Page 289: A Wandering Path
A Wandering Path
Summary: Lord Rutger begins his courtship of Lady Rosanna with a gift.
Date: May 4, 2012
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Rosanna Rutger 
Around Town — Stonebridge
It's nice and stuff.
May 4, 289

The request for a walk was met with a teasingly vague response at first, but eventually Rosanna can be plied out of doors to accompany Rutger. With guard and septa, naturally, as disapproving as the latter probably is. They trail behind at a distance, at least. The Groves lady is looking lovely in a gown of deep forest green that calls to her house colors and sets off the rich auburn of her hair, which has been carefully twisted and arranged to pull back from her face and tumble down her back. "I hope your journey from the Mire was pleasant," she tells Rutger as they stroll along the stone bridge.

A smile is easily worn by the Nayland knight as his request was acquiesced to. And so walking in respectable distance of their chaperones, Rutger, is clear to be on his best behavior, for all sets of eyes, as he walks and leads the young woman, on a particularly green pathway. Lined with trees and flora specific to the township. "It was pleasant enough. I find a night ride reminds me of tales I have heard as a child. Brave men and knights of the Dragons, hurrying off to rescue their ladies and princesses from dungeons." A smile there. "Romantic partners meeting in secret. Tales of whispers and intrigues." And like that he looks back to Rosanna as they come along the stone bridge- far from rotting heads and awkward Tordanes. "I did have a grand time with your Brother and Ser Tommas. I am glad they did visit us."

"I hope you were not so distracted by dozens of such stories that you failed to keep your wits about you," Rosanna says in a teasing chide. "They say there are bandits about, after all." She sniffs a bit imperiously at his last words. "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed their company, since they wouldn't let me go with them."

"And that is truly a shame." Rutger states as he looks back over to the young woman. "I had hoped they would. You could see the walls of my childhood, and see the beautiful wetlands. Many people paint the Sevens and the Mire as being a swamp. As if we were crannogmen from the Neck. Not so." the Nayland states. "It is moving, like a River, and we have tides. All sorts of birds. It truly is beautiful." Almost a wistful sigh there before he is looking back. "And I did not. We managed to keep our wits about us, as we went on a hunt late into the night. A Nayland tradition- Frog hunting." said plainly before he is coming to pause and look down the side of the bridge, to watch the Rill as it moves along lazily. "He is a good, and smart man, your brother."

"If the Naylands didn't want people to think of it as a swamp, they choose a poor name for it," Rosanna says in light tease. "My brother says I shall be allowed to visit soon. I do look forward to it, if it's as lovely as you describe." She wrinkles her nose a bit. "Frog hunting? Well, they must have enjoyed that, I suppose. He does try to be good and smart."

"Well, perhaps when I am Lord, a new tradition can be born and a better name chosen for the village." Rutger says before he is looking back towards the Lady Groves. "It is, and do not worry Lady Rosanna, I would not take you frog hunting. It is no sport for ladies. But a fool hearty release for men who have had too much beer." a grin there. "And did your brother give you any other news, that you took joy in?"

Rosanna laughs at that. "Do you think your people would like that? Or that anyone would call it anything different?" She glances up and over at him, her smile a bit sly, before he gaze wanders off in an airy fashion. "I have some idea why you invited me on this walk," she says, all teasing neutrality.

Rutger muses for a moment, before smiling. "Perhaps not, but we could get it changed in the maps, and thus invaders and unwanted guests could be deterred, by asking, Is this the village of Sweet Water, only to be told they are in the Mire." a shake of his head before he lets lips continue that mused curl. " I see. only some idea is it?" And so one brow barely raises as he continues on. "What would you say my lady-if I told you I have obtained permission to court you, from your brother?"

"I would say that you must have given him quite a lot of beer and shown him quite a good time frog-hunting, as he is rather protective of me." But Rosanna certainly does not sound surprised by the declaration.

"I made sure to ask, when he was quite sober, my lady. I will say I am a tricky one, but I am not underhanded." he states before making a slight bow. 'And not where you are concerned." It is then that he straightens, a glance back towards one of the guardsmen trailing behind and a motion is made-soon the man in Nayland livery is shuffling forward. "Indeed he is. And he has every right to be. You are a fine, and most beautiful Lady, Lady Rosanna, and I would be protective of you as well." It is then that he reaches for a slender box from the man, before he is shuffling back. "It would be an honor for me, dear lady, if you consented to this courtship as well."

"I did not know it required my consent, Lord Rutger," Rosanna says in the airily vain way of one who knows she absolutely has power to do just that. Her eyes brighten a touch as Rutger takes the box from his guardsman. Presents?

Rutger chuckles. "Anything, I would do, my lady- I would have your consent, as well as that of your family." he states, before he simply offers the box over. "I had these made for you- and I do hope you like them. I think " he continues on "They would fit a woman of such sophistication as yourself." And the box is offered to the Lady. When doe does open, she will find soft, well made leather gloves that have been dyed purple. And clearly marked and impressed in the skin-is the Nayland Crest.

Rosanna manages to bank most of the glee of her expression upon the reveal of her gift. "Oh, they are lovely," she coos over them. Her eyes lift to Rutger's face with something of an impetuous smile. "I suppose I shall have to consent to a courtship, then, in order to honorably accept such a gracious gift, my lord."

Laughter crops up from the Nayland, as he does smile in full and in earnest. "Lady Rosanna, you do my heart well.." And to the impetuous smile he merely bows his head. "Thank you, I hope they are but the beginning to a tradition that in time we may begin of our own." Yes, Rutger giving Rosanna presents. A tradition. And there his arm offered genially in order to continue the walk down the bridge. "Did I miss anything of interest, while I was at the Sevens?"

Rosanna hands off the box to her septa before drawing closer to Rutger and slipping her hand into the proffered arm. "Oh, just everything," she says amiably. "But I imagine you've heard all of that from your family already. Lord Blackwood arrived yesterday. I hear that he's a sour sort."

"I have only seen him once, in Riverrun." Rutger admits as hand moves to lay gently over Rosanna's "And I would say, by fair estimation that is right on the stag." A chuckle there before he is looking back to Rosanna "Have you been to Riverrun, My Lady?" apparently it seems Rutger won't focus entirely on the rumor mongering, but it is acknowledged with a nod. "It is not nearly as grand as King's Landing. But there is a quiet beauty about it." A look back. "They have a godswood, still."

"If you keep asking me about places I have or haven't been, you will just end up embarrassing me at how little I've been able to travel." Rosanna's gaze dips subtly to the rest of Rutger's hand over her own, and her fingers flex very briefly at the touch. "You have the advantage of me in terms of travel."

"My many apologies, Rosanna." he says softly. "I would never seek to embarrass you." all said earnestly. "I would only seek as to know where I should take you-if we ever had the opportunity and chance to travel together." said plainly. "I shall watch about asking about that- as I would never, never seek to embarrass you." And Rutger falls silent for a moment, continuing the walk, and more focused in on the company than trying to find something to say. "I have many plans for my future, Rosanna." he simply states a glance back to the woman "What would you see for yours?"

"Lady Rosanna," she corrects him, though not without a certain hint of humor, as if amused by his attempts at intimacy. "I should very much like to travel. I have done so little of it to make me quite envious of you." She glances up at him at that final question, her gaze studying her face. "I shall be lady of a castle, my lord," she says with clear and purposeful distinction. "And my sons will inherit it."

"Lady Rosanna." He corrects, but it seems Rutger is indeed eager. Still there is a smile that keeps it's warmth. And he nods at that question. "As you shall be." he replies back. " And as they shall." Whatever that means with his own remains to be let on, but he does let that dangle there. Perhaps a fine hook.

Rosanna narrows her gaze very slightly on him for that hook, but does not comment further. "And you, my lord?" she asks instead. "What are your plans?"

"My plans?" he asks before he is looking back to Rosanna innocently enough. "To find someone who can manage a household quite well. Who will give me heirs to inherit. And to see my House prosper." Reach beyond thy grasp "And to simply enjoy what comes my way, of course." Rutger finishes.

"Your brother told me that your words are not a threat or an ideal, but a promise," Rosanna muses.

There is a pause at that let on, before he looks back towards Rosanna. "He would be correct in that. I do have my own ideal vision. But I seek to see it completed. And promises are that. Completed and continued." Rutger adds, before grinning. "Shall I walk you back, My lady? Or is there somewhere else you would like to see?"

"Tired of me so soon, Lord Rutger?" Rosanna teases, but her eyes are bright with mirth. "As you wish, my lord. We certainly don't need to do a circuit of the entire village."

"My dear lady." Rutger states with a chuckle. "I could never tire of you. Never. I have however promised some of my time to the Lord Regent this afternoon, as he did summon me once he knew I was here." a frown shows. "I'd be remiss if I did not see what heaviness has my brother, and try to alleviate some of it." A bit of a teasing look is given. "I do however not need to be timely. I know a wandering path that will get us there, just a little later than he would like."

"I wonder if that is not a bit of a premature statement this early in our acquaintance, Lord Rutger," Rosanna says with a certain glint in her eye. Her smile widens at his suggestion. "Well, I certainly shan't keep you from the Lord Regent, but if you feel an alternate path is better suited, I will not argue."

"Perhaps, but I will stake my stags that I am fine on it." Rutger states with a grin, before he is nodding. "Then cross over with me, and I shall show you a path only few know of." There's a look back to their chaperones and he nods. "Perhaps I can give you a good story I've heard about this pathway, once. It involves a ghost.."

She laughs once more at the topic of his story, but stays obligingly quiet for the telling of it. Well. For the most part. She may even let him kiss her hand before they part. If he is very good.