Page 292: A Well-Chaperoned Picnic
A Well-Chaperoned Picnic
Summary: Rosanna and Rutger spend a picnic together under the close watch of Septa Day.
Date: May 7, 2012
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Rutger Rosanna Day 
Outskirts — Stonebridge
Grass and flowers. :D
May 7, 289

A fine day it has turned out to be. Clear blue skies and the heat of the day, moderate, but not enough to stifle and choke. Away from the bustling town of Stonebridge, a small gathering is taking place. Under a copse of trees a few horses have been tied, where as paces away a blanket has been rolled out. With it, good bread, and sweet wine have been furnished. Cheese, and dark berries. A small, but grand fare for those fortunate to lounge. And of course not too far off guardsmen of both House Groves and Nayland keep watch, mainly of the horses, as opposed to those eating.

"I felt the need to make it up to you.." Ser Rutger announces as he moves to take his place on the stretched covering. , though more to the edge, so as to allow the ladies full use to protect their skirts. "Since I had to be out aiding my brother. I think this will most certainly prove, less boring than tariff duties, do you agree?"

"There's certainly no need for you to apologize for doing your duty," Rosanna says, smoothing a hand down her skirts where she sits daintily on the blanket. "But I most assuredly shan't complain. I'm sure this is far more entertaining that tariff duties, although I've never experienced them." Her smile is warm, lighting her eyes with playfulness. The gown she wears is one of her nicer ones, although not to the level of a formal affair. It's dyed a deep purple.

Septa Day also sits on the blanket, though at the edge, giving the courting pair as mush distance as said blanket will allow (not much.) She pays an elaborate amount of attention to the small book she's reading. Everything about her posture and positioning suggests that they should pretend she's not there at all. The occasional quick, canny glance from beneath her lashes, however, suggests otherwise. Forget her at your peril.

The Knight himself, is clad in riding leathers, and a nice shirt. Nothing close to the official wear, that is often seen day to day. A grin settled upon his features and he reaches to pour Rosanna a glass of the wine, followed by one for the septa as well. One must be a polite host after all. Once glasses are handed out, he will see to his own. "You aren't missing anything." Rutger admits, with a chuckle. "Normally the sheriff or your reeve will see to it. However our Reeve is assisting in peace keeping duties as our sheriff is under the weather." read healing from greatsword hacks. "So I am doing what I can. It's not glorious work, but part of overseeing a fine town and a good household." A grin there before he is looking out to the field that he's chosen for their food. " I was thinking, for when your brother allows you to come and visit us at the Mire-that I hope Barristan is in your retinue. There are many hunting opportunities for a fine cat at my home." A grin there. 'That is not to say we are crawling with mice, but in such a wild and beautiful place as the Sevens, we do see smaller wildlife here and there. A cat's paradise."

Rosanna laughs lightly as she accepts the glass of wine. "Are you so intent on making friends with him, my lord?" she says in a warmly teasing manner. "I certainly couldn't leave him behind, though, so I suppose you shall get your wish." She sips carefully at the wine. "I hope your cousin's recovery is still proceeding well."

Day accepts the glass of wine handed her with a silent nod, though she barely wets her lips before putting the goblet aside, all but untouched.

"Truly, I am." Rutger admits with a grin. 'He is important to you, and a constant companion- so I shall take whatever time is needed to get to know him." he says before taking a sip of his wine. "It is, if only the setbacks are more Rygar made than that of true infection." A chuckle there. "You see, my lady-My cousin is loathe to rest. Therefore he keeps doing himself harm and over extending himself." a shake of his head. "Foolish, though I admire his dedication to my House and to his Duty." And with that he is reaching for a bit of bread and cheese. "May I admit a weakness to you, lady. In strict confidence?" the knight teases.

"Well, you ought to convince him to take better care of himself. It would not do for him to win the duel only to do himself a harm afterwards." Rosanna's brows slide upwards as she watches him over the rim of her glass. "Of course, my lord. In strict confidence."

Day looks up, as well. Just for a moment. Just long enough to give the teasing knight a look of desiccated skepticism. Then her gaze returns to her book.

"Well." Rutger states. "I am not my cousin. Though I will admit some foolish bravery on Pyke when I took a wound here.." And there his hand places to his chest, and curves to his ribs. "I did stand tall, as I would not have those Ironborn know they had fell me.." he begins. "When I am wounded, I tend to take my maester's advice." A half smile there. "And rest till I am healed. I say that is a weakness, as I can imagine a fine lady as yourself has heard plenty of tales about knights fighting on and moving around bravely after being grievously wounded."

Rosanna follows the trace of Rutger's hand as he indicates where he was wounded on Pyke. "Well, certainly in the midst of war, I am sure knights must soldier on." Her gaze lifts to his face. "But it seems rather foolish to ignore the advice of a maester when there is no need to keep fighting. Certainly I would scold Kittridge for such a thing."

Fwip. Day turns a page.

There is a soft laugh, that escapes the knight before he is scooching his body closer, ever careful of the Septa's watching eye. "Indeed. War makes fools out of all of us." he admits with a slight pause. "But, I am glad you do not see it as a weakness. And here I thought you might take me as some weak page who plays in spurs." A grin there. "You mentioned last time we spoke, on your ambitions and your dreams.." Rutger says. "Allow me to ask, my lady, If you were lady of such a fine place as Stonebridge, or perhaps the Sevens..What would you do? How would you make your grand mark?"

"My lord, I could never think you any less that a sworn knight," Rosanna murmurs, particularly aware of his movement towards her, "and a man." She draws her gaze away to consider his question. "I would hope to leave it greater than I came to it," she says. "I would see further than the feuds that poison the land to what alliances are truly of value. And I would see my children rise greater than myself." She looks back to him, her expression lightening to something more teasing. "I would charm the people, naturally."

A glance at Rutger. A glance at Rosanna. Day reaches very deliberately between them to liberate a bit of cubed cheese from one of the trays.

Rutger grins. "Naturally." he agrees before reaching for a berry, and thus it is held out for the young woman. "I am sure you would have your likeness stitched on linens in homes quite easily. You would be a rose in the mire, if I may be bold to state? Absolutely beautiful and stunning." a grin there. "Clearly something different that what other beauty nature gives us there." Though when the Septa's arm comes in between he does lean back, and offers a chuckle right there.

Rosanna plucks the berry from Rutger's hand, her fingers brushing briefly against his before that silent reminder from her septa has her pulling back to eat it. After chewing and swallowing, she says, "Well, that seems rather excessively vain," as if that's not exactly what she is. In a tone entirely innocent, she adds, "Your brother mentioned that I may not be your only prospect. It does seem natural, you being such an eligible nobleman."

Day nibbles at her cube of cheese delicately, slowly, so absorbed in her book that one can practically see her ears prick up at Rosanna's observation.

Rutger grins back towards Rosanna, there at the brush of fingers. Ever so carefully he looks back towards the septa, before he is reaching for his own berry to snack upon. "Vain? perhaps my lady. But when you find something wonderful, you try to remember it." and that grin lowers slightly. "Did he now?" a raise of his brows. "Well, I am an eligible nobleman, I will admit." Rutger states. "As to my prospects, why do you wonder lady?"

"Well, it is difficult not to wonder when your brother states it so clearly," Rosanna says in light tease. "I think he means to spur my family into quicker action, hm?"

Day raises her eyes from her reading, looking with mild interest at Rutger. Do tell.

Rutger chuckles. "Perhaps he did." A shake of his head. "Riordan can be quick at pushing for something he wants to see. I myself?" Rutger begins "I wait for your family." he states "Not because there are no other ladies out there, but.." and he lets that hang there. "But, when I see a lady that does tug at me, in such a way that you do.." a grin forming. "Then I will wait, because it makes the courtship and hopefully that which follows, more sweet." more wine is poured should Rosanna need it. "And I believe it will strengthen the bond between us. You see lady. I don't just wish for a woman, or a fine lady. But a wife. An ally and true friend. Whether that comes before the marriage or after is just the way things run out."

Rosanna has drunk little of her wine, but she allows Rutger to top off that small amount, and she lifts the glass to her lips for a small swallow once he's done so. "I am sure Lord Riordan is only looking to what's best for you and your family," she says. Her head is tipped slightly down so that her gaze is shaded by the thick smudge of copper lashes, but she still watches him. "You are always full of very pretty words, Lord Rutger."

Day looks like she could use a shot of something stronger. She finally reaches for her wine and takes a gulp, seeming determined to pick up her reading where she left off.

Rutger chuckles softly, before he is taking a bite of cheese for himself. "I am sure he is. I have no question in that, My lady. Though.." and he does not let that thought flush itself out. Instead the knight is content to eat a little. To the compliment Rutger merely grins as he reaches for his wine. "I am also full of true words, My lady."

Rosanna reaches for a bit of cheese to nibble on next, looking thoughtful. "Tell me of your children, Lord Rutger," she requests after a moment's quiet.

Day's nose twitches and wrinkles as though she believes Rutger is full of something else entirely. Or it just might itch. Pollen, you know.

"Hmm." the knight muses for a moment, before he is chuckling softly. "I have two sons, of their previous mother." he states "Arik is the oldest, and has dreams of being a knight, or a king. He's not decided yet. And my youngest is Arron, who believes he will receive a puppy on his nameday, or so he has been asking." A faint frown there. "They are both boisterous and love at playing out the adventures and tales of old. Namely it requires me to be Maelwys the malformed, or some other villain, while they play as bold knights of the Kingsguard." a chuckle there. "Arron is more shy than his brother- and I do not see him holding well to knighthood." he admits.

Rosanna's gaze flits for the briefest, subtlest moments towards Day, before it returns to Rutger. "They sound much like noble boys of their age should," she says. "And do you love them very much, my lord?"

Day turns a page — fwip — and tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. Nothing to see here.

Rutger glances to Day, before he is looking back to Rosanna. "They are." he admits with a smile. "Do I love them very much?" he repeats, before he chuckles. "I would say, I love them as a father should. But I don't know them. Not well." he admits. "They were born while I was away from the Mire." and he simply leaves it at that. "But they are my sons, and I would see them do what they can to better our standing in the seven kingdoms, and do what is right for the family." a veiled implication there.

"Of course," Rosanna agrees, smile spreading prettily. "I should never think you would do less than your fatherly duty." She lifts a hand to slide back a lock of bright hair from her shoulder, drawing it away from the graceful line of her neck. "It is my nameday tomorrow, you know. I think your sister may be conspiring with my brother for it." Naturally. Her nameday requires conspiring.

"I am glad you asked it, though my Lady." Rutger states. "I would want a lady I was courting to ask such things, and I would wish to know her thoughts as well." Perhaps trying to see what she was looking for. "I would not have you be afraid to question me, my past or my motives. They are there for you to look and ask." And with that he watches her hands briefly. one hand reaching out to pluck something from the lady's dress. "Is it?" he replies. "Well then I shall seek Roslyn out and ask her what she knows. If she is willing to sell me such secrets." a grin. "had you a wish, what would it be for, My Lady Rosanna?"

The septa's blue eyes follow Rutger's hand as he plucks away whatever bit of innocent detritus happens to have clung to her lady's skirts. And they follow said hand all the way back to his own space, or bore holes in the presumptive appendage until it does so return.

"I am sure that your sons are everything they ought to be, my lord," Rosanna assures him. "I only worry for what place mine would have in such a life. Most women hope for a greater chance of inheritance for her children upon entering a marriage." She reaches for a berry, keeping her tone light. At his question, her smile turns a bit sly. "I should wish for something…surprising, I think. I do like surprises."

"Were your future sons, also my sons my lady- I can assure you, that they would not want and would have good childhoods." Rutger affirms, before he is pulling his hand back. "I would see the right thing done." Whatever that is. "But, please pardon my boldness." he is quick to add, though this seems to more directed to Day than to Rosie. "Surprising? I see, such a fine thing surprises are. Well then, I will try to do my best to see that one wish of yours comes true for your namesday." As to what wish-or how it seems Rutger will not be speaking on.

"I have no doubt that you would." There is something sharply keen and observant in Rosanna's dark eyes and her knowing smile. "I look forward to seeing what you might come up with, my lord."

A grin there as he reclines back. "Now tell me, besides surprises. How would you see your most perfect nameday go? When I think on what I would like, I will admit to some of it is being spent in leisure and comfort." he says with a grin. His pale eyes continue to watch her now, as it seems Rutger is somewhat close to ignoring the watchful eye of the septa…For now.

"Hm." Rosanna reaches to pluck another berry up from the basket. "It would involve an excess of dancing. Maybe outside."

Rutger grins ever so slightly. It seems a lot of this day has been spent-grinning. "A good thing to note." And with that he is slowly rising up. A hand offered towards Rosanna. "My sister told me, there are fine flowers here, and if I recall a lady should have a crown on their nameday. I am no weaver, but I know my sister may be skilled in such a craft. Would you help me look?"

Rosanna laughs, but she slips her hand into his own to allow him to help her rise. "I have it on good authority that your sister is actually terrible at making flower crowns," she shares with him in a lower, more playful tone. "That authority being your sister. But I did endeavor to teach her."

"My." he states with a chuckle, hand still clearly held. "Well, that should go to show what a brother has knowledge on." And Rutger nods. "Allow me to lead. You point out the flowers, and I will pick." A wink is given, as he does indeed seek to lead the young Groves off. Hopefully before the septa gets to her feet. Not that they would be far or out of sight, but if anything it should be some fun.