Page 320: Aaaaaaaawkward
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 04/06/2012
Related Logs: Immediately following Laying Waste to Bandits Afoot
Kamron Saffron Pariston Saethwyr Tiaryn 
Deep Woods, Terrick Lands
In the woods. Between the Bandit Hole and the Picnic Site.
04 June, 289

Kamron seems to have picked up the strays — Saffron and Tiaryn — but he doesn't seem to be complaining in the slightest. He takes the half-eaten roll from Saffron, leaning forward a little to look at what's inside the parcel. And then he manages to grin just a bit more, "Very practical." Now with both of the women he's apparently shepherding having something to eat, and left with a bit more food, he looks over to Jarod, trying to catch his eye for a moment. Once he does, he tosses the roll over to the other man. His half-sister's probably hungry too. Looking back to Saffron and Tiaryn, he starts to reach out a hand to touch the Banefort's arm, then immediately stops, letting his hand drop back to his side. "Do you want to get started? Or wait for the horses?" He blinks again, shifting his attention to include Tiaryn again in the questions, "Your family will be there in Stonebridge."

Kamron is awkwarding, Saffron is awkwarding. At least they are providing an equal amount of awkwarding, and will probably continue to awkward for a little while longer. "I want to get started," she says in a hoarse little voice, though something in her tone suggests there is something more to that statement. Then as the horses arrive, she looks back up at him with those pale eyes. "Will you ride with me?" Then she pauses. "Did Lord Walden… send someone along?" She adds, as if that is an important initial question.

Kamron nods to Saffron, "Of course, Lady Saffron." He gestures toward the horses, leading the way for both Tiaryn and Saffron. The second question causes him to cough, shaking his head, "No, Lady Saffron. I heard he sent word to the Twins for coin, but heard nothing more." At the horses, he looks up to the saddle, and then clears his throat, stripping his jacket the rest of the way off and tossing it over the saddle, "That might help a little." And then he offers out a hand, "May I help you up?" And then he looks past to Tiaryn, "Ah, both of you, of course, Lady Tiaryn."

The Mallister Knight's answer to her inquiry to Walden Frey incites a slightly angry flash across her pale eyes, though she tries to maintain a smooth expression. Saffron nods her head a bit. "I will send a raven along to my father," she says meaningfully. She walks alongside Kamron until she comes to the horse beside him, and she offers him the smallest smile. "Thank you," she whispers to him before she lets him take point in helping her into the saddle. She glances over toward Tiaryn to see how the Flint lady fares.

After coming from where they were hunting down the bandits Pariston get off the horse and moves towards Tiaryn once he spots her, making sure she is alright and all that. "Lady Tiaryn. How are you?" He asks as he studies her. Weapons put away safely. Bow around his chest and sword hanging from the hip. Then looking over to the Mallister night and lady Saffron. Inclining his head to the two.

Speaking of horses. There's the sound of at least one of them approaching, moving through the trees. A grey mare is what the horse happens to be, with a creamy white mane and tail, the latter fanned out behind her much like a banner. Expectedly, the mare has a rider, a Charlton Knight who's armed and… well, perhaps looking for a fight, though in truth he'd be satisfied in not getting one at the same time. He's armed, though, with his hunting bow and a quiver of arrows, his usual sword and a knife, though all are safely away. Saethwyr draws his mare to a stop, then smoothly dismounts, landing lightly on his feet. His left hand snatches his rolled up cloak from where it was secured on his saddle, and as he approaches Lady Tiaryn, he unrolls it so that by the time he's reached her, he can settle the garment around her shoulders. "Lady Tiaryn," he says gently, concern in his voice and reflecting in the dark of his eyes. His gaze travels from head to toe of her before coming to her face, his brow showing a slight furrow to it.

Tia has a half roll, and she actually does eat some of it, though horses! She is heading towrds them, but as Pariston comes by, that gets a blink. She actually stops in her tracks. "Aren't you rescuing Corrie and Muirenn and Ilaria?" she asks him. Kamron's look back will show that Tia is standing with a stunned look. And as Saeth approaches, as well, her gaze goes to him, and her eyes start to water. Maybe she could handle one near relative. but the two of them? For their information, Tia is dirty. She's got a bruise across her right cheek where she was backhanded. Her feet are probably in not the best of condition. She's tired, she's covered in mud, and oh, yes, she's wearing her shift, which has the bottom ripped off so that it really only goes down to her knees. And her hair - don't even ask. It might take weeks to sort that mess out. It's sort of up, with a strip of cloth from her shift to hold it there. Mostly. "Pariston," she says, and then she holds a hand out to him, moving to give him a quick hug, before she turns, the cloak grasped in those dirty fingers of hers and she throws herself at Saethwyr, the tears now starting to fall. "Oh, gods, Pariston," she says, peeking out at the Flint man. "Tell me that they're okay."

Kamron carefully puts his hands just under Saffron's ribcage to lift her up into the saddle. His grip is gentle, but with her bruises and scrapes, there's not much more that he can do. The approach of someone on foot and someone ahorse causes him to turn around, his left hand still on the saddle-horn, but his right going down to the axe at his hip. He lets out a relieved breath as he recognizes them, turning to call under the neck of the horse, "Percy… wait here with Lord Justin's horse and your own." The squire gleeps a bit, but nods, hopping over to hand a cloak up to Lady Saffron.

Saffron braces her hands against the knight's shoulders, and when he lifts her to the saddle, she releases the softest little cry of pain. She holds his eyes however, speaking without words that she is okay. No matter the padding of the jack, the bruises on her rump ache against the strange form of the saddle. She grips onto the horse's mane until she finds her own equilibrium. Her gaze drifts down to him after she has settled. Her gaze turns down to Percy as he offers up his cloak, and she smiles tiredly down to the squire. "Thank you," she whispers before she pulls the cloak around her. She glances over toward Tiaryn as the riders come in, and she finds herself relieved to know that she has her own comfort now. She does wait to hear what has happened to Corrie though.

Pariston meets Tiaryn and hugs her. "Sorry we took so long." He tells her, seeing the shape she's in and feels bad for how things took so long. He was out there scouting without success. His fault really, that it didn't go faster. "They are all alright. I made sure to it." He tells her, looking as she throws herself at Saethwyr. "Ser, how are the Charlton's lady Cherise?" He asks, not fully sure why he is here instead of tending to his own. Though of course he is not completely stupid.

The Charlton Knight doesn't particularly seem to mind that Tiaryn is dirty. She is still Lady Tiaryn, even beneath the dirt. Softly, gently, he rests the cloak about her shoulders and slips his arms around her to comfort her, to give a sense of security. "'Twill be all right, my Lady," he whispers softly, kissing her atop the head. To hell with propriety, at the moment! The situation calls for comfort to be given, and he'll be damned if he's not going to give it. He lifts his right hand, to softly rub her back a little. He doesn't care that she's dirty and a dishevelled — what matters is that she's alive and well and mostly unhurt. "You're hurt," he says quietly. Master of the obvious, though it's a prompt for her to say if it's anything bad or not. His dark gaze turns to Pariston, and he raises an eyebrow slightly. "Lady Cherise was not amongst those with the bandits we fought. You would have seen her, had she been," he replies, a thoughtful note to his voice. He rode straight from there to here, much like Pariston had, after all.

Tia relaxes as she hears that they're alright. She reaches a hand for Pariston, the Flint man being still more familiar to her than Saethwyr. She's not wanting him to leave quite yet. "Lady Cherise -" She looks around, but doesn't immediately see her. "She's okay. Well, she got hit hard in the face. She needs to see the maesters I think, but she should be okay. I hope. She was wonderful in there. And so was Saffron." Though Saethwyr's cloak is very much appreciated. "Thank you," she says to him, trying to stop the tears. She leans back into Saethwyr one more time before she pulls back. "I think that Lord Kamron was just about to take us back to the forward camp where there is food and clothing." Both of which sounds absolutely divine. "Baths too?" she asks, cause - oh yes, the women are all quite definitely looking forward to getting clean. "It's - I think it's just a bruise," she says, about being hurt. "Mostly just tired and stiff."

Kamron looks back up to Saffron, then quickly away to Tiaryn as she pounces the two men. He probably doesn't even notice that his left hand settles down atop Saffron's foot. He blinks once as the Charlton kisses her, then speaks up, adding to Tiaryn's words, "Lady Cherise is safe. She is riding up ahead, to her husband." He gestures with his right hand. There's a bit of silence, and then he looks back up to Saffron, "I'm glad you're safe, Lady Saffron. Mistress Morla was quite worried." Clearing his throat, the Mallister knight offers that crooked grin again, "So was I, Lady Saffron." Tiaryn's reference to him draws a nod, "Of course, Lady Tiaryn. Let me get mounted, and we'll get started." There's a moment where he lightly squeezes Saffron's foot, and then he limps over to his own horse, swinging up into the saddle.

At Tiaryn's words, Saffron colors just a bit beneath the grime and bruising. She glances toward the Lady with only a small nugget of guilt in her expression at the talk of the bruise. "As were you, Tiaryn," she says quietly to the woman before her gaze drops down to Kamron. She meets his grin with a smile of her own, and she reaches to gently touch the knight's head. The touch does not linger, though she does not seem to be terribly ashamed by the gesture. Then she fumbles about with the reins so she can begin to depart with the others.

Pariston shrugs to Saethwyr. "True, though she does need care as well. Is at least one of the Charltons with her?" He asks about lady Cherise, before anyone answers, then looking to Tiaryn. Nodding at her words, and grabbing hold of her hand as she reaches out. Giving it a soft squeeze and a warm smile. When she pulls back he moves in to whisper to her. Looks over to Kamron and Saffron as well, offering both soft smiles. Getting his horse and one for Tiaryn as well. "My lady." He says as he offers her help to get her on the horse.

And Saethwyr leaves his cloak in Tiaryn's care, resting about her shoulders. Though he does lift a hand to secure it on her once she's pulled back from him, and he bows to her, a movement embodied with respect for her. "You are welcome, my lady," he says softly. He draws a kerchief from a pocket, and with it in hand he gently wipes Tiaryn's tears away. He rather suspected that Lady Cherise had already been seen to, since this rescue had already been essentially finished. And he gives a nod to Kamron. "Thank you, Ser, for the information," he says, sounding sincerely grateful. Then his dark gaze returns to Tiaryn, awaiting her response. Then his attention shifts to Pariston, and he studies the man for a lingering moment. "I expect by now that she is with her husband, as Lord Kamron mentioned. As it would please you, I will ride on ahead and interrupt their reunion," he says smoothly, inclining his head towards the man. There's an undercurrent there, as if that ends up happening, he'll be certain both the Lord and Lady are aware of who would be responsible for such occurring. His attention turns back to Lady Tiaryn, and to her he bows once again. "Ride safely, my Lady," he says softly. Then he straightens and turns to start to cross back to his mare who patiently awaits him.

And Anais. And Roslyn. And Dania. Hrm, most everyone, though there's only a couple names not on the list of wonderful, truthfully. But she won't go there, at least not where anyone might hear her. She blinks at Pariston's whisper, her cheeks going pink. It's enough that she accepts his assistance in mounting. Though she's not letting go of Saethwyr's cloak, hugging it tightly to herself. He might not get it back for a while. "Wait, Ser Charlton, don't - " she pauses, aware that she shouldn't be asking him to stay, and yet not wanting him to leave. Both at the same time. A sigh, and then she says, only a little wobbly. "I would not keep you from your duty, Ser. But - " A glance at Pariston - don't make him go! Sigh. Men. She settles herself on the horse, her hands checking to make sure she's not losing the cloak, and then she glances over at Kamron and Saffron briefly, catching that foot squeeze. It brings a smile to her face. "Surely, it's better that we travel in a bit of a group?" she suggests. "Since we're all going to the same place anyway?"

Kamron clasps his left arm across his stomach again once he's settled into his saddle, only then looking down to his hands and the blood spattered across the back of them. Serruptitiously, he wipes them at his thighs. Tiaryn's words to Saethwyr draw a chuckle to his lips, and he looks over to the Charleton, "Ser, perhaps you should stay back with us, since we seem to be the tail end of this group." He guides Three over toward Saffron's new mount, "Is that going to be alright, Lady Saffron? The stables of Stonebridge only had so many sidesaddles."

Saffron had returned to staring at the tiny bundt cake that is now in her lap. She has not started to eat it, as if afraid to ruin the image. She glances over toward Kamron at the sound of his voice, and she gives him a soft smile. "I just want to return to Stonebridge, Ser Kamron… I will not complain on how I get there after these last few days." She then begins to move the horse forward, wincing a bit at the initial jolt. Her gaze shifts over to him briefly as she trots forward a few steps. "Have I thanked you yet?" She asks him quietly.

Pariston gestures to Saethwyr. "No point in it now. And these ladies will need the support now." He says in a rather strict tone, nodding agreeingly with Kamron. Once Saethwyr moves to his mare Pariston grins and speaks to Tiaryn and whispers once more. Then he moves to mount his own horse. When done he will help lead lady Tiaryn's horse, for now.

Saethwyr reaches his mare, pausing at her side in order to lift his left hand and lightly stroke her neck. The grey mare whickers softly, then lightly shakes her head, a movement which causes a bit of jingling from the tack she wears. Tiaryn's words reach him, and though he would wish to react as though they fall on deaf ears, he cannot. He turns his head to look to her, watching her for a long moment. A faint smile manages to find the corners of his lips, and he half bows to her. Yet he's quiet as he turns back to his horse, and he smoothly mounts, settling in the saddle before making a slight adjustment to the fall of his hunting bow and the quiver full of arrows. He doesn't want to leave, yet Pariston's made it clear by previous words that he doesn't want Saethwyr sticking around. Looking over towards Tiaryn and Pariston, the man's dark eyes narrow slightly at noticing the whispering of the latter. "If you have something to say, then be out with it," he says simply, inclining his head slightly. The movement is enough to cause a lock of his dark hair to fall forward to half veil one of his eyes, but he doesn't seem to care. Gathering up the reins in his left hand, he lightly nudges the mare and turns her about, giving a nod to Kamron, no doubt accepting the man's suggestion. He says nothing further, though, his dark gaze scanning amongst the trees merely to keep an eye on things.

Tia blinks again at Pariston and she has to laugh. "Pariston!" is all she says though her look promises more words later in private. Her cheeks are pink, and she glances over at Saethwyr. Her gaze rests on the Charlton knight, as though she's never seen anything like him. And can't draw her gaze away. As Pariston decides to lead the horse she's on, she looks back his way quickly, chuckling softly. "I will be able to tell Anders you took good care of me, Pariston. Thank you. Ser Kamron, you are a very kind man. Thank you." And then too, Tia is not quite in the same situation as those young unmarried women, given that she's been wed previously. She sees if she can move her horse near enough to Saethwyr's to reach for his hand, at least for a bit. Because right now, she just doesn't want him to go too far away. But it is definitely time to ride.

Kamron reaches out his left arm — shoulder-be-damned — as Saffron winces, then lets it drop again. Saethwyr's nod draws a half-shrug, and then Saffron speaks quietly, and he smirks a little crookedly, "No. You didn't." One eye closes in a wink, and he adds, "I'm sure you will later." He jerks his head away from the Banefort to looks over to Tiaryn, chuckling softly, "Don't tell anyone, Lady Tiaryn. It would totally ruin my image." Keeping Three at a slow, steady pace through the woods, he ducks under a low-hanging branch, looking back to Saffron, "You are going to eat that at some point, aren't you, Lady Saffron? I hate to say, I gave away the remainder of your roll."

The Banefort colors prettily at the words of the Knight, and she glances almost coyly over toward Tiaryn and her pair of men. She folds her lips together gently before she nudges the horse closer toward Three. "Ser Kamron," she says softly as to get his attention. Then she leans forward, making sure to steady herself on the slow-striding horse so she can press her dehydrated and split lips to the Knight's cheek. His cheek, just his cheek! "Thank you," she says softly then. Then she breaks off a piece of the apple cake, and if Kamron hasn't fallen off of his horse, she offers him the tear. She will even have her own bite shortly after.

Pariston was actually about to, discreetly, lead her horse at least a bit closer towards Saethwyr. Making sure Tiaryn is safe and happy is best for now. Though he does grin at her laugh. And nods as she thanks all of them. "Of course my lady. It is what I am supposed to do after all." He just rides alongside Tiaryn, acting as if he is blind as his eyes keep straight forward. Though a glance is offered in the direction of Saffron and Kamron, just to make sure that they were still moving along with them.

Scanning the trees for further possible bandits who need to be thoroughly shot, the Charlton Knight allows his attention to remain away from the group for a little while. The reins to his horse remaining held lightly in his left hand, though he doesn't seem to use them much for guiding the animal. He hears the hoofbeats of the approaching horse, but it's a moment before he turns his dark gaze towards the rider who's come to ride nearer to him. Seeing it's Tiaryn, a small smile comes to the corners of his lips, and he doesn't notice that she's claimed his hand until it's too late and she has it. Which prompts him to give that hand of hers a gentle squeeze as he inclines his head to her, his hair falling forward over one of his eyes. "My Lady," Saethwyr says quietly, his attention lingering on her. He'll let her keep his hand for as long as she wishes. Some of the tension bleeds out of him merely at the touch of her hand to his.

Kamron glances over to find Saffron leaning over, blinking and reaching out to brace her in her saddle. He probably shouldn't put his hand on her side there, but he also has to make sure she doesn't fall off the horse. Yes, that's it. That's also a bit of a blush rising on his cheeks, although he does laugh, more than a little distracted from his attempts to pass the event off as nothing. "I'll have to rescue you more often, Lady Saffron." He clears his throat, taking the tear of apple sweet-thing. "You know… you should probably be eating this yourself. I ate… um…" he thinks for a long moment, then comes up with, "…this morning." And it's evening.

Saffron smiles softly before she tucks a bit of cake in her mouth, chewing distractedly as she continues to guide the horse along. She glances over toward Tiaryn with the faintest blush on her cheeks before she looks back to the Mallister Knight. "Eat, Kamron. I insist," she says quietly before she has another small bite. Then she draws the cloak closer around her as she feels a small chill. "You will stay in Stonebridge for a little while, won't you, Ser Kamron?" She says, this time with his honorific. She glances toward the other men in the party, though she quickly looks back to the path ahead of them.

Pariston seems to try and give the others some privacy, as much as he can at least. Though he does glance over to Saethwyr, nodding to the man before looking back to the road ahead. What the nod meant can be anyone's guess, though for now they will just have to ride back towards all the others.

Saethwyr continues to ride along next to Tiaryn, and seems to have no intention of leaving her side. His dark gaze turns briefly towards Saffron and Kamron, and a smile touches at the corners of his lips. He's not about to tell anyone if the lines of propriety get bent a little out of shape. Then his gaze turns to Pariston, and he inclines his head slightly towards the man. He'll stay pretty quiet and alert for the rest of the trip back.

Kamron brain locked. Kamron obey. He nibbles at the pastry, looking back to the ground ahead of his horse. And then he realizes there was a question in there, and he blinks, "I'll be there at least through tomorrow, Lady Saffron." He finally realizes that his axe is still bare, and wipes at it with his sleeve, "And then it'll depend if Lady Anais and Lady Lucienne want to return to The Roost." His right hand rises up to touch his cheek a moment, and then he carefully returns his hand to his saddle-horn.

The Banefort watches the Mallister with a calm smile on her lips. Then she returns her focus forward as they continue through the strangely quiet woods back to the forward camp. "I see," she says quietly in response to his assessment of his time in Stonebridge. Then she catches him touching his cheek, and she smiles shyly. She slips into quiet for much of the ride, enjoying the cake that Morla sent along and actually finding herself happy that the crone was looking out for her.