Page 443: A Young Lord Is Dismissed
A Young Lord Is Dismissed
Summary: Aleister summons Alric, to inform the Young Lord that his tenure at Highfield is at an end.
Date: 09/10/2012
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Great Hall — Highfield Keep
A true testament to the nobility and grandeur of the ruling family, this enormous hall serves as the main gathering and feasting area of Highfield Keep, with a high, vaulted ceiling and tall, narrow windows lining the outer walls, allowing sunlight to stream through. Several long feasting tables, accompanied by benches, serve as a comfortable place to enjoy a meal or quiet discussion, though a raised dais at the upper end of the chamber sets apart those who oversee this Keep and the surrounding lands - a pair of high-backed, elegantly carved chairs none-too-subtly emulating the thrones one might picture in the houses of royalty. A vibrant display of banners decorates the wall behind these; namely the crowned wolf of Highfield, on its field of gold, flanked by the sigils of Houses Frey and Charlton. A hearth along the length of the right wall is more oft than not alight and crackling with every fresh log that is tossed into its embers.
09 Oct, 289 AL

With the events of the past twenty-four hours, the Keep at Highfield has been a bustle of activity. The presence of guards has been increased in and around the keep, with many of them prominent within the Great Hall and that of the Family Chambers Wing. At this particular moment in time, though, Aleister has found his place upon that raised dais, settled within his seat and arms resting lightly upon the rests of the chair. A servant stands in waiting on the floor in front of him and to one side, a small writing tablet settled in his arm, while the other holds a quill.

Arriving through the doors to the great hall is the young lord Alric. His guards having come along with him. Petra along with him as well. Leading him. Coming inside and most likely a Highfield guard announcing them along with Petra leading. Stopping before Aleister and offering a deep bow. Being quiet until he notices that Aleister is ready to receive him.

"My lord. It is unfortunate to hear of the current events and I came as soon as I heard. I was not sure how te Fensters were to act, though I thought that if there is anything I can do for you, then I should. You have been quite kind to me after all. So I answered your summon as fast as I could." He offers before falling silent and letting the man explain the reason for it all.

The courier did indeed do as the Knight of Highfield commanded, and she enters the hall quietly, allowing the guards to settle as they will, and while she does not reclaim her usual place, leaving that for the scribe already in attendance on Aleister, Petra remains quiet and attentive to both Lords. You can never cover too many eventualities.

Alric and Petra's entry draws Aleister's attention in their direction and once the Young Lord has offered his greeting, there's a simple incline of his head in return. Then, his attention shifts in to the servant at the base of the dais and he simply offers, "Your dismissed." With nothing but a bow, the other scribe takes his leave and it's then that his gaze shifts to Petra, "You may reclaim your spot, Pet. Your service to the Young Lord is at an end." It's only then that he looks to Alric, regarding the younger man for a moment before finally offering, "And it would seem that I no longer have need of you, Young Lord. Hollyholt has made it's choice and in response, I have made mine. You and your cousin will no longer be afforded free run of things as you once had. When you are within my lands and within my walls, it will now be as a Noble Guest and that is all."

Alric looks to the man as well as his short time courier, nodding. "I understand, my lord. Until further notice, such is as it will be then." He says and nods. "Do know that I will still think of you as good friend and mentor. Even if my behaviour resembled a whiny brother." He offers and smiles a bit. Perhaps a bit wary though still seeing the other man as someone he has sought out a lot to help himself. To seek advice. So he does have respect for him. Continuing to listen if there was something more that he wished from him. Deciding to talk less than he listens, even if he was off to a lot of talking.

"Yes, my Lord." With no emotion or seeming reaction to the news, Petra steps away from the Fenster party, and moves to the dais. Thankfully, her cushion is already on one of the steps and she has no need to go hunting for it. Her writing table she retrieves from the departing servant, as well his quill and supplies, before she settles on her cushion, the seat putting her at Aleister's feet. While the two noblemen talk, she goes about arranging herself that she might begin her duties once again.

A flit of his eyes follows the movement that Petra begins to her spot and once she has settled in, Aleister is turning his attention back to that of Alric, a smirk beginning to dance upon his lips, "You have much to learn about politics, Young Lord, and how to navigate the courts. No longer will you be my concern, though. As of this moment, your service is solely to Hollyholt and to that of your father. I will offer you one piece of advice, Young Lord, and that is that you and your kin would be wise to sent word to your father and ask him what it is that you are to do. You will find the Frey Vassal's quite unpleasant to a Charlton Vassal, I would well imagine. As such, you will find yourself limited to that of the Roost or Seagard for the time being."

Alric smiles in return. "True enough. I would think that the time to come will give me some help." He then bows again. "I understand and I will be moving on until I have word from my father." There seem to be something else on his mind, but he will not speak of it. He does offer, "If I may, the rest of the Hollyholt men, are they to travel along with me then?" He asks. Trying to see what will happen to them. "I would kindly lead them off of your lands if that is your wish, my lord. As they can not really travel back to Hollyholt at the moment." Trying to see what Aleister's wishes might be on that.

As soon as the woman is settled, she promptly begins to make her small notations, settling contentedly into her role. There's an easiness in her posture that doesn't seem to be quite as visible, when she's out and about. Still, save for the movement of her quill, silent, save for the scratchings of the nib on parchment, she watches the room, and the small party gathered before her Lord's seat with interest, but with no intention to join the conversation.

"Concern yourself, Young Lord, with you and your kin. The men of Hollyholt that reside in my lands at this moment will be placed into the care of my Uncle Harold and will be escorted from my lands by his hand. Not by yours." A shift one hand draws it a bit upon the arm rest, enough so that fingertips can begin an idle tap on the wooden surface, "He will seem returned to Keegan and to their service of Hollyholt. You will have yourself, your cousin and the few guards that travel with you. Nothing more."

Alric does let his eyes flit to the woman for a moment before looking back to Aleister, nodding to his words. "Of course, my lord. Thank you, my lord." He offers and keeps his head a bit low for now. Waiting to see if there is more. But not wanting to speak up or be rude in any way.

"I have nothing further, Lord Alric," but Aleister doesn't immediately release the Young Lord from this audience. Instead, his gaze shifts over to Petra, that smirk dancing to his lips as he regards his courier for a moment before he's finally asking of her, "Pet .. is there anything that you wish to say before the Young Lord is set upon his path?"

Petra looks up, quill pausing in mid-stroke. An unconscious gesture that keeps the ink from dripping. As for what words the courier might have? "Remember our ride to Highfield, Young Lord. The actions of your liege will colour the way your House is regarded, for good or ill. Remember that, when you return to Hollyholt. Serve your liege well and without reproach and you may rise above their infidelities. And remember that small steps will get you where you want to go." That seems to be the extent of the advice the woman has for the Young Lord.

Alric listens to Petra's words, nodding a bit. "Thank you, mistress Bennett. I will keep those things in mind." He offers with a smile before looking to Aleister and bowing once more. Perhaps wheels starting to spin in his head already. Waiting for the knight of Highfield to dismiss him.

Listening to what Petra has to offer, the Knight of Highfield gives a bow of his head in her direction and when Aleister turns his attention back to Alric, it's to offer a slight incline in the other Lord's direction, "Then our business is done, Young Lord. You may take your leave, now."

With her words offered, and the dismissal given, Petra once again falls silent, though she does not, once again, set her quill to parchment. Rather, she remains as she was, settled comfortably at her Lord's feet.

Alric studies the scribe for another moment before bowing one last time to Aleister. "Hope we are on the right terms in the future, my lord." He offers, and then will let Aleister speak before turning to leave. Moving out of the hall and will be swift to gather his things and men, cousin included, and leave.