Page 393: A Visit to the Orphans
A Visit to the Orphans
Summary: Leaving the Festival behind, Kell and Jocelyn enjoy a quiet little walk to the Sept.
Date: 18 August 2012
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Jocelyn Kell 
The Roost Proper
From the Green of the Roost which leads to the Sept
18 August 289

At the suggestion for the walk, Jocelyn had been pleased. With a murmured talked with her maid, the young woman was willing to allow at least a few steps distance to allow the two their privacy to talk. There were matters that Jocelyn didnt wish even her maid to over hear. Not everyone could be trusted and so she made precautions for just that.
With her hands clasped in front of her, the laterns lighting their walkway, and the sun have just a sliver of light over the top of the water, the young Nayland woman walked quietly beside the Terrick sworn. The further they walked away from the festivities the further she seemed to relax. Visually her shoulders even came down an inch, the weight that had been set there had been removed. The smile on her lips was not so forced, it was warmer and softer. "Thank you for suggesting the walk." she says finally.

Letting the Lady handle her maid, Kell walks silently at Jocelyn's side as a proper escort would though tonight is more of a casual affair than for official protection. As the sounds of the festivities grow dimmer behind them with each step they take bringing them farther away, the knight gives the Lady a smile at her words. "The event was well planned and a lot of people seem to have enjoyed it, quite a number of people. And like I said earlier, I was surprised to see you here. Though it appears you are well prepared for it, Jocelyn, with the lovely red dress. I suggested the walk since it would give us a better chance to talk." And without so many others about. It appears that Kell is also more relaxed as they departed from the festival, the extra care to ettiquette relaxed in Jocelyn's presence.

Head turns and tilts upwards to look up at him, Jocelyn looks over his face and listens to the way he speaks. He was more relaxed, which put her at ease and it made her realize she much perfered him this way. He seemed more himself, whatever that might be. Allowing herself only a few seconds of time to appreciate that, her hands brush over the skirt of her red dress. "Not too daring?" she asks him with an easy smile playing on her lips, about the dress. "I had wondered if my maid had packed it in the rush. On my depature of Stonebridge, I did not know there was to be a dance. Luckily, my maid thought quicker than I did and placed the dress in my trunk. Its from a new seamstress that is in Stonebridge." The last part she new was not interesting to most men, but it was said anyway. She felt at ease enough to talk about even the little feckle things that came to her mind. "It was a surprise to see myself on Terrick land so soon, too. I had not thought it to be so soon. I'm happy for it though."

"No M'Lady, it looks most proper and lovely on you." Kell says with a grin and also a shake of his head as his eyes takes a second look at the dress, without the distraction of others nearby. As for the quick thinking of the maid, the knight can only chuckle and nod in agreement, "The she is certainly a keeper, Jocelyn, for she has prepared you for all situations that a Lady may encounter. As for the seamstress that made the dress, a job very well done." The walk descends down to the town proper as they begin to pass some buildings, houses and some shops, the number of people here very lacking as most are either at the Green enjoying themselves or have moved onto the Coast where more commoners gather.

Jocelyn could almost beam when he says the dress looked lovely on her. All he worries of the color and the style of the dress has washed away and the compliment he bestows on her is more than enough to please her. In the dim light, one might even notice that her cheeks have turned a little pink from the compliment and the second look he gives her. Watching him as he did it and smiling at him. Double takes were always a sure sign of a good dress or that it had done its job. A light breeze sweeps across her, and shifts her curls, the light perfumed smell of honeysuckle escapes from the surface of her skin. "Thinks seem to be improving here quickly." she says, drawing her eyes away from him and looking towards the empty buildings that they pass. She cant seem to help herself from asking, "Were the children truely pleased as is the rumor?"

The cool breeze does help carry the pleasant scent that the Lady wears tonight, something else that Kell enjoys during the walk with Jocelyn. "The new accord with the Charltons that brings food to the Roost with the addition of the festival will lighten anyone's day, especially the common people who reside here." As for the children, the knight manages a grin as they reach a side cobble stone road which he now turns and leads the Lady and the trailing maid towards. "Very much so, the rumors for once were true. I had kept my word, Jocelyn, not to let anyone know how the gift was from, so I told them that the Lady Angel is the one who was the source of the surprise."

Following his lead, Jocelyn looks up at him as they take the next turn onto the cobble stone road. "I never thought you wouldnt keep your word, Kell." she smiles at him, "When I heard at the Inn what Lady Angel had done, I knew you did just as you said you would. I just wondered if the response of it was not over exaggerated at the Inn about the response. There is nothing like a smile on a young childs face." she says. "There is a young boy of two, Mistress Penelopes son. The woman that made this dress. Its how I met her, her son was pointing at my horse. The cutest thing you've ever seen. She accuses me of spoiling him, but I think all young ones need a little spoiling." her head moves forward and she looks around the area they have shifted to.

As the pair and the trailing maid passes another building, farther ahead one could see the outlines of the Sept from the backdrop of the barely lit horizen with the sun having set and diminishing even further. Smiling, Kell shakes his head, "There was nothing exaggerated, M'Lady, about the children's reactions. They were truly jubilant about the fare that was presented to them, all thanks to you, Jocelyn." As for spoiling children, the knight can only incline his head in agreement. "The smaller building next to the Sept, that is where the children are staying, they may be asleep now though if you want to peek in for a minute."

With her eyes forward, Jocelyn looks on. She seems to get some of her nervousness back at approaching the building. "I wouldnt want to disturb them, if they are sleeping." she says. "Though, we could inquire?" as they approach she further says, "I could always come back when they arent sleeping to visit with them. I think I'd like that. I could perhaps read to them?" she looks up at Kell for confirmation, that as all pending what happen in stonebridge, but that goes without saying. "Or maybe even teach the little girls something. Boys can be so picking on who they allow to teach them anything." with the idea moving around in her mind for her next visit, she furthers "Do you ever get time to come visit them?" knowing that he is busy with the patrol and rounds as of late.

"At their age, they are sound sleepers, I'm sure as long as we're quiet and just peek in, it will be fine." Kell says with a smile as he looks at the building where the orphans would be housed. As for what Jocelyn wishes to do, especially reading for them, the knight looks at the Lady slightly surprised before nodding his head, "If you do end up staying at the Roost for at least a few days, then I am sure it could be arranged, Jocelyn." The question she asks though is answered with a half nod, half shake of a head, "Sometimes, though not that often. Usually when I visit the Sept for prayers, I also look in on them."

Jocelyn's tone turns softer as they approach the building, as if her voice would wake them from the outside. "I do not know how long I'll be here. But even if I were to leave, I would like to come back in to offer my assistance." Noting the surprise look on his face, she draws her eyebrows together, "Have I said something wrong?" Allowing him to take the lead here, if he were to move into the building she would follow as she has been. "Who has been arranged to watch over them?" she asks.

"No, nothing is wrong. Perhaps surprised, that's all, not many have the time to spend with the orphans." Kell says with a slight shake of his head, as if to let Jocelyn know that she didn't say anything that would have offended. "As for who, I guess the Septon is the one that is caring for them. Most of them are victims of the invasion, parents lost during the reaving. Whether in the defense of the Roost or worse, when they were taken to the Iron Isles." There is a slight shake of his head as he looks down to the ground for a moment, "There has been a lack of happiness in their lives, though you have managed to change that, Jocelyn." He says as he looks back up with a reassuring smile. And when they reach the building, Kell gently pushes the door open as to not make a noise before letting the Lady step in first. Inside is a basic room, where there are two rows of children asleep on blankets laid out on the ground, with linen sheets covering them for warmth and thin pillows where they rest their heads.

"Perhaps they should make time." Jocelyn says, "Everyone is busy, its a matter of making time for the things that are needed of us all. They need us." a small frown setting onto her lips, sighing just softly. As the door opens and the door was open for her to enter, she takes gentle steps and quietly enters the room of sleeping children. Looking at them, some softly snoring and some looking still and silent as angels themselves. She stands just a few steps in the door and looks on at them. "Faces like these should only have smiles of happiness." stepping closer to Kell, the words are whispered to him. Then she slowly stroll through the middle line of them, careful that her shoes make no noise. At a young boy she stops, seeing him curled up and clinging to the single blanket that he has. Moving toward him, Jocelyn crouches at his side, her hand coming out and brushing his hair back softly and lovingly. With a tilt of her head, she smiles at the sleeping boy, he couldnt be more than four.

Kell can only nod in agreement, "That is true. Hopefully as the darker days pass us, people will no longer be burdened with duties at all hours and look to important things like this." Holding the door open for Jocelyn's maid to step inside, the knight is the last to enter as he shuts the door quietly behind him before leaning against the wall next to the door. For now, he silently watches as Jocelyn takes her time looking at the young before focusing on one, smiling at her gentle gestures.

Leaning down, Jocelyn brushes a kiss over the young boys forehead, smiling as he moves and clings to his blanket even tighter. Pushing up from her crouches position she moves on to walk quietly through the room of children. She reaches the end and starts on her way back up. Pausing again noticing a girl that had pushes her little doll away from her in her sleep. Walking into that ailse way, she picks up the doll and secures it next to the little girl once more, wrapping the little girls arm around it. Once she is satisfied with the placement, Jocelyn moves back down to the end, meeting up with Kell again. "I know you called me Lady Angel." her voice is just barely a whisper as to not give away her name, "However, can you not look at these face and not think that they are the angels? Not I." her gaze sweeps the room again before returning to his.

When Jocelyn finally finishes her circuit in the room and returns to the entrance, Kell can only smile and shake his head, his voice equally quiet, "They are the little angels but you are the Lady Angel, that much is obvious." He then slowly opens the door again, pushing it out before stepping outside to hold the door open for the Lady and the Maid. After they step out, he shuts it quietly behind them, "The name fits you perfectly, M'Lady. Gentle and kind, caring and…" His words trail off, not wanting to say too much to embarrass himself or to cross the line of propriety.

Blushing even more at his words, Jocelyn steps out of the building, letting the breeze hit her warm cheeks once more. Glancing back at her maid, the young woman wanders off again to be by herself, having suddenly found something of interest in the gardens around them. When her gaze is turns back to Kell, her voice still comes out as a whisper, "And…?" she asks him her tone slightly teasing, smiling since he seemed to trail off. Moving a single step closer in his direction. Hands still clasped infront of her.

And it seems liek Jocelyn is bold enough to call Kell's bluff when she whispers the question, expecting him to finish it. "And… most radiant, M'Lady, if I may be so bold. Angelic. So, the name Lady Angel is most fitting, wouldn't you say?" His voice and tone equally quiet, with a conspiratory touch as if it is a secret that is to go no further than between the two. When the Lady takes a step in closer, the escorting knight does not step away as he looks back towards the road where they came from, "Shall we return to the festival, Jocelyn?"

When he finishes his words, Jocelyn does indeed beam at him. His words seemed to have pleased her and embarrassed her as she blushes. "Your words are so kind, Kell. I hope I live up to them." the touch between them two sends a shiver up her body. "Do we have to?" she asks when he suggest that they move back to the festival. "I feel so much more relaxed here. May we stroll just a little longer?"

"Of course, M'Lady, if that is what you wish, I am at your service." Kell says with a bow of his head, smiling before he gestures down the stone path, "Perhaps a slow walk around the town then, I am sure there won't be many people around. They are most likely still enjoying the festivals or have gone home to rest after such an eventful few days." Once again their walk continues, most of the buildings have alreay been rebuilt after being razed by the Ironborn.

Glad that the night was not yet over, Jocelyn turns and follows his lead down the path, steps light and padded against the stone. She moves in a way that they are close together as they walk, but not touching. She was still reeling from their touch, even if brief. "Tell me something that not many people know of you, Kell." she says lightly. Tilting her head to look up at him, her desire to get to know him better than she does is strong, and another bold question has escaped her.

Kell seems to be considering the Lady's words before arching a brow slightly as he turns his eyes to look at her,, "I am not sure there is much to tell M'Lady, I am a simple common born knight." Is what he offers at first, then his gaze shifts ahead though not exactly focused on anything as they continue their slow, casual stroll. ""And I am sure some has puzzled out, as have you, that I lost someone close, to the Ironborn." For now the knight lapse into silence, perhaps seeing if Jocelyn will be asking further, to see if he is on the right path.

Jocelyn walks in silence, waiting for his next words after her question. She doesnt say anything after he comments about being common, that was something that she already knew she was waiting for something else. Her patient is rewarded when he mentions someone that he lost. "Tell me?" she asks him. When she turns her head, her eyes travel down to his sword, the ribbons that dangle from it, hesitant to ask more questions, not to seem to push. "A woman?" she asks lightly.

Kell seems to be considering whether or not to share the details of the recent sadness in his past as hie eyes continues to look forward though up to the stars now that are beginning to dot the sky as the sun has set far enough where night has fallen. "Yes, she was a Lady, a kind and gentle Lady as well, to those who gets to know her. Beautiful and most proper. However, we both knew our place, me a common knight, her a Lady of the Banefort and we both knew that our feelings were never to be." There is a pause before the knight continues, a bit quieter now, "It's just that I never expected to part with her forever, and so sudden. I had vowed to protect her if she was in need, and I failed."

Listening, Jocelyn walks quietly taking in ever word that he says. She waits to see if he says anything else. Certain words that he says seem to put things together in her mind, and so her head turns up to look at him, to study his face. "You cant blame yourself. She wouldnt want that." she doesnt know the situation, but she knows that, and she sounds confident about it. "From the tone in your voice, I can tel that you focus on the failing rather than the time that you two had together." Her tone lowers at that. There is a little sadness in her voice. Perhaps for herself or perhaps for what he's just told her.

"That may be true… but, I have thought it over for quite a while. If I only had made a different decision, just one, she could still be alive right now. I would've been at her side, and maybe more than Lady Tiaryn would've survived that night." Kell says with a disappointed expression on his face as his eyes lower from the stars to the ground, a slight shake of his head, "And whatever I am able to do now, I won't be able to change the past. It's just rather sobering that how a single decision in our lives, can have such an impact in the future."

"That may be true… but, I have thought it over for quite a while. If I only had made a different decision, just one, she could still be alive right now. I would've been at her side, and maybe more than Lady Tiaryn would've survived that night." Kell says with a disappointed expression on his face as his eyes lower from the stars to the ground, a slight shake of his head, "And whatever I am able to do now, I won't be able to change the past. It's just rather sobering that how a single decision in our lives, can have such an impact in the future."

Jocelyn continues to study him through his expression of the situation. She knows there is nothing she could say to change how he feels. The loss of a loved one was more than her strong opinion could ever change. "It is sobering." she agrees. "Even more sobering is the fact that we allow one decision to change our entire life." That was not said for her to change his mind, and she hoped that he did not take it in such a way. She was agreeing with him in another way. "We can not change the past, but we can learn from it. That is the only thing we can expect from the past." Pausing in her steps, she takes his hand, making him pause too. While she holds his hand, she curls her own fingers around it to grasp it, grazing the pad of her thumb over the top of his hand. Looking up at him for a moment, Keeping hold of his hand, she swallows hard and then places it on the handle of his sword where the ribbons lay. Making his fingers curl around it, offering him a very small smile. "No one expects anyone to forget the past, because they know it can not be done. If she knew you, she knew that you did what you could." There is a pause and her voice is soft when she says "And most of all she knew you loved her."

When the Lady takes Kell's hand with hers, he is certainly surprised as his feet comes to a stop as well before turning his gaze onto Jocelyn. The sensation of her soft hand grasping his and her thumb gently caressing the back of his hands is a pleasant one, one that is able to pull his thoughts back to the present. When his hand is guided to the grip of his blade, a curious expression now fills the knight. Her words are heard though it does take a moment before Kell is able to respond, finally a nod is made before he speaks, "You are right, M'Lady. Even without meeting her or knowing her, you seem to know the core of her well. Perhaps… one day I will be able to show you her final letter." Giving the grip of his sword a brief squeeze, he slowly pulls it away before his other hand comes over to gently cover Jocelyn's as a warm smile appears, "Thank you, for your words."

When she releases his hand onto his sword, there is a sadness about her, even if her words were right. Jocelyns eyes drift down to look at the ribbons that lay there, the colors obviously known to belong to that family. The last thing she expected to feel was the hand of Kells on hers again. The touch draws her eyes up to his again, surprise is shown in her festures as he does it. "Perhaps her and I viewed things in similar ways." she says in way of explaination for for knowing the woman shes never met. "I would like to see it. If ever you felt you could show it." She does not readily give us the feeling of his hand, holding onto it a little longer. "Is that why you swore yourself to the Terrick house? Was she here?"

Kell was in no rush to release Jocelyn's hand but he knows that holding onto it for too long would draw attention, attention that may have cause for words from others. Eventually, the knight's hand slips away so they can part again. "One day, Jocelyn, one day." Atleast he is willing to share the contents in the future, how soon, he doesn't not let on. As for the question that was asked, Kell shakes his head, "That wasn't the main reason, though it was a factor. She was already lost, when I finally swore my sword to House Terrick. She had resided in the Roost though, until she was promised to a Lord. That… was why we ended up parting ways, as I had spoken to the Lord and we had an understanding."

Jocelyn doesnt resist when her hand is released, it easily goes back to grasp her other hand. A brief glance is given around them, but her main focus was on the Knight in front of her. "I would not rush you." she confirms, even though he does not ask for it. "I can understand why that would be a factor." though her eyebrows raise at the fact that there was an understanding. That comment she doesnt get further inquire about, just simply nods. Slowly she starts to walk again, "You are both so strong and so gentle at the same time. The more I learn about you, the more I'm constantly surprised. There is more to learn about you with each talk we have." She pauses, hesitating. "It has me almost craving for the next conversation before it even happens."

An amused smile appears as Kell listens to Jocelyn describing their conversation and the discoveries being made, "I am not as strong and as gentle as you make me seem, M'Lady, but you are most kind with your words. I, too, look forward to the next time we have a chance to speak again." Despite the situation between their two Houses, a constant uncertainty. "Though I should probably escort you back to the festival, before people notice your absence and begins to question your whereabouts." Which may lead to rumors, unwanted ones that may cause problems for Lady Jocelyn.

"I think you are more than you think." Jocelyn smiles at him, lifting her chin confidiantly, but then she releases a laugh of good humored teasing. At the suggestion to go back to the festival, the dance, she shakes her head. "No, I thought I should go back to the Inn. If I go back, I should think I'll be put in a position to dance with ones I do not wish to." leaving names out of who that might be." Looking one way and then the other, her walk is slow over the cobble stone road leading back to the square. The smile remains on her face, keeping in mind that he enjoys their conversations as much as she does. If she walked away with nothing else this evening, that was enough to leave a smile. Before they get too close to the square and where more people may be, she says again. "Thank you for taking me to see the children, for walking with him, and for…" she trails off there, there was more he had given her and she decided not to ramble on about it.

Kell nods understandingly, not inquiring about names or details as he accepts the choices that Jocelyn are making. "I will be glad to walk you back to the Inn, M'Lady." Matching the Lady's pace, the knight remains close at her side as he inclines his head, "You are welcome, the angel should at least get to see the precious ones that she is helping. I am always at your service, Jocelyn." He offers with a slight bow of his head and a warm smile.

Playfully, Jocelyn moves and nudges his arm with her shoulder, looking at him and smiling brightly. The walk to the Inn and a quiet one, just enjoying the time that she walks closesly to him, looking up at the stars that have shown above them. "I love the stars." she murmurs idly. Just before they reach the Inn, she pauses, looking around as the still somewhat empty seats. Shes biting the inside of her owner lip, which means she is thinking, debating inside herself. Shifting her gaze to Kell, she stares up at him. Whatever she was thinking, it was too much and she sighs. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she kissing them, and then lifts that hand and presses it to his cheek, touching it gently. "Goodnight Kell." Her fingers linger for a moment, then they are withdrawn and she is turning and walking off alone toward the Inn, her maid quickly fallowing after her to catch up.

"Indeed, when it is a clear night like this, the night sky can be beautiful." Kell says as his eyes are drawn back up where the bright twinkling stars dot the sky. Once they arrive at the inn though, the knight turns his attention back to Jocelyn as they are about to part ways, curious as he sees that she is apparently in thought. However, the goodby she gives him is a surprising one, evident on his face, though when the fingers are pressed to his cheek, Kell manages a smile, "Good night, Jocelyn." Eyes watching the Lady disappear inside the Inn before being followed by the maid. Now he has more to think about as he turns to wander elsewhere, destination unknown.