Page 186: A Token
A Token
Summary: Kell approaches Anais with a request.
Date: 19/1/2012
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Anais Kell 
Roof Terrace — Four Eagles Tower
January 19, 289

Anais was not available this morning. Or most of this afternoon, to be honest. Those who lingered to the end of the wedding party may have seen her wobble a bit as she was led away from the party by her guard and handmaid, so perhaps she was recovering this morning. She's look a little paler than usual still this evening, though she's made it to the roof for some fresh air. Kell may be her only appointment for this day, but she's sent word that she's available to meet with him if he'd like.

Upon receiving word that the Lady Anais is available, the Hedge Knight makes his way up to the roof to meet with her, having worn his nicer clothes this time since it was a proper meeting with nobility. Having shaved and cleaned himself up for the wedding yesterday, Kell doesn't look all that hedgey just yet, a little refined for now. As he steps onto the roof and into cooler air, the knight walks slowly towards Anais though his steps are loud enough to announce his arrival. As he nears the Lady, Kell bows respectfully, "Thank you for seeing me, Lady Terrick." There is a pause as he sees that she is looking paler than usual, "Are you well, M'Lady?"

"Ser Drakmoor," Anais greets the knight with a small, warm smile, laughing softly at his question. "Well." She presses a hand to her brow, shaking her head slightly. "I'm afraid I overindulged a bit last night, so I'm feeling a little tender today. But it will pass. Slowly." Flicking her fingers dismissively, she moves toward one of the crenellations that looks out toward the sea. "What was it you wished to speak with me about, Ser Drakmoor?"

As it is the result of yesterday's festivities, Kell does manage an understanding smile in return as he has been through many of those type of nights in the past, sometimes by choice, sometimes out of obligation. "Indeed, I find drinking plenty of water the next day tends to ease the hardship of recovery." With that tidbit shared, the Hedge Knight moves to the place next to her to look out into the distance for a brief moment before turning to answer her question though it seems like he is unsure as how to proceed, "I am unsure how to ask this, M'Lady, or if it is even… appropriate, but I find that I am unable to stay silent less I end up with more regrets."

Anais' brows rise slightly at that, her interest piqued, as she twists to face the knight more fully. She does glance over her shoulder to where her guard and handmaid are chatting, but the trio seems well-accustomed to these sorts of things. Or at least they trust that Anais can take care of herself when it comes to conversation. "Then speak," she invites with a small smile. "Gods know, there are enough regrets to go around right now."

"It is a favor that I would wish to ask for, M'Lady." Kell begins after nodding his head as he begins to share what has been on his mind, after some thinking in quiet areas, thoughts of past decisions made that were perhaps in err. The Hedge Knight's tone is low and subdued, so it may not travel to where the guard and handmaid can hear unless they strain their ears. "It is not my intent to cause you pain when asking you of this so if I do, I beg your pardon, M'Lady. As you know, Seagard is next on the agenda and they will need every blade to help defeat the Ironborn there, so it is my duty to go south with the army. If you would allow it, I would like to wear a badge of House Banefort to battle, to honor your late sister, Lady Elinor."

"Oh." Anais presses her lips together in a sad, quiet smile for the knight. "She said we should watch over you, if we might. In her letter. I hadn't realized the two of you had even met. But the answer is yes, of course." She reaches to set a hand lightly on his forearm, though there's something more behind the gesture, a quiet, desperate tension in her fingers. "Thank you."

There is a brief look of surprise on Kell's face when he hears that he was written of in the letter that Anais received before turning his gaze out to the horizon once more, "We had met after I had arrived to the Riverlands, though it feels like our meeting was too brief." There is a pause as if playing the memories through his mind, "She was too kind to a knight of the hedges like me, though I acted as her escort when she was at Stonebridge and when she returned here to the Roost."

"Ah, of course," Anais nods. "I know she enjoyed that trip. She…" Sighing, she turns to look out to the water as well. "None of us had had much opportunity to leave home. So it was exciting when Father sent us here, and without even one of our brothers to command things. I took advantage of it by doing my best to catch Jaremy's eye, and once that was all done, I think Elinor decided to take advantage of the chance to see everything. And at least she did see some things before…Well."

Kell manages a warm smile as he hears that Elinor did enjoy the trip to Stonebridge, remembering when the Lady went shopping for fabrics which wasn't exactly an exciting setting but nonetheless, looking back now, it was too short. "She had asked about my adventures as a Hedge Knight, as she seemed most interested to my surprise. Now I understand why." As the Banefort's past is shared with him, Kell nods as Elinor did not get the chance to share much of it, "Even though she was away from home, she was with the ones she loved here at the Roost."

Anais' smile quirks slightly at the last, wry. "I suppose so," she agrees. "If you brought her some happiness, then I thank you for it. And I will be glad to provide you with some token." She taps her fingers on the wall, falling silent for a moment. "The sailors tell me that the Banefort itself is under siege as well," she confesses in a low tone.

"I hope it was the least I could do, M'Lady… though I am sure she would have wished to be at the side of her sisters even more so." Kell then nods appreciatively when Anais will gift him with a token to remember Elinor by during battle, but as the conversation drifts to Banefort itself, he can only frown at the news. "I am sure they will hold, Lady Anais. Elinor has told me that your House is strong and has been use to fighting these savages, so if anyone can hold, Banefort can." If the Roost can hold, then surely Banefort can as well.

"So I hope," Anais murmurs. "So I hope." The tap of her fingers turns to a slow slide of her hand over the stone, seeking reassurance from its solidity. "I wish you luck and skill in Seagard, Ser Kell. You know that if you choose to return here, there will be a place for you."

Dipping his head respectfully, Kell gives Anais a reassuring smile, "Thank you, M'Lady, I am honored. I hope to return here with the army victoriously, leaving behind a good many dead Ironborn at the shores of Seagard." The Hedge Knight was about to take his leave as it seems like the conversation has come to an end though he does hesitate, pausing for a moment before choosing to add, "Lady Anais, your sister was right when she says that you take more after your Father and her after your Mother. You are strong, whether you realize it or not, and the people of the Roost are lucky to have you. They rely on your strength and will continue to do so."

Anais blinks, looking over her shoulder toward the knight. A faint flush colors her cheeks, and her voice is soft. "She said that?" There's a hopeful note to her voice, a brief glimpse of the uncertainty that she tries so hard to hide.

"Yes, M'Lady, amongst other things." Kell says with a nod and a smile, "She had only kind things to say about her sisters." It looks like he wants to say more but he remains quiet for now. "Thank you again, M'Lady, for granting my request. It means very much to me… I only wish things were different."

Anais is quiet for another moment, letting it sink in. The thought that she takes after her father seems to lend her a little more strength, her shoulders squaring as though settling a burden more comfortably. "Thank you for telling me that, Ser Drakmoor," she says after a moment, her smile easier when she looks back to the man. "I think I needed to hear it."

"I hope you feel better, M'Lady." Kell says with a grin, though the subject of Elinor certainly weighed heavy in the heart, seeing the slight change in Anais does bring forth warmer feelings. "I best take my leave now, I have taken enough of your time."

"Any time, Ser Drakmoor," Anais promises with a dip of her chin. "I'll make certain you get that token before you leave. If only so I can wish you luck again," she adds, smile flickering. "Be well."