Page 407: A Wedding At Seagard
A Wedding at Seagard
Summary: Kaffron are wed and these get interesting.
Date: 8 September 2012
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Grand Hall, Seagard Castle
Everything is pretty here.
September 1, 289

The wedding at the Sept of Seagard has all the usual pomp and circumstance of a wedding between scions of two powerful noble houses, with rainbows cast about by the crystals of the Seven, beautiful clothing, and beautiful people. Baneforts and Mallisters take center stage, but there are noblemen and noblewomen from across the Cape and the Westerlands. And at the center of it all, between the statues of the Mother and Father, is a middle-aged septon and two young nobles, Ser Kamron Mallister and Lady Saffron Banefort. The septon's ringing voice leads the ceremony of seven vows, seven blessings, and seven promises. The wedding song is sung, the challenge unanswered. The lady's father removes her gray and orange maiden cloak, and her new husband replaces it with the purple and silver of House Mallister. There is a kiss — and not a tentative peck either — and then the septon declares the two to be of one flesh, one heart, and one soul. The newlyweds depart the sept to cheers from the smallfolk outside, and take carriage for Seagard Castle.

Some time later, the many and varied noble guests of the Mallisters take their places in the grand hall of the castle, where tables have been set up for feasting, and floor cleared for dancing. The common knights and the bastards will be seated down at lower tables, but those of noble-blood sit close by the table holding Mallisters and Baneforts. Mallister men-at-arms guard the hall, with all other guards required to remain outside (and provided with a fine dinner of their own). Maids and septas gather in little knots around the edge of the room, ready to answer the call of their ladies, but if any linger amongst the nobles and the food too long, the guards politely request that they return to their posts. It seems that the hosts are concerned about safety in the midst of these troubled times. Much of the feast has already passed, with boar and grouse and several types of fish, crab, and shellfish served. Hours have pasts, toasts and gifts have been given, and now the feast draws towards its end, with the musicians beginning to take their places to play for the dance.

It would seem that at least two of the Charlton's had decided to venture forth from their lands to pay their respects on this special day and as such, Aleister and Aeliana had found themselves amongst the Mallisters and their other guests, watching the ceremony with rapt interest and then tending to the meal in an almost quiet fashion, talking amongst themselves while speaking quietly to those around them. When the feast begins to draw to an end, Aleister's plate had already been pressed to one side and as such, when the musicians begin to take their places, he's flashing a look towards them before turning his attention to that of his sister, only to then murmer, "And now, dear sister, is when the fun begins."

Saffron Mallister has been in a small state of glowing oblivion for much of the feast. She has managed to ignore as her battlefield-savvy father, Ser Bernard, has engaged several of the Riverland nobles in talks of warcraft and tactics, she has also ignored her Lannister-married sister titter about how lovely the ceremony was, but didn't the Septon stutter a bit, and she would have added far more glitter to Saffron's wedding gown, and other such blissful irritations Magnola innocently tortures others with. She has also avoided taking notice of any threats of tensions, arguments, or any other happiness-threatening behavior between the guests. She has, however, been thankfully saving her new husband from having to endure the over-fancy foods by eating them herself and leaving him to the fish stew. Now, with the feast drawing to a close, it means it is time to circulate and chat and dance and hopefully get blissfully drunk! She is up on her feet as her plate is taken away and preparing to mingle. And yes, the fun is definitely about to begin.

Kamron has eaten little of the richer fare, but he has dined well on simple fish stew, crusty bread, and the like. Little of his attention has been paid to the food at all, however, with most of his focus on his new bride. The two have been sharing a bottle of the fine Arbor wine remaining from Kamron's melee winnings with members of their now-joined family, and another bottle of the same remains nearby, untouched thus far. Despite his near-total attention to his bride, he's even managed to exchange a few brief discussions with his new goodfather over the course of the night. He rises half a moment ahead of his new wife, offering her a hand to help her entirely unnecessarily to her feet, "And now, My Lady Wife, we get to see how many of our guests an still move after all that food."

There appears to be only one Westerling in attendence, but really, it's the only one worth having around, obviously. The heavily-scared knight, Garett Westerling has been around as much as he was allowed, as he wouldn't see his good friend Kamron be without one good man to count on. As always, he impeccable in his black and off-yellow clothes, wholeheartedly content to play it solo today, without wife or errant daughter. But he's been quiet for most of the time he's been present, staying in the background and along the sides.

Not too far from where Aleister and his sister is, is also the Fenster lord. Finishing his feats and just relaxing and talking with some of the people around. Though mostly Alric is just being polite and listening to those others that like to speak. Though a glance or two towards Aleister, along with a few scans of the area, once in a while.

Seated near enough to her lady mother to have had the benefit of indulging in a quiet voiced game that they've long played at formal banquets, Nedra's meal was accompanied by a great deal of quiet laughter and not a great deal of the wine that was served with each course. By the time the meal draws to a close and plates are being cleared away she turns to glance toward the floor that has been cleared for the dancing and aims a happy smile toward her brother and Saffron, glad at last to call Saffron goodsister.

Dressed to match her brother, Aeliana Charlton stays close to his side, but never out of view of maid and septa both that closter near the edges chatting not-so-mindlessly with the rest. Those women too, have eyes that watch. That she's enjoyed the festivites is obvious in her glow, in the joy that lights her eyes and the way she shares laughter and friendly smiles to all who should happen to engage her. Complimentive, always, from dresses to the food that'd adorned their plates at the feast, even if she'd ate much like a hummingbird, light and with care. Never far from bending her brother's ear to a word, should the notion strike. Her grin turns sly with his murmur however, laughter threatening. Collecting her fan, it's replaced and spread wide; a gentle breeze for the warmth that comes when people collect in such numbers. "Brother-mine," Ael murmurs quietly, inclining her head in Ale's direction, "Alric there keeps looking at you," she murmured, "I'm not sure if he's wanting to speak, or just…hopes that you'll save him if he drowns," she teased, before looking towards the happy couple as Kamron helped Saffron to her feet, "Her dress really does look lovely, doesn't it. They seem so genuinely happy."

Ser Kell was also given an invitation to the wedding event, one that he gladly accepted with thanks and pleasure, and it also meant that instead of his usual attire, he is wearing one that is more fit for formal events like this. What it really means is that it is a set of clothes that is rarely worn, so the colors are not faded and it is in better condition. The Terrick badge is also sewn onto the tunic to identify which House this particular knight belonged to.

For tonight's event, Kell had the duty and pleasure of escorting one of Saffron's Lady in Waiting, Jiselle, and they were both seated at the lower table reserved for common born and bastards. Through the course of the meal, the Terrick Knight did not gorge himself on food or overindulge on drinks. He also participated in the conversations at the table, on whichever subjects they may be.

Jarod arrived in Seagard traveling with his brother Lord Justin. Not that he's made any effort to deny his Nayland allegiance, but perhaps it eased his mind some when passing through Mallister lands. Whatever the situation in Stonebridge, he's certainly not going to miss the wedding of Ser Kamron and his new lady. He comes to the wedding dressed in a green doublet and dark trousers, and mixes and mingles at the festivities following with the easy jokes and laughs which the Half-Eagle armors himself in social situations. If he drinks less, and his merriment has a more watchful air than he normally would, the tense situation in the Riverlands is a thing he seems eager to forget for a few hours.

Listening to Aeliana, Aleister flits his eyes over in the direction of Alric, so as to offer a slight incline of his head before he's looking back to his sister. There's the hint of a smirk and a murmered, "Perhaps a touch of both," before he's beginning to rise from his seat. It's then that his eyes look amongst the others and when he looks back to Aeliana, it's with an offered hand to help her rise, "It truly does, I must admit and they do. Perhaps a marriage of the heart, then, and not one of requirement. A rare thing, if that is so."

Days surrounded by her family have left young Muirenn blooming with health and good cheer. Giggling with her cousins, the teenager scans the crowd but, though she knew he was busy with preparations of war, it seems a touch of disappointment clouds her seagrey eyes as a certain tall figure doesn't seem to grace the House Erenford contingent. Fingers smooth the fragile pale green silk of her gown and she gives a little kick of equally dainty rose slippers. Obediently seated near her Lady Mother, Muiri ducks her head and smiles at a comment made. Lifting her glass she says simply "Dearest Mama, I told you…spring time a year from now…out doors and more roses than he even managed to find for his betrothal feast. So I suggest we start speaking with growers across Westros now." Her own fan spreads out, a delicate concoction of green and ivory feathers that flutters in a mysterious dance as she sits contentedly and watches the new couple, adding in a murmer "I like her very much, Lady Saffron is a credit to her own House and will be such a credit to our own. I have found a dear friend in her."

Kamron has already made the requisite greetings to the powerful nobles of the area, and so he is free to offer out his arm to Saffron and guide her over toward where Garett lurks alone. The bridegroom has bid his lady wife to gather up her wineglass, and he has one in either of his hands. Offering up a crooked grin to the Westerling, he offers out one of the glasses to the other knight, "You should try this, Garett. You could almost taste it three months ago, you might as well taste it now." Yes, the second bottle of Arbor wine has been cracked.

During the feast, Jocelyn Nayland had sat quietly with a half smile on her lips, listening to those around her conversing. The food was splendid, according to those around her. With the small portion that was picked out and put on the Young Naylands plate, it wasnt eaten, it was instead pushed around her plate until the feast had come to an end and it was fitting for her to have the plate taken.

Excusing herself from those near her, Jocelyn stands and smooths out her red dress that she chose for the wedding. Wandering not far, letting her eyes scan over those present. Removing a goblet of wine from a tray that a servant offers to her.

Aeliana's hand lights on Aleister's own as she drifts up to her feet; graceful, always, with a hand smoothing about her skirts once before it curls in, that fan once more doing a lazy little dance against her bosom. Standing however, it's far easier to offer a quiet word and her head dips accordingly, a few whispered words offered before she straightens with a lazy laugh. "I suppose we should wait until they make a circut and offer our congratulations, no?"

Seated not far from where his sister and mother is, Martyn may not have eaten too much of anything during this huge meal, but he's managed to at least try a little of everything, it would seem. He's taking a sip from his glass of wine at the moment, taking a few moments of pause as he looks around the room for a few moments now. Pausing for a few moments as he hears something someone nearby says, and he nods a little bit as he answers, rather quietly for now.

Ever the chittering little bird, Jiselle has happily entertained those seated around her with bawdy tales of adventures in Lannisport. Without prompting, she refills Kell's cup of wine from a plain jug atop their table. Dishes clatter as she piles up her platter atop the remnants of everyone else's food to clear room on the table for her elbows. She utilizes one of these knobby joints to nudge Kell and gestures toward the bridal party before lifting up her own wine cup for a drink. "Tell me you're a dancer and make my evening complete, Ser Drakmoor."

Wine, wine, and more wine. Saffron earnestly gathers up her own wineglass. She is swept along toward Garett under Kamron's direction, though she does pause to flash a wink toward Nedra and her goodmother one the way. She smiles brightly to the Westerling before hse nods in agreement with Kamron's words. "Have a glass, Garett, enjoy the evening. I'm sad to not see Lady Briallyn here though, is she alright?"

Once his sister has risen, Aleister offers a gentlemanly arm to her, even as he tilts his head enough to listen to the quiet word that is spoken. Then, in turn, he's murmering to her before straightening, to let his eyes scan about and when they come to settle upon Kamron and Saffron, he's giving a slight shake of his head, "Nonsense, dear sister. Come, let us go offer our congratulations. After all, that is what we are here for."

Garett pushes himself away from the wall he had been holding as Kamron approaches. A look at him, then a look at the glass that's offered to him. A grin spreads across his face, along with a roll of the eyes. "Oh dear Kamron, does your self-confidence really require you to milk that victory for all it's worth, eh?" Shaking his head with a rather amused expression on his face, he accepts the glass. "I suppose I should allow it. I mean, now that you're married, the beating I gave you is going to be the least of your worries at this point." Chuckling at that, he offers Saffron a pleasant smile. "Lady Mallister. Congratulations to you both. Bri will try to be along if she can, but she sends her well-wishes. But as for me; May for better or worse be far better than worse."

She looks a little bit lost amongst all of these Mallisters. Even in the company of her younger sister, Ilaria, Katrin is restlessly pushing her food around on her plate, despite the chastisement from her Septa. Dressed in a gown of darkened gold trimmed with green, the girl just seems uneasy. But she takes her time to whisper back and forth with the other Haigh in her company.

Oh yeah, then Garett tips his glass at them and drinks.

Nedra lifts her wine glass towards Saffron in return to the wink flashed in her direction, a gleam of a smile that is more than a bit amused is shared with her goodsister before she turns her attention back to what her mother is saying. She leans slightly to the side to cast a smile toward her cousin Muirenn and of course her cousin Martyn, snippets of the conversation drift along the table and it's not a huge leap to discern that wedding plans are being discussed.

Another of the quiet ones is Aemy Erenford, preferring to remain in the background for the most part, seated somewhere near one of her cousins. Having enjoyed the meal, listening to the talk around her, inputting something once in awhile. Though once the meal has ended, her plate is set aside, and she rises, bringing her untouched goblet of wine with her to make her way around the room. Her intentions were not to remain long, to cross through Stonebridge before any conflict.

Aeliana laughed at her brothers quiet reply, her eyes glittering, that fan rising up to hide the sly smile that touched on her lips. It lingered too, as her head turned towards his; another soft give of words and she's nodding her agreement and lacing her arm neatly through his own, tucked in comfortably against his side to avoid being swept away in the crowd. "As it pleases, but that does not mean that you may escape dancing with me. But before that…, my darling, I dare you to ask…," Dark eyes swept the room and searched for something to catch her eye. Ah. Yes. There. A bright splash of red; fan snapping together, so that its end could be used as a point aimed at none other than the Lady Jocelyn Nayland. "Her."

Jarod glances over at Kamron and Saffron but, seeing the Charltons approaching, keeps his distance. He gets himself a glass of wine, from which he sips, and works the room to wait for a less enemy-filled time to congratulate them. He finds himself drifting toward Kell, while he's at it. "Ser Drakmoor. I am ill-at-ease with many of the faces here tonight, but yours is one I'm glad to see."

Alric listens and chuckles as some of the men speak and jokes. Eyes searching the area a bit perhaps. Spotting Aleister's incline as well, and offering one in return. Rising to his feet soon enough.

Upon himself he wears a light blue doublet along with green seams and white long sleeved shirt under. There is a fine pattern all along the sleeveless doublet. The trousers simple and of white color, almost greyish.

Kamron reaches out to clap Garett on the shoulder with his newly-emptied hand, "My self-confidence requires nothing now that I've married a good woman, my friend." The mention of the beating he received draws a laugh, "Don't worry, my ribs still creak when the sun goes down and it gets cool." The congratulations cause him to bow his head and look over to Saffron, sharing a smile with her. He lifts his glass and drinks to the toast, although it is a small sip, very small indeed. After all, there have been a great many toasts already, and will probably be a great many more to come. "Thank you, Garett. And I hope that your own Lady will be able to join us. Otherwise you may be mobbed by ladies seeking a dancing partner." The rise of the bride and room have signalled a general approval for people to get up and mingle, which some have already begun to do.

Kell's eyes widen for a moment when his wine cup is refilled once again before he nods slightly to Jiselle, "Thank you, Mistress Hill. The wine is particularly good tonight." He had been pacing himself tonight so he doesn't become drunk, not something he had been planning to do tonight, but he doesn't slight the refill as he raises the cup slightly to the woman he is escorting tonight before bringing it to his lips for a brief sip. As for her request, the knight can only once, knowing that it was just a matter of time before the subject was broached. "I would not want to be the one to make your evening incomplete, but I'm afraid my skills at dancing is… lacking, except with it comes to the blade." On Jarod's approach, Kell turns his attention to the Half-Eagle and grins at the other man, "Ser Jarod, I am also glad to see you as well and I know what you mean… but hopefully tonight will remain festive and the troubles forgotten, even if it was just for one night."

Saffron laughs and joins in the toast. "Good," she says in regards to Briallyn. "I hope to see her, as we have not had a chance to catch up since the last time we were in Seagard." There is a glimmer of amusement in her gaze before she turns a bit. It is then that her gaze drops to Katrin and she offers the girl a sly wave. Then she tugs at her husband's arm, whispering something to his ear before she smiles to Garett. "Go, mingle. We have to circulate and mingle, but tell Bri that we would love to have you both stay for a bit so we can catch up better."

With her on his arm, Aleister begins to lead Aeliana through the crowd and over in the direction of the Mallisters, though when her gaze lingers upon .. a Nayland and she's making mention of him asking her to dance, there's a flit of his eyes over in Jocelyn's direction before he's giving a slight shake of his head, "Perhaps later." Now, his own eyes scan the crowd and when they fall upon Jarod, he's motioning vaguely towards the half-eagle. "That one, Aeliana. Ser Jarod Rivers. His /wife/ claims herself a Knight, wielding a sword and wearing armor. I suppose that means he tends to the sewing and mending of dresses and should wear one himself." The words are a teasing murmer to her and as his gaze shifts back to Aeliana, he lofts his brow just a touch, "So perhaps it should be he that I ask." With a fleeting smirk that touchs upon his lips, he's tehn turning his attention back in the direction of their destination and as they begin to draw closer to the group that Saffron and Kamron are about, he's slowing to offer an incline of his head to all, along with a quick, "Congratulations, Ser Kamron. Lady Saffron."

"I don't plan to linger long, honestly," Jarod says to Kell. "I'll make no pretense I'm comfortable drinking with men who'll try to kill me in a week's time. I did want to give my best to the bride and groom, though. And who is your lovely companion?" He flashes Jiselle a broad grin, and flourishes a bow to her. It seems less a nod to any ladyship he might presume she had than just because he enjoys the dramatics.

"Oh she will, I hope. I think she was looking for an excuse to get out. Taking care of grown-up daughter is a bit more time consuming than either of us thought." Garett notes, pausing. "I'll tell you about it later. And if Bri and I have our way, we'll be making Seagard a permanant home for us. I haven't really had a chance to try and discuss the matter with your lord about purchasing a home, but…this place could certainly be home for me and mine. But of course, go make your rounds you two, I won't be going anywhere. I'll just be in a corner. Hiding. From the woman, lest Lady Westerling has me strung up."

"A happy day, cousin," Martyn offers in Nedra's direction, with a bit of a smile in return, before he looks out into the room again, while draining the rest of his wine now. Studying the glass for a few moments, before he places it on the table, and slowly starts getting to his feet now.

The music begins in earnest, and Muirenn pushes away from the table and bending to brush a kiss to her mother's cheek, murmurs with a giggle of amusement "The musicians made me promise not to make them play past dawn this time." Straightening she lifts her wine glass and finishes the final sip before half-dancing, half-gliding towards the dance floor. On the way she gives hugs to her cousin Nedra and to her brother. The one bestowed upon Martyn perhaps is more strained than in former days, but is cheerful and loving nonetheless.

Kamron arches his eyebrows at Garett's mention of a permanent home, but it's a pleased sort of surprise, not a disappointed one. "Good luck with that, my friend." He nods at his new wife's suggestion, "Your wife can hardly fault you for dancing with noblewomen at a dance. Why, I'll even take a turn or two without My Lady… eventually." There's a pause, and a flash of a crooked grin, "Just don't let your hands linger." And then he's turning away to greet Aleister with a nod of his head, "Ser Aleister. I'm glad you could make it." His eyes cut aside to the woman alongside the Charlton knight, one brow rising with a hint of question.

The musicians strike up their first song, and those crossing the open space before the tables begin to clear out, leaving room for those who wish to dance.
"Poor little butterfly, all dolled up and no chance to spread her wings," Aeliana sighed tragically for the Nayland woman's loss and instead gave her brothers arm a bemused squeeze as she followed the direction of his gaze. "That does explain why his trousers look loose," his sister remarked casually, her voice quiet enough not to carry beyond those who were standing intimately close. "Yes," she agreed, fan splayed along the flat of her stomach, "And do not forget to bow. Ladies prefer a gallant gentlemen." Playfully reminded, and while she'd schooled her words, as they drifted across the way and she marked well the man's retreat as they enclosed; her smile reamined, just as merry, just as bright. "Indeed!" The woman's words chimed on the heels of her brothers, "Congratulations and blessings both, upon such a joyous and dare," she cast a glance between Kamron and Saffron, smiling all the brighter, "I say a loving union."

Kell inclines his head to Jarod as the Half-Eagle speaks, as if understanding fully what the other man is saying, "I wouldn't fault you for that, usually when you share drinks with someone, it's out of respect or kindness." Of course, the Terrick Knight's words show that he isn't the type who is a veteran of the political arena. At the motion towards Jiselle, a sheepish expression appears as he did not take the initiative with introductions, "Pardon my lack of manners." He says to both Jarod and Jiselle, "This is Mistress Jiselle Hill, Lady in Waiting for Lady Saffron." Kell's hand first gestures towards Jislle while speaking to Jarod, and then his attention flips to the lady, "This is Ser Jarod Rivers, Lord Jerold's son and Lord Justin's half-brother. They call him the Half Eagle. Ser Jarod and I had fought together to defend Seagard against the Ironborn and also on the Iron Isles, he's a very skilled knight."

A beaming smile is passed off to Saffron as she catches the new Mallister's eye. Katrin lifts her glass of wine in a silent salute to her friend before she looks back at Ilaria. "I think I would take a stroll to see who dared to attend in such hectic times," she murmurs quietly. "I find myself curious to know if the Naylands have the… confidence to attend." Maybe one Nayland in particular with the way the Haigh looks about the crowds. "I will come back soon," she promises and rises, Septa right beside her.

Moving a few steps behind Aleister, smiling and looking around, is their vassal. Alric himself that is. Just glancing left and right. Smiling and nodding to those he recognizes. Spotting the Mallisters that he know, nodding to them all. Muirenn, Martyn, Nedra and any other he recognizes. Then his eyes goes towards Kamron and Saffron. Letting Aleister speak first. "Indeed, congratulations, ser Kamron and lady Saffron." He offers with a deep bow.

"You will have to," Saffron says with a blink at the news of Garett and a full-grown daughter. Lord Aleister's voice draws her around, however, and she is immediately beaming to the Charlton. "Lord Aleister, I am so incredibly pleased to see that you made it. Though," she says, glancing toward Aeliana without a falter to her smile, "without Lady Cherise?" She does offer Aeliana a dimpling smile as she steps forward to greet the new woman properly. "But still with a lovely escort." She bows her head at Aeliana's compliment. "Thank you, my Lady. We have not yet met. Are you one of Lord Aleister's kin?"

"I quite agree," Nedra replies with a smile towards Martyn and turns to see her lady mother and father smiling at each other as they rise from the table. Her father offers his arm to her mother and it's clear that they intend to mingle, but also that they intend to dance. Though not, of course, until after Kamron and Saffron have had the first dance to start things off properly. She tips her glass again for a sip of the contents and smiles a greeting to Lord Alric before hugging her cousin Muirenn in return. "I do hope this dance is just as lovely as the last one I attended," she admits as she rises to her feet at last.

There's just a touch of a chuckle that escapes past Aleister's lips and with a slight incline of his head in her direction, he's murmering, "So noted, dear sister, so noted." Then, when Kamron makes his address to him, he's offering the other Knight another nod of his head and a quick, "Thank you for having us, Ser Kamron. It is our pleasure to have been able to attend." The questioning lift of a brow is not immediately answered, for he's turning his attention over to that of Saffron, "Unfortunately, the Lady Cherise was unable to attend. This is my sister .." His free hand lifts, to motion to Aeliana and as it lowers, he continues with, ".. the Lady Aeliana Charlton. Recently come to Highfield from Hollyholt."

"Nonsense," Jiselle replies to Kell, grinning over the rim of her cup before looking up to the bridal party at their high table once more. She misses the newcomer arriving at their table until her escort begins to speak, and then she turns her bright and lively gaze upon Jarod. His bow drags a giggle out from between her teeth, and she makes a show of rising up from the bench to dip a deep curtsey to the man. She, too, can enjoy the dramatic. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ser Rivers. Of course I know the name well enough, as it has passed the lips of many ladies." Her eyes twinkle with mirth as she straightens from her curtsey and gestures toward their table. "Would you care to join us? I was just convincing Ser Drakmoor to dance with me when the time comes. Do you dance, ser?"

Garett just shakes his head at Saffron, smiling. "The stories will be about when you have time, Lady Mallister. This is a for both of you, enjoy it." He returns the shoulder clap from Kamron with one of his own. "Tell you about it later. Go make your rounds. If you need backup, you know where to find me." That said, he breaks away from the wedded couple, either out of respect or there's just a bit too many people in that one spot, so instead, he moves on over, glass in hand for the Half-Eagle and Kell. "Ser Jarod, good to see you here."

Pausing for a very brief moment of pause as he's hugged by his sister, Martyn offers her a bit of a smile as he hugs her in return. "Not past dawn, sister? Does that mean they will stop mid-song when dawn breaks?" Spoken a bit lightly, before he adds, a bit more quietly. "Did he make it?" Not saying what he he's talking about. He pauses for a few moments as he notices that nod from Alric, offering a polite one in return to the man now.

As everyone seemed to be moving toward the newly wed couple, Jocelyn starts to make her way in that direction as well. Though then, Aleister is seen being the next to approach Saffron and Kamron and she turns direction. Ah, Jarod. Glance, pause… Shift. Spotting Nedra and Muirenn, her final decision made and with direct steps she approaches them. "Lady Nedra, Lady Muirenn." happily greeting both women. "What a beautiful wedding, and you both look stunning."

At mention of Cherise's absence, Aeliana's expression never once wavers, for all that she'd cut a grin at her brother for his agreement. Though she looks properly humbled with the introduction, drops into a graceful curtsy. But there was laughter on her lips when she rose, "What my humble brother fails to say, is that I'm also his favorite relation," she teased; flashing Saffron a smile. "But you, my Lady, are certainly the envy of the room! I was just remarking to Ale as we made our way over that you fair lit it up with the way you seem to glow with naught but joy." Her gaze extended to include Kamron, "Thank you again, for having us. But I fear if you don't go claim the floor for the first dance soon…the other women are going to mob you." Where the wink that followed was aimed at Saffron.

Strolling through the room, Aemy recognizes a very familiar face indeed. "Lady Katrin!" The exclamation one of surprise blended with delight, her wine glass all but forgotten in her hands as she greets her. "How are you, cousin? I had thought to see you in Terrick's Roost long before now, and here we are finally meeting again in Seagard of all places. It is lovely seeing you."

Kamron bows his head in turn to Aeliana and Alric as well, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Aeliana. I'm glad that you could join us as well. The same, of course, goes to you, Lord Alric. Welcome to Seagard." He nods to Garett as the Westerling makes his excuses and heads off, and then offers a smile to Aleister, gesturing to Aeliana, "As your lady sister notes, we really should take a turn around the dance floor so that others can as well. If I give you my word to return for a bit more discussion immediately afterwards, will you excuse us?"

"I'm called many things, Mistress Jiselle, but the Ser Jarod will do. Or the Half-Eagle. I'm wed rightly, if strangely, so I'm not sure Rivers is mine any longer." Jarod doesn't sound too displeased about that. Though it might've left him with no right name at all. I dance a little. Good for balance, after all. Every swordsman should try it." He winks. Garett's voice makes him turn, and a hand is extended toward the Westerling knight. "Ser Garett. How fare you this eve? It's been long, since the tourney in this city. Which I guess wasn't too long ago, though it feels like an age has passed. I dance a little…"

Nedra curtsies to Jocelyn and smiles as she rises, "You look stunning as well, Lady Jocelyn, and wasn't it just?" she agrees with nod. Another happy glance is sent toward her brother and Saffron before she turns back to Jocelyn and Muirenn. "One of those rare moments, is it not, when the good men of our company must bravely set forth and prove their ability to dance?" she says, laughing quietly after her own words, eyes sparkling with amusement in advance.

Hearing her name spoken after only a very short stroll, Katrin comes to a halt and a warm smile appears. "Lady Aemy," she greets with equal warmth and affection. "Oh, it is so good to see a friendly and familiar face amongst so many strangers," she says, breathing out a soft sight in relief. She closes the distance between herself and the Erenford, reaching out to grasp one of her hands. "I had hoped to see you in Terrick's Roost, but my sister and I were invited to Highfield to attend our cousin, Lady Alys, as she prepares for her marriage to cousin Perrin. But I believe I have been persuaded to return to the Roost once the wedding is over."

Alric smiles and dips his head once more at Kamron's words. Then, with having given congatulations to the pair, though attention being on Aleister, he does look around a bit. Though only a little, keeping in on the conversations going on around him. Smiling softly to the newlyweds as well. Spotting Nedra rising causes a bit of a grin, seeing her dress more fully. Something she had said about it perhaps going through his mind. Then his gaze continues through the room to see all the people he recognizes.

Garett can't help but exasperate just a tad at that, taking the other man's hand. "You're telling me." he grouses in good-humor. "Almost feels like another life in some respects. As for now? Could be better, could be worse, and therefore, I have no real reason to complain." Looking about the hall, he drink from his glass casually. "Good to see you come. I take then I'm not the only one riding solo tonight? Or will your wife be along at some point?"

There's naught but a soft laugh as Aeliana declares herself Aleister's favorite relation and when it has come to pass, there's an incline of his head in the direction of Kamron, followed by, "Please, Ser Kamron, take your leave as you will. This is your night and I would not see you held up to speak with me." Now, he offers a slight bow of his head to both Kamron and Saffron, "Lady. Ser. Congratulations once more and please do enjoy your dance."

Kell had also risen to his feet when Jarod made his approach before making the introductions and Jiselle's teasing and mischevious statement causes the Terrick Knight to turn his head for a moment to clear his throat into his hand, in amusement. When Ser Garett joins them though, Kell bows his head respectfully to the new arrival though remains silent for the time being, as he doesn't know the man. Jarod's comment about how everyone swordsman should at least know a little about dancing has the Terrick Sworn wincing, as it is certainly not his forte. "If only dancing at formal events were as easy." As dancing with the blade that is.

Genuine warmth colors Saffron's laughter as she focuses on Aeliana. "I've never thought to consider Lord Aleister humble, but neither have I seen him terribly arrogant." Rose-colored glasses, anyone? "Determined and proud." She nods with a slow-growing grin. "While I'm sorry not to see Lady Cherise again, I'm happy to meet more of the Charlton brood." The compliments of their union draws a small blush to Saffron's cheeks and she bows her head. "Thank you, Lady Aeliana. I am lucky that my father found merit in such a match." She then glances beyond the pair of Charltons to Alric, bowing her head in greeting. "Lord Alric."

Jiselle titters even louder as Jarod's offhand comment further supports her endeavors. She looks askance at Kell, eyebrows arching upward, and nudges him once more with her elbow. Perhaps she is acting too familiar in mixed company, but she seems in too good a humor to care. Her gaze flickers over Garett as he arrives, but recognizing an unknown nobleman, she instead continues her conversation with Kell. "Perhaps what you need is a skilled teacher, Ser Kell. If I promise to lead…?"

"No, he did not make it. I am sure that he is preparing to fortify their lands and political stance. Agreements are oft forgotten in the heat of battle and I am sure the Erenfords wish to ensure that they are prepared should certain promises be forgotten." Muirenn's reply is quiet, though her eyes narrow slightly. Forcing a smile she adds with a grin "The lack of a partner has never stopped me from dancing as you well know. I intend to make merry despite /his/ absence." Glancing up she sees Alric and Jocelyn approaching, the former receives a polite smile and a nod while the latter gets a delighted green and hug, "I am so happy that you could make it. You look so very lovely! As do you Nedra!"

Jarod chuckles to Garett. "I seem to be passing lifetimes faster than years, the way some weeks feel. Not quite dead yet, though. My lady's in Seagard with me. I think she'll be along later. She's still ill-at-ease when she's called upon for propriety, and I think she might want to make her congratulations to Lady Saffron more privately." At Kell, he aims elbow at the man's arm. "I've always held, Ser Drakmoor, that when you've got a girl as lovely as this one asking, you let her teach you whatever you like."

Confidently striding into the room is a short, good looking young nobleman. Perhaps difficult to recognize at first, what with the washed and brushed hair and long sleeves, Rafferdy looks around, a look of a man on a mission. His clothing is definitely the finely tailored wares of a noble, a gorgeous red material trimmed in yellow and black. In his hand he carries a small bundle of bright flowers, one of which has been stuck in his breast pocket. After a moment, he spots Lady Katrin Haigh, and makes his way directly to her. "My Lady," he offers, with a humble bow.

"Determined and proud," Aeliana repeated, humor in her tone and kindness in her eyes, "You are absolutely as charming as I have heard tale of you being, Lady Saffron. But go, please," she ushered the pair, content to simply be merry and indulge in her romantic streak, "Go enjoy your dance," offered with another low bow of her head. Of course, she gave a little tug on Aleister's arm too, so that they could clear a path for the happy couple, while her gaze swept out across the room and she considered the pairings, face by face as if she were trying to decide upon which group she would descend.

"It has been too long," Aemy returns the grasp, "How is Lady Alys doing? I believe it has been equally long since I have seen her, perhaps." Gently squeezing one last time before lifting her hand to her goblet. "I will be going back to Terrick's Roost as well, I do hope we can find some time together." Her talking cut short by the arrival of Lord Rafferdy. She smiles, stepping back a bit, assuring her cousin. "I will speak to you later.." intentionally giving her time to speak with the Nayland Lord.

Kamron bows his head to the Charltons, then moves to lead his new Lady out to the dance-floor. Stepping away to offer out his hand rather than his arm and then stepping close to take her up in his arms. His steps are not the confident ones of a long-trained dancer, but they are certainly better polished than the last dance in Seagard — and without the aching, limping pain he felt after the melee. Mostly, he just moves to show off his new wife to her best advantage. She's the dancer, after all, not he.

Alric smiles and inclines his head to Saffron before sliding a bit to the side to let them move if they like. And for others to greet them as well. Instead indeed heading to Muirenn and those in her company. Smiling and bowing his head, "Lady Muirenn, pleasure seeing you again. Same to you ser Martyn." Studying the man a bit as well before turning slightly. "You look astonishing as last time, lady Jocelyn." Then finally to Nedra, grinning. "As do you, lady Nera. You were not exaggerating when you told me about the dress before." He says with a spark of amusement.

Kell seems hesitant at Jiselle's offer, as he is of course afraid to make a fool of himself at the dance, especially in front of so many that are familiar to him at the wedding. Before he could answer the lady though, Jarod's advice causes the Terrick Knight to smirk and shake his head, he is certainly defeated in this little debate before he inclines his head to the Half Eagle. "Good news is that I am not deep in my cups tonight, so hopefully my feet will not betray me tonight." Kell then turns back to Jiselle and bows his head, "I do beg for forgiveness beforehand, for any… mishaps, I may cause when the dance begins."

Katrin can't quite help the immediate brightening of her expression on seeing Rafferdy appear through the crowds but she reaches out to try and snag Aemy's hand again, to anchor the woman at her side. "Lord Rafferdy," she greets politely. "I had not expected to see much of a Nayland appearance here, but it is a pleasure to see you again. Have you met my cousin, Lady Aemy Erenford?"

"I know the feeling, believe it or not." Garett agrees. "Sounds like my wife as well. Bri moves in her own ways, and it's healthier for me if I simply abide by them. I imagine she'll be fashionably late as usual. No doubt she's trying to wrangle my daughter into a dress that won't cause her to trip over her own feet. That is, if she's managed to drag her away from the Roost for a few days." A roll of the eyes. "Teens in the throws of love. I'd make a comparison to myself. If I could remember it." To Kell and Jiselle, he inclines his head both of them politely, even if he doesn't really know either of them. Watching them, he smiles. "And this is why I don't dance all that much. Too many broken toes."

That tug to Aleister's arm that his sister offers does indeed draw the man from their path and for a moment afterwards, he's letting his eyes flit out amongst the crowd, surveying those that have gathered and watching for a moment before he's looking back over towards Aeliana. There's a couple murmered words to her and then he's straightening, so as to begin to lead her around the room and over in the general direction of .. Alric and those that he had gone to visit.

Martyn smiles a bit with a nod to his sister, "I know," he replies, to both the parts about the Erenfords and the part about the dancing. "If there's anyone I'd trust to have a good time when dancing is happening, it is you." He pauses for a few moments to offer another bit of a nod to Alric now. "Lord Alric. I trust you are well?" Turning to offer a bit of a smile and a polite nod to Jocelyn as well. "Lady Jocelyn. It's good to see you." Looking around for a few moments, he then turns to offer a bit of a smile to his sister, his cousin and the two other nobles. "If the four of you will excuse me," he offers, making his way further out into the crowd. Heading in the general direction of Katrin, Aemy and Rafferdy now, although he takes a few moments to greet a few other people on his way over.

A curtsey is given to Nedra, Muirenn, Martyn and those around them in greeting. But then Jocelyn is taking into a hug by Muirenn and its accepted in its full embrace, returning it just the same. "Thank you, My Lady. I'll need to pass you the name of my seamstress. She is just simply amazing, she did my dress as well as one for Lady Nedra. Highly skilled." She nods. Turning her attention to Alric and his compliment, a touch of a blush touches her cheekbones and she offers him curtsey at his appraoch. "You are very kind, My Lord, thank you."

Nedra laughs quietly as she curtsies to Lord Alric, "Thank you, my lord," she says as she rises, humor again making her eyes gleam with amusement. "I should demur and say 'this old thing'," she adds with another light laugh, "but I am glad that no extra measures will be required in order to see to something less.. extravagant," and her hands pluck lightly at the soft material of her gown. Her eyes lift toward Muirenn as her cousins solemn words, another nod, "Tis better to have a betrothed who takes his duties and oaths responsibly, cousin, than one so easily distracted by games of chance and a new cask of ale," she suggests.

A brief smile and polite exchange is given to Aleister and Aeliana before she is escorted out onto the dance floor. She whispers something comforing into her husband's ear before hse sweeps around to face him with her hand resting on his shoulder. "Remember now to think about your feet," she says to him before they start to swirl out in time with the dance. Within several twirls of the dance, there is an unspoken invitation for others to join them.

Pleased as punch, Jiselle claps her hands together cheerfully after abandoning her cup to the table. "Thank you, Ser Drakmoor, and I forgive in advance any treading of the toes that may occur. I promise that I am sturdy enough of constitution not to care." With that, she turns her attention outward and upon the couple taking their place on the floor, cheeks flushing with admiration as she watches the sway of Saffron's beautiful gown. She is, of course, content to wait for Kell to finish his conversation before taking up the dance.

Rafferdy bows then to Aemy, "Lady Erenford. It is an honor." He smiles widely, and then extends his hand with the flowers to Katrin. "I saw these on the ride here, and could think of nothing else that could make them more beautiful except to be held by you, Lady Haigh." And he extends his bent arm to her, an offer of escorting.

Laughter follows as Aemy is tugged back to her cousin's side, taking the hint and remaining there, smiling a greeting to the Nayland. "It is indeed a pleasure meeting you, Lord Nayland." Dipping into a curtsy. The exchange of flowers causes her own cheeks to pinken, even though they were presented to her cousin. Perhaps the beautiful compliment he paid her cousin. "I would have to agree with you." Her eyes move to Katrin, gauging her reaction to the gesture.

"I believe in making a good time for myself, inevitably people and crowds fail to amuse me." Muirenn replies lightly to her brother with a grin, though noting those gathering she gives a nod as he takes his leave. Turning to the other girls and Lord Alric she says, "Indeed, Lord Ser Otto seems to be all I could hope for. I am pleased he takes duty so…" grey-green eyes narrow as she spots Rafferdy flourishing a bouquet of flowers towards Katrin. Her words nearly choke in her throat, "…of all the inappropriate! ill timed!.." the rest dissolves into a mutter as she glances towards her lady mother, hoping that at least *she* has not seen the interlude. Clearing her throat she says calmly, "If you both will excuse me. I cannot believe that I am saying this, but I think I see a Nayland that I wish to ask to dance with me." And so saying the tall girl glides towards the grouping of Rafferdy, Katrin, and Aemy.

Aeliana's brow arches at whatever it is her brother whispers, her fan rising as her head demured to hide the wolfish smile that splayed her lips. One that had little room for kindness, "I think…perhaps, I may step out for a moment of fresh air, truth be told. I pray you'll forgive me." Implored with dark eyes, as she moved to disengage.

Alric offers a nod to Martyn, "That I am. I do hope the same applies to you." He offers glancing around between the people. Also looking towards Katrin and Aemy for a moment before spotting the approaching Aleister, though with still a bit away he turns to listen to those already in his company. Smiling sweetly to Jocelyn as she blushes, which turns his smile a bit into a more playful grin. Then he hears Nedra's laugh and he grins slightly wider. Amused as well. Though he is rather silent, just offering a soft shrug before Aleister is coming closer, "Ser lord Aleister, good to see you here. I have been trying to reach you. Though you knew I would more than likely be here, so I understand that you felt no reason to send word in return." He says, smiling softly. As he does to most.

Jarod chuckles at Kell, though it's a well-meaning sort of laugh. Mostly. "Have fun," he says to the Terrick sworn simply. To Garett, he smirks. "Most women who're any fun are more forceful than most would like, I've found. Anyhow, give your lady wife my best, if I see her not while I'm in Seagard."

Kamron laughs softly at Saffron's reminder to him, "Well I wasn't thinking of them. Until now." Still, he manages well enough, stepping with the music and even managing a turn or three for his Lady. Of course, it must be hard to dance even for a practiced dancer when you're too busy staring into blue eyes only a few inches away. "I think I already said this a time or eight, but you are gorgeous, My Lady."

Flitting his attention over towards Alric, there's a slight nod of Aleister's head and the touch of a smile before he's offering, "I have been busy, Lord Alric. Please, enjoy yourself, there will be time enough after the wedding to discuss matters. Seek me then." Now, he's looking to his sister, a slight lift of his brow coming as he offers a nod of his head, "Of course, Ael, give me but a moment and I shall accompany you." Now, there's a looking back to Alric and those with him and he's offering another slight incline of his head, "Please, excuse me Lords and Ladies."

Looking about at the new arrivals, Garett takes in the familiar form of Katrin….then the people around her. Considering the last conversation he and Katrin had, he can spot a bad situation when he sees it. "By the Old Ones…" he mutters under his breath, even if Jarod hears that. "Well, we plan on making Seagard our permanat home if things work…" he trails off. "Uh…excuse me for a moment, Ser Jarod. I think I have to go rescue a friend." Then he starts to move off, directly for the Lady Haigh. Hurry hurry hurry. "Lady Katrin." he says, closing in. "Why, I didn't think you would be making an appearence tonight." he states, putting on his best face. "Now, I beleive the last time we were both at a gathering, you did promise me a dance, didn't you?" he says, looking at her, then jerking his head over at the dance floor. "Bri would just not be able to forgive me if I didn't live up to my, would she?" Ser Amnesia to the rescue!

Anticipation for what Muirenn would say to her in reply dies when she sees the womans face all and turns her head to see what she is looking at. Noting her cousin Rafferdy with Lady Haigh, she stares and then turns back to say something to Muirenn, but hears her words instead, "Lady Mui-" she's stopped when the woman rushes off, and a sigh is released. Left with the small group of Lady Nedra and Lord Alric after Martyn had made his excuses. Forcing a smile onto her lips, she turns so that she can still still stay within the group but keep an eye in the direction of her cousin. But when she turns, she finds herself standing before Aliester. This was not her night in the least! Biting the inside of her cheek she says nothing at all, bowing her head and dipping in a small curtsey at his greeeting… and this departure when he makes his own excuses.

Kell can only nod his head at what Garett says, one of the worries that he always had when it comes to dancing. Well, perhaps not broken but bruising is definitely not out of the question. The Terrick Sworn's attention also drifts to the main dance area where the bride and groom begin, eyes glancing briefly to the musicians who play the tune and then back to the newlyweds. At Jarod's words, Kell can only smirk at the other man before glancing at Jiselle, obviously still hesitant and perhaps waiting for more to occupy the dance floor. However, as more people start heading to the dance floor, noblemen and noblewomen first, before others join in, Kell decides to face the inevitable and offers his hand to Jiselle before bowing his hand, "Mistress Hill, if you would do me the honor for a dance?" Properly asked of course.

Jarod grimaces when he sees Rafferdy and Martyn in the same general proximity. "I'll…err…go with you," he says, in a fatalistic sort of way. Following the Westerlands knight. Though, rather than just look dreading, he offers a bright, "Ser Martyn! The Rock of Mallister, as I live. Been too long, which I find myself saying a lot this eve."

"Of course, Aeliana murmured; for all that she'd disengaged before he'd joined the group and carefully wove her way once more towards the doors; intent on stealing a moment of fresh air for herself beyond them. But she's dutiful and polite and flanked by maid and septa both, not but a moment after she's departed his company. Much as they'll keep her company beyond, as well.

Katrin's cheeks flush a dark red at the presentation of flowers and compliment. "You are far too kind, My Lord," she replies, dipping her head down to Rafferdy. "But perhaps it might be best to present such a gift to the bride, as this is her day and as Lady Saffron is a dear friend, I would not wish to do anything that might detract from her moment," she says gently. "However…" She does flash a brief grin and plucks a single flower from the offered bouquet and tucks it into the restrained locks of brown hair at the nape of her neck. "I would not wish to cause a scandal by refusing such a thoughtful gift." And oh thank the Seven, there's Garett. "Ser Garett," she greets enthusiastically. "You are acquainted with Lord Rafferdy Nayland, are you not? But yes, you did promise me a dance, and I will never forgive you if you do not keep your word." She smiles to both Aemy and Rafferdy. "Would you both excuse me for the briefest of moments so that I might dance with my cousin's husband?"

Rafferdy returns the smile to Katrin, "As you wish," he answers in respect to her request to give the flowers to the bride. He bows again to Garrett, "Ser. The honor is mine. Lady Katrin speaks quite highly of you." He nods a friendly grin at the dance request. "Of course," and he releases Katrin to join Garett. "Don't wear her out, Ser. I'd like the next dance." He smiles, and nods to Lady Haigh.

Admiration for her cousin fills Aemy's gaze as she handles the situation with graceful aplomb. "Of course, Lady Katrin, I will meet you again in Terrick's Roost soon," smiling apologetically to Lord Rafferdy. "If you will excuse me as well? I was about to take my leave." Another curtsy is given, "Again, it was a pleasure to meet you."

Alric smiles and nods to Aleister, "Of course, my lord. I will see you later." He offers before looking to the others again. Ael getting a glance and smile as well. Though his eyes follow the others towards Katrin and Rafferdy as well, shrugging a bit before looking to Jocelyn again, "So, my lady. What have you been up to since last we met?" Being as polite as he usually is. Or he tries to be, even if he is often misunderstood. "I do hope you are well." Is added. A glance towards Nedra as well, even if he does not speak to her for now. Though there is a polite smile.

Having come to a stop on the way over, Martyn is exchanging a few words with one of the other guests, blinking as Muirenn makes her way past. Looking in that direction for a few moments, he then grimaces a bit as he hears that 'rock' part of Jarod's greeting. He only takes a few moments to recover, and turns to the man, offering a bit of a smile. "Ser Jarod. That's quite true, it's been far too long. How are you?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I hope your lady wife is well too, of course."

Oh goodie, time to dance! Jiselle tears her gaze away from the bride and offers Kell a somewhat sultry smile. Slipping her cool fingers into his, she dips a careful curtsey before allowing him to lead her out onto the floor. At this point, enough bodies have gathered to take up the dance that the two seem to melt into the crowd. "And we start this way," she murmurs quietly to her companion, gazing up at Kell from beneath her lashes with an amused grin.

Every once in a while Nedra is reminded of the sight of two ships colliding while attempting to navigate through the harbour on courses that took them distressingly near. A minor miscalculation o the part of one navigator and a over-reaction by the other caused both ships to collide in a grinding sound of rending wood and the screams from both crews. Its with this in mind that she observes the set course of her cousin Muirenn, glances around with marked alertness for the location of her cousin Martyn and then back around to Lord Alric, Lord Aleister and Lady Jocelyn who are nearest to her in comparison to where Lord Rafferdy, Ladies Aemy and Katrin, Ser Garret and Ser Jarod - to name a few - are standing. The arrival and departure of Lord Aleister is marked with a polite curtsy of her own to the notable nobleman, though his brush through their little group is done so casually and swiftly that it's more of a nod and a word or two and nothing more. She returns Alric's glance with one of her own, the look in her eyes being a mingled set of amusement, worry and a random collection of other emotions that make her blue-grey eyes look troubled.

Garett nods at Rafferdy. "Of course, I know Katrin will be rightly danced out by the end of the night." he shoots Katrin a looks, as to say 'these are the things I do for you'. Then he offers Jarod a subtle nod of thanks before extending his arm to Katrin. "Well, that floor isn't going to wear itself out without us, will it? I'm sure Bri will pleased to know that I kept my promise to save a dance with her dear cousin." Oh my Garett, sure you're pants aren't on fire yet? No, he's not physically dragging her away from the goup, but it's close. She'll dance with the Westerling and she'll -like it-.

With a light step and, despite the problems at hand, a bounce to her movements as the music plays Muirenn makes her way through the crowds. It takes her a bit longer than she desires as rather toasty (not quite fully toasted) members of her family hale her and try to wiggle details of her own betrothal from her. Dissuading them with softly giggled replies she finally reaches Rafferdy. Cheeks are flushed and the tall girl dips a curtsy that is, perhaps in her mind unearned but not a trace can be seen as she smiles politely, "Lord Nayland, would you honor me with this first dance? Completely forward and absolutely ill mannered…my lady mother would be quite perterbed with me, but I was quite taken with the idea of dancing with you." An inclination of her chin points out the Lady Aduialana seated by her husband and overseeing the festivities with regal focus.

The Bride is still beaming brightly as she sweeps around the floor. She looks up at her husband with a tilt of her time. "Oh, I suppose you have mentioned in passing that you approve of my appearance, Husband," Saffron says playfully. She continues through the song, and as more and more sweep onto the dance floor, she whispers something to her husband to suggest that they should go back to circulating as there are still guests she has yet to greet.

Jarod extends a hand to Martyn, for clasping purposes. "Rowenna is well, though I think she's still ill at ease when asked to play a proper lady. She tries, but I don't figure it's a part that'll ever suit her. How do you fare these days?" A look is flitted to Katrin and Rafferdy, and he doesn't bother to hide a relieved breath when she goes to dance with Garett. "I'm not too at ease with some in these halls myself, but your cousin's wedding wasn't something I was going to miss."

It doesn't take a lot of effort on Garett's part to have Katrin depart the company with as much haste as she can gracefully accomplish without looking as though she were running away. Over her shoulder she does smile, "I would be pleased to save a dance for you, Lord Rafferdy," she calls. "I am quite sure Briallyn will be ever so pleased to know that you made room on your card for me, Ser Garett," she bubbles. And once they've put some distance between themselves and the group, her voice drops and she murmurs to the Westerling knight.

Leading the Jiselle towards the dance floor as promised, Kell looks at the new battlefield that he has to contend with now, one that he is obviously unfamiliar with. However, after finding an open area within the group of people that are already dancing, the Terrick Knight focuses his attention on Jiselle, perhaps more so than usual since he is to watch as she leads, so he can attempt to learn this more noble task. The music does linger around in the background, noticed though he is taking queues more from Jiselle than anything else.

"Oh, she'll be right -thrilled-." Garett is trying to make that sound as pleasant as humanly possible, but they both know how the Lady Westerlings…temper can be. Taking up his hands to guide Katrin along in the dance, his voice lowers as well. It might've been some time since he cut a rug, but at least he's not totally inept when comes to stuff like this. A deep sigh resignation rumbles out of his chest and he shakes his head slightly.

Kamron laughs softly at Saffron's words, "Not just your appearance, My Lady. And you'll hear it many more times." Her whispered suggestion draws another little laugh from him, and he nods, spinning her out and then offering up his arm once more. As he leads her off the dance floor, he glances around, tracking people down, "And who is it you would like to speak with next, Lady Saffron?"

Justin has been seated and conversing with several others, or listening to other conversations by turns. He has turned out dressed in his best clothes for the event as one would expect and enjoyed the repast as well as the company. For the moment the Terrick Sheriff remains seated to finish a glass of wine as others are leaving the tables to join the dancing. Justin lingers long enough to pour himself another glass before he also leaves the tables to walk leisurely over to watch, though there's no telling if he'll dance or not. His mood is certainly not ill and he looks to be quietly enjoying himself, pleased for his friends.

Alric smiles a bit as he just stands still for a moment. Glancing to Jocelyn and smiling sweetly before looking to Nedra, spotting the mix of emotions as he moves a bit closer, following her gaze as well. Whispering to her before glancing to anyone still close to where he is. Smiling at the nexly weds as they seem to be done with their first dance. A polite incline of his head towards them.

A cross look is given to Garett as they begin the steps of the dance. Katrin shakes her head and continues her quiet conversation with the Westerling. Dancing seems to come naturally for the Haigh girl and she doesn't think twice about the steps as they are performed.

As Katrin is being swept off by Garett, Saffron does manage to catch her bastard cousin with Kell. She starts to actually beam with wonderful approval, flashing Jiselle a wink. She then turns back toward her husband as they step toward where Jocelyn had been left, wanting to greet the Nayland woman next. "Lady Jocelyn," she says with a flash of dimples. "You're looking lovely as always."

Seeing the crowd that gathered around her Lord Cousin and Lady Katrin, Jocelyn watches intently to see the outcome of it all. Trying desperately to keep the small faultering smile on her lips and keep up conversation. "I confess, Lord Alric, I've been very dull indeed. Only that I've moved out of Stonebridge in anticipation of…" she slowly comes to a stop of that conversation, and clears her throat. "I'm very happy to be able to attend the wedding, it is a nice chance of normal pace of life." Oh, Lady Katrin was walking away and towards the dance floor with an unknown man. Jocelyn watches with interest and notes the other couples that have taken to dancing. Suddenly, the young Naylands smile vanishes completely and her lips are in a line. A hand is raises to her temple and rubs it gently, feeling a sudden headache start to form. Looking ill. It was diffiantly not her night. Lifting her goblet, she takes a heavy drink of her wine.

The scarred Westerling nods at this, seeming to allivate some of the slightly annoyed look of his own. She's obviously a better dancer than he, but he doesn't mess up so bad that it's largely evident. And like before he continues the hushed conversation with the Haigh noblewoman.
You paged Jocelyn with 'No worries!'

Clasping the hand in greeting, Martyn offers a bit of a smile now, espeically as he hears what's being said. "I'm sure he really appreciates you taking the time to come, especially since there are those you are not too at ease with, Ser Jarod," he offers, with a grin, before he shrugs a little bit at that question about how he fares these days. "Well enough, my friend, well enough," he offers after a few brief moments of pause.

"Follow the rhythm of the music," Jiselle offers a hint to Kell, laughing quietly as she touches her hand to his once more and moves. "Like this, this way." Even if she is playing teacher, the woman seems to be having a wonderful time, and she spares a glance for those around her. "I am extremely grateful for your time, Ser Drakmoor, and your willingness to humor me. Perhaps as payback, you can teach me to use a—not a sword. A dagger? A kitchen knife!"

Rafferdy furrows his brow a little at Muirenn, "I'm sorry… With all due respect, I don't even know who you are. Or who your mother is, for that matter," he quips with a charming grin as he follows her gesture to Lady Aduialana Mallister. "Ah…" He looks back at Muirenn once more. "Ser Martyn's sister, I presume." He sighs, "It's best if we don't, Lady Mallister. I have no desire to made a scene of yet again by your family's refusal to honor Lady Katrin's clear and well-spoken intentions." He offers a bit more sternness to his voice as he adds, "I'm sorry that your brother refuses to stop interfering with Lady Katrin and I. And I grow weary with your family's insistence to make others believe the opposite."

One of the few couples to take the dance floor after Kamron and Saffron lead the way, to a smattering of polite applause in fact that comes from around the room, is none other than the Lord and Lady of Talon point, that being the parents of Kamron and Nedra of course. Nedra turns toward Jocelyn as she says, "They're so cute," with a nod toward her parents, pleased to see them together on the floor and pauses as she sees the smile fade from Jocelyn's face. "Are you well, Lady Jocelyn?" is asked in a quiet voice, concern again making her eyes troubled. "I'm quite glad you're here, by the way," she adds as Saffron and Kamron approach and greetings are exchanged and she tilts her head slightly to catch the words that Lord Alric speaks to her.

Kamron allows himself to be guided toward the Nayland lady, bowing his head as he approaches, "Lady Jocelyn. Thank you for joining us." He tilts his head slightly to one side, "I do hope that everything is still agreeing with you." He glances over to where Rafferdy is speaking with his cousin, the faintest flicker of annoyance crossing his lips, even if he (thankfully) can't hear what's being said.

Kamron allows himself to be guided toward the Nayland lady, bowing his head as he approaches, "Lady Jocelyn. Thank you for joining us." He tilts his head slightly to one side, "I do hope that everything is still agreeing with you." He glances over to where Rafferdy is speaking with his cousin, the faintest flicker of annoyance crossing his lips. And then he catches the younger Nayland's words, and his face flattens entirely, thunderclouds building behind his eyes. The groom's right hand clenches into a fist at his side, but he forces a facade of a smile onto his lips, now listening intently.

With his glass of wine in hand, Justin catches sight of lady Saffron being escorted by her newly wed husband. The young Terrick lord alters his own course to head over in their direction and because they are speaking to others, he pauses to wait his turn to adress the couple. Justin smiles faintly as he watches them, listening to various bits of conversations around and gives an incline of his head to lady Jocelyn as well.

"Oh dear, what is Muirenn doing with Rafferdy?" Katrin asks with no small measure of worry in her voice as she cranes her neck, trying to see. "Perhaps we had best return before blood is spilt. I know Martyn will not stand idly by if he feels his sister is being insulted." She bites at her lower lip. "What do I do now?"

Alric listens and nods, "That is nice." He offers about the wedding. Letting the talk of Stonebridge wait for another time. The look on Jocelyn's face and seeming ill makes him furrow his brows. "Lady Jocelyn, is everythin alright?" He asks, sliding a bit closer. Though his eyes follow Kamron's and he sighs. Looking between the Talon Point siblings. Waiting for Nedra's reply perhaps. But soon he starts towards Muirenn and Rafferdy. Offering a small nod to those he departs. "Is it not polite to dance with the hosting family?" He asks, grinning a bit. Keeping his composure.

"Well enough's better than not," Jarod says to Martyn with a grin. He's about to say more, but Kamron is finally free for congratulating. And now approaching Rafferdy looking all strained. He groans. "I should, uh, go talk to the happy couple before I lose my chance."

Heeding the words of his dance instructor, Kell nods his head to show that he understands and appears to pay a bit more attention to the music, hearing the subtle beat and rhythm to this particular dance number. As she leads again, the knight does his best to follow suit though as time passes, his confidence in this particular artform grows, at least enough where he is a bit more sure of his steps that he won't trample on poor Jiselle. As for the lady's words, Kell manages a grin of amusement, "It would have been remiss of me and my duties as your escort to not ensure that you are enjoying yourself. I may disappoint though to tell you that my skills with a kitchen knife is lacking like it is in dancing." He doesn't cook, at least when it comes with the use of a kitchen knife, "Though a dagger or dirk may fare you better." For the time being, Kell is not alerted to the ripples of potential discontentment that may be rippling now, as his attention is focused elsewhere.

"There's little you can do at this point. I kept you away so at least you didn't -instigate-." Garett hisses at Katrin, knowing his diversion to get the Haigh away may of only partly worked. "The most you can do at this point is try to calm the situation down as best you can, but." Then he looks at Katrin. He gives a look over at Kamron, suggesting that he can at least keep Kat out the altercation. Then his voice gets lower again.

When Alric moves forward Nedra is, again, watching her cousins very closely, as it would appear that there are a great many within distance to hear the exchange. She glances up at Kamron, her eyes wide, then to Saffron as she takes a step forward, ranging herself alongside her brother and her new goodsister, as Alric steps into the conversation, though the instinct to step forward as well and join her cousin Muirenn is enough to have her taking a step forward as well.

While Kamron might have wonderful restraint, Saffron does not. She turns with a flash of crimson hair, the tiny opals in the pile of curls glittering under the sudden movement. Should Kamron not catch her hand, she slips her hand from his arm to turn to face Rafferdy with a sharp smile. "Lord Rafferdy, if you intend to insult the House whose roof you currently stand under, perhaps you should do so with more flourish and less rabid stupidity. You were already thrown out of one of Lord Tully's vassals' keeps, please let us not see you suffer the same fate here." Her voice is cool, crisp — as icy as those pale blue eyes.

Having been noticed in her sour state, Jocelyn lowers her hand from her temple and looks to Nedra, still unable to regain her smile back, "Oh I'm-" she is stopped again when Lady Saffron and Ser Karmon approach, forcing her smile back, "Oh My Lord, My Lady allow me to Congrat-" shes stopped AGAIN when she hears her cousins words not far from her. Her cheek deepend in color and her eyes lower slightly towards the ground, missing the inclining Justins head in her direction. How she wished she had a fan to cool her fiery cheeks. Taking a drink from her wine to dampen her drying throat, she says, "Uh.. yes. I'm perfectly fine… Thank you. I think… I just need some air or…something…"

A red brow lifts as Muirenn tilts her head. Looking at Rafferdy from head to toe she listens to the incredibly rude refusal to her polite, if forward, request to dance. Lightly clasping her hands together it is a stunned moment before she is able to reply, "Lord Nayland, your words are ill spoken and do no credit to your House. They are rude, insulting, and inappropriate for such a venue as my cousin's wedding feast." The tall girl's head tilts as she continues softly, "That my brother is a man grown and can manage his own affairs and wooing is a known fact. That I love to dance is also a known fact. I lacked for a partner and thought to give you the benefit of the doubt. That you are rude enough to bring up such topics aloud and insult *me* in an attempt to ruin the festivities shows just how small a man you are. And I do not mean in stature, for I have known truly great men who are no more than five feet in height." There is a pause as she continues and gives the most gracious of curtsies, "Let it not be said that Lady Muirenn was rude enough to remain where she is clearly unwanted." There is a pause as she adds, "And might I say Lord Nayland, while we are being so very blunt allow me to point out… that if Lady Haigh truly wished to avoid my brother and my family she would be on *your* arm right now and not the gallent Lord Westerling's." Turning in a sweeping rustle of fragile green silk, her chin lifted proudly, Muiri begins to move off through the crowd.

Even if she were in range to overhear the apparent disturbance, the situation would have flown right over Jiselle's head. Instead, she is practically floating on a cloud as she leads Kell around in as graceful a manner as possible. The corners of her eyes crinkle with amusement, and she even fizzes with light laughter at his words. "You take me far too seriously, Ser Drakmoor. However, it would be useful to learn a little fancy maneuvering with a dagger. Would you be willing?"

Uh oh. Sharp words are now being hurled about. Katrin halts her dance and dips down into a polite curtsey before giving a wistful smile. "I wonder what a normal betrothal and courtship would be like," she says half-teasingly. "Thank you for the dance." And then she turns to return to the area that has now become a danger-zone. "Lady Saffron!" she greets perhaps overly loudly. "I must apologize for having not caught you sooner to give both you and Ser Kamron my heartfelt and happiest of congratulations on your nuptials."

The reactions from those around her are not missed. Jocelyn looks in her cousins direction and then to each around her. "If you'll excuse me? … I think I'll get that something now…" dipping in a curtsey to the couple of honor she moves out of their way and starts to walk away and across the dance floor with a heavy frown on her lips.

Ah, well, greeting and congratulating the happy couple on their union can wait. Justin takes a last taste of his own wine and sets the glass down, stepping around to head for the insulted young Mallister woman himself if he might intercept her, "Lady Muirenn, you look wonderful this evening. If you … don't especially mind that I'm not a very good dancer, I would be pleased to have a dance with you." Justin offers out his hand politely to await her reply, though she may well have lost her mood and decline his request. He leaves the others to deal with Rafferdy rather than get into that, it being for the Mallister's to deal with.

Before Muirenn stomps off, Rafferdy asks, "So, Lady Muirenn, you swear to the Gods that your approach of me had nothing to do with my appearance at Lady Katrin's side?" he asks her. Looking then to Lady Saffron, he bows, "My lady, I apologize for any impropriety. These are for you," he offers, extending the flowers to her.

Jarod groans, rubbing the bridge of his nose and watching the Rafferdy/Mallister interaction as one might a carriage wreck from which they can't turn away.

"Trust me, I wouldn't know." Garett replies. Hestitantly, he lets go Katrin, looking worried at her. "Just…" he sighs, running his hand over his face. " careful." he finally says. When she leaves, the Westerlord can only shake his head. As he watches on, he ponders if he should just give Rafferdy a shovel or if he's doing a fine job on his own. "Nope, time for a drink." Then he's headed thataway. "Kamron." he says a he passes. "Let me know if you need backup. I'll be at the bar."

Martyn nods a bit at Jarod's words, "Of course," he replies, nodding a few times, before he looks around again. Blinking a bit as he sees the happenings now, he looks a bit unsure of what's been happening, thanks to Jarod's conversation. Pausing for a few moments, to glance back in the direction of his parents, then back to the others now. Looking a bit unsure of how to react to the happenings, his careful consideration is disturbed by the sight of some servant with the drinks, and moves to get hold of one of those drinks. Because those cure everything, right?

Kamron looks over to Saffron with a bit of surprise, and then laughter rises to his lips, even if those thunderstorms still linger back behind his eyes. Muirenn's response to the Nayland man draws a brief nod from the bridegroom, but Rafferdy's response draws his lips together tightly one more, "If it please you, Lord Nayland," the knight's tone suggests that what he is about to say is not a request despite the phrasing, "I would ask you not to start an argument. I have a mind to enjoy my wedding." He gestures for a pair of the Mallister guards circulating, and notes, "Master Amben and Willard here will see you safely from the hall if you feel the need to remain argumentative." And then he turns about, one hand on Saffron's arm in an attempt to turn her with him, and he tilts his head to Jocelyn, "I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling unwell, Lady Jocelyn. The air is a little less close near the windows, and the views exquisite."

Alric looks and grins at Saffron's words, as well as Muirenn's. Then he looks to Rafferdy, raising a brow at the man and shrugging. "You need to train a bit on your conversation skills, lord Nayland." Then taking a deep breath and sighs. Looking between those closest to him. "Is that really a way to speak with a lady?" He asks Rafferdy before shaking his head. "Lady Muirenn, if he will ignore your request so rudely, shall I offer a dance in his stead?" Then glancing to Saffron, smiling and offering an incline of his head to her.

Glancing over her shoulder at Rafferdy, the tall Mallister maiden says quietly "I deny it not, but I do so swear that I was going to actually be so rude as to bring up the situation. A diversion…a dance with a supposedly pleasant person….for presumably you are a relatively pleasant person as you were invited to my cousins' joyous affair." Muirenn then turns her back upon Rafferdy, for though her cheeks flame in an awkward mix of embarrassment and fury, he is apparently not worth her time nor attention. As both Lord Justin and Lord Alric ask her to dance, the girl manages a faint smile and whispers "Actually, I would like a glass of wine and a corner well away from my lady mother."

Whatever feathers may have ruffled up, the new Mallister Eagle turns from the offending Harpy toward Katrin. Saffron lightens into a smile, and Katrin would see the smallest hint of apology in those pale eyes. "Lady Katrin," she says gently as she steps forward to gather the girl's hands up gently, squeezing them. She leans forward enough to whisper something against her ear before she pulls back once more. "Thank you, dear friend." She now glances back toward Rafferdy as he extends the flowers. Luckily she had not seen that they would be a secondhand offering, so she does accept them with an air of appreciation. "Thank you, Lord Rafferdy. I will have them put in water." Then she breathes in through her nose, deciding not to talk further on the offense. But, Westerlanders never forget, do they?

Justin gives a faint nod to Alric and his hand still held out, might very lightly put it instead to Muirenn's upper arm briefly as she walks away from Rafferdy, "I'm certain both Young Lord Alric and myself would be pleased to get you that glass and keep you company, lady Muirenn. Nonetheless, my offer to dance with you shall remain should you feel inclined to accept my offer later in the evening at any point. It would be my pleasure." Turning with her, Justin picks up his own glass of wine, "What would you care for to drink? There are several vintages being offered tonight."

Kell does eventually glance at the surroundings for a moment during his dance with Jiselle, something he is prone to do as a habit due to his days as a soldier and knight, to keep himself aware of his surroundings. It is only then that he sees that there is perhaps a disturbance at this festive event but he turns his attention back to his dancing partner, smiling at the request she makes before his shoulders shrug slightly before he returns to moving with the beat of the slow music, "That could be a possibility, though it may have to wait until I return to the Roost." Busy days are coming, that's for sure.

Rafferdy hopes that unforgetable Westerlander remembers Muirenn's admittance as well as his words, but doesn't speak it. He smirks at bit at Muirenn, and glances at Kamron, a bit of a, 'see?' look on his face. He bows then once more to Lady Safron, "Congratulations to you both." And with that, he slips to Katrin's side, once more offering her his arm.

Turning her head back at Kamrons words, Jocelyn notes his direction then turns back, making her away across the dance floor and retreating to one of the open windows. Placing her hand on the window frame, and breathing deeply the fresh cool air that brushes her warm cheeks. Allowing herself the moment to close her eyes and enjoy that moment.

Jarod mutters something that's possibly profanity, though he does take some care to do it under his breath. Then, he finally heads toward Saffron and Kamron properly. "Ser Mallister. Lady Mallister. Figured I'd better wish you my congratulations and best wishes before the Naylands got themselves tossed out of another party." He chuckles, in the hopes it's mostly a joke.

"You have been quite the dear, Ser Drakmoor," Jiselle observes, offering her dance partner a charming smile as she draws him away to the edge of the dance floor. "I appreciate the dance, and you are not nearly so bad as you made yourself out to be. You can feel more comfortable dancing now. I am parched, though, and would like a break. I'm off to chase down some wine. Would you like a cup?"

Alric nods to Muirenn, "Of course, it is quite fine. Just as ser Justin here, I will be around if you would change your mind." Letting Justin lead her. Offering a nod to the man. "Want me to bring anything, lady Muirenn? Or perhaps ser Justin has everything sorted?" He offers with a bit of a lighter tone and smile. Then he looks towards Rafferedy and those that had approached him. Soon enough seeing him leave, shaking his head and sighing.

A touch of sadness enters Katrin's eyes as she listens to Saffron's whispered words but she does nod her head once. "Thank you, Saffron," she says softly, squeezing the new Mallister's hands in return. "I am so sorry that we have not had a chance to converse more since coming down to Seagard but I do hope that once things have settled down from the wedding, we can spend time together. Ser Martyn has asked me to return to Terrick's Roost." She looks across to Rafferdy's arm, then back to Saffron. Dilemma.

Inclining her head, Muirienn moves towards the corner she wants and sinks into a chair. Ducking her head so that her veil and hair hide her face, a scrub of her palms and silence as she works to collect herself.

Kamron allows himself to be distracted by Jarod's approach, offering a bit of a tight smile to the man, his anger not directed at the Half-Eagle. "Thank you, Jarod. I never thought I would be standing here," he gestures toward his new wife, an honest-to-goodness smile spreading wide across his lips, "But now that I'm here, I can't think of much of anywhere else I would rather be." He glances side-long to Katrin at her dilemma, but doesn't comment beyond a bow of his head.

As their dance has ended, Kell follows without resistance to the edge of the dance floor as the pair disengages themselves from the other dancers. He does offer Jiselle a bow of his head and a warm smile, "And I thank you for being an excellent teacher, for making me not look like a clumsy oaf there. I and I am sure your toes thank you." As for the thought of drinks, the Terrick Knight bobs his head in full agreement as now his attention is no longer focused on not making any obvious mistakes, more mundane stuff like thirst, "I would enjoy a cup, dancing apparently makes you… thirsty."

Justin is content to be a comforting presance for Muirenn, if she so likes, only standing quietly by her and sipping his wine once she has taken a seat. As she covers her face to collect herself, his grey eyes settle upon Alric, "I trust you have been enjoying the festivities, lord Alric? Seagard castle has been turned out splendidly, don't you think?"

Martyn takes another sip of his drink now, looking a little bit unsure of what to do at the moment, before he slowly starts moving in the direction of Katrin and those others nearby. Expression a bit thoughtful as he takes a few more sips from his drink while making his way over now.

Saffron frowns a bit toward Rafferdy and Katrin, and the bride chews a bit at her inner cheek. Then a little thought kind of brightens in the back of her mind. "You know, Lady Katrin, I could use someone to take the groom off my hands for a bit. He is very suffocating. Perhaps you would like to share a dance with him?" She brightens just a touch. "Just remind him not to think about his feet." Then she looks toward Jarod at his greeting, and she offers him a small chuckle. "Oh, Ser Jarod, thank you. Don't you worry though, I still hold you in high regard."

"There are a good many women in the Riverlands who I suspect would take Ser Martyn's hand with less trouble," Jarod says to Kamron and Saffron. Though any other thoughts he has on the situation, he does not voice. "Anyhow. I don't think I'll linger long in Seagard anyhow, tense as things are back in Stonebridge. But I didn't want to miss the chance to see it done. I'd not have believed I'd witness Ser Kamron's wedding so soon, but I think he's the better for it."

Alric looks to Muirenn with a soft smile as he does move along, though a glance is given towards the previous company. As well as one to Nedra. Remembering a promise. Although a few more moments he is sure that she can wait. Looking over to Justin and nods, "It indeed has been quite nice. Everything being good. How has things treated you, ser Justin?" He asks, glancing towards Muirenn as well.

Rafferdy laughs at Saffron's movement to keep Katrin away from him. He shakes his head a little, not surprised at the passive aggression, and he looks at Katrin. "My Lady, I'm clearly unwelcome at your side here. Please, enjoy the rest of the evening." He bows, and then turns to make his way out.

Kamron looks over at Saffron, his crooked smile flashing bright, "Insults already, My Lady?" The words, however, are teasing. He nods to Jarod, sobering just for a moment, and offering out his hand, "Take care of yourself, Jarod." There's an unspoken, 'don't die, eh' in there, but he's not going to speak those wodrs at his own wedding. The bridegroom then turns his attention to Katrin, offering her a smile, and interestingly enough, a bit of a helpless shrug to Rafferdy. "I would be honored, Lady Katrin, but I would also understand if you would prefer the company of another." His eyes do, however, flicker over in Martyn's direction rather than Rafferdy's.

Finally, Muirenn looks up and reaches out to take the wine that has been offered "Thank you" she whispers and takes a draught deep enough to make the normally tea drinking girl heady. There is a pause and then she takes another long drink that drains the glass.

More conflict across Katrin's pale face. "Tonight was just not the night for such a thing, Lord Rafferdy," she replies slowly. "I wish you well on your journey home and that you might stay safe in the upcoming days." Her expression becomes earnest and her gaze is focused exclusively on the Nayland. "Please stay safe." But she does manage to give Kamron a distracted smile after that. "I would be quite honored to dance with you, Ser Kamron. Even if I know I will be a poor substitute to your lovely Lady wife. And I take no offense when you agree with me."

Alric looks at Rafferdy, following the current events. Even if he can't hear, he can guess. Sighing and shaking his head, "Child…" He mutters in a low tone, perhaps not even reaching those currently in his company. Looking back to Justin, though he will offer a wave to Nedra if she is standing around alone. The quick draining of the wine by Muirenn makes him smile softly to her, "Lady Muirenn, how have you and ser Otto been?" He asks, trying to change her mood by changing subject.

Nedra moves lightly through the room, pausing long enough to speak with one of the servers and waits until a cup of tea is prepared and carries it with her to where her cousin is standing with Lords Justin and Alric. "Cousin?" she says in a quiet voice once she is near enough to speak, her voice easily covered by the music still playing in the background. She offers a small curtsy to Lord Justin in greeting, having already had proper words of greeting with Lord Alric, and offers the cup of tea to her cousin. "I though, perhaps, this might hit the spot?" she wonders.

"I am well enough and kept busy with my duties, lord Alric. I have been fortunate in having several projects to work on for I do not care to be idle." Justin watches Muirenn a moment but some of his attention has been distracted. He sips his own wine and lightly puts a hand to Muirenn's shoulder, "I will circulate a bit, but will come back around in a little to see if you change your mind about dancing, lady Muirenn. Or to walk in the garden, should you care for a bit of fresh air." First, however, he has taken note of another lady in distress, "If you will excuse me, lord Alric." Ah, and there is Nedra to the rescue with immaculate timing. Justin inclines his head to her with a smile, "Lady Nedra, good evening. Please excuse me a moment."

The Terrick Sheriff slips away from where Muirenn gathers herself. Walking quietly in his fine festive garb that tonight lacks boots, spurs and blades, Justin eases over to lean against the far window from opposite where Jocelyn has taken up her lonely station. At first he says nothing, looking out the casement and tasting his wine to allow a moment of silence to linger should she wish it to compose herself. Without looking at her right off, Justin says something low as he studies the view outside, lanterns strung up and lit below.

Rafferdy pauses, and then he looks back at Katrin. He stares at her a long moment, his chin lifting just slightly. "I see." He looks over at Martyn, then back at her. He inhales, nods, and then turns once more. He makes his way through the room and out the door.

There is a small frown on her lips at Rafferdy's words, though she is certain there is very little for her say as he heads off. Saffron casts a glance toward Katrin, offering her the softest of smiles. "We can talk later," she says in an apologetic hush before she lets her husband sweep the Haigh girl off. Now she breathes out a bit of a sigh, glancing toward Jarod. "I suddenly wish your Lady Wife was here, Ser Jarod… I could use some of that reaver honey of hers." She offers him a small smile before she shakes her head. "Even if you do not intend to stay longer, Ser, perhaps I can still persuade you to a short dance?"

The drink in Martyn's hand has been drained as he comes over to the group of people now, as he offers a polite nod and a smile to them all, including Rafferdy. He keeps quiet for the moment, waiting to hear what's happening here for now, it would seem.

Jarod winks at Kamron. "I try, Kamron. I always try." His success at such matters is debateable. "Give my love to Jacsen and Anais when you see them next, if it's before I do." He leaves Kamron to Katrin, turning to Saffron with a grin. "I suspect I could be persuaded. It'd be my great honor, Lady Mallister." He drops a courtly bow to her, and offer her his arm.

By the window, Jocelyn finishes her wine and beckons a servant over to her side, giving hm the empty goblet and taking a fresh one from him. "Thank you." she murmurs. Distracted when Justin comes to stand near her, she does not look directly at him, keeping her eyes lowered and then out the window, keeping her back to the rest of the room.

A savior! Muirenn accepts the tea with a smile, "Ever does my family understand me and know me" Moving the cup to one hand, she reaches out to her cousin for a hug. Her words are soft before finally her normal smile is restored and she looks up at Alric, "Unfortunately my betrothed and I have not been able to spend much time together. He has been quite busy assisting his Uncle and preparing for the war that is to come. I have been exchanging letters with him though. How have you been?" Lifting the cup, the healer maiden takes a deep sip of her steaming drink.

"The honor is all mine, Ser Half-Eagle," Saffron says warmly as she takes his offered arm. Her gaze lingers after the departure of Rafferdy, though in her glance she does spy Jocelyn — another of her friends who does not seem to be awashed with happiness. She takes careful note of that, though she does wear a smile for the Terrick son. "I'm almost sad, Ser Jarod, that we couldn't have gotten to know each other before the Ironborn Rebellion," she says conversationally as they head out onto the dance floor.

Kamron nods to Jarod's request of him, "Of course, Jarod." He offers up his usual crooked grin to Katrin, "I would never be so ungallant as to say any such thing, Lady Katrin, even if I believed it." And he offers out his arm to escort the Haigh lady to the dance floor, looking back to see Jarod offering the same service to his new wife. That causes him to smile well enough, and then he turns his attention back to Katrin, turning about to draw her into dance position. As before, his steps are not polished, but they are sure enough, "Thank you for trying to keep tempers calm, Lady Katrin." His words are quiet, spoken well under the music.

Justin leans against the side of the stone sill and though he studies Jocelyn for a moment, his gaze wanders back out to the view outside as he likewise sips of his dwindling glass of wine. He takes his time with it, not a man generally to go and get himself blasted drunk as a rule. Justin says something quite low to her.

Alric nods to Justin as he moves away, spotting the one he is heading to before he smiles at Nedra and finally looks to Muirenn. Listening to her words. "I understand. I have been. Fine. All things considered at least." He says and slides a bit to the side to allow the cousins to talk without being interupted by him. Though there is a grin as he looks to Nedra, adding, "I haven't forgotten my promise." He confirms to her before letting his gaze move around the area.

Katrin forlornly watches Rafferdy go, but takes Kamron's arm and follows him onto the floor. "I would not have wished such an unsightly scene to mar the joy of your and Saffron's wedding," she replies in turn to the Mallister. "Nor to see disgrace or embarrassment brought to House Mallister. Propriety, Ser Kamron. To be preserved no matter the cost."

Nedra ducks close to Muirenn for a hug in return, "Well do I know the many properties of a well prepared cup of tea," she says quietly to her cousin before she steps back. She meets Alric's grin with a smile of her own, "I will hold you too it, my lord. Your toes, after all, were safe last time, were they not?" she jets to the young Fenster lord with a soft laugh of amusement.

Drawing her attention away from the window and the scene outside it, Jocelyn turns her head towards the Terrick beside her. A small smile turns the corners of her lips upward, quietly saying something in return to him. Her gaze has not lifted to meet his face as of yet.

Jarod's smile at Saffron crooks. "I'm not dead yet, my lady, time for it. Though I do regret it. I think Rowenna in particular would have liked your company. She has few lady friends, and she was grateful for the welcome you showed her when we were last at Seagard. Even if it is a life she chafes under still." He does not hold her particularly close, but he seems confident enough as he leads her to step in time with the music. He's quick and energetic, and seems to more or less know what he's doing. He even makes an attempt to spin her when there's opportunity for it.

Kamron shakes his head slightly at Katrin's words, offering an encouraging smile, "With all the tensions on the Cape, one had to expect a few sparks. There was no marring however, never fear." He settles into the music as his mind goes to his words, showing that perhaps he and his young squire may have more in common than many would believe. "I hope that you can still enjoy the festivities, Lady Katrin. You are one of Saffron's," his voice hushes just a little as he uses his new wife's given name, "best friends on the Cape. I would have you enjoy yourself."

Saffron follows the lead of the Knight, content with the fluidity of the motion — not that her husband is bad, really. She does nod her head a bit. "Well, none of us are dead, yet," Saffron replies with a small smile. "I would love to see her again, perhaps even without the grace and flourish of the evening picnic. We are both kindred spirits, I think." Then she focuses on the swirl and swish of the dance steps. "Whatever this war brings, it will bring change… perhaps even some for the better. I have to have faith in that."

"I feel horrible Neddie", Muirenn whispers to her cousin, "I just meant to provide a polite distraction…perhaps engage in good conversation." Both hands cradle the cup of tea and she smiles, "You both should go dance…please?"

"I shall certainly attempt to enjoy them, Ser Kamron," Katrin replies with a nod. "For her sake, if nothing else. I would not wish her saddened or concerned on what should be the happiest day of her existence. I do thank you for your concern, and apologize for what happened. I wish it had not happened here."

Justin seems to be quite comfortable there, leaning against the stone edging of the window casement. He turns his head to look back into the great chamber and at those who are dancing. He finishes his glass of wine slowly, in no hurry with it as he listens to something Jocelyn says low. His gaze is drawn back to her before he sets his empty glass on the sill. There is a quiet reply forthcoming, keeping his baritone low in volume.

Having gotten hold of a new drink, Martyn watches the people dancing at the moment. Keeping quiet and looking around for the moment, it would seem. And humming along with the tune played at the moment.

"I have no faith in that, my lady," Jarod says, somber, though he manages to be it without stepping on Saffron's toes. "War brings destruction, to the small more than the high, and at the end of it one lord has more wealth and power for himself, and he generally only does good to himself by it. I've no heart in me to right Rivermen, though it seems to be what I've in store for myself soon enough. I pray it is ended quick, and that there's enough of Stonebridge left standing for folk to come home to at the end of it. But those are grim things, and this day should be one of happiness for you." And then he dips her.

Alric grins and then let out a soft laugh at Nedra's words. "They indeed were." Then he looks to Muirenn, his grin turning to a soft smile. Not hearing the wispered words, but the last words are enough, "Are you sure, lady Muirenn?" He asks, studying her a bit.

Finally, it appears that Jocelyn is coming back to herself. She has straightened from her leaning position at the window, and her unfinished wine is set down. Her words are still low when she does speak, and her eyes seem to finally be able to make eye contact with Justins face.

Kamron shakes his head at the apology, "Do not worry about it, Lady Katrin. Really. There is good wine, good music, and… I flatter myself to say, good company." He's not so dip-crazy as Jarod, probably because his refresher courses in dancing have not gotten that far. So instead he just spins Katrin out and dips into a bow, "And if you stop by the head table, there should still be a bit of that Arbor wine from the tourney if you'd like a taste." And Martyn is probably in that direction too.

Jarod's words sober the bride just a bit, though she does accept the dip with the grace of a somewhat skilled dancer. Once she is righted again, she is laughing with a soft blush against her cheeks. She looks up into the Half-eagle's somber face, and she offers his shoulder a squeeze. "You speak truth, Ser Jarod, though…" She tilts her head a bit. "The firebird rises from the ashes of it's own death. I must have faith that something good will rise from these ashes as well." As the song comes to a close, she smiles to the Terrick son. "Have some faith, ser."

"Yes please do." Muirenn assures as she finishes her tea and sets the cup aside. "Enjoy the music! I am well." Her hands rest gracefully upon her lap.

Katrin curtseys in return, a smile resting on her lips. "I do thank you for the offer and the dance, Ser Kamron. I beg you to return to your wife and enjoy her company for the rest of the evening." As she steps back toward the crowds, she is caught up to by her maid who hands over a folded piece of parchment. Her green eyes scan the words present and with a murmured word to her maid, moves away, expression upset to the point of outright stricken.

Nedra reaches out a small hand to rest on Muirenn's arm nearest her, nodding as she hears the whispered words, eyes troubled once and reluctant to desert her cousin at this hour. "Are you sure?" she murmurs before glancing toward Alric then back to Muirenn, her cousins words are enough to reassure her after a moment spent studying Muirenn's expression she finally nods. A glance back toward Alric and a touch of a smile returns to her face, "Would you care to dance, my lord?" she asks, turning the tables slightly, but far be it for her to be less brave than her cousin Muirenn!

"I put my faith in the Seven, my lady. Less in men," Jarod says. "Though I shall pray you have the right of it." He pulls her out of the dip in a flourishy sort of way, though he deems her a good enough dancer to keep up, and then just finishes off the dance with a series of calmer steps and turns. Bowing low to her after he lets her go. "And I have faith in love, strange as that sounds. If you've found that, you're very blessed, whatever else comes."

Alric offers a nod though he does look to Nedra. About to suggest that they stay perhaps, but Nedra's question and all just makes him grin wide. "Of course, that sounds lovely, my lady." He offers and moves along with her. Sparing one glance to Muirenn as he inclines his head to her and then offers his arm to lead Nedra.

Kamron nods to Katrin as she moves off, turning away before her maid catches up with her. he makes his way off the dance floor, looking around for his newlywed wife. Spotting her and Jarod, he rests his hands on his hips, tapping his foot in mock impatience as he flashes a grin in their direction.

Whatever is said unto him by Jocelyn, Justin raises his dark brows and looks pleased. He gives her answer more clearly, "It would be my pleasure, if you would be so kind as to dance with me, lady Jocelyn." The Terrick Sheriff inclines himself to bow to her and offer his hand to lead her out onto the floor, if she will but accept it. "Due to the Lady Anais's patient instruction, I think I may even manage not to step upon your toes." Justin twists his mouth into a lopsided smile, mischief in his eyes at mocking his lack of skill.

Martyn takes another sip of his drink now, looking around a bit thoughtfully. Pausing as he sees Katrin by herself, and starts over in that direction now, steps a bit faster than they were earlier. He doesn't say anything yet as he approaches her, though. Giving her time to move off or anything like that should she feel the need for it.

Jarod's words draws a blush from the newlywed Bride, and she bows her head to him. "Thank you, Ser. You are blessed the same with dear Rowenna." Now she turns toward her husband with a growing laugh before she nods her head. "Well, Husband, if you wanted to dance with Ser Jarod, you could have asked." She winks to Jarod before she steps toward Kamron. An attentive gaze moves toward Katrin, though Martyn is already on the path, so she does not also attempt to intercept.

Jocelyn's face brightens and even blushes a little for whatever reason. Dipping into a curtsey, "You do me great honor, My Lord. I would be delighted to dance with you. Thank you." taking the offered hand, she allows the Terrick to lead her to dance floor. "If Lady Anais had anything to do with it, I'm sure you'll dance very well." turning her head as she walks, she smiles up at him, "Besides, I take percautions for festivities such as these." Leaning into him just a little she tells him her secret, "I wrap my toes with padding, just in case." laughing she ads, "So step away, my Lord."

Nedra accepts Alric's offered arm and tilts her head slightly, listening to the music and trying to find the tempo to it as she and Alric move toward the clear space of the dance floor. Though it is, of course, not empty of people dancing, but it would appear there is a roughly even amount of people gathered in small groups talking instead of dancing. She tilts her head slightly and glances up at Alric, "So, when I suggested that no extraordinary measures would be required this evening.. I perhaps spoke a bit to soon," is murmured in a quiet aside, torn between a bit of amusement and chagrin.

Away, away. Katrin isn't quite fleeing the scene, but she's making a less than discreet exit. Still looking upset. Her maid barely has time to flag down the girl's Septa before both follow after. Can't have a noble girl running around Seagard all by herself.

Jarod winks back at Saffron. "I don't think I'm quite his sort. And he's found fairer company. I do thank you for the honor of the turn." He returns her to Kamron intact. "Will the pair of you stay in Seagard, or are you returning to the Roost?"

Kamron's grin flashes broader, "Yes… if I wanted to dance with Jarod, I could have asked." He offers out his arm to Saffron along with that smile and a rather happily-dazed look. And then he's turning his attention back to the other knight, "We will stay in Seagard for a week or so, then make our way back to The Roost. There is still much we can do to help there."

Now that her cousin and Alric are away, Muirenn stands up. There really is no way that a tall maiden of six-foot can be stealthy, and so she doesn't even try. Instead she loses herself in the crowd and makes her way to the door. With years of practice avoiding her mother, she neatly avoids the dual pitfall of her parents and her aunt and gets to the door.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he sees Katrin start to head off, and takes a few more steps in her direction now. "Lady Katrin…" he offers a bit quietly. "Something wrong?" Sounding a bit concerned now.

"Well, to be honest, I could use a few more lessons and a good deal of practice to be any good, lady Jocelyn. I trust you will kindly correct me should I be in error?" There could be a good reason that Justin has chosen to wear soft, suede shoes that match his velvet doublet's hue, instead of his more usual riding boots with spurs. He's even had a hair trim recently, the shorter, dark hair faintly curling and now out of his eyes. It probably won't be long before it grows out and back to it's former ragged length but for now he's cleaned up. Drawing Jocelyn out, Justin stops to take up a suitable position and when she's ready, smoothly begins the steps to fall into the dance that is already in progress. The music easy and lilting in a classical style that isn't difficult to follow. "If you do accept my invitation to come to the Roost, we should see about arranging some event for you ladies entertainment. Is there anything particular you are especially fond to do, lady Jocelyn?"

Saffron accepts the extended arm, sliding into place beside her new husband. She nestles against him with ease as the two men speak. She nods her in agreement. "And I have promised Anais when I first arrived I would help her as much as I could. I will see that my promise is upheld." She smiles warmly.

Alric walks along with Nedra, trying to get into the tempo as well. Listening to her words, "You meant the event that was, or might you be thinking ahead of time?" He asks, trying to keep the mood light. "At least things seem to work out. Decently at least." He offers, glancing towards where Muirenn was but sees that she has left, though perhaps seeing where she is going then also spotting Martyn and Katrin, "All things considered I will have to add."

Jarod nods to Kamron. "It grieves me I can't assist in the Roost's recovery myself. But, well. Not like I don't have enough to occupy myself." What with the impending war and doom. Which perhaps reminds him, "Maybe I'll get one more drink before I head off."

"Oh, Ser Martyn," Katrin replies quietly, looking up at the Mallister. "I regret that I was unable to dance with you this evening but I fear I must take my leave." Her hands tremble ever so slightly with the parchment still clasped tightly in her fingers. "I would not wish to upset Saffron with my sudden change in mood."

Kamron curls his right hand over to rest atop Saffron's hand on his arm. He nods to Jarod, "Your duty has taken you elsewhere. I understand that, Jarod, and I believe that everyone else does as well." He nods to Saffron, "Plus, there is a whole pack of children who would be most disappointed if the Lady Sea Spirit did not return." Jarod's mention of one more drink draws a laugh, and he gestures up toward the high table, "I think there is another cup or two of the Arbor wine from the tourney left, Jarod, if you'd like it."

"I'm sure you'll do just fine, but if needed, I will discreetly correct you." Jocelyn says, "Though, we could form a new dance all together and perhaps start a new trend. You would then be in high demand for a dance partner." Stepping onto the dance area and setting herself in place for the dance, she positions herself for the dance and then follows his lead when they step into the dance that is currently going on around them. Between the padding of her toes and the soft shoes, there is little she needed to worry about in the way of a great injury. "I think I would want to go swimming. Though I do not know if that is same as a group activity you seem to be asking about." some thought taken into what sort of entertainment she would enjoy. "Anytime I've been to the Roost, I spend as much time as I can close to the water as possible.

"Please do," Saffron insists to Jarod's talk of drink. "And by all means, fill a skin for Rowenna. Share it with her, and tell her that we missed not having her here today." Honest words from an honest woman. "May the Seven watch over you, Ser Jarod." She offers him a gentle smile before she glances toward the dance floor briefly, happy to see Justin and Jocelyn dancing along.

Slipping through the door, Muirenn leaves the heat and stress of the hall and into the night air.

Jarod slips over to take some wine. And then some for the road, as invited.

Martyn frowns a little bit as he hears that, and notices that parchment. "What's wong?" he asks, after a few moments, rather quietly. "If there's something you want to talk about, we can find a quiet place to talk for a while, I'm sure…" A brief pause, and a quiet half-smile. "And I'm sure there'll be time for dancing later, of course."

Nedra turns toward Alric once they reach a clear space on the floor and casts a meaningful glance around, seeing that Lord Rafferdy has taken his leave and spots Lady Katrin before looking back up to Alric. "I think the wedding was lovely, the meal was just as lovely to follow it, and the music?" she glances to where the musicians are hard at work still. "I do try to think forward to what may happen, my lord, but no one - not even the gods, I suppose, can think beyond the next moment or the next hour."

Well, so far, so good! Justin's definately been practicing and taking some instruction for he actually knows how to do this dance! He hasn't the style and experience to be dazzling anyone but he's doing all right. He smiles, "Swimming is a most excellant past time. I am glad to hear that you enjoy it." Justin turns to walk around her and trailing an arm for this movement counter clockwise to her own steps before he lifts up Jocelyn's hand to walk beneath is arm. This is followed by a twist for her to prominade by his side. "It could be a group activity, if you wished - some might dive from the cliffs. No reason however that you could not go swimming at any time, even by yourself, as long as you have someone to keep watch." Justin looses a bit of his smile, "There can be swift undercurrents in some places along the rocks near the cove."

Katrin shakes her head. "You needn't worry over it, Martyn," she says quietly. She even manages a short smile. "In fact, it is very glad news for you." Intaking a slow breath, she sighs. "But this is neither the time nor place to speak on it."

Alric smiles and nods, "I will have to agree with you on all of that." He says, nodding a bit. As for the last part, his eyes go wide, "Damn. I would have wanted to know how I should dress in a week from now." He offers in a clear teasing and playful manner. Rolling his eyes a bit before grinning at her. Another glance is given to the room though, "Seems we don't need the same distraction as last time. I do not think at least." He says with a bit of amusement playing in his eyes.

Nedra tilts her head subtly again and gives Alric a speculative look even as she rests one hand in his, the other going to his arm as they join the dancing. "Hmmm.. perhaps something.. orange," she suggests, trying to make her tone of voice as serious tone of voice. "Perhaps with black stripes, even," she adds, not quite able to keep her face entirely somber as a smile is tugging at her lips. "Maybe with a hat.. also.. orange.. with plumes," she manages to get out around the laughter that escapes.

Kamron leaves Jarod to go snag some of the good stuff, and then looks back to the dance floor, smiling over to the bride that is a bare two inches shorter than him, "It's good to see Justin enjoying himself. He's had too little opportunity to do so lately." He looks over to where Alric is dancing with Nedra, nodding his head, "And Neddie too." His smile broadens then, "And you, My Lady Wife," one corner of his smile quirks up at the title, "are you enjoying yourself?"

Not only is Justin proving to be a better dancer than he lead on, but an even better leader. Jocelyn is able to move in the way he directs easily and smoothly. The movements and the dance is well known by her and it appears to have been well practiced. Watching has Justin makes him move to dance around her and then she makes her own next step. "You think so?" this seems to excite her, "I enjoyed watching the diving when I was there last. You are very good at it, if I may say so, My Lord." during a more less active part of the dance, she lifts one of her hands and brushes some hair that is falling into her eyes. Noting the loss in his smile she watches him closely. "Perhaps you could show me the areas in which I should be careful to avoid?"

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears that, taking a few deep breaths. Still looking a bit worried though. Looking a bit unsure of what to say at the moment. "You know, if you feel like talking about it, anytime, you just need to let me know, right?" He finally says that a bit quietly, watching her carefully for the moment. "But if tonight is not a good day for it, how about tomorrow, or something like that?" Another brief pause, before he lowers his voice a bit more. "Just promise me not to do anything stupid, okay?"

Alric grins as he watches Nedra in turn, with a raised brow. Trying to hold back a laugh as she goes on, "Oh my. That sounds. Yeah. If you manage to get something like that made for next week, I might consider wearing it. In private where no one sees me at least." He then does laugh, though holding it down so it is a low soft one. "Though it would be a nice outfit if I wished to distract. Almost as the full white guards we spoke of."

"There seems to be little opportunity for anyone to be happy lately," Saffron confesses to her husband before she stops a near-by boy for two fresh goblets of wine. "Drink, husband." Then she clinks her goblet with his before she takes a solid swallow before she starts to encourage him to watch the dancers. "I'm happy," she says to him honestly. "But it seems as not everyone can boast such things."

"I could, but it varies with the seasons, the tides, and the temperature of the water, I think. I was caught by surprise myself, not long ago while diving for osyters. At a place I had dived for them before without mishap. The sea, she is a changable creature and one must respect her, lest she sweep you into her depths." Justin manages the steps, able to keep up conversation as they part and back away. He bows while she will curtsey, then turn to circle to the left the next pair of dancers who briefly form a quad with them before they return to their original partners, taking Jocelyn's hand, "If you say within the arc of the cove's rocks, or within the berm of the sandy shoal that oft lines the coast, rather than venturing out into the deeper water, you are generally safe enough. Especially when the water is calm, or the tide is out." Jocelyn does make him chuckle, "I had several brothers who taught me to dive, or who would gladly push me off of the cliffs as a boy if I faltered." In the appropriate, safe diving areas, obviously. Since he's still alive.

"I promise you that everything will be alright," Katrin replies to Martyn. "And that I will do nothing that could do anyone any harm, even myself." She smiles gently to the Mallister man. "We will speak on it soon, I assure you."

"You mean the all white, here I am, please shoot me now, walking target all white attire?" Nedra replies with a laugh to Lord Alric. "Orange would be a bit more distracting, though. The all white might make you be mistaken for some sort of mystic, my Lord," she muses with another quick grin. "The orange, however, would rather stand out. And, with sufficient plumage, would make it rather eye catching."

Alric chuckles and nods, "Yes, I believe that is the one." He says, nod able to hide his grin as she goes on, nodding and not speaking for now. Though after her last he does nod and glance around, "Yes, I believe I would catch most eyes. Even if some would perhaps call me insane after that. Or at least look at me with suspicious eyes, wondering if I have gone mad."

Kamron takes the goblet he is given, clinking back, although his own sip is a shallow one rather than Saffron's deep one. "If some don't enjoy the music, the drink, and the company, that is their loss, wife-of-mine." The fingers of his right hand clasp over her own right, squeezing gently, "Then again, none of them have you on their arm." He lifts up his goblet a little, his grin quirking as he leans in to whisper to Saffron.

Looking a bit more relieved as he hears that, Martyn nods a little bit. "Good," he replies, offering a smile in return. "And I will remember that you told me we will speak on it soon. Certain things are not good to keep bottled up inside, believe me," he offers, a bit quietly.

Jocelyn hadnt heard of his mishap when he was diving, that is until now. His description of the sea makes her comment on, "The description you just gave is, I think, the reason that many refer to the sea as a woman. You could almost use the same words to describe a woman." They are parted in the dance, she smiles and eyes the people around them as she passes, briefly touching Nedras shoulder friendly, before meeting up with her partner again. "I'll keep that in mind. I only was very close to shore the last time I was there. I had little time to spend in the water before I had to ready myself for the dance that evening. I'm looking forward to more time now." Maybe she had made up her mind about the invitation he had extended to her. The small insight into his childhood with his brothers makes her laugh and smile. "They would not be brothers if they did not tease and torment you. I've my fair share of stories of my own brothers. They were much older than I, so to have a little sister was not always their favorite thing. Many times they mislead me to their own amusments." Yes, she very well might be talking of the stern Ryger. "I so hope I get to see diving. I would like to watch again."

His whisper causes her to blush a wonderful shade of tomato. She casts him a glance before she nudges her husband gently. "In due time," she reassures him before she finishes off her wine — that would be in two drinks, for those counting. She sets aside her empty goblet before she takes stock of their guests. Ser Bernard is having what appears to be a wine-fueled discussion on tactics with Kamron's father, her two younger sisters are trying to keep a drunk Magnola from trying to rearrange the chairs up at the wedding table, and her mother is staying out of it with a bit of laughter. Oh yes, everyone is at least trying to have a good time!

Justin smiles warmly, watching Jocelyn as they part and come back together in the dance. It is winding down to it's end. He places one rough, somewhat more calloused palm than most lords might have against her own slender hand as they then walk a half clockwise circle, their hands in the middle, "There is a lower place within the cove the ladies themselves prefer to use for diving, should you care to try it. There are two shelves, one lower at about 15 feet in height, and another almost twice as high. The water below is deep and very clear so there is no fear of hidden stones." This dance concluded, Justin pauses to offer Jocelyn his arm, "I have yet to formally offer my congratulations to Ser Kamron and lady Saffron. Would you join me in doing so, lady Jocelyn?"

"I would think putting on orange and black, and a plumed hat with outrageous feathers would be beyond the point of having gone a bit mad and straight on into 'beyond mad' toward 'addled' and perhaps 'daft' or 'outrageous'," Nedra suggests each phrase in turn, laughing quietly again. "If I thought I could cobble together such attire in such short time, and that you'd wear it, I just might, my lord, I just might," she says with a grin. She steps in time with the music, parting from Alric and smiles at Jocelyn in turn before she too meets up with her partner again. A smile and a nod is aimed at Lord Justin too before she turns back to Alric, "Though I would imagine that more serious attire will be required in a week, my lord, so perhaps orange isn't the right shade."

Alric chuckles quietly at Nedra's words. Though a slight glimpse of worry, real or not, as she mentions that she might have tried to get it together if she could. Then as they part he does glance a bit to the side, to try and see who is still around perhaps. Smiling and nodding to both Jocelyn and Justin. But he keeps to his steps and meets Nedra as he should as it goes on. "Perhaps it would cause everyone to laugh and drop their weapons." He suggests with a grin, trying to keep it light.

Jocelyn's mouth falls open just a little at the information that Justin gives her in regards to the womans area for diving. She had been so jealous last time that she had not been able to try and wanted to so badly. But, she waits until the dance is close to its end so they are closer together, hand in hand before she responses. "I should love to try something like that above all else. It must be a very freeing feeling to be soaring through the air for that small amount of time." when the music stops and the dance has been finished she offers a curtsey to her partner and then takes his arm that is offered to her. She is hesitant about approaching the honored couple due to the things that happen earlier, but she nods slowly. "Yes, I would like to join you, thank you."

Kamron nods sagely at the blushing murmur from his new wife, chuckling softly under his breath. "I'm in no rush…" there's a pause, and he shrugs, correcting himself, "Very little rush." As she finishes off her wine, he takes another small sip of his own, then offers it over to her, "Shall we have another turn around the dance floor, My Lady Wife?" As the music slows to a stop, Kamron nods a little, "They are quite good, at least in my amateur opinion."

"Somehow I do not see you as Lord Aleister's wit, my lord," Nedra replies with a shake of her head, finishing out the last few steps of the song as it ends. "But, if anyone has to be his jester, I would imagine that you would put your all into the effort." With the last notes fading away she sees that most of the dancers are emptying from the floor and she glances around to find Kamron and Saffron at the center of another nexus of small talk. "Shall we?" she suggests with a nod toward where Jocelyn, Justin and others are converging.

"Then I am merely the one in a rush," Saffron says with a whisper to her husband before she is swept up by him once more so they can commit to another turn on the dance floor. As they do, she leans in to whisper against his ear once more with a small curl of a smile on her lips.

Alric grins, "That hurts me a bit, my lady. Are you implying that I do not have any wits? Am I nothing but a jester?" He asks, faking his hurt at her words. Though the grin betrays him. Then he looks around and nods, offering his arm to lead her over to the others. "I think I could offer something to my lord at least."

Justin looks amused, "The last time we had ladies diving, lady Saffron, Katrin, Roslyn, and … I forget who else, all went diving in the cove together. There was some minor mishap, and Ser Kamron there went in to rescue them! I heard tell that some of them had been swimming with nothing…" Wait, should he even mention that part, "Eh, I mean, you may go diving in your shift. Some of the women around the Roost have light weight double lined ones they favour for swimming, or like to go at dusk without the gentleman about." For skinny dipping, though Justin doesn't say that. He's not supposed to know about it, right? Good knight and all that. Leading the way from the dance floor, the Terrick Sheriff smiles as they come before the newly wedded couple, "Ser Kamron, lady Saffron, a finer wedding I think I have never seen. Nor one that warms my heart with pleasure for the happiness of two good friends. I congratulate you, and urge you to not tarry overlong here when you have important ritual to conclude." *cough* Yes, important /rituals/ to conclude. To much ribald shouting of encouragements, no doubt. Justin's grey eyes are bright with that mischief again.

Katrin smiles to Martyn again, "It will be alright, but for now, I should go. There are a few things I should do this evening…" She dips down into a small curtsey and makes her way off.

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that, keeping his eyes on Katrin until she's left now, before he turns back to the rest of the celebrations now.

"If the hat with the bells fits, my lord," Nedra suggests in return, laughing as she accepts his arm again and accompanies Alric toward where many others are standing. They are fortunate to pass by one of the servers carrying a tray of glasses and she selects one that she hands to Alric and another to keep for herself. "Though, as far as hats go, that wouldn't be a bad look for you either, my lord," she says with another laugh.

"I think now, my Lord, is when I tell you that I accept your invitation to be your guest." Jocelyn tells Justin on the way over to the honored couple. "This sounds so very exicting and I'm excited to try it." She watches him when he mentions the swimming at dusk, she had her ideas what the look on his face before they meet up with Saffron and Kamron has her laughing. When she arrives before the couple she curtsey's "Congratulations my Lord and Lady, may I wish you many many years of happiness." She is a little unsettled standing before them because of the situation before, but she has been settled enough by the company of Justin that shes trying her best to be normal.

Alric grins as he listens, shaking his head a bit. Inclining his head at the offered glass. A soft chuckle at her last words before he offers a dip of his head to those still around, "This has been quite great." He offers up to no one in particular. Though he does look to the newlyweds with a warm smile. "Again, congratulations."

Kamron clears his throat at Saffron's whisper, laughing a little bit. He's distinctly distracted as Justin, Jocelyn, Alric, and Nedra approach, but he still manages a nod, "Justin. I'm glad you made it down for the wedding." Offering a smile to the Nayland as well, he adds, "I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself, Lady Jocelyn." And then he realizes that there was more to Justin's greeting, and he clears his throat again, "Yes, well, there's a reason I'm not drinking over-much, Justin." And then Nedra's there with Alric, and he actually manages to blush. Not talking about sex with his little sister around, nope nope. "Lord Alric, Neddie…"

Saffron still blushes a wonderful pink at Justin's words, and she laughs softly. "Thank you, Ser," she says coyly. "I was just suggesting to my Lord Husband we may want to retire soon. For ritual's sake, of course." Now she offers Jocelyn a smile, stepping forward to touch the girl's hand. "I'm glad to see you smile, Lady Jocelyn." Then her gaze falls on Nedra and Alric, and she offers the former a small smile. Her head bobs with the greetings even while she holds onto her blush.

"The wedding was lovely, the music was excellent, the wine was superb and the dancing was wonderful," Nedra remarks from where she's standing with Alric near the edge of the group. The sight of her brother blushing, however, makes Nedra laugh. She doesn't have to be a /genius/ after all to figure out why he's blushing, and then Saffron starts blushing and it's all to much for her and she laughs. "What ever could be amiss, brother, that makes you blush so?" is wondered, her blue-grey eyes widening in a look of contrived confusion.

Releasing Justins hand briefly she leans in and… hugs Saffron. Yes, she is hugging her. Someone thing is said between women and when Jocelyn pulls back, the womans shoulders are squeezed before she places her arm back on Justins. Her eyes glance toward Nedra and Alric as they approach, smiling softly to them. Having heard the Saffron had wish to retire she says, "I'll not want to keep you from your… rituals. Thank you for having me. I've enjoyed myself very much." That was only a half lie as only half the night she didnt enjoy herself.

Justin perhaps is not aware of any previous awkwardness between Jocelyn and the guests of honor. He was likely taking a trip out to the privy at the time, or in some conversation about Stonebridge at the table or well, who knows? He looks quite pleased by the Nayland lady accepting his invitation. Justin smiles a little before his attention returns fully upon his friends, "Thank you for having us. Of course I wouldn't miss it, if I could help it. However, please forgive me for having to depart at once in the morning. I have pressing business to conclude in Heronhurst in the hope of returning while Stonebridge is yet passable." Saffron gets a wider smile from Justin and he laughs briefly himself, Jocelyn yet on his arm, "Yes, indeed, while he is yet fresh enough to be up for the challenge. Don't be making it too easy on him, lady Saffron!"

Then Jocelyn's hugging Saffron. The Terrick waits patiently and when she's finished, Justin turns to Jocelyn, to bow to her over her hand, "I thank you for the dance and the pleasure of your smile. Let us see them off, then I must bid you a good evening."

Alric just nods to each thing Nedra remarks, agreeing with it all. Though as for her addressing the blushing, it just has Alric standing and grinning. Offerind bows to all as they seem to be dispersing. "We should perhaps not keep you longer, my lady. Ser." He offers to them before going silent again.

Kamron grins at Nedra's evaluation, "You have to say that, since you helped plan so much of it." He steps aside as Jocelyn move to hug Saffron, and he shrugs at Justin, "I won't be able to join you, but I'll send Percy with you." And he's saved from responding to Nedra by one of the drunker Mallister scions stepping up onto his chair, thence to the table, and then raising a wineglass and calling out, "Let's see them bedded!" This meets with general acclaim from the men in the hall, and perhaps quieter acclaim from the women. Kamron laughs a bit himself, glancing over to Saffron with a reassuring smile and a wink.

Saffron presses her cheek to Jocelyn's during the hug, and she shakes her head slightly. "Think nothing of it, Jocelyn," she murmurs, "we will talk again soon." Then she looks to the others before she sweeps her hand down to take Kamron's. "Come, Husband. There is much we need to discuss." She offers a grin toward Justin before she nods to Kamron to lead her on. She does flash Nedra a coy look without another word. Then at the call, Saffron turns another wonderful shade of a pink, and off the two are swept.