Page 553: A Wedding at Broadmoor, Part II
A Wedding at Broadmoor
Summary: After the wedding ceremony, guests meet in the Lord's Hall to celebrate with food, wine, and dancing…and of the course the traditionally ribald bedding ceremony.
Date: 27 Jan 2013
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Lord's Hall - Broadmoor
Practical rather than lavish, this large hall serves as the main meeting place for those who seek the Lord's ear. A dais raises a pair of matching, tall backed chairs aloft from the polished wood of the main floor, with colorful banners draping the wall at their backs - the vibrant hues of House Haigh incorporated into painstakingly embroidered scenes of glory and triumph. The remaining walls are wood-panelled, lending a certain grandeur in keeping with the tall, vaulted beams of the ceiling overhead, from which several chandeliers hang. Additional light is provided by the high windows within the northern wall.
Little expense has been spared in the decorating of the chamber for the evening's festivities and feast. Long trestle tables line the walls, leaving space at the center of the floor for dancing, music provided by the Lord's own minstrels. Bouquets and garlands of richly fragrant and colorful flowers - a traditional selection of deep red roses, sheafs of wheat and golden primroses - are scattered here and there, further spiced with herbs. Every spare inch of the tabletops, it seems, is laden with platters and bowls of sumptuous delicacies, from roast pig glazed with honey and seasoning, to chicken and duck, bread and potatoes, an array of roasted vegetables.. the kitchens of Broadmoor have truly outdone themselves. Servants work briskly to ensure that pitchers and goblets remain overflowing. Overhead, decorative celebratory banners loop from one beam to the next, between the candlelit warmth of the chandeliers.
The largest doorway leads to a porch overlooking the Stone Court outside, while a less imposing archway leads to a long gallery to the south. Both are sedately guarded.
Sun, Jan 27, 290

Ilaria's gaze drifts to those around her, the dancing couples, the talking ones, the groups of people sharing laughs over drink and food. Only when Alric continues to talk does she exhale quietly and turn her attention to him once more. Her steady green gaze focuses on his, and then flicks to the side as he speaks. "I - understand, but honestly, you needn't say it. Such things make me a trifle uncomfortable. Surely you would prefer to remark on the tenderness of the game meats, the particularly sweet note to the fruit pies, or perhaps that the wine served is of rather decent vintage." She clears her throat, although the sound is almost like a quiet laugh, and glances up to Alric from beneath her lashes just as the song draws to an end. "I am thirsty," she remarks suddenly as she stops, turning her head to look for Saffron at her table. "Let us get a drink, and then you must ask one of these ladies to dance, my lord I see so many of them unattended."

"I thought you would never ask," Bella teases him, her impish grin hinting at her mischief. "Please excuse us, Ser Martyn," taking the arm Perrin had offered. "It would be a pleasure and an honor, good Ser." Allowing him to lead her to the floor. "I could possibly learn to live without my toes if it would mean a dance with you."

"You all enjoy your evening now, you hear?" Daryl offers towards Erik and Laryssa, a final glance around the hall and he spots Perrin hopefully moving to take the dance for. "Go get her, M'lord!" He cheers on with a small raising of his fist, though a slight yank keeps him moving with Ceinlys and he snickers a touch, "What?…What?" He defends. "Just trying to be…Friendly." His swagger is back, the Ashwood idly glancing aside as he steps away from the hall then, moving to speak quietly with the woman on his arm then.

Kamron nods to Nedra, "I'll count on you to direct me to the next Lady to speak with at the end of each dance, if none of the men this far East are brave enough to dance with a Mallister." As the song trails to an end, the Mallister knight grabs for a napkin, wiping off his fingers, "And that's my cue, Neddie." And setting aside his plate of gnoshes, he heads over to intercept the newest Fenster as promised.

The quiet response has Erik wincing only ever so slightly though most would not catch it as the change in his expression is a very small one. Then a few more quiet words are spoken in return before the warm and confident smile reappears for the Haigh. The Jast then picks up the moves a little bit, changing the dance from timid and calm to something that is more fun and engaging. The rhythm is of course matched appropriately and Erik releases with the hand at Laryssa's hip so that he can offer her a brief spin on her feet at the appropriate climax of the song. Then he catches her smoothly though his movements may be considered adequate for the attempt, nothing extra flourishing graces the knight today. Perhaps the effects of last night's festivities.

With the pace calmer once more and Erik's grin still in place, he did not notice that Ceinlys and Daryl had approaches, turning his attention quickly to the other two, "Of course, Lady Ceinlys. Please return my Deputy back to me in one piece though, he has his uses." When Daryl calls out to them, the Jast Knight can only chuckle in amusement and nods, "We will, Lord Daryl, enjoy the fresh air. It is a beautiful night outside, I am sure."

And lead he does. Perrin makes for the dance floor and finds an empty spot. Only then does he drop his arm and bow to the Lady as a new song begins. "My Lady, it has been a long day and I hope you will forgive me and my slowness at catching your suggestion of a dance." He holds up a hand to allow her to come as near as she deems proper just as the notes are beginning the start of the new dance.

It is for the best that there are no extra flourishes or exotic moves attempted; Laryssa has been drinking steadily today, never mind the previous evening. Still, she keeps her feet through that spin and settles back with a hand at Erik's shoulder easily. Lips curving in a smile for the Sheriff in the wake of things. She tilts her head to look towards Ceinlys and Daryl, studying the latter for a moment. Eyebrows rise slightly as she looks at him, perhaps trying to get some point across, but alas. They do not have the rapport that leads to such communication. Instead, she smiles lightly, "Be well, cousin. Lord Daryl, please do make some time for me before you depart for Highfield."

Alric chuckles as he listens to Ilaria, his own voice staying low. "The wine has been quite splendid, and you seem to have enjoyed it quite a bit." A slight tease at her before he does nod and lead her back towards Kamron and the wine. Nedra getting a nod of his head as well. "Ser Kamron, lady Nedra." He offers and will take another sip from his wine as they get back to it. "I do so think she has been waiting on a dance with you, ser Kamron." He offers with a wink before looking around a bit. Eyes going to some of those dancing and perhaps remembering some that he knew he had to offer some dances to. "Where did your sister go?" He asks of Ilaria, perhaps still owing her a dance. Or just grateful that she missed his foolish act that upset Ilaria earlier. For now hanging hoere. Catching part of what Kamron says, he grins. "I am sure there are plenty of people that will dance with lady Nedra. I enjoyed the last dance, she is quite skilled."

Once out on the dance floor, Bella offers a curtsy in return, looking up at him through her lashes. "There is nothing to forgive, Ser Perrin, perhaps I just found a dance with you too intriguing to wait to see if you chances to ask me." Again, that teasing light in her eyes. As she steps into his embrace, it could almost be deemed borderline proper, though they are only touching where their hands connect them.

Nedra helps herself to some of the food on Kamron's plate, again - what else are siblings for - and chases the food with a sip of the brandy. "Remember, don't step on toes, it's rude," she calls after her brother. She is brushing her fingertips off on a napkin when Lady Ilaria and Lord Alric arrive near where she and Kamron are standing. "Oh no, last time someone said that - in almost those exact words - it was my beloved cousin Kamron finding new and inventive ways to embarrass me in a large group of party attendees." She prudently takes a seat, smoothing her dress as she does so, "I'll just hold the list for Kamron," she says firmly.

Ilaria laughs quietly as Alric sweeps her toward the table, and she stumbles a bit before catching herself with a hand on its edge. "Oh, goodness. Someone dropped something back there," she murmurs, glancing around until she can focus on her goblet. Ah, there it is. It only takes two tries to grab it, straightening at the waist and turning back to Kamron and Nedra as she sips from it carefully. "Hold the list?" she echoes the woman's words, looking between the siblings with a cheerful smile. "I fancy Lord Kamron is far too skilled at coming up with ways to embarrass anyone. He has that sly, foxy look at about him."

He laughs "There is nothing at all intriguing to me, My Lady. I assure you. Just a simple man doing his duty is all. But I am glad for the chance to dance with you." Perrin moves efortlessly with the song, leading Arabella along. "How long shall you be in Broadmoor, My Lady? You said you have things to do? And it would be good to have you come on the hunt as well."

Nedra blinks once at Lady Ilaria then laughs, "To much Brandy," she declares as a fine rush of color rises upon her face. "I meant to say that Martyn had .. not Kamron, that is. I believe I've had a bit to much to drink," she adds and sets the glass of brandy rather resolutely way from her on the table.

Martyn remains a bit off to the side for the moment, just listening to what's being said now. Expression a bit thoughtful as he looks around the room again for the moment, shaking his head a little bit to himself.

Kamron meets Ilaria and her new husband half-way, reaching out to steady the bride as she gathers in her goblet, "The list of women I am to dance with, Lady Ilaria." The description of him as sly and foxy causes him to laugh lightly, "Actually, it was our cousin Martyn." The correction is gentle, and he offers up his crooked, boyish grin to Ilaria, "And I've always preferred mischievous to sly, Lady Ilaria. So much more accepted in polite company. But if I am to start off this list that my dear sister is planning, may I cross off the name at the top of it?" And with that round-about request, he offers out his hand to the bride.

Robben smiles as he listens to Aemy's words. "Well, we should probably pack in not too long too. But if the happy couple want to enjoy a dance or two, we should wait for a little while longer before we speak to them, right?" Continuing with the dancing now.

"If you would allow me, I would like to go on the hunt, yes. I went on one before, it was all so.. fun." Mostly. Though at his words., Bella laughs. "I recall the fun we have had in the Roost, here in Broadmoor. You are more than a simple man doing duty." Her smile blossoms brighter. "You always make me laugh, I do recall that." As he questions her further about her plans, she steps slightly nearer so that she can speak in quiet tones.

Ilaria's vision swims, but only just a very little bit, as she blinks at Nedra. "Oh!" she murmurs, her confusion clearing slightly as the woman clarifies her meaning. The mention of brandy draws out a giggle from the blushing bride, and she leans in toward the Mallister girl in a conspiratorial manner. "I have had I cannot even count how many cups of wine. I understand completely," she stage-whispers, accompanying her words with an overexaggerated wink.

And then there is Kamron holding out his hand to her, eliciting a giggle or two. Ilaria sets aside her wine and accepts the hand, offering Kamron a firm nod before flashing a smile at Alric. "I will be back momentarily." And then to Kamron, "I apologize for my choice in words, my lord. Mischievous and not sly. Never again will the mistake be made."

Who knows what Katrin has been up to for the past few hours. Everyone could agree that she's been quite the social butterfly, roaming from group to group and partaking in several dances. Usually with cousins within her own House. As she comes to a conclusion with one, she is bouncing off to see what has been happening on the other side of the Hall. Has she been drinking? By the slight hesitation in each step. Maybe.

Watching as Daryl and Ceinlys depart, Erik appears to feel a bit more relieved as he knows that his Deputy has gotten a bit deep into the cups. Finally his attention returns to Laryssa just as the song is ending. He was at least well trained enough that when his attention wasn't fully present, his hands and feet continues to move to rhythm, until the music slows to a stop. Then with a smile again, he inclines his head to his dancing partner, "Thank you for that dance, My Lady. It was most enjoyable."

Alric helps to keep Ilaria upright as she stumbles. Grinning a bit as she reaches for her goblet. As do he grin at Nedra admitting to getting drunk. Himself continuing to drink as well and seemingly quite a bit drunk as well. Listening and chuckling a bit at the talk. "How come my sister has not done the same?" He asks a bit playfully before looking out and spotting her dancing with ser Perrin it seems. Eyes shifting to Aemy and Robben as well, and if they have indeed stopped dancing he will gesture them over. Not having gotten any time so far to talk with his dear friends. Though upon seeing his goodsister, he grins. "Lady Katrin." He calls her offer and smiles to her. Glancing to Ilaria and Kamron as he hear her words. "Of course, take your time."

As Martyn looks around the room, his gaze stop on Katrin at the moment. Pausing as he sees the bouncing steps, he start moving over in her direction now, a bit quietly. Glancing around at the other people present, before he makes his way the rest of the way over to the lady. "Lady Katrin." A brief pause before he offers her a smile. "Would you honor me with a dance?" It's asked a bit quietly at the moment.

"Intriguing or a jester to make you laugh?" Perrin gives the slightest of shrugs and continues on with the dance. "Well then you will have to come along if you find it fun." But as she moves closer he bends his head to catch her words. His eyes close and he nods as his head comes back upright "Yes, that is something that must be done, My Lady." Again the reference to Stonebridge is caught in her whispered words and his stiffens slightly and even stumbles a step before catching himself "I see," is his simple reply.

"I am in no rush to leave, my lord." Aemy glances over to the couple, "Perhaps we should now, before they have a chance to escape?" The Erenford truly does wish to speak with them soon.

Robben chuckles at Aemy's words, before he nods a bit now. "Sounds like an excellent idea, my lady." Starting to lead her over in the direction of where Alric is at the moment now.

Kamron shakes his head at Ilaria's apology, "I doubt that will be what you remember from this evening, Lady Ilaria." The words are spoken quietly, however, meant for her ears alone as he escorts the bride out to the dance floor. Turning toward her, he gathers her in, stepping into a simple, smooth dance that keeps them moving about the dance floor without too many turns or spins, and no flourishes. It's not fancy, it's not spectacular, but it is designed to be easy on the stomach and the head. "There is a fine point that you're going to want to play with the wine tonight, Lady Ilaria, if you don't mind me saying so."

Aemy moves along at his side, following where he guides her, a quick glance to Alric then Ilaria as she offers the duo a smile upon approach.

There's a light smile upon Laryssa's lips as Erik leads her off of the dance floor. She casts a look around for a servant to provide drinks for them, beckoning one over. "I should thank you, Ser," she says to the Sheriff, casting a look over to him. There's a brightness in her blue eyes, beneath the haze that wine has brought. There is a mixture of expressions on her features at his quieter response to her: a flicker of surprise that is quickly schooled into a light smirk.

Katrin's steps skitter to a halt as her dark green eyes alight on Martyn. "My Ser," she greets with an overly bright smile. Oh yes, she's definitely been into the wine herself tonight. "A dance you say? That sounds absolutely divine, even if everyone here will insist on gossiping about it in the morning. They're just all jealous that they could not find true love like we have."

Nedra smiles up at Ilaria as the giggled words reach her ears, sparking her own laughter, before she nods, the not-quiet whisper making she shake her head slightly. "I'm not drunk," she says, or rather, declares, because those two words are only EVER spoken by people who clearly are. "And I'm not sure, Lord Alric, but I'm sure if you ask her that she'll have some sort of answer for you as to why she's not done the same," she adds, or - rather - volunteers to Alric in response to his semi-rhetorical question regarding Arabella.

"Would I be wrong to claim that you are intriguing because you make me laugh at a time when it is difficult to find reason to, Ser Perrin?" Bella tilts her head to the side as he only shrugs, she peeks up at him, "Would you care for a stroll in the garden? We could talk." Sensing his mood to be vastly different than it was on prior meetings. "I will go on the hunt, and if you do need to talk, I would offer to liaten."

Alric watches Katrin with Martyn for a moment and just decides to study them for a moment before eyes shift to Nedra as he grins. "She seems to be quite busy dancing, so I figure it would have to wait." There is a chuckle at that though. Amused more than anything it seems. At the approach from Aemy and Robben, Alric let his smile grow more nad bow to them. Seeing as Ilaria is for now gone dancing with Kamron he will just grin a bit mischievously. "I hope you both have been enjoying yourselves." He suggests and his smile is quite bright. "I do have a suggestion though. Lady Nedra here has been without a dance partner. I do think that you needd to offer one." He winks at Robben at that. "Oh, and lady Aemy. I owe you one since last time, do I not?" He will of course let them greet and so on before anything. He is just a bit rambling, most likely from his wine.

When the servant arrives, Erik reaches out with both hands, taking a goblet of wine in each hand before offering one to the Haigh Lady at his side. While taking a long sip of the needed refreshing drink after the fun dance that they had just shared, the Jast Knight studies the young lady over the rim of the cup, a grin appear at the edge of his lips at her expression of surprise.

Ilaria follows at Kamron's side, admiring silently and with wide eyes the flashes of color as they pass the swishing, vibrant hues of the gowns of the dancers. She is most definintely well 'into her cups' at this point, and this is exhibited by her lack of equilibrium and her penchant for smiling wistfully and giggling. Still, with enough focus she only treads on Kamron's toes perhaps twice for every five steps. "I have a feeling I shan't remember very much of this evening, my lord - but only this evening," she murmurs, grateful for the sedate pace to the dance, but her genial nature dissipates rather quickly with his next words.

Ilaria's sharp, green gaze snaps upward to focus on Kamron's face, and although the tone was polite she cannot help but narrow her eyes a bit as her wine-soaked (wine-drenched? swimming in wine?) brain parses the comment. "Of course you are right, my lord," she replies rather tartly, enunciating each word with the sharpest precision she can manage with her alcohol-benumbed tongue. "It would be doing my husband quite the disservice if I was to be rendered unconscious tonight." No, no, definitely no sarcasm in those words. None at all. Nevermind her utter misinterpretation of his meaning. Still, her expression softens after a moment and she smiles gently at Kamron. "I will switch to tea. Thank you for the advice, Lord Kamron."

Perrin pauses in the dance and looks into Arabella's eyes "Yes, lets go for a walk, shall we?" he holds out a hand to allow her to lead to the door from the hall "Some fresh air would do good, My Lady."

Pausing for a few moments as he hears Katrin's words, Martyn offers her a bit of a smile. "Habe you been drinking, my lady?" he asks, words barely a whisper, before he nods a bit again. "They would probably find something to say about it no matter what happens," he admits to her. Offering his hand for her now, he looks around the room again for a few moments, then back to Katrin.

Kamron takes Ilaria's venom without complaint, retaining a smile on his face even if it freezes a little bit. Shaking his head slightly, he lets his smile return to natural fullness, "I just wouldn't like to see all of that wine you've drunk again. What happens after you leave the public eye… I'll happily leave for your wisdom." He focuses mostly on dancing, assuring his partner, "I'm not trying to tell you what do do…" there's a pause, and he adds with another crooked grin, "Much."

"Thank you, Ser," Laryssa says to Erik as she accepts the goblet. She takes a long sip, though pauses with vessel to her lips as she listens to lowered words spoken by him. It takes some effort to extend her gaze out across the hall as the number of guests dwindle. She remains by his side, however, and responds softly in kind.

"But of course I have!" Katrin says cheerily. And perhaps a bit loudly. "My baby sister just got married today. I will die an old maid, miserable and alone, fulfilling the whims of other people. I think I have every reason to be in my cups on today of all days." She reaches out and takes Martyn's hand, clinging to it with more force than her small fingers might usually exert.

"No, no, you are quite right," Ilaria replies to Kamron immediately, looking up to him with what she hopes is a reassuring smile. She has come to find that she cannot quite feel her lips, and periodically she bites down on them rather hard to be sure they are still in place. "I have never - no, I have never had quite so much wine, my goodness," she continues somewhat breathlessly, allowing Kamron to bear the brunt of her weight as a spell of light-headedness takes her over. It lasts for only a moment, though, and with a deep breath and a flutter of her eyelids she straightens. "Perhaps I could use a moment to sit, though. Just to rest for a spell."

Nodding a bit at Alric's words, Robben offers a bit of a smile. "Congratulations, my friend. I hope you're a happy man now." He nods a bit as well, before he adds, "And we've enjoyed the festivities." He nods again at Alric's suggestion, looking over towards Aemy for a few moments, before he moves over the last few steps to Nedra now. Offering her a bit of a smile. "May I offer you a dance, Lady Nedra?"

"Thank you." Comes Alric's reply to Robben and a genuine smile. Taking to action for now Alric does lead Aemy along, once she agrees to allow a dance that is, and moves to the dance floor. "I do hope you have enjoyed yourselves." A glance is given to make sure that Robben is doing the right thing of pulling Nedra into a dance and for now he will enjoy his own with the Erenford.

Erik's eyes are also taking a look around, seeing that the Hall has been slowly dwindling of people though they have not completed the duty of the final, official event of the night that all newly wedded couples go through. The Jast's eyes do return to Laryssa's rather quickly as she speaks again. Grinning in obvious amusement now at the lady's quiet words before he answers in kind. His eyes do look up again, as if deciding on something.

Nedra's eyes, blue grey and rather hazy from a bit to much drink and not enough food to balance it, narrow subtly at the words that Alric speaks - offering her to dance with Robben, that is. Dejavu sets in and she frowns, glancing from alric to Robben then - in the distance - to her cousin Martyn and back around again. She starts to reach for the glass of Brandy, remembers that it's a bad idea, and folds her hands in her lap instead. She hesitates, but looks to Aemy first and foremost: "If you don't mind me borrowing your betrothed for a moment?" she asks of Aemy, rising to her feet but waiting on Aemy's reply first and foremost.

Kamron goes from dancing to holding up an unsteady noblewoman, stilling his feet inelegantly but steadily. He nods his head, "Enjoy the spinning room a little, Lady Ilaria. It makes everything blurry and bright, which can be quite entertaining." Once she's caught her breath, he offers out his arm, going from escorting a pregnant wife earlier in the day to a drunk bride. Guiding her slowly back toward the head of the table, he offers up a reassuring smile, "We'll see you safe through the evening."

"Okay…" Martyn offers, before he sighs a little bit. "You would never be alone, my lady," he offers a bit quietly, although he doesn't say more, at least not for the moment. As his hand is held onto with all that force, he doesn't grimace or anything, aside from offering her a smile for the moment, as he begins to lead the way in the dance now.

A long drink of wine is taken and Laryssa lifts a hand to touch lightly to Erik's elbow, leaning towards the Jast Knight to reply to his quiet words. Her pale eyes do continue to survey the hall, people watching in spite of their conversation.

Said drunken bride laughs quietly, the melodic burble of mirth rising from deep in her belly. It is the sort of laughter that rarely comes from a lady unless she is inebriated. "Thank you, I think I shall enjoy it immensely. It is quite a disorienting and yet equally pleasant sensation, as if I were dancing in circles but without having to do so." She follows carefully at Kamron's side, and is quite relieved when her backside finally sees the surface of a chair. "You were gallant as ever, Lord Kamron, and quite a good dancer. Thank you. And thank you for coming to our wedding. Lord Alric and I are grateful for your attendance."

It takes a little more time than usual for the words to click with Katrin, but when they do, her eyes light up. "No, I never will be, so long as I have you, My Ser," she says brightly. "I do not know what I would do without you. At least I have love, even if other people are foolish enough to toss it aside."

The Jast Knight listens to the quiet words that Laryssa shares with him and he takes a moment to consider before answering in turn before looking up. As more people come and go with the atmosphere of the wedding in somewhat of a limbo perhaps, Erik's eyes sharpen a bit despite a slight haze of the alcohol as he tries to make sure that both the newly wedded Lord Husband and Lady Wife are still present in the Hall. Lady Ilaria is apparently resting near the Mallister Knight, catching her breath. Then the Jast's eyes searches for the Fenster Lord, who is spotted by Lord Robben and Lady Aemy. With a quick look back to Larysssa, Erik holds up a finger as if to say hold on and takes a large drink of his wine before he calls out, just one man in the midst of various guests, some drunker than he is, others not so much. "Lord Alric!" He calls out with a clear voice, expression filled with amusement, "It is getting late, isn't it, My Lord! Should be time for whatis to come. The Bedding!" There is a slight pause before Erik continues, a chant, hoping to incite the other men into joining him, hopefully the drunk ones will join in first. "Bedding! Bedding! Bedding!"

Aemy watches Robben, smiling in confirmation to lady Nedra, giving her a quick nod even as Alric leads her to the dance floor. "Oh i have, Lord Alric. It has been lovely. I wanted to give you best wishes on your marriage and I hope you find every happiness." Her blue eyes meet his and she offers a curtsy before stepping into his embrace.

There is a small, quick response to the Jast Knight before he's off and starting the bedding revelry. A slight color comes to Laryssa's cheeks and she tucks one arm across her stomach, giving her opportunity to support the other as she continues to sip at the wine. No long drinks now- she needs the goblet as a shield to cover her expressions. Pale eyes do focus perhaps a bit upon Erik, but she observes the rest in turn as well.

Alric starts to dance and enjoying a moment with Aemy and soon the dancing is starting to slow down. Hearing the Jast knight's chanting and he laughs a bit at that. Looking around a bit and shaking his head. Trying to bring Aemy to her betrothed though. Before he will let the crowd has it course. Looking over towards Kamron and his own wife. Still rolling that word in his mind perhaps.

Kamron joins with the laughter, moving over to the side of Ilaria's seat of honor and offering her help down, "You're kind to say so, Lady Ilaria. What you missed amidst the wine was the fact that the dance was exceptionally simple. I thought it best, for the sake of my own reputation. It wouldn't do to step on the bride's toes." The chant going up causes him to shrug helplessly at Ilaria, "It looks like you won't get to sit for long… I'll do what I can to slow them down a moment." And then turning around, he calls out aloud, "Gentlemen! You had best have a plan in mind if you want to get to the bride!"

Lowering his voice a bit to speak to Katrin, Martyn offers a smile to her now, as he glances around the room for a few moments. Still leading her around the dance now, Pausing as he looks between the others present for the moment as he hears what's being called out.

The doors to the hall quickly open and soon a still drunken Daryl comes onto the scenes, clapping as he hears the chant and joining in, "Bedding! Bedding! Bedding!" Loudly as he won't leave Erik's voice to be the only one heard. "Almost didn't make it," He asides quietly towards Erik, glazed hues observing closely.

Many other voices are joining the chant: "Bedding, bedding, bedding!" And one of the older Haigh women is shouting over the din. "Let's see what our Ilaria has bagged!"

Warm tea arrives at Ilaria's elbow without her having to request it, and she smiles gratefully as she lifts the cup to her lips. After a few quiet sips, she glances around to watch as people continue to mill about and eat, drink, and make merry the blessed occasion. Her gaze even lands on Alric whom she contemplates silently for a moment before her reverie is so rudely interrupted by—oh damn that Jast. The call for the bedding ceremony arises, and so too must she. Her smile is warm and admiring over Kamron's gallantry even as she knows the time has come. "'tis true, the gentlemen better have a plan!" she calls out, laughing merrily and clapping her hands together. "I bet a roast duck that none of their weak jests will even make me blush!"

Bella has just arrived back in the room, hearing the chant from Erik, she looks over, seeing still at the side of Laryssa. There was no way she wanted to see her brother stripped.. but she goes along with the other ladies, chanting along with the others.

The chanting falls on Katrin's ears, and clearly is upset enough by it that whatever she was discussing with Martyn during their dance is forgotten about. But she is still not drunk enough to go smack the Jast knight who started it all. "Never fear, Lari, they just want to take a peek at what none of them will ever be able to have for themselves!" she calls loudly to her sister with a bright grin flashing.

When the ladies join in also, Laryssa casts another look to the Jast Knight. A small shake of her head and she downs the rest of her wine. "Bedding!" the call goes up from the Haigh girl and she's joining some of the other women in approaching Alric. The empty goblet is set on a table as she passes.

Giving the blushing Laryssa as grin, Erik says to the Lady he was dancing with, "If you will excuse me, My Lady, duty will be pulling me away and as a Jast under the service of the Ashwoods, I am forbidden to fail." With a final smile, Erik turns and turns his gaze back towrds where Ilaria is, being guarded by the Mallister. "Plan, Ser Kamron?" The Jast calls out with a laugh, "You cannot stop the inevitable, Ser, just like a single rock cannot stop the flow of a raging river!" It appears that some other more inebriated men has joined him, Daryl included, and now Erik leads the charge, more than willing to take Kamron on, keeping the impressive looking knight preoccupied. "Let's go men, time for the Bedding!"

Offering Nedra a bit of a smile for now, Robben sighs as he hears the chanting now. "Perhaps the dance will have to wait until these events are done, my lady?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Worst case, I would have to owe you one until the next time?" Looking around for a few moments, both at the happenings, and to see where Aemy is at the moment.

Martyn pauses as he hears the chanting, looking to Katrin to see her reaction for now. Looking a bit relieved she's not going to punch the one that started it all, he remains where he is for now.

Kamron bows his head at Ilaria's response to him, stepping around to stand behind her chair and place his hands on the backrest. "Stopping? I'm no rock, Sers…" he responds to the call back to him, then leans forward, slipping his hands down to reach out and try to unclasp Ilaria's wedding cloak and toss it back over the chair, "I don't know about the rest of them, but my plan is guile and trickery to see what awaits Lord Fenster's feather!"

The men and women in the hall begin to separate, the former flocking in Ilaria's direction and the latter heading toward Alric. All manner of dirty jokes are being bandied about, punctuated with an occasional roar of laughter should it be well received. Such things as "Someone call the butcher, I think I found a stray leg of lamb over here!" to a groan-worthy old fallback of "Off with her head!"

Alric just chuckles and is indeed just going with flow for now. Offering a glance towards Ilaria as well smiling to her, doing a sort of roll of his eyes. Looking in that direction at those going to her. Then laughing a bit. Glancing around the area.

Daryl laughs lightly at Erik's comments, moving to follow suit with the group and head towards the newlywed bride, jarring one man aside to ensure he is one the main carriers for the ceremony. His green eyes are glazed over and he is definitely drunk, but he handles himself well enough considering and proceeds to heft the woman up once enough men have gathered around.

Aemy loops an arm through Nedra's, offering the Mallister a wink. "Shall we? I think we both have suitable reason to escort the Young lord to his wife?" Her eyes sparkle with humor, her smile widens. "If you are agreeable?"

Having attended a few weddings herself, Ilaria is no stranger to the ceremony. The loss of her cloak is, admittedly, a momentary relief as the weight of the heavy garment leaves her lighter, and so she spins past the Mallister with a chime of laughter - only to draw closer to Erik and the growing crowd of men flanking him. She looks from face to face, screwing up her nose in an amused expression, and then flicks her hair behind her shoulder in a taunt. "Well? Are you men or are you cattle? I'll call to have the lot of you gelded, if it's true—oy!" Before she can truly finish her threat, it is lost amid a gale of laughter as Daryl swings her up.

Katrin looks toward Ilaria, first to ensure she is alright and then back to Martyn, her expression more sober. "Go with them?" she requests. "Make sure Ilaria is alright by the end of it." With everyone else focused on the newlyweds being stripped, she offers the Mallister knight a gentle smile. "And we can find each other later to finish our dance."

Erik can't help but laugh as Kamron apparently has positioned himself nicely to draw first cloth on Ilaria, watching as the heavy wedding cloak is unclasped and pulled away. And since the Jast is the one that started it, he will also try to put himself in position to be the one that is also making sure that Ilaria is carried safely up to the room that is prepared for her and her Lord husband. He does manage to laugh, before answering loudly in the midst of all the other boisterious cheering, "You don't even know what needs gelding, My Lady, but after tonight, you will! But don't worry, it's not as scary as it looks!" One of the first loud bawdy jokes tossed her way.

Perhaps the ladies need a little more reason to be brazen, and so some of the older Haigh have taken to swarming Alric. Knobby hands grasp his arms and push him toward the gallery that will lead them up the grand stairs and to their bedroom. The crowd is slow to move, but the ladies do seem to enjoy poking and prodding Alric. It takes three of them to divest him of his tunic, willing to wrestle should the Fenster make protest, all the while chattering amongst themselves. "Look at this dandy here, ladies, look at him! You would think he worked the fields with all this muscle, feel his arms! You know what they say about a man with big arms!" "No it's not his arms, Lady Vera, it's his wrists. Look at his big, meaty wrists!"

Nedra has finished that glass of brandy, against her better instincts, and when Aemy loops her arm through hers she blinks - a bit bleary eyed - and feels a small smile tug at her lips. "I guess I'm game if you are," she says as she pulls herself to her feet. The sound of the gathered nobles flocking left and right makes her pause, but she accompanies Aemy, because - well - in for a penny in for a pound.

Robben follows with the group of the men, although he's moving at a slower pace than most of the others at the moment. Shaking his head a little bit as he looks around now.

Nodding to Katrin's words, Martyn offers her a momentary nod and a smile, before he hurries to move off with the other men now. To make sure the bride herself is not mistreated, as he just promised.

"I don't think it's us you have to worry about, Lady Ilaria." Kamron shakes his head, laughing as he moves to slip behind her as she's hefted up and bandied about by the other men, "You just have to worry about whether your husband is. If he is, I'm sure some of these lusty men will be happy to step in!" His fingers search out the buttons at the back of her dress, trusting his sober fingers to the task more than the drunken digits of the others.

There is still a redness to Laryssa's cheeks, but she's drunk enough to be spurned onward. One of the older Haigh women catches up the girl's arm and drags her into the bunch. This is when she begins laughing lightly and is soon in the midst, helping to usher Alric into the hall and towards his wedding bed.

As the bedding ceremony begins, Bella quietly slips out of the hall,

With a flash of a smile in thanks to Martyn, Katrin trots off to join her kin in removing Alric's clothing. Her cheeks are reddened, but upon finding herself nestling between aunts and uncles, and a whole bevy of female cousins, she resigns herself to her fate. "Are his wrists meaty enough to satisfy our Ilaria?" she queries. Can't beat them, might as well join them.

"I have seen a horse before, Lord Erik, and according to my cousin I am going to be extremely disappointed," Ilaria retorts, and in the interim she loses the possession of a roast duck to every man there because she is already blushing. The laughter leaves her breathless, but she tries her best to keep up with the witticisms. "His mother assures me he is not, Lord Kamron, but then I suppose that is why Lady Jaimera gifted me those exquisite scissors!" She is heedless of the shedding of layers at this point, which is probably for the best; it only took seveneight?glasses of wine to ease her into this rite of passage.

Alric laughs a bit at the words from the ladies. Seeing no true point in protesting, even if he mostly just moves around and seem a bit dizzy as well at the moving. "Hey now!" He says at feeling some of their hands. Though amusent does show through.

"We may be the cattle, but it is -you- thats getting the prod!" Daryl announces loudly as Ilaria begins her taunts, unable to supress his laughter as he helps carry Ilaria towards their destination, a free hand lightly slapping Erik on the back in front of him, then pointing up at the new Fenster woman, "You hear this one?!"

Nedra MIGHT have been able to keep even keel except for hearing the remark from her BROTHER of all people is just to much. Nedra shakes her head, averts her eyes and eyes Aemy in a sidelong glance before speaking quietly, laughter chasing her words.

The girl can give it as good as she is getting it, Erik will give her that as he continues to carrier the Lady of the Hour with the assistance of the others, one hand keeping her up while the other helps at the pulling of her clothes. Hearing Daryl's words, the Jast can't help but laugh, "This one is a definite keeper, Alric is damned lucky to have a woman like her!" He then focuses his attention back on the newly married Fenster, "Your cousin was just being kind because after tonight, you will wish to never ride another horse again!"

Oh, the poor and unfortunately blushing Laryssa is scooped up into the rabid fray that scoots Lord Alric ahead. None of them has the upper body strength to lift him, and they look about with their rheumy eyes to seek out the tittering and nubile ladies to tend to the rest of his clothing. "Ah, you!" one woman cries, a Haigh by the looks of her, and grasps Laryssa gently by the wrist before pulling her right in front of Alric. "Get his belt, will ye? I canna manage it with these old fingers of mine. Get his belt, and throw it back to the ladies! We'll see what he's packing yet, girls!" Somewhere in the back, in response to Katrin's jest, a rather young looking woman guffaws and calls in return, "It's not the size of the wrist he needs to be pleasing the girl but how he uses it!"

Robben looks around for a few moments now, shaking his head a little bit. Gaze going over to the women for a few moments, offering a smile to Aemy now.

Not taking part in the removal of the clothing or anything like that, Martyn just makes sure to keep an eye on the proceedings for now, keeping silent at the moment.

Kamron guffaws at Daryl's words in particular, "I'd say you should trust us that it will be better than horses," Kamron lets the other men have their fun with the clothes after the buttons are safely loosed, stepping back, but keeping up his chatter, "But in a few minutes, you'll know well enough for yourself!" He then looks over to the group of women around Alric, cupping his hands to call out, "Best watch out over there, Lady Ilaria's already talking about using her new scissors!"

There might be a response for Katrin, but Laryssa finds herself caught up by one of her elder family members and she bursts out with nervous laughter. Face to face with Alric then, she raises her eyebrows at the man and… there might be some waggle, but she's soon trying to undo his belt and pull him forward at the same time. There's a few giggles as her own fingers fumble, but she soon has the buckle undone and the belt is tossed into the fray of drunken, loud women. "We shall know soon, ladies!"

Alric grins at Katrin's words as he only now catches it. As well as the talk from the others "Oh, were there ever any doubt?" He says and winks. "Oh, hey there." He says to Laryssa as she is pushed in front of him. Stumbling a bit with all the pushing and more or less wrestling. Catching Kamron's words, he laughs loudly. "Don't make her do something she will regret." He offers his own in return about the scissors.

"Oh, but if he's got nothing to work with, then how can he use it?" is Katrin's quip back with a wry grin. She might even look half apologetic to Alric. "Tug that belt right off, Laryssa! No need to be gentle with him tonight."

A draft tingles up Ilaria's spine as the dress disappears, leaving her in the shift beneath. Even her hair is completely loosened, and the clips are palmed and passed along until one of the servants can find them. Her bright green eyes drift from face to face, and her mouth opens in another loud laugh. "At least we can agree that he is a horse, then! All he needs is a little breaking, and I am a trained rider, my lords. Does this mean when he is old and lame I can trade him in for something younger?" Oh, indeed she has a mouth. Perhaps she has been saving all of this mischievous energy for her wedding day.

"There is no training for the riding you'll be doing tonight, My Lady!" Erik shouts out with another laugh as clothes are being discarded, ladies clothing that is so that he has to shift his hold on the newly married Fenster so that she doesn't get bounced around uncomfortably as she continues to be carried up to the wedding chamber. More laughter rumbles out of the Jast as Ilaria continues to dish it out surprisingly well, some girls are scared stiff and others just stammer as they do not know what to say. This one is certainly quick witted and also strong willed, a dangerous but fun combination.

During the majority of it, Daryl is still laughing to some degree, one arm used to carry while the other oh so helpfully removes the Fenster Lady's clothing with a familiar sort of ease. There's a snicker about the scissors, and the Ashwood glances back as Kamron drops out, so to speak. Ilaria's comments have him cracking up, shaking his head in a manner that shows he is enjoying himself. Drunkenly he quips back to Ilaria, "Only if you let him eat from the haystack!" His eyes close briefly as he goes red with hysterical laughter. "Hey someone get me an ale!" He calls. Of course.

Although it is not her intent to look, there is a sudden break in the crowd and Aemy catches a glimpse of a belt being freed. Heat steals into her cheeks and her free hand that is not looped with Nedra's is slapped over her mouth and wide blue eyes meet the Mallister's. "Do not look.." The muffled warning comes from behind her hand and she removes it to laugh at the whispered words from Nedra. "Save me.. I think.. How will -I- ever go through this?" Oh yeah.. Perhaps a wedding will come all too soon, after all. Catching the smile from Robben, she is happy all over again. Yeah. The wedding could not come soon enough.

The crowd of ladies cheer loudly at the sight of the belt hurtling through the air, and it bounces off of a table with a thunk, taking with it a plate of someone's leftover supper and a half-empty cup of wine. The articles clatter to the ground, and seconds later servants are tidying it up. It doesn't matter, though. Their attention is entirely on Alric and the fact that he has only boots and pants to go, and they are growing ever so close to the bedroom now. When they reach the stairs, two stout ladies - one of Erenford stock and one a Terrick - take it upon themselves to heft Alric up on their shoulders, but they call for back-up. "Ladies, his boots! Do not forget his boots there, take them off! My mother said that you can always tell by their feet, you know!" "Tell what - how much a man doesn't bathe?" "Precisely!"

"Hello," Laryssa responds to Alric, turning even further shades of red. It was easier when they weren't conversing! This is the revealing, perhaps, of the Haigh within Laryssa. Composed? Certainly. Usually. But there's a clear fire beneath and it is revealed in all of this. The girl laughs brightly and moves a few steps back as the Lord is lifted to the shoulders of stronger women. She reaches for one of those boots to grab onto and pull away.

"We'll see if you're the rider or the mare tonight!" The response from the Haigh Lady has Kamron laughing as he follows after the main crowd, passing the removed dress back. Daryl's words cause him to guffaw again, "Or eat his salt-lick!"

Nedra, for her part, is doing a rather AMAZING job of keeping eye contact with Aemy for the most part. "I have no idea," she admits in a quiet aside to Aemy, a laugh following her words that is a bit uneven and a good bit embarrassed. "I'm sure your wedding day will be just as lovely as this one, and Muir's, and Brylie's and.." her words trail off, still laughing. "I think I'll get some air, Aemy," she says with a shake of her head, "and I'll catch up with you after the .. well, after," she says and gives Aemy a quick hug before ducking away from the crowded room.

It is hard to tell if Alric catches the words from Ilaria, as all he does for a moment is laughing and looking around. Busy with just trying to glance around a bit with all those hands and ladies all over. Then a grin at Laryssa as his belt goes flying. Then his eyes widen as he is heft up. "Woah there." Comes his words filled with laughter. Catching what he think is Kat's words, he grins. "Oh, how wrong you can be if you think I've got nothing." He offers out with another laugh.

Ilaria is silent for a moment, but perhaps that is because the men have reached the stairs. She looks over to see Alric now perched precariously amidst the women, and the sight of his face as the girls scramble to disrobe him causes her to laugh loudly. "Perhaps I shall treat him to the salt-lick, Lord Kamron, for he looks truly a magnificent beast - but so skittish." She tosses her head, her mane of chocolate hair sweeping over her now bare shoulders, looking up in time to see that they are practically at the bedroom's threshold. "Quick, someone tell me the best way to tame a stallion!"

"If you want to tame your Lord Husband, grab the bull by the horn!" Erik calls out, unable to help himself now as they reach the stairs and the ascending will have to be rather careful. "And whatever you do, just don't freeze up!" When he hears his Deputy call out for ale, that sounds like a very good idea but for now, duty first.

One boot is free and then the other, and before long several pairs of hands are tugging at Alric's breeches. It was inevitable, of course, as countless pairs of glittering eyes leer, and countless pairs of lips purse and blow kisses and offer dirty puns for public consumption. "Every man thinks he carries the trunk of an ancient tree that you would expect to see more awkwardly tailored pants," one lady cries, managing to grasp Alric's still-clothed buttock and give it a squeeze. The fingers disappear, and just as they stop at the door, so do his pants. Much to the chagrin of the older ladies (and perhaps much to the relief of the young and unwed), he is shoved bodily forward into the chamber with cries of luck and well-wishes as to his virility, stamina, size, and many other manly attributes.

What the hell.. Aemy watches Nedra leave then with a shrug joins in, walking, pushing? towards where Alric is. "I think, Young Lord Alric," she arches a brow, looking up at him hoisted on the shoulders, "That you have to prove you have the.." oh gods here it comes.. "balls for this." Aemy has never ever done anything so improper in her life. "Go on and show us!"

Alric does look over towards Ilaria as well, offering a grin and watching her for a moment. This time hearing her words it seems. "Oh, there is no taming. Just enjoy the ride." He says and laughs and does look towards the bedroom as they are quite close now. "Oh, the most skillfull and admirable is not always the largest then?" He offers in return to the ladies. Soon enough thrown into the room as well and laughing as he is.

Kamron has a quick answer for Ilaria's question, "Turn him into a plow horse and give him a row to plow!" The Mallister knight follows a step behind the bride and her bearers as they go up the stairs, making sure that no one tumbles down and ruins the whole affair. "You've shown a quick tongue, Lady Ilaria, but don't wear it out, save some energy for your Lord Husband."

As they near the door of the room, Laryssa takes her opportunity to duck away. She'd hit the peak of what she could quite handle in the moment and she steps aside in the hall, fanning herself a bit. It's quite the ordeal! There's a murmur to someone nearby, "I need some air." The words offered lightly and with a smile- perhaps it speaks well for what Alric has to offer? Or mayhap all the wine she has imbibed. With smiles and nods to some, she departs back down the stairs and out into the cool night air.

Bachelor party? Success. Bedding ceremony? Success. Daryl takes a few amused breaths to have his color come back down to a normal drunken shade of red, letting air into his longs. "The man can dance well, he just has to do so horizontally! Now get in there!" The Ashwood must feel at this point if he we Alric, he'd be getting pretty damn impaticient. The deputy moves to assist the Lady towards the bedchamber as they near.

"With a bull to keep me warm, I am not in danger of freezing, Lord Erik," Ilaria calls back, although her voice begins to waver as the nerves so long held at bay catch up. Her stomach flutters, and her eyes widen, but it is long past the point when she is allowed to flee. Her cheeks are flushed, and anxiety and excitement have added a touch of feverish brightness to her eyes. Her bare toes touch the ground, and she has only time to offer Kamron a suddenly frightened glance before a well-placed hand on her bottom (hey, who was that?!) sends her into the room and the door is pulled closed firmly behind her.

Katrin's smile is bittersweet on watching Alric be tossed into a room where her sister likely awaits him. She takes a few steps back from the crowd, tucking some of her hair back and waits and watches in silence.

Kamron stands there flushed enough from the repartee and climb, but quite clearly not drunk, so his simple smile and nod for Ilaria is unfuzzed by booze. He nods once, then makes a shooing gesture to the young Lady in question. There are no words of reassurance, but who could hear them over the jeers, cheers, and crude comments flying about.

Kamron stands there flushed enough from the repartee and climb, but quite clearly not drunk, so his simple smile and nod for Ilaria is unfuzzed by booze. He nods once, then makes a shooing gesture to the young Lady in question. There are no words of reassurance, but who could hear them over the jeers, cheers, and crude comments flying about.