to good use." Justin may look silly dressed only in the long white tunic and belt, nearly half bare, but he'll soon dress. "I heard my lady sister Lucienne was araranging food and drink for the opening. Please, everyone, let us go into the Sept." Yes, please, let him go and find some pants to put on already!

Tia grins as the final words and actions happen and she cheers as well, letting her words get lost in the crowd. She smiles though, and definitely looks pleased for Justin.

Pariston does look to Lucienne, not long ago that he met her. Though this time it doesn't seem to be as sad of a moment. Though he does offer a smile and a slight bow to her. But other than that he does not do anything really, just keeping his eyes watchful.

Rowenna inclines her head to Justin. "Congratulations, Ser." She does not, perhaps, expect the same warmth afforded her husband, but she does stand tall at his side. "Thank you for your welcome."

Noticing Pariston in the crowd as he bows, Lucienne dips her chin to acknowledge him. But mostly, she's waiting patiently for her turn to congratulate Justin.

Desmond is late of course. He's outright sprinting towards the gathering in the most regal get-up he could pull together, the Westerling shells flashing white and yellow on his cloak before he comes to a wheezing stop before Garett. When he finally rights himself, he does a take. "I didn't know there'd b-be this many… people… Did I miss it?"
Keelin nods to Ser Justin now, a broad smile on his face. "Well done, Ser," he calls out, but he's not in any great rush to get in there. He'll let the family get the first crack at the newly minted knight. For his part, he just stands and cheers when appropriate.

Dania just smiles and keeps quiet for the most part. Her blue eyes scan the crowd and she is still taking in the sights. After a little bit she steps from her brother as she takes his hand to pull him with her if he lets her and if he comes with her. She moves towards Martin's side. Once there she reaches out to touch his shoulder and she offers him a smile.

Ooh, look. Its a Desmond. Saffron gives Ilaria a small nudge and points out the approaching squire — as if the Haigh girl needed to be shown. She has to grin a bit at catching a bit of the words from Desmond, but she refrains from adding her own comment. She does offer him a small wave from her spot admist the gaggle of ladies.

At Desmond's late arrival, Briallyn utters a small sigh and gives a rueful shake of her head. "Desmond /would/ be late to his own knighting, wouldn't he?" It's rhetorical only, given her bemused tone of voice.

Tiaryn is also here, not far from Pariston, watching. She's already got to cheer for SER Justin, and that brings a smile to her face. Now it seems there's another friend to cheer for, and far as she's concerned, that's a good thing. She chuckles softly at the late arrival, but just stays where she is, for now, one of the crowd.

Nathaniel slips back among the trees while everyone else is busy with congratulating the new knight. Soon, he returns, carrying a bulky load that includes several articles of clothing, boots, and a sword and dagger balanced on top of the rest. He waits patiently, edging slowly forward toward the new knight.

"I was wondering when you were going to show." Garett says, watching Desmond run up in his loose-fitting wool shift. "Almost thought for a moment that you were going to stand me up like some kind of cheap date. And then, hell, I'd have to spend time with -Briallyn- then." he adds for faux-dramatics, before turning to give a light grin at the Haigh woman. Pleasantries done, the older man gets all buisness. At that point, he tosses the cane to the side, clattering against the stone as he draws the sword. "Kneel, Desond."

Oh hell, Desmond did fall asleep on his vigil, didn't he? Justin still hasn't seen the other squire and then there he is, sprinting over and wearing what is very much untraditional garb instead of the chaste white tunic. He had been about to head for the Sept himself but he blinks at Desmond's late arrival and then turns his attention to Rowenna, "Thank you … goodsister." Which he hasn't called her that before. He then grins to Keelin, "You still owe me a sparring, Ser." Justin points a finger at the hedge knight, not going to let Keelin out of that if he can help it.

Looking over at Desmond's arrival, Martyn blinks a bit as someone places a hand on his shoulder. Pausing for a few moments, he looks around, and offers Dania a bit of a tired smile as he sees that it's her. He doesn't say anything at the moment, though.

"/No/ one would want that," Desmond smiles, peering in Briallyn's direction. But the moment Garett drops his grin, Desmond mimics and puts on his serious face, pulling his cap away to tuck into his belt. Sparing a quick glance to those watching, then Justin, he looks back up to his knight and drops to one knee, slowly.

Keelin laughs outright at Justin's comment. "Aye, that I do, Ser," he replies promptly. "And no worries, I'm sure we'll get to it." He does let Dani take his hand though, and lead him over by Martyn. "M'lord Martyn," he says softly. "Mind a bit of company?"

What's Nathaniel got there? Justin is distracted as the courier steps up holding his … clothes! "Maiden's tits, I'm going to owe you a drink for this, Nathaniel. Thanks." Justin says very low and accepts the pile from the other man and setting most of it down, he picks his dark grey trousers out to pull them on first. Hopefully none of the gals behind him get a flash of bare butt as he hauls then up and then ties them fast. He can drag his light weight black surcoat on right over the white tunic and it won't look silly. Then he's putting out a hand to Nathaniel's shoulder so he can pull on first one boot then the other. Justin doesn't say anything else as yet since Desmond is told to kneel and he wants to watch the other man knighted.

Aside from her cheer for Justin, Anais is quiet and attentive, simply being an official presence at the event.

Jarod lets Justin to himself as he gets dressed, blending back into the crowd as Desmond steps forth. He still watches with interest though, not knowing the squire well, he doesn't approach the Westerlander. He scans the faces, spotting Lucienne. A wide grin breaks across his face, and he steers himself in her direction. "Little Luci!" It's not yelled, but it's said with feeling.

When the younger Westerling does as instructed, Garett begins his own ceremony. The blade touches the right shoulder. "In the name of the Warrior I charge you to be brave." Then it lifts up move the flat of the weapon to touch the left shoulder. "In the name of the Father I charge you to be just." Then back again, and continuing on through all seven of the gods. It might be that Garett stalls at points, having to remember some points, or maybe there's just something about what he says that doesn't really sit well. But if it makes Desmond a knight, he'd probably dress in drag and do the hulu if it meant getting it done.

"Five years you've been with me, even though I don't remember it. Five years I've trained you, even though I don't recall it. Five years I have looked after you, though the memories do not come to me. But that doesn't matter, I feel what you've done. I feel that you have strived harder than most have, your limitations is what held you back, but those same limitations is what made you want it more. Is what made you strive harder than others. It elevated and pushed you, and it didn't let you give up." There's an odd tone he takes. A hard, and stoic tone. A ghost of the Garett who Was, not the Garett who Is. "I have watched and I have listened and I have done what I can to prepare you for the day when you would leave my service. It is bittersweet, for the both of us. You, who knows the man who stands before you even better than that very man." The sword belt is given to be set about Desmond's shoulders. "And though I do not remember it, that I do not recall it, I know you are one of the best men I have ever had the honor of knowing." Then, he's quiet while the Septon goes about the anoiting of oil, upon that being finished, the old stony visage breaks to a smile. "You are your own man now. Rise, Ser Desmond Westerling and take your place amoung those who would call you brother."

Pariston let his eyes look around though he does stop at Jarod and Lucienne for a moment. The lady had made him quite surprised earlier after all, and he does chuckle as he thinks back to it. Though mostly he is standing and smiling, glancing to Tiaryn ever so often to make sure she isn't leaving.

A smile is given to Martyn and then to her brother. She then looks over at Desmond her smile is broad warm as the summer sun. Her eyes are bright with that smile. She then looks back to her brother. She is enjoying watching the ceremony that is marking this mile stone in the men's lives.

Desmond stares straight ahead as Garett speaks, tensing subtly each time the blade is set upon him. For a moment, he wonders if he's dreaming, only wait momentarily with a stack of armor on his chest, or face-first in a feeding trough. No, he's certainly awake, nervously thumbing the fang around his neck as Garett goes about the ceremony. If it is bittersweet, Desmond does not taste the bitter. Not yet, anyway. It's difficult to keep from breaking into a genuine smile of elation. Must remain just as stoic as Garett. When it is through, he gets to his feet and takes a slow breath, closing unseen eyes. Words wouldn't do his thanks justice, but Garett should be able to see how very thankful he is in his humbled yet thoroughly pleased expression.

Rowenna inclines her head to Lucienne, bowing slightly. "Lady Lucienne," she murmurs, releasing Jarod's hand so he can greet his sister properly. She lifts her chin a moment, looking across the way as Desmond rises, Ser Desmond. She applauds politely.

Dmitry is in amongst the general spectators, his applause courteous and his dark eyes bright with a look that bears some resemblance to humor.

Prior to the knight, Garett is awarded with a quick peek of Briallyn's tongue as she makes a rather childish gesture towards him. But, if one were to glance towards her, they would find the young Lady Haigh to be a statue of serenity as still and stately she appears to be. She is attentive to Garett's word, and a slow, but broad smile tugs at the corners of her mouth.

For everything else, she seems to pay little attention to anything but the pair of Westerlings. When the ceremony for Desmond is concluded, Briallyn breaks away from the little grouping of women of which she was a part and smoothly crosses the grass. "Congratulations, Ser Desmond. It certainly took you long enough," she says softly, ribbing him gently. Before the newly minted knight has a chance to utter a rebuttal, Briallyn throws her arms about his shoulders in a surprisingly powerful hug.

As Desmond gets to his feet, Saffron breaks into earnest applause, whooping just as she had done for Justin with a broad and dimpled grin on her lips. As Briallyn breaks away, she cannot help but turn her grin into a full blown smile — especially in the wake of the hug. "She is going to give him a fright," she says in a murmur to Ilaria.

Justin's own eyes are very bright but he's quiet now, settling the last of his clothes back into order, his sword now laced onto his belt, his dagger tucked just so for his right hand to draw if wanted. Subtle golden and indigo-purple embroidary catches the light against the black of his surcoat, the only thing he yet lacks are the spurs to go on his riding boots. He watches the ceremony as it was so recently done for himself and only smiles faintly, rapt.

"At the Rockcliff, aye," Jarod replies to Lucienne. "Just for the night, I figure. Off to Seagard after that, for Lord Patrek's tournament. Were you and…the rest of the family thinking on going?" Like he was about to ask about someone specific, but then stopped himself. He grins slight, looking between his sister and Lucienne. "Have you two ever spoken proper? I mean, knowing Rowenna's a…woman and everything." He does keep his voice pitchewd low, at least, so he won't interrupt the knighting.

"I am so damn proud of you." Garett says, not having the pain from having more weight on his injured leg show up until this point, where he visually winces and has to kneel down to retrieve it. He clutches the younger man's shoulder for a moment. "You did good, Desmond. Very good." He doesn't even care that majority of people isn't paying attention, doesn't matter to him, but he does take a step back at Bri's sudden display towards him, which only makes him smile wider. "Now, could someone get this man his clothes? I'm sure he's feeling a breeze at this point."

Anais moves to join Justin once he's properly attire again, offering a small smile. "Congratulations," she says in a low tone. "Past time. And now you can represent us all at the tournament."

Tia waits but as Saffron starts cheering, she does the same thing, clapping and cheering for Desmond as well as she did for Justin. And for much the same reason. She gives Pariston a glance, there's a big smile on her face, and she calls out a, "Congrats to both our new Knights!"

Hearing her, Justin turns his head to Anais and he smiles at her, all relaxed and content, "Thank you, dear goodsister." His reply is also low but he pauses, thoughtful, "I think … Ser Haffrey didn't wish to let me go. He'd lost his own son and … he was much like a father to me. I have mourned his loss more than any other, truth be told. I wish he were here. I know he'd be pleased." Then he raises his own voice up, "SER DESMOND! Huzzah!"

Desmond is given a fright, yes. He grunts as Briallyn draws him into a tight embrace, and eventually gasps from it. "Okay-okay," he manages breathlessly, wriggling out. "Yes, well! Let's see how long it takes for you to become one!" But his smile is true, and he gives her hand a squeeze. When Garett addresses him again, he shuffles, smile wavering a bit. Don't get teary-eyed, dammit. "Thank you, Ser Garett," he whispers, only to be frightened again by Justin this time. "Oh right, we've got a crowd… No no, I like the breeze!" Justin gets another broad grin.

Justin adds quickly after, "Ser Hardwicke will do better than I to represent our House at tournament. But I do plan to compete."

"A good portion of us will be making an appearance," Lucienne tells Jarod. "It is Lord Patrek's tourney, after all." She dips a curtsy to her brother's wife, her smile still warm for all it is slightly diminished. "Lady Rowenna, a pleasure to see you again. I do hope Jarod's treating you kindly. How was the trip? I hear the road is not so quiet as it once was." Quiet. Safe. Either/or. She adds the soft rap of her hands to the growing applause for Desmond.

Having stepped back from the crowd around Justin, Nathaniel is now able to watch the knighting of Desmond from a better vantage. When all is said and done, he joins in cheering and congratulating. When he hears Garett's call for someone to fetch Desmond's clothes, Nathaniel steps forward. "Are they are art the sept, see?" he calls. "I'll gladly fetch them."

Pariston cheers for the two new knights and does look back to Tiaryn as she seems to be glancing to him. "Is there something you need, my lady?" He asks, a bit curious and wanting to pick her brain about it. But will try and focus on the new knights.

Dania is quiet and still close to her brothers side. She watches then all and her eyes are bright. Her eyes are on both the newly minted knights. She looks between the two men as she does this she listens to the flow of conversation that is happening around her.

As Desmond pries his way out of her embrace, Briallyn clucks her tongue at the man. "If I tried, I suspect I could do it faster. Save for the whole being female bit," she remarks wryly, nudging her shoulder with a hand. Now probably isn't the best time to bloody his nose, so she doesn't. Instead, her dark green eyes flick upward to Garett and the grin upon her face relaxes into a casual, but warm smile. "Good work, my Lord. Now, all you need do is teach him how to lace his pants." Waving a hand in a small gesture, Briallyn tilts her head. "But, truly, congratulations, Ser Desmond. You've earned it."

"No. No, we haven't," Rowenna answers Jarod softly, clearing her throat. Her lashes sweep down — there's something shy and contrite and unspeakably awkward in she shift of her stance. "Your brother makes a fine husband, but I'm sure that's no surprise."

Keelin cheers again, as well, "Ser Desmond!" He's sticking with his sister, making sure she's okay with the crowd. With that done, he glances around to see if there's anything else he should be doing. As he gets the chance, he moves up to offer a hand to Justin. "Congratulations, Ser. Well done," is what he says. And hopefully he doesn't have to drag Dania with him.

Garett nods thankfully at Nathaniel. "They are. If you could retrieve them for Desmond here, I'd be thankful. I don't think Desmond wants to wander around barefoot without pants." Pause. "Not unless he's drunk." He looks between Desmond and Bri, and it almost seems like he can remember something. Though it might just be the familiar feeling of joy that he used to experience. "Briallyn does well enough by whipping us both with her tounge." he muses, but he does seem a bit focused on Desmond. He's trying so hard to remember. It makes him itch at his scar down his face. "No, Desmond. Thank you. You are a far better man than I. I…remember…er, remember that I once said you were the son that I wish I had. That is true now as it was then. You will make a fine knight."

"Nonsense," Anais smiles faintly to Justin. "I believe they call it beginner's luck for a reason." She adds her own cry for Ser Desmond, then reaches up to rub a finger at her brow, keeping her smile in place.

Drag Dania with him is just fine. Justin accepts Keelin's hand, "Thank you, Ser. You are coming to the tournament, yes? So many things going on, forgive me if I already asked. Thank you both for coming. Now I really need to get everyone into the Sept before Josse gives up on us and locks us out." The Terrick lord winks, in far too good of spirits to not be amused. Justin steps over to give Desmond a hearty slap on the back no matter what woman's hugging on him next, "Congratulations, Ser!" And dropping his voice, Justin adds, "Make sure you get plenty of whoring in tonight. I'm told they love to break in a new set of spurs." Yes, yes.

Jarod lets out a short, "Ha!" at Rowenna's assessment of him. "Might be a surprise, at that. She makes a fine wife, as well. She makes me happy, at least." He grins like an idiot, all of warmth of excitement for getting to show off his unladylike bride to his sister. As for the road, a shrug. "We're fearsome, Luci. Bandits and ruffians tremble before us and clear out of our wake as we ride." Though he adds, less glibly, "I pray the roads return to better order after the way we dealt with those bandits who took you and the other ladies. Too soon to tell, I suppose."

With all the knighting done, Tia moves over to Briallyn, Garett and Desmond, giving a small curtsey politely. "Ser Desmond, congratulations," she says, a friendly warmth in her voice. "Ser Garett, nice to see you again." She has a bright smile and a genuine look of pride and pleased on her face.

Nathaniel bows and answer, "Very well, ser," he answers. Then he slips away from the crowd again at a trot, heading howard the sept to locate the second knight's clothes and gear. Eventually, he returns and presses persistently through the gathering to present the knight in need with his clothing and weapons.

"I'm sure you could simply knock him upside the head if he didn't," Lucienne attempts to joke with Rowenna, her smile pressing a little tight at the corners. "Oh," she adds, reminded by Jarod's spiel about bandits. "We have the last of the kidnappers in the dungeons, now. Justin - Ser Justin - might be able to tell you more?"

"Thank you kindly, Lady Briallyn," Desmond replies just before Garett takes a jab at his tolerance. "Don't knock being pantless until you've tried it." Garett's words make his smile twitch. "Y'… Yeah, you did say that. I haven't forgotten, and I'm glad you haven't either," he says through a tightened voice. "Urgh, hang on, there's… s-something in my eye." Nevermind that his eyes are shielded. And here comes Justin to slap him on the back, making him stumble a bit. "Gods! Wait what? Whoring? N-now who said I was a new set! …Was it you," he points at Briallyn. Before he can turn too pink, Tiaryn greets him. "Thank you!"

Dania's brother does not have to drag her far. Justin does get a raised eyebrow but she says nothing on his comment to her brother. She looks between the two men. Then she says in a warm voice. "Congratulations Ser Lord Terrick." She offers him a curtsy.

She looks over at the other knight. "And to you Ser Desmond."

"Aye, I'll be going to the tournament, and I think Dania might come along as well," Keelin says. "Not sure how well I'll do, but I was planning to enter the melee." He shrugs a bit, not really up on that jousting thing, and not worried about it. He gives Dani a look to see if she's planning to come along or not.

"You've already knighted him, my Lord, you needn't lie about him being a better man," Briallyn quips, gently elbowing Garett in the ribs. One dark brow does lift at Desmond's comment, and she gives a quiet snort of disbelief. "You aren't /that/ brave, Ser Desmond. Do not pretend otherwise," she remarks archly, flashing pearly white teeth in a taunting grin. Sticking her nose in the air, the young woman appears to begin preening as part of her jest. Fingers pat her hair, smooth the unruffled state of her richly colored silken dress.

Justin laughs at poor Desmond turning bright pink! Wonderful. He only smiles in good cheer and then turns when he hears Dania's voice. "Ah, thank you. You know, it's going to take some getting used to. Every time I hear that I'm going to look over my shoulder for my father." Because Lord Ser is what /Jerold/ is called. Justin clears his throat and then starts to walk to the Sept. THe others will come when they are ready. Josse has long since slipped away to light more candles since the windows are now boarded up.

"You are most welcome, Ser Desmond, though it's well deserved." Tia smiles though, stepping back. "I think I shall let you all enjoy your celebration, but I did want to at least tell you well done." She pauses to look at Justin, and adds, "Both of you. Congratulations." Though the sept - not for her. She's heading to the beach instead.

"Unconventional beginnings have blessed us with an exceptionally candid relationship," Rowenna says, still soft and now a touch wry. That certainly could mean they still feel free to beat on one another. She glances at Lucienne, taking half a breath to say — something she doesn't. She inclines her head again. "In any case. It's good to see you again. I'm glad you're well."

"Brother only a birth would keep me away." Dania says to him. "I also want to watch some of the other events." She declares. "Besides who knows you may need my tender administrations." She adds then offers Justin a curtsey as he moves off.

"Well, my work here is done then." That might be in acknowlegement that he got Desmond to tear up. "Enjoy your time, Desmond. You've earned everything you've been given. I'll make sure to write a letter to your family of your acheivement here today." The glance at the sept and watching people to head into it. Like Tia, it's not really his thing. "You two can take part in the reopening of the sept if you like. But I think I'll linger elsewhere. Far too many people about and I really don't want to hobble around bumping into people."

"We'll see about… spurs…" Desmond trails off, not entirely sure what he means by that. He chuckles at her jest just the same, and nods to Garett. "Thank you, again. I'll speak to you later tonight. I suppose I need to get a head start on all of the… knightly things." Cough. "You're very sweet, Lady Tiaryn. I'll remember this, of course!" He bows before she wanders off.