Page 215: A Timely Warning
A Timely Warning
Summary: Before he departs for Seagard, Aleister gives Ceinlys a warning.
Date: 19/03/2012
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Aleister Ceinlys 
Aleister's Suite - Crane's Crossing Inn
A simply furnished few rooms within the Stonebridge inn.
February 17th 289 A.L.

"Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to."


Dawn has just crested on the day in which Aleister must take his leave to Seagard, to see to final preperations for his men before their departure to the Iron Isles. Having risen somewhat earlier, or perhaps he had no slept, the Knight has dawned the expensive set of his armor, the one in which the Charlton crest has been actually etched into the breastplate of gleaming silver. With the last of his personal supplies gathered and set within the common area of his suite, he had moved to the door of his chambers, opening it to call for his squire, only to issue orders to see if the Lady Erenford has risen yet and if so, to express his desire to see her.

As the squire darts off down the hallway to tend to the required task, Aleister allows the door to remain open as he turns away from it, moving over towards a table by the window so as to fill a goblet from the pitcher of wine that rests there, as well as to claim a small bite of fresh bread that was no doubt delivered only a short time ago.

As fateful chance and blinding good luck would have it, the young lady has indeed risen, despite the hour. But it's fortunate that she only need steal through the back hallways of the Inn, given her improperly casual attire; a simple chemise and a calf-length jerkin of ivory kidskin, the very same attire she made use of in quiet moments at Hollyholt. If Lord Aleister demands her presence, however, who is she to deny? She is his Castellan, after all, and matters of some import may have occurred to him, on waking. So, swift, lengthy strides bear her toward his chambers only a short time after the squire delivers the message. Her raven hair, at least, is freshly brushed and gleams softly in the rising dawn light.

Arriving at the open door, Ceinlys barely crosses the threshold before dipping a slow, respectful curtsey, lowering her cerulean eyes as demurely as one would expect from one of well-practiced etiquette. "M'lord.." Her murmur is velvet, strengthening only with her further enquiry, assuming she has garnered his attention now. " wished to see me?" There's little time left until he departs. No doubt her curiosity is piqued, given that she had not expected to see him this morning. Not for farewell, let alone anything else. But she certainly doesn't seem displeased at the summons, regarding Aleister with an expectant lofting of her brows as she straightens once more. Comfortably clasping her hands before herself, her elegant sleeves draping the gauzy skirts of her chemise, she waits.

Claiming a sip of wine from the goblet, Aleister had chosen to remain by that table for the arrival of Ceinlys and he's certainly not disappointed when she arrives only moments later. A flit of his eyes is followed by a turn of his head so that he can offer a graceful incline of it in her direction, "My apologies for disturbing you so early on this morning, Lady Erenford, but there is something that I wished to discuss." His free hand lifts, motioning her to further herself into the chambers and it's followed quickly by, "Please, do come in and close the door behind you. My squire will see that our conversation is not disturbed for the movement."

With that said, he's turning back to the table so that his goblet can be settled upon it, at least long enough for another to be claimed and filled with wine. When both have been claimed once more from the solid oak, he's turning back to make his way in her direction, "I've received some rather … curious news that I thought you might be interested in."

Arching one brow a touch higher in an inquisitive mannerism that lasts only a splitsecond, Ceinlys obligingly closes the door, before slowly turning to venture a few unhurried steps toward the Charlton Lord. Folding her arms across her midsection now, she studies his expression with a practiced eye. But he's giving little away. Besides, she's not really entirely awake yet. "No need to apologise.. day or night, I am yours to command, as you well know." The glimpse of a smirk is apparent on her lips, though the touch of a comely blush does have the grace to rise across her cheeks. Perhaps the previous evening were a touch less restrained purely because she hadn't expected to see him. Ah well.

Flitting a glance to his goblet as he fills another - a little early in the day to be ploughing through it with such zeal, surely? - the young lady refrains from any comment upon it, simply accepting the drink as she draws close enough. "Of course. What news might that be?" No doubt something to do with his interests. Something she needs to be aware of, before he leaves. She certainly doesn't seem ill at ease, thus far.

Darkened eyes follow her movements as she first closes the door and then begins to move furhter into the room and then there's the hint of a chuckle passing by his lips at her words. An incline of his head follows and as a faint smirk begins to tug upon his lips, he's offering, "Yes, I know, my sweetling." There's no rise of a blush to his cheeks as he claims the last few steps towards her and once her goblet of wine has been passed off, he's moving to claim a seat upon the couch that faces the fireplace.

"One of my dear wife's servants sought me out to inform me of something." Lifting the goblet to his lips, he's claiming a small sip from within before lowering it back down. "It would seem, Cein, that my dear wife has been trying to seek herbs of a dangerous variety. With the explicit intent of seeing harm done to yourself." Shifting a bit, the goblet comes to settle upon an armored knee as his eyes seek her out once more, perhaps to merely judge the reaction to such news.

Ceinlys doesn't immediately follow, content to take a slow sip of wine - for breakfast - and let her azure gaze wander to the window through which early morning sunlight is beginning to stream. Nor does she flinch, when he finally explains the reason for such an impromptu summons. Thoughtfully licking her lips as she lowers her goblet. the young woman looses a soft sigh, only gradually turning her gaze toward that of the now seated Lord. "Really." Ceinlys' voice is gentle, and rather lacking in surprise. It was only a matter of time, after all.

" that the best she can do?" Relenting to a throaty chuckle, she glances down to the surface of her wine, absently swirling it within the cup. Her amusement twists to some odd expression, though, of frustration as well as indulgent lack of concern. "That's the best she can do?? Were our roles reversed, can you even imagine what horrors I would inflict upon her? And what really infuriates me? Is she would never say a thing to my face. Wretched. Little. Coward." Drawing a deep breath - which doesn't seem to do anything to quell her brief flash of genuine ire - she sets her goblet safely down again on the tabletop, turning on a heel and pacing away from Aleister, across the chamber floor, in a sweep of trailing silk and ebon locks. For the moment, she bites her tongue. It's a rare display of vehement emotion, from the usually calm noblewoman.. and that alone is likely enough to unsettle her. Moreso than the news itself.

Those darkened eyes of his remain fixed upon her, looking for any hint of her reaction before she speaks. But it's her words that find flash that ire and there's a slight touch of a smirk to his lips as he dips a quick nod in her direction, "I'm well aware of what you would do, were the roles reversed, my dear." Then, he's returning to watching her and when she settles her goblet upon the table and begins to pace away, he's leaning forward to set his own down so that he can begin to rise from the table.

There's a turn of his body towards the direction that she paced off in and as he begins the slow walk to follow, he's offering, "I have commanded that she do nothing and while she might be inclined to listen, you should know of her intentions." Now, the hint of a humourless laugh sounds from his lips, "She has also commanded that I release you from service and cast aside all dealings with you." Which, judging by this conversation, is not something that Aleister seems inclined to do. "She is also venturing to the Roost on this day, to see her goodcousin. So it seems as if your visit there will not be as pleasant as one might hope."